Zarathustra - In Hora Mortis (Agonia Records) - Back fortunate to have come across this relatively unknown black metal powerhouse, Zarathustra. This be the quintet’s 3rd full-length in a 6 year span entitled, “In Hora Mortis.” There are 6 fairly lengthy tracks along with a very cool intro, so 7 tracks total and about 47 minutes playing time. The music is super-fast and technical much in the vein of Marduk or older Dissection. The vocal style is of the supreme black style of Abbath, Nödveidt, and Nocturno Culto all-in-one! Then, what would make a black metal album complete without relentless blast beats and the occasional double kicks for slower parts? The 2nd track, “Souls Ejaculation,” has some of the best riffing I've heard in black metal. Seemingly maintaining technical break-neck speed along with a very heavy & bludgeoning chorus similar to Behemoth or Morbid Angel. Track 3, “Embrace Your Insanity,” actually has some sampling and an Immortal-esque mid-pace. “Salvation From Being” (4th track) is similar, but starts off a bit slower. The pacing is very precise and well maintained throughout the disc leaving you with a sense of wanting more. If I were to give you more of a clue, you should expect nothing less than something between Immortal and Dark Funeral at their best! This is Zarathustra!! I hope this introduction of this band on Metal Fanatix has helped... now check ‘em out now!! Highly recommended!!!


Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell