Will Haven - WHVN (Revelation Records) - Back
"WHVN," the title of Will Haven's sophomore album has definitely continued on where they left off. They continue with there hardcore sound, but adding more of a metal edge to it. After talking with their guitarist Jeff Irwin at a concert this July, the direction that this new album is the way that they want to go. They want to be considered a metal band, and that is what this album turned them into. "WHVN" is an album that both hardcore and metal fans will enjoy. Kerrang Magazine said, "Imagine, if you're hard enough, Sepultura, Korn, Neurosis, and Clutch on a rollercoaster ride to hell, and you're still not even close to Will Haven." And Max Cavalera of Soulfly said to add to the hype, "They're definitely one of my favorite new bands out right now! Check it out for yourself!" The 13 tracks on this Revelation Records release definitely tears shit up! Songs like "If She Could Speak" and "Dallass Drake" definitely get your adrenaline going and make you dream of a mosh pit in your living room, bedroom, car or anywhere you listen to this album. They also throw in a very interesting remix of "I've Seen My Fate" from their first cd El Diablo. Every listening to this album makes me like more. So I must give it a rating of a 90, to give it justice that it deserves. The CD was mixed and mastered by Andy Sneap at Backstage Studios. Andy Sneap has also mixed bands such as Machine Head, Testament and Earth Crisis. This album was released on September 14th, so you are able to get it now. Will Haven will be heading out for a US and European tour this fall, not only can you see them play live, but you can also pick up a copy of their CD.

Rating: 90