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Interviewer: Jeffrey D. Adkins

I have followed Brand New Sin ever since their inception. Rising out of the ashes of its predecessor Godbelow, Brand New Sin took a new route in metallic influenced music and created their own brand of heaviness. These gentlemen from Syracuse, NY take no prisoners on their albums "Brand New Sin," "Recipe for Disaster," and "Tequila." With tracks like "My World," "Black and Blue," "Motormeth," and "Crank It Up" Brand New Sin has left a lasting impression not only in metal but the music world, and this continues today.

I was lucky enough to secure an interview recently with Chuck Kahl, bassist of Brand New Sin. We talked about the current happenings in the band, some of the past accomplishments, the future outlook of the band, Chuck's equipment, a few incidents on the road, and much more.

Shed your "Sad Wings" and join me for this "Once In A Lifetime" experience. Prepare yourself for hell as this "Brand New Sin" is more lethal and ominous then the seven deadly sins combined...

Metal Fanatix: Hey Chuck, how’s everything going?

Chuck Kahl: Swell Me'al [Metal] Jeff, How are you?

Metal Fanatix: Things are good. I’ve been looking forward to this interview for a while.

Well let’s start off with the hot topic that I’m sure everyone is asking you about. I read in the Syracuse Post-Standard newspaper that Brand New Sin has made some lineup changes recently, including your vocalist, Joe, leaving. Can you clarify what has happened with the band for everyone?

Chuck Kahl: Joe and BNS parted mutually. Joe wants to do other things. And we understand and respect that.

Metal Fanatix: The majority of the band is still together, correct? Did you guys part on good terms?

Chuck Kahl: Yes, we are still cool. In the end, a band is a business and we all know that. We didn’t want to make it a personal thing. Everyone has control over the outcome of their own lives, and sometimes you gotta do what’s best for you. But the business end of it can get ugly when someone leaves if your not careful. We kinda made a pact to keep it in the family so to speak. It’s the outsiders that usually start shit and try to ruin bands and the relationships with in it. The rest of us want to write and still make music.

Metal Fanatix: Since Joe left the band you guys are looking for a new singer. Are auditions going on right now? How can serious and prospective vocalists get in contact with you guys to audition for the band? What specifics are you looking for in a new vocalist?

Chuck Kahl: Just send an email to [email protected]. Leave your name and email address (only) and we’ll contact you. We don’t have specifics besides holding a pitch. You can’t predict because everyone has their own sound and style. We want the auditions to be open to the talent out there. It's one of those things where it will just have to be the right person. We won’t know until we hear it. We’ll know when it’s the right person all around. From their voice to being able to take our humor. It was the same when Joe tried out. We just knew. There’s a lot of hungry people out there. It’s just a matter of linking up.

Metal Fanatix: Are you guys going to continue with the Brand New Sin moniker?

Chuck Kahl: That will all depend on who comes along. When Joe joined, we knew it wouldn’t be Godbelow. If the new person pushes it to a new level, then by all means it will change. Only time will tell.

Metal Fanatix: What does the future hold for Brand new Sin now with these changes? Is it to early to tell?

Chuck Kahl: Write and finally put out something new. As far as labels, the industry is so fucked right now. Who knows. First things first… writing a record that we are completely happy with.

Metal Fanatix: How long was the discussion going on in the band before the lineup changes occurred? Or did it just happen one day?

Chuck Kahl: Um, that’s a difficult question to answer. I guess if I was a mind reader I could answer it. I think the end result “just happened one day”.

Metal Fanatix: I see that Joe is continuing with music (singing and piano) in the local area of Syracuse under the name Brand New Joe. Has he told you guys what his plans are for the future?

Chuck Kahl: No, I’m sure his close family and friends know.

Metal Fanatix: As with many bands, when members leave, rumors start to fly. Dan, your vocalist from your former band Godbelow has recently parted ways with his band Unholy. Are there any future collaborations planned with him and anyone from Brand New Sin? Or do you want to squash those rumors right now? There is no Godbelow reunion planned, correct?

Chuck Kahl: I haven’t heard of any Godbelow reunion. That doesn’t mean anything though. It’s a small town, so people talk a lot of shit. I love Godbelow But its magic was in the time it was around. We were the band you loved to hate because of the members that comprised it at the time. As fun as it would be to do, I don’t think it wouldn’t live up to our memories of it back then. What would be better would be to have a sit down party and have everyone tell stories of the past. I know that sounds stupid, but I guarantee everyone would leave with stomach pains from laughing so hard. [as I was re-reading my answers, I got this message from Danny “I just read your blog. I'm writing a Godbelow record and your playing on it whether you like it or not. You have a human heart but a metal soul. Roots bloody roots ~dj~”]

Metal Fanatix: Besides the recent lineup developments, what have you and Brand New Sin been up to?

Chuck Kahl: We each have songs in the works, it’s a matter of finding a singer, and putting it all together. There’s no reason to move forward on writing complete songs til a singer is there so you know what it’s gonna sound like. A new member is always on fire, and gets everyone excited. It’ll be exciting to hear.

Metal Fanatix: It’s been over a year since the release of “Tequila”. Have you guys started working on new songs for your next album? Are there any working titles for songs, complete tracks, or songs you are currently working on for a future release?

Chuck Kahl: We’re always working on new stuff. Even right after a record is done you get creative urges. We always have stupid nicknames for songs until the recording is done. Nothing’s ever set in stone until it’s on tape.

Metal Fanatix: Is there anything to note about what you are currently writing? Is there a projected release date for the next album?

Chuck Kahl: Way to early to tell. We’re not going to rush it. We don’t want to get someone that we end up firing in a year. We don’t want to be the next Anthrax.

Metal Fanatix: Joey Z helped you guys with producing your last album, “Tequila.” How was it to working with him? Any plans to work with him in the future?

Chuck Kahl: I think it was a one-time thing. We work better locally, and it saves a hell of a lot more money. Joey was great though. He’s got more energy than a five year old. He had just had a new born when we were recording, and with out sleep he would still get us energized to record. He’s a great person all around.

Metal Fanatix: Brand New Sin has 3 studio albums now and an EP. What is your favorite tune that you’ve written so far?

Chuck Kahl: Shit, that’s a hard one. I think it depends on my mood. Changes, Wyoming, Once in a Lifetime, or Motormeth.

Metal Fanatix: Who writes the majority of your material? Or is it a group effort for the most part?

Chuck Kahl: It’s a group effort. Someone has the idea, or a part, then it just builds from there. Although sometimes one person will have most of the song done and it may stick. It depends.

Metal Fanatix: What’s the first thing you think of when I mention these following BNS tracks?

Chuck Kahl:

My World: NYC

Black and Blue: LA

Motormeth: Dinosaur BBQ and Dean

Crank It Up: Steroids

Wasted: Tool

Metal Fanatix: From what I understand, Brand New Sin parted ways with Century Media Records last year. Any particular reason?

Chuck Kahl: They wanted us to renegotiate and we said "HELL NO". Our contract was out of their league. They bought us out of another contract that was pretty fair to us. Labels are in dire shit right now as far as CD sales and the cost of touring. It was an easy way out for us and it worked. CM was good to be on because it gave us a home, but BNS is a commercial sounding band, CM doesn’t have much of publicity department so it wasn’t beneficial for us over all. We had a five record deal that we skated out of. We wish them the best. They are good people. Just not the right label for us.

Metal Fanatix: Is the band now with the Bodog Entertainment Group? How has that worked out for you guys?

Chuck Kahl: No. We entertained the idea for the TV show. But we decided not to do it.

Metal Fanatix: Chuck, when I first saw the movie “School of Rock” I was a little surprised when heard one of your songs in the movie, I believe it was “Sad Wings”. Then I noticed that your band was in the movie at one point. How did Brand New Sin end up on the playlist and make a cameo appear in the movie?

Chuck Kahl: The owner of Now or Never Records (our first label) was friends with the casting director.

Metal Fanatix: Did you get to hang out or talk with any of the stars in the movie? If so, what did you chat about?

Chuck Kahl: Nah, the stars don’t talk to the extras. I think it’s protocol so the real actors don’t get bombarded with fans and extras trying to break in to acting. There was one scene we had with Jack Black. It’s not in the movie. But between takes Jack was playing Zeppelin on his guitar and Slider murmured, “Zeeeppeliiin”. And Jack Black looked and smirked. That’s all the attention we got from him. The kid drummer hung out with us a lot. He’s probably old now.

Metal Fanatix: The song 'Crank it up' was written for the entrance theme for WWE’s former wrestler the Big Show. Who helped you make this possible? How was it working with the Big Show and the WWE?

Chuck Kahl: I think CM sent in our CD along with the Shads [Shadows Fall] and others. The producer there heard us and thought we’d be a good fit for the bluesy song. Big Show is a trip. He told us about his toilet and how his wife has a GPS unit spying on his every move from satellite. Funny shit.

Metal Fanatix: I’ve recently read that Brand New Sin provided music for the UFC DVD “Ultimate Iceman - Chuck Liddell.” What did BNS contribute this video? Are you guys fans of the UFC? Was this a good experience for the band?

Chuck Kahl: I think Mr. Liddell (or his people) found us. I think our fans informed us that UFC was using it. Kenny is big in to UFC. Kris too. I try to watch it, but I get bored. A.D.D.

Metal Fanatix: What would you say is the highlight of your music career so far?

Chuck Kahl: Hmm. The Mafia tour with BLS. It was a dream I didn’t want to wake from. Everything was perfect on that tour.

Metal Fanatix: Recently you headed out to Anaheim, California for NAMM. For those that don’t know about the National Association of Music Merchants, could you explain a little bit about it? How was it?

Chuck Kahl: It was like the state fair if you replaced the horse shit for guitar amps, circus music for thousands of doodlers on THOSE amps, AND you replaced carnies and rednecks for sales people and music geeks. I love California. I didn’t want to leave. It’s funny to me how everyone gets LA attitude when in LA. Although they are people you’ve met and partied with before, they get cocky all of a sudden when under the LA lights. It’s funny to watch. You can sort out the genuine people from the kiss asses and cock stars in seconds. I get a kick out of it. Shrooms makes it even funnier to watch. Anyway, NAMM is a must for any musician. Metal Mecca. You have to go at least once.

Metal Fanatix: Did you find any new equipment that you liked, or run into anyone you’ve toured with?

Chuck Kahl: I’m not much of a tech dude, so it was cool to see all of the stuff, but it’s very overwhelming. I liked the custom guitar displays. EVERYONE is there, so yes, I ran in to a lot of people from touring and partying in the past. I ran in to Nick Fuoco every other hour. A little piece of home.

Metal Fanatix: You guys have toured with numerous great bands all over world, who have been your favorites? Are there any bands that you would consider as good friends?

Chuck Kahl: BLS and Motorhead were the best. I love COC, but Pepper is a strange dude. Mushroomhead and Soil are good friends. And Autumn Offering are a trip.

Metal Fanatix: When on the road, what do you miss the most? What is your favorite thing about being on tour?

Chuck Kahl: My bed... I miss the most. Drinking every night is fun when touring, but ya get the jitters the few nights that you don’t drink. I like the comradery from touring. For 8 of us being together day after day, you’d think we’d fight all the time, but you become a big family. It’s a life I that never want to end.

Metal Fanatix: In your travels, have you found a favorite place to play, as in, a certain country, city, or venue?

Chuck Kahl: Flint, Michigan. The Machine Shop.

Metal Fanatix: Is there any place you would like to play in the future that you haven’t yet?

Chuck Kahl: Japan. I want Kris and Kenny to be forced to eat Sushi.

Metal Fanatix: What is the most unusual item you’ve asked for when on tour?

Chuck Kahl: My band! I went to the ER in England after a fight. After being stitched up, I couldn’t find my band. I had no phone numbers (our cells don’t work there) and no way to find them. It was scary shit. The hospital was old looking and foreign. I totally felt like I was living The Wall or Clockwork Orange. I just layed down in the waiting room and hoped they’d find me someday.

Metal Fanatix: As a bassist, who are your biggest influences?

Chuck Kahl: Not that I think playing reflects it, but my favorite bass players to listen to are John Paul Jones, Geddy Lee, and Cliff Burton. I also really like Karl Alverez of Descendants and the dude that was in Sunny Day Real Estate, now in the Foo Fighters.

Metal Fanatix: How long have you been playing? Do you play anything besides the bass?

Chuck Kahl: I’ve been playing bass for about ten years. I played guitar before that. I studied classical guitar and piano in college, but that’s all gone to shit.

Metal Fanatix: Do you have any endorsements? What’s your favorite bass? Tell me about your equipment.

Chuck Kahl: I’m endorsed by Hartke amps and Schecter guitars. I can’t believe I have Schecter. The bass they sent me (diamond series studio 4) is so fucking badass. When companies send you guitars, nine outta ten you won’t be happy. But I am in love… and it’s not just because I’m endorsed. It is a really nice instrument. Hartke is very, very good to me. I play through a 5500 head and an 8X10 cab. They are both great companies to their bands.

Metal Fanatix: So what is the deal behind the pig logo and tattoos the band members have? It would seem to have a special meaning to the band.

Chuck Kahl: Kris’ father used to customize Harleys. He drew the pig and put it on his bikes. We wanted a symbol and that was the one that fit.

Metal Fanatix: Well Chuck, I’m just about to finish up with this interview, but I have one more question for you. First I’d like to thank you for your time in doing this interview, it’s appreciated! Do you have any final words for the Metal Fanatix of the world?

Chuck Kahl: Drink Jager. Seriously. Those people by far are the only corporation that truly loves music and bands, and weren’t afraid to be associated with metal or it’s fans. That is important these days when bands are struggling so much to survive. They will send you so much free shit to promote your band. If you are in a band just ask them, they may help you. Thank you Metal Jeff, for the interest in the band. It’s underground zines and sites that keep metal going. Metal fans ARE the most devoted fans of any genre of music. Don’t ever stop. I’d like to thank Metal Fanatix readers for reading.

Metal Fanatix: Thanks dude! I hope to catch you guys at an upcoming show! METAL!!

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