Yattering - III (Independent) - Back
This isn't their newest release, but it is probably Yattering’s weirdest. I mean, you take elements of techno, darkwave, death metal, new age, and punk.... here you have something called "III". I quite enjoy it, though, it reminds me of something the Trickster from Ulver would hand us. Very diverse, very complicated, and unique. The atmosphere is very good once a groove or beat stays constant and the guitar solos appear in places you would not expect (but are very good also). This may be the reason for their trip-hop gaze into the music spectrum. If you want something familiar when listening, "Pleasure of a Dead Body" really is the only track most metalheads will be able to handle. However, if you are looking for a major high dose of extreme experimentation... Yattering is a rather obvious choice. At least, this album.

Rating: 68

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell