World Below - Sacrifices to the Moon (Underground Symphony) - Back
Here we have a band that was once a solo project incorporated by Jonas Kjellgrens of Centinex/Carnal Forge. World Below is now a three-piece out of Sweden bringing back the more classic groove Doom metal atmosphere that began with Black Sabbath in the 1970's. Definitely not what you'd come to expect from Jonas. Anyhow, this 8 track debut, Sacrifices to the Moon, offers as mentioned-- a very Sabbath-like feel with compositions mostly reaching over 6 to 7 minutes. A very slow, methodically clever dive into the more progressive side of the underground spectrum presents a refreshing alternative to the now standard doom/death-style. Aside from the absence of death vocals and the fact there are a few slow-down solos herein, this one may not necessarily stand out. There are a few surprises here and there. A couple of nice guitar medleys in "Blood For Draculic" and a neat acoustic breakdown in "A Forgotten Civilization" followed by a guitar solo. So this release has it's definitive moments, just not the electricity many doom-style bands have these days. I suppose you'd have to be a hardcore Doom fan for this and if you are, you should know that Ozzy & co. sure seemed to rub off on this Swedish trio. Basically, if Sabbath is what you'd like to hear more of in Doom metal, look no further! Not bad, but not incredible.

Rating: 75

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell