Wings Of Reality - Surrounded By Darkness (Independent) - Back
Having influences from bands like Dream Theater, Iron Maiden, Metallica and Angra the band Wings of Reality originally saw the day of light in 2002. Since that time they have released their first two demos. Their latest composition “Surrounded By Darkness” is the band’s 3rd demo. There are only three tracks on the disc, but it does last over twenty-one minutes. So be assured of no short one or two minute songs. It’s progressive, melodic metal from Bari, Italy, now that sounds refreshing! This release is influenced by progressive elements more than their previous efforts due to more ideas brought to the fold. The melodic parts are very pleasing and relaxing to listen to. Those characteristics set a nice mood. Wings of Reality contrast the melodic with classic, power and heavy progressive riffing. These combinations can be experimental, however they seem to have a knack to put these traits together within a song, but still something is missing. Maybe more prevalent keys or a leads while the inviting rhythms grab the audience. With more keys or leads it could push these guys up a notch on the metal totem poll. The keys set the mood well for the most part in their track “Finding Myself.” Great experimental atmosphere! However, the most impressive track is the nearly ten-minute long title-track “Surrounded By Darkness.” You can really hear their influences. Only thing I had problem with on the disc were a few abrupt changes that seemed to slow the flow of the songs. The recording is pretty good for a demo. It’s not finely tuned like Dream Theater but for the most part these gentlemen do well. I wonder what the Wings of Reality can do on a full-length? Maybe that’s the band’s next step…time will tell.


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins