Will ‘O’ Wisp – Unseen (Beyond…Productions) - Back
“Unseen” is the sophomore effort for the band Will ‘O’ Wisp. Their music is dark, similar to a doom band with a few elements that makes their music unique. Influences for the band include Coroner, Voivod, Cynic, Pink Floyd. At times, the band uses chaotic elements in their music and they seem to try to balance it with female vocals. It does work because the way it sounds, it almost has to be intentional. I don’t know if it’s a helpful element, but it doesn’t hurt it. Basically, the music flows at times and at others it seems a little chaotic. Will ‘O’ Wisp also seems to use some elements from gothic and darkwave music. Maybe even some influences from bands like older Anathema. It’s a very distinctive sound. The nine tracks with over thirty-nine minutes of music on “Unseen” show exactly what the band can do. A couple songs, “Paatah” and “Lost in the Sands,” are my favorite tracks. They aren’t great songs, but their solid tracks. Potential runs rampant in Will ‘O’ Wisp, experimenting with different elements might get this band a good record contract.

Rating: 70