Witchery - Symphony for the Devil (Necropolis Records) - Back
Since 1998, Witchery has been entertaining metal fans. They have now came out with their third album entitled "Symphony for the Devil." This disk was wrote and recorded after a hiatus the band members took to focus some time on their other projects. All the songs on this disk were wrote well, there is no surprise there. The instrumental work on the disk is quite impressive. For example, on track number five, "Bone Mill," and track nine "Hearse of the Pharaohs." Jenson has said that "Hearse of the Pharaohs" is probably his favorite track because "it is sooo heavy." Not to mention Hank Sherman showcases his stuff on the track. My other favorite tracks include "Inquisition," "Omens," and "None Buried Deeper..." To end "Symphony for the Devil," Witchery has re-worked two songs written by their members when they were with Satanic Slaughter. The whole disk is twelve tracks long and it will keep your heart beating faster for forty-seven minutes. This is another strong effort by Witchery, not like we would expect any less.

Rating: 83