Ydin - Saasta (Independent) - Back
Ydin formed in the small town of Ylivieska, Finland in 2003. Since their inception they knew they wanted to play death metal. In the short 5 years since they started they have released a couple studio efforts, appeared on the “Demonstration of Penetration 2” compilation and had a live DVD. Ydin’s now has a new disc entitled “Saasta” and it has been unleashed onto the public this year.

The lyrics for “Saasta” (Scum) are completely in Finnish. However, Ydin have the English version of the lyrics along side the Finnish rhetoric in the CD booklet for those that lack the Finnish tongue. Labels sometime don’t work for some bands, but calling “Saasta” fastidious and brutal death metal fits well.

With fast a brutal metal you should expect certain elements that Ydin include on their CD. Lots of fast and brutal riffing like the repeated assault of a machine gun shredding its target. In this case, the target is you! Along with the brutality they use guitars squeals similar to what Immolation does in their approach. The previously mentioned Finnish lyrics are voiced in a guttural style kind of like Corpsegrinder (Cannibal Corpse). And last, but not the least, there are tons of blast beats that obviously add to the speed and intensity of this disc. It would seem that Ydin might have a little Morbid Angel influence incorporated in their music as well.

These 5 tunes and 18 minutes will surely get your attention. Sometimes it seems Ydin play fast just to play fast, which is can be seen as good and bad. Good because they know how to shred, but bad because it doesn’t seem to go anywhere special. Ydin seem to play everything solid for the most part on “Saasta,” I think they just need a little more direction to appeal more to their listeners’ likings. A definitely step forward to their 2006 release “Silvottuna ja häpäistynä.”


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins