Neptune and K-2T4-S of ...And Oceans - Back

1. How did the band get started? How did you meet and how long have you been together?

K-2T4-S: Me and Neptune started back in ´89 with rehearsing some thrash metal tracks and formed Festerday.We made some own tracks and ´90 de Monde joined in.We used to hang out at the local youth center listening to old thrash and death metal bands. It was there we all met.We were all interested in forming a band,so we did it and we've been "together" since then.

2. How would you describe your music?

Neptune: This description fits for all of our records, but even more for our new material. Hyper speed, aggressive, mighty atmospheres/melodies. There are a lot of variation in our new songs. You'll have to hear them yourself!!

K-2T4-S: Hmmm, I don't like to categorize our music or put us in a specific box, but I guess one has to give some sort of a description so people now what they get. Some say our music can be compared to Marduk/Dark Funeral for the speed and Dimmu Burger and Limbonic Art for the atmosphere, but I totally disagree. ...andOceans is on a different abstractionphase and colorfully ornamented, but that's just my irrelevant opinion.

3. What are your biggest influences?

Neptune: Nowadays I don't have any particular influences since I/we have been in this business as long as most of the other bands in this genre, but of course there were those old influences beofre mid 80's like Kiss, WASP and other 'heavy metal' bands.

K-2T4-S: I don't think there are any certain influences, some subconscious influences maybe. The inspiration source can be almost anything,the daily life is a good inspiration source,even if the vital things are few.

4. What influence do you think your band has in music and metal today?

K-2T4-S: Well, I have never thought about that. Let me see...I've heard some bands with a touch of ...andOceans and about some bands who do covers of us, but I really doesn't bother me. Nice if someone likes our music. I don't think we'll be remembered as a cult band in the future of the metal scene.

5. What made you want to be in the band? And if you weren't in the band what would you be doing now?

Neptune: Actually I don't know. I have always been a music freak, I can't live without it. If I weren't in a band I would have done the same as I have done until now, studied and worked and shit like that. Of course this band takes the major part of my 'spare time', but that's one thing I've learned to live with. This band thing surely separates you nicely from the daily boring routine.

K-2T4-S: Well, as a kid I listened to some good old heavy metal and like it is with every kid my dream was to become a rock star, haha. But when years go by you develop as an individual and you start looking at things differently. I don't consider myself being a rock star and I never will, it was just a naive child's dream.The most important thing about being involved in a band is the freedom to express yourself and to do everything your own way. If I wouldn't be in a band I'd probably be involved in a label or magazine.

6. Are any band members in side projects? If so what are they, and explain a little about them.

Gaunt is in Rotten Sound and Black Dawn. Grief and Anzhaar are in Black Dawn. Grief will also do the drums on the forth coming Enochian Crescent album. But, these bands are not projects, they are as vital as ...andOceans is to the persons in question.

7. How would you feel if a band took their sound from yours and became very well known?

Neptune: Actually I couldn't care less

K-2T4-S: Well, that's their problem then. I don't think anyone can nowadays be very famous with this type of music, coz Dimmu and Cradle have done it already and you can't be much more popular than that. Metal music has nothing to do with being famous, it's just the way it is at the moment.

8. What current bands do you like or respect?

Neptune: There certainly are such bands, but I don't usually care to mention them, but I respect bands who stand behind what they are and what they say!! Pretenders, go fuck yourself!!!!!

K-2T4-S: 90% of the bands nowadays suck, but there are some really good ones left. I mostly like the old ones, but there are a couple of "new" faves too. The Finnish scene is rising with bands like Thyrane, Horna, Enochian Crescent etc.

9. How many demos/albums do you have? Tell me about them!!

We have one unofficial demo named "wave" from ´95. It was some sort of melodic death metal and not available anymore. The line up was different back then: different drummer and bass player. ´96 we made a promo tape and a a girl joined in to do the violin and keyboards. Later we made the only official demo "mare liberum", which is still available from Defender productions. This demo was recorded ´97 with a new line up. We recorded our debut album "the dynamic gallery of thoughts" the same year and our bass player was replaced by a new one. ´98 we recorded the WAR album and later the same year this new album "the symmetry of I - the cicle of O".

10. What demo/album do you like the best?

Neptune: You'll have to develope all the time, so it's obvious, the newer the better.

K-2T4-S: It depends, the new material always sounds the best, but some nostalgic trips can be experienced under the influence of booze while listening to old material.

11. What is the meaning behind the songs?

K-2T4-S: The meaning differs from time to time, but one should look at the songs as microstruktural chapters and find the personal deepness in it. You could call it poetry, but the word 'poetry' sounds so damn gay, so I rather call it 'thoughts', 'visions' or something like that. The lyrics are reflections of my floating in the nOnexistence and are based upon thoughts, visions and inner dialogues, only the O is vital!

12. What are the bands favorite songs?

K-2T4-S: Hard to say, coz I think each and everyone of us has different faves. I myself don't have any specific faves, it depends on the mood. I always listen through the whole album if I listen to our material.

13. What does the future hold for the band?

Neptune: Gigs and more gigs.

K-2T4-S:The most important now is to release this new album and hopefully a tour later this year, but in the long run we'll hopefully develop as individuals and keep on floating.

14. If you could play with any band who would it be and why?

K-2T4-S: It doesn't really matter who you do gigs with as long as it's a metal band with balls, but I wouldn't say no to a gig with Blasphemy, coz their music is(was) the fist straight in the face. Of course if you play with a very big band then there will be much more people to watch the gig and that raises the feeling.

15. Who writes the majority of the music?

Neptune: Well, I do quite a lot of riffs, but our other guitar player and also our keyboard player do them too. The final structure of the song usually developes in the rehearsal room after everyone has given their own input.

16. Who has been the favorite band you've played with and why?

K-2T4-S: We haven't had too many gigs, so it's pretty difficult to answer your question, but Barathrum was nice to play with, coz they know how a gig should be.

17. Where did you get the band name from?

K-2T4-S: I found it in a dictionary, no actually I was reading a book and I had this terrible itch. I wondered what the heck it was and I saw that my body was full of letters. All these letters were crawling from the book I was reading(the book was called "taru rumasta mutsistasi") and suddenly I was drowning in the wave of letters. I have never been normal(what is normal?) since this and have no recollection of the propositions from that time.

18. Describe what the band is like live?

Neptune: Aggressive, well played and so on. We don't have any particular show at least not at this time, maybe some day.

19. If you are gonna do any kind of video what would be in it?

K-2T4-S: I have seen some ok videos, but never a really good one. We are working on a shortmovie at the moment and it will be unique, coz it is differently constructed and the visual aspect is mentally thought provoking. It'll be very avantgarde type of a video and very abnormal to the metal folks.It'll be about 12 minutes long containing 3 tracks, inner dialogues and overlighted moments, but there will not be any actors, it's more like a metamorphosis of a mental picture than a regular shortmovie. The visual outcome is of course black and white and filmed with different kind of cameras.

20. Are there any touring plans made; if so tell me about them?

K-2T4-S: There is a short European tour under consideration later this year with Aggressor and Bloodthorn. The tour is supposed to be for a couple of weeks and we'll be visiting Germany, The Netherlands, France, Italy and Spain + some other countries, but let's wait and see.

21. Where do you think the band will be 20 years from now?

K-2T4-S: Well, I don't plan my life that much, so it is almost impossible to say where I will be in a year. About 20 years I'll be over 40 years old and probably dead & buried and desecrated by some teens.