Kirk Windstein of Crowbar - Back
1. How did the band get started? How did you meet and how long have you been together?

Kirk Windstein: The original band members met by going to shows to check out bands. We began to hang out and drink together and became friends. Everyone had been playing music for quite a while and decided to get together and form a band.

2. How would you describe your music?

Kirk Windstein: Extremely heavy, emotional, doom, sludge.

3. What are your biggest influences?

Kirk Windstein: When I was younger, kiss is what I grew up with. Motorhead, Black Sabbath, The Melvins, Carnivore and a lot of New York hard core bands have been our biggest influence.

4. What influence do you think your bands has in music and metal today?

Kirk Windstein: I think we have added a lot to the drop tune sound as well as being very original.

5. What made you want to be in the band? And if you weren’t in the band what would you be doing now?

Kirk Windstein: I have always loved music. It's great to have a job you can drink on. If I weren't in a band, I would probably be involved in sports in some capacity.

6. Are any band members in side projects? If so what are they, and explain a little about them.

Kirk Windstein: Yes. I am in "Down"; Sammy is in "Goatwhore"; and our drummer and bass player are in a band called "Near Life Experience". They all differ from the Crowbar sound.

7. How would you feel if a band took their sound from yours and became very well known?

Kirk Windstein: A little pissed, but everyone borrows something.

8. What current bands do you like or respect?

Kirk Windstein: Motorhead, Type O Negative, Steely Dan, and Pantera are a couple I am currently listening to.

9. How many demos/albums do you have? Tell me about them!!

Kirk Windstein: We have one demo, six full length album and a live ep. I am very proud of all of them.

10. What demo/album do you like the best?

Kirk Windstein: Either "Odd Fellows Rest" or "Equilibrium" - maybe "Broken Glass" also.

11. What is the meaning behind the songs?

Kirk Windstein: Meanings all vary but are all real. I don't write about fictional things.

12. What are the bands favorite songs?

Kirk Windstein: "Planets Collide" is my personal favorite. I can't speak for the other members, but I totally enjoy playing "I Feel The Burning Sun" and "Down Into The Rotting Earth" off the new cd.

13. What does the future hold for the band?

Kirk Windstein: Hopefully $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

14. If you could play with any band who would it be and why?

Kirk Windstein: Motorhead, because they are the original loud, ugly, fast, mean, drunk rock n' roll band.

15. Who writes the majority of the music?

Kirk Windstein: Me.

16. Who has been the favorite band you’ve played with and why?

Kirk Windstein: Probably Pantera because they are a great band, great friends and are the hardest drinking band in rock n' roll.

17. Where did you get the band name from?

Kirk Windstein: We stole it from a side project I was in.

18. Describe what the band is like live?

Kirk Windstein: Very heavy, raw, aggessive, loud and thunderous.

19. If you are gonna do any kind of video what would be in it?

Kirk Windstein: We have already done a few and they are basically live performance videos.

20. Are there any touring plans made; if so tell me about them?

Kirk Windstein: Just returned from a European tour and are heading out with Zakk Wylde's new band "Black Label Society". We are really looking forward to it.

21. Where do you think the band will be 20 years from now?

Kirk Windstein: Drunk, on tour with Motorhead doing the nursing home circuit.