Yyrkoon - Unhealthy Opera (Osmose Productions) - Back
To those unfamiliar with this French 4-piece, Yyrkoon actually started out as a a more obscure black/death metal band (first 2 albums) that worked their way up the extreme underground. Today, you have a technical & aggressive death metal ensemble (last 2 albums). "Unhealthy Opera" is the bands' 4th full-length in about an 8 year span, consisting of 12 (13 with the ltd. ed) tracks / 50 minutes of music. The style that they have acquired is superb and hardly an inch of error found therein. Yyrkoon as a whole, have managed to utilize every little nook of musical expertise that has allowed them to polish other areas in the spectrum. Such other areas include solos, acoustic parts, and even a few clean vocals here and there. They have even found the graces of Andy LaRoque on track 9 to assist. Overall... a very nice follow-up to "Occult Medicine". To me, not quite as aggressive.... but more choppy / thrash-oriented. Good stuff!!


Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell