Witchcraft - Firewood (Candlelight/Rise Above Records) - Back
Upon looking at the cover of Witchcraft’s new disc “Firewood” you would almost expect to hear a band with a sound similar to a goth-doom metal band. When you listen the sound is more of a classic rock sound with a stoner rock vein. This is their second disc and they have created a distinctive sound. Don’t expect a slow, heavy, crunchy sound; expect a more rock sound with a few heavy characteristics. I was surprised when I popped the disc in for the first time. I almost thought it was the wrong CD or a different band from what it said on the disc. It’s not bad, but it’s really not metal either. People into Cathedral, St. Vitus, and Black Sabbath would probably get into this the most, but it’s just not metal enough for my taste. They recorded their first CD on vintage 60’s & 70’s recording equipment, so I would assume, with the way it sounds, they continued with that element on this disc. For me, I would need more of a full-bodied metal sound to get further into Witchcraft and “Firewood.”

Rating: 64