Ydin - Silvottuna Ja Hapaistyna (Independent) - Back
Ydin was formed in Ylivieska, Finland in 2003. “Silvottuna Ja Hapaistyna” is their second release and it only took four days to record it. Raw brutal death metal with a few elements grind and black as well. I can’t help but hear elements that I would seem akin to Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse, and Impaled. It might have the couth of those bands, but definitely something reminiscent, like a bludgeoning death sound. Marching death metal beats along with blast beats will get your head nodding. Ydin’s vocal stylings include variations of a deep death vocal and a higher demonic gremlin tone. The lyrics are all in their native Finnish. However, the music has a few uncomfortable parts that really don’t do anything for me. These parts just seem unorganized to me as they where trying to fill parts or bridge two things together. They may be trying to be more complex and dynamic, but to me it just doesn’t have the flow it needs. Stripping down a few of these riffs might give them a more satisfying out come. Still this isn’t all that bad. Five tracks and a right around sixteen minutes in length. “Silvottuna Ja Hapaistyna” also contains bonus multimedia material as well. This includes three live videos, their demo “Verityot,” and more. After a line up change involving getting a new drummer, which occurred shortly flowing the recording of this disc, they still continue this mayhem today.


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins