World Of Shit - Demo (Independent) - Back
Super heavy, super fast, super brutal is how you describe World of Shit. You could also say that they sound like Morbid Angel on a bad trip of acid or some conglomeration of Hate Eternal, Vital Remains, Incantation, and Suffocation. Now with that said, you can tell that these two guys know how to make death metal. Mat lives in Berlin, Germany and does drums and vocals, while Eric does guitars and additional vocals and lives in Chicago, Illinois. I don’t know how they got together to record this demo, but it was worth their effort. The music has a lot of potential and they could draw many people into their music because of the style and the heavy catchy riffs. Production is not bad for a demo, but the same goes for the majority of demos, it could use some help. The guitar solos remain hidden behind the rest of the song. Also, there appears to be no bass guitar, which is obviously an area that they could improve on. It could make this band more than just heavy. The brutally heavy riffs make skin split and your veins ooze. “Demanangel,” “Laugh At The Crying” and “Servant” seem to be the jewels on this CD of short and to the point death metal. Every song has parts that should make mosh pit fans happy, especially with that Morbid Angel guitar sound.

Rating: 69