Without Face - Deep Inside (Dark Symphonies) - Back
1997 marked the start of the band Without Face. This sextet has created music in the vain of gothic metal that combines power and atmosphere along with some of the most beauty female vocals. They also have another vocal that is a screaming male vocal similar to death metal that offsets the female vocals nicely. The seven tracks on this CD last for thirty-five minutes of listening pleasure. Its almost like progressive gothic metal. They have more of an edge to their songs then a regular gothic metal band. Of the seven songs, two of them are short excerpt songs. "Deep Inside" is a really good album considering this is Without Face's first album. There isn't a band song on this disk, everything is composed quite well. The chorus for song "I And I" is amazing; very angelic. "Sands Of Time," "Screaming Heartbeat," and "The Picture" are good to listen to as well. The lyrics for their songs are inspired by Edgar Allen Poe, H.P. Lovecraft, and H.W. Longfellow, so they have well written ideas for their songs. I really enjoyed this CD, another well put together sound in this day of change and experimentation.

Rating: 88