Wishmaster - Master Of Time (Independent) - Back
“Master of Time” is the second demo, third release overall, for Italian band Wishmaster. Inception of this three-member group was in 2003 and they call Turin, Italy their home. They have created a symphonic power thrash metal band with abrasive thrash vocals, melodic power metal riffs and aggressive thrash riffs, inspiring and dynamic keys which at times have a fantasy feel to them, and drums with nice fills and loud blasts. Picture a thrash band like Exodus, Annihilator, and Overkill with keyboards and melodic tendencies like Stratovarius, Blind Guardian, Iron Maiden, and Dream Theater, that should get you pretty close to their sound. However this disc is intense with atmosphere. The music was written by both Frasca and Costa, which would explain why both guitars and keys both play lead at times. However, Costa wrote the lyrics. A few parts gave me chills, a good sign I liked their creation, and I was mesmerized with their music. Overall there are four tracks, but five songs, that span more than twenty-two minutes. The last track is a two part song basically. First part “Tell Me Way” is more melodic like a ballad, the second part “Devil Was Right” is fast paced thrash-reminds me of early Metallica, only if it they had keys. If this had the studio attention that signed bands get, like the previously mentioned, this would be even better. I was pleasantly surprised with “Master of Time.” Wishmaster you have my attention!


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins