Waran of Crionics - Back
Interview by Thomas Mitchell
Thanks much for taking the time to sit down and explain some things about yourselves. That new album rocks!

1. The band is still considered a "newcomer" in the metal world. Tell us how you guys got together?

Waran: Greetings! The idea with Crionics came upon during New Years Eve in December/January 96/97. Thetas when Yanuary Carol Marcotic and me met for the very first time. We didn't have a straight forward plan of how we wanted it all to sound, I guess we just wanted to play melodic metal at that time. Later on when our skills got better, our musical path went somewhat more brutal and less melodic way to finally evolve around death and black metal.

2. So aside from personal interests and whatnot, is there a particular formula or theory you dwell upon in creating your music?

Waran: Most of Crionics music is based upon my ideas. Keys as well as the drum parts are also evaluated and finalized by me with the help of our keyboardist -Vac-V. After all that, we check how it all sounds at practice and if it sounds fine for all of us, that’s the way it stands. Most of our songs start out with a guitar structure though.

3. "Armageddon's Evolution" is the title of your newest release and... WOW!! I hear a lot of Emperor-type aggression & atmospheres. Why did you decide to do the cover of "Loss & Curse of Reverence"? Do you believe they are the pinnacle of black metals' design?

Waran: Thanks. We actually wanted to record this particular song a while back, few years ago to be exact, but unfortunately we could never get it right till now. We did though take upon our backs another song of the Norwegian legends, which was -" I am the Black Wizards". We very much like their music but that probably faded with time as now we don’t fallow them as we did back in the day.

4. It's weird... it kind of seems like a lot of the black metal bands nowadays have either strayed more into the death metal region or have an oddly appreciated "raw"/pagan sound. What's your take on black metal today? <as long of an explanation as you'd like>

Waran: All of us have a very individual point of view when it comes to this particular topic. All though we do agree at some points. I wouldn't consider our music as black metal. Crionics might have a lot in common with black metal musically but that's about it. Anyway, we don't have the special "deep dark forest" kinda sound to be labeled in that category so we probably are not "black metal" ha, ha.

5. With other Polish bands like Vader, Decapitated, Sacriversum, Hellveto, etc.... does it seem difficult to imagine that your music has impressed so many of us? I mean, is it a cool thing?

Waran: I was surprised to hear the last two bands you mentioned. I would probably have added Behemoth to that small arsenal. We are extremely happy that our polish bands have the chance to exist outside of Poland and are able to find people who enjoy their music. It's always great to hear kind words towards your music. For those who are not familiar with the Polish scene I highly encourage you to visit our bands web sites and their distributor's sites all because we have really a lot of fantastic bands that have already gained a great status around the globe or just entered that path. I know it sounds a bit selfish but believe me, I know what I'm saying. I am a musician with a bunch of experience and I don't speak out with an allegation.

6. How many various styles of metal have you guys toured with? Was it hard to accomplish the "electricity" from the other fans? Particularly the contrast between younger and older fans...

Waran: We actually toured with a lot of different bands that play different styles of metal. We are officially in the scene since 1997 so I guess it wasn't that hard for us. About the fans... It varies upon a lot of factors. In our country we are not treated special by any means, nor are we popular, so it's really is hard for me to say.

7. I'd really like to see what the future has in store for Crionics. You guys have yourselves a beer and a nice day!! METAL HORNS!! Anything you want to add?

Waran: We've started to work on new stuff, already have some ideas, concepts etc, how we want it to look like. We surely know it'll be different from our two previous albums. You can check some information at www.crionics.pl. Thank you for your time, and support War Against Naturalism!