Zora - U.V.A. (Independent) - Back
Zora hail from Italy and play heavy, brutal death metal. “U.V.A.” (Undisciplined Violent Aggression) is a pounding metal assault. And man, it’s pretty damn brutal and heavy. Drums are so rhythmic you would think they use electronic drums. This disc reminds me somewhat of Cannibal Corpse, Dying Fetus, and maybe a little Mortician; anything brutal and heavy. Zora isn’t the best death band in the world but they do show some technically. This results in many decent tracks on the six-song Mini-CD, “U.V.A.” The forth song, “Fresh Flesh,” got my attention the most. Pretty much everything is likeable, maybe except the last track. The intro in track 6 is too long and annoying. You loose interest before the song really starts. Anyhow, looks like a good future for this band.

Rating: 79