Wolfpac - Evil Is... (Megaforce Records) - Back
Yo, yo, yo, what in the hell do we have here? Not much if you ask me. Wolfpac is a bunch of white boys that think that they can rap. Why I got this CD I haven't a clue. They are not metal. They aren't even rap, more like crap. I'm sorry, but I'm sick of the "Yo, G" attitude, especially in bands that want to be considered metal. This music is so bad, I can't think of anyone that would like to listen to it. I'm a metalhead, it pissed me off, I had my friend listen to it that likes all music, she hated it as well. When I first started listening to this CD, I thought, what the hell is this crap!? "Evil Is..." reminds me of when Biohazard started getting their "Yo, G" attitude when they started hanging out with Onyx. But picture this CD like fifty time more cheesy, crappy, boring, stupid, useless, shall I go on? No I won't, its already been to much of a waste of my time. Nineteen tracks and almost an hour of complete bullshit. But there was one good thing about this CD, check out the cover!

Rating: 26