Zyklon - Disintegrate (Candlelight Records) - Back
OK...I'm officially bought! This is by far, the most outstanding performance by the Zyklon tribe in their existence! Probably the strongest effort by Trym and Samoth since 1999's "IX Equilibrium" album. The first track, In Hindsight, is the death metal equivalent to "Curse You All Men!". There isn't any one best song. Anything Emperor-ish like "In Hindsight" and "Subversive Faith" to super-heavy / catchy songs like "Ways of the World" and "Wretched" is the only logical explanation behind this cemented wall of metal. Those brutal blast beats set the immediate impact setting forth the pace for the albums' entirety. The aggression doesn't end with Trym, inwards lies the creative rhythmatic thrash-laden patterns of Samoth and Destructhor. Then we have the versatile voices of Secthdaemon (speaking voice, screaming, black shrieking, guttural death vox), which is accompanied by some mega-fast bass lines. Of course, then there are solos, hints of industrial-ized sampling, excellent pacing, flawlessness in production and astonishing (...and a bit different) album artwork. 10 tracks are included with 45 minutes of relentless brutality. "Disintegrate" is blatantly and accurately titled, as you will find out through the opening track. Words are hard-pressed for such an album, but let me try anyways: "For all other death metal bands, this is a kick to the fucking skull"!!!!! Wake up, follow Zyklon or be "disintegrated".….


Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell