Yellow Machinegun - Spot Remover (Howling Bull Entertainment) - Back
"Don't call Japanese Hardcore, Japcore," is one song named by Seth Putnam of A.C. When you talk about Yellow Machinegun you can't call them either of that. They have one more thing about their band. They are all female. Yes, an all female Japanese hardcore band. They formed back in 1993, so they have been around for a while and are not following the band Kittie. If you are a fan of hardcore you will like this album, its has a lot of the same felling of Walls of Jericho. Im not the biggest fan of hardcore but there were a few songs that got my attention. "Shut Your Mouth" and "Iron Woman" I got into right away. "Ever-more" is another good song. There are 15 tracks on this album that stretch about 30 minutes long with the help of an 8 and a half minute song at the end. The song length are generally short, but powerful, like your typical hardcore. If your interested in seeing this band in America, they will be at the Milwaukee Metalfest this summer for what I believe is their first show in America. Howling Bull America will be releasing a split 7-inch with the legendary thrashcore band S.O.D., and will feature a sneak preview of Yellow Machinegun's latest material.

Rating: 74