Wizard - Head Of The Deceiver (Limp Music Products) - Back
While you listen to Wizard, you will have metal pride forming inside your guts, and it will eventually take over your whole body. This is the forth album by the band, and it is sure to grow some hair on your head, chest, and other various places on your body. Wizard is a power speed metal band, similar to Blind Guardian or Stratovarius and by the way they write their songs they surely like their metal . This band has quite a bit of talent, and you can tell by listening to this CD, "Head Of The Deceiever." The only thing that stuck in my mind as a negative for this CD is that the vocalist seems that he stresses a little to hit some of those notes, but that's about it. The eleven tracks will get you out of your seat for a forty-seven minute speed metal attack. My favorite tracks include "Magic Potion," "Collective Mind," and "Revenge." Some other songs that were decent on the CD include "Defenders Of Metal" (the chorus kicks ass!), "Iron War," and "The First One." Metal fans give this one a chance, you may be impressed by Wizard's metal pride, and who knows, maybe you will create a band with your own metal pride.

Rating: 88