Seidemann of 1349 - Back
1. How did 1349 come to be alive?

1349 came about as a result of Ravn's dream of playing synth-free oldschool black metal.

2. What are the members names?

Seidemann: Ravn - Vocals
Tjalve - Guitars
Archaon - Guitars
Frost - Drums
Seidemann - Bass

3. Who are the founding members?

Seidemann: Ravn, Tjalve and Seidemann.

4. What or who are the influences of the band?

Seidemann: The influences are black metal bands of the early 90s, as well as the trash bands of the 80's as well. Some examples would be: Venom, Celtic Frost, Bathory, Slayer, Darkthrone, Mayhem, etc etc

5. Does 1349 have a concept?

Seidemann: 1349 wants to play black metal the 1349 way, meaning without synths or female vocals, totally raw and grim.

6. Who is your major influence personally??

Seidemann: Lemmy of Motorhead is my greatest influence...

7. Do you see 1349 going off into a new direction or a totally different one??

Seidemann: I see 1349 doing our own thing, no matter where it takes us, but 1349 will always be a black metal band.

8. Will there be any big changes on the next album??

Seidemann: Expect audible hellfire!

9. Are there any plans for an American tour??

Seidemann: As you probably know Frost cannot enter the US because of an old brush with the law, so until that situation is resolved we will not be able to tour America. We hope that we will be able to tour the US some day.

10. Any details on the new album release dates or anything?

Seidemann: All I can say at this stage is that we hope to release it this fall.

11. Are you alive or Dead??

Seidemann: Apparently we are just anthropomorphic personifications of the plague.

Interviewed By: Lord Nocturnus