Watch Them Die - Bastard Son (Century Media) - Back
Oakland, CA is the hunting grounds of a newfound metal explosion in Watch Them Die! "Bastard Son" is the quintet’s sophomore release and is certainly an upgrade from their already high acclaim on the 2003 self-titled debut. This crushing thrash/death metal opus features 10 tracks (including a cover of Bathory's, "Armageddon"!) and hovers somewhere around 45 minutes. The first two tracks are knife-cutting aggressive like The Haunted or even The Black Dahlia Murder. The album features a lot of this, but does have many old-school death elements within just about every track. Most notably, "Horizon" and "Under Flames"! These tracks have some keen Death (RIP!!) reminiscence alongside their own aggressive tendencies. Slayer is without a doubt, apparent with these guys! Hell, with so many referrals, it leaves a lot of room for appraisal meaning that Watch Them Die may indeed have something different to say about genres being genres. They catch you a little off-guard and one cannot simply pin-point exactly what it is about these guys that make them so good. Maybe Chuck Schuldiner’s vocal similarities (but thrashier) with Slayers' awesome aggression? I don't know, but this shit is bloody brilliant!!

Rating: 90

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell