Without End - Disease Is Man (Psuedoplasma Records) - Back
Without End screams old school thrash with the help of three expert musicians. Metal has run through the veins of theses guys predominantly with their previous experience in Blood Feast, Headlock and M.O.D. “Disease Is Man” has thirteen tracks dealing with the concepts of the Disease Triangle, which includes host, pathogen and environment. The forty-six minutes of heavy thrash will keep your head nodding from the start to end. Its like a recipe, they take the old school thrash sound, pound and beat it with New York Hardcore, and add a touch of death to give it a little spice. Without End is similar to Pantera and Slayer crossed with Sick of It All with down tuned guitars, think of the heavier sides of the mentioned bands. They even slightly remind me of Scatterbrain. Vocally they use a yelling thrash voiced with the grimace of John Tardy of Obituary. Up and down the track list you will hear some excellent songs including “To The Depths” and “You’ll Stink In The End.” The title track “Disease Is Man,” “From Afar,” and “Evil Ways” will also get you breaking things. This is quite excellent for a debut album with the old school thrash sound; it’s very refreshing to hear.

Rating: 80