Wheel of Doom – Ladiatia (Four Tune Records) - Back
Wheel of Doom takes parts of hardcore and thrash metals and mixes it with oriental elements to create something that is familiar, but unique. They classify their music as “Oriental, Chaotic, Heavy Rock.” I think it’s more of an oriental sound crossed with something similar to Mushroomhead. WOD has lots of energy in their music and at other times, when there isn’t distortion in their guitars, its kind of boring; to simple and repetitive. They should stick to the heavy shit. Also, the rough style vocals work nicely with the heavier parts, but they should try to stay away from the clean vocals, maybe not completely though. They don’t fit the music that well. My favorite track is “Border-less.” It’s basically the only song that keeps the momentum going without slowing down for too long. This six song mini album is a good start for the band. There are parts in their music that could propel them to a new level.

Rating: 69