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1. How did the band get started? How did you meet and how long have you been together?

David Neil Cline: In the late 80's I was playing with a band called Trama. At that same time I was recording my first solo album "A Fit of Rage" performing all instrument accept the drums. Shortly after going in the studio with Trama and recording 8 of my songs, we replaced Bill Cozy (now playing with Detroit's Speedball), with Donny Allen (who is currently playing with Detroit's Halloween). Are ya following me?

Shortly after that, Dexter (our drummer), left us to join the band Seduce. The songs that we recorded were written by myself and most of the instruments done by myself such as all the rhythm guitar because I could do it tighter and faster then Bill Cozy and we were on a budget, My bass player JD Donnelly, Dropped a car battery on his hand a couple days before one of the Malefic studio sessions and couldn't finish the bass tracks. That's how I ended up playing bass on three of the tracks. Anyway Malefic Influence became my 2nd solo album and we started playing out under the solo act David Neil Cline.

Being that we now needed a drummer, Donny suggested trying out his friend Jeff Giovannangeli. Jeff worked out great and is still playing and recording with me today. Jeff played drums on the new tracks on the "A Fit of Rage" (remixed plus two) CD. He also played on the Thorough Scrutiny CD (soon to be released). Jeff has also been recording with me recently on the new CD I am working on.

As for the band, we are not practicing at this time. There is no where to play in Detroit anymore if your a heavy original rock band. All the cool bars closed down or only hire top 40 or alternative bands. Or there is way too much politics involved.

When the new CD is about ready, we plan to get together and work out a tour to support the new CD. Europe is high on the list.

2. How would you describe your music?

David Neil Cline: I like to call it Heavy Rock. A cross between heavy metal and good ol fashion foot stomping hard rock. The Hammond organ kinda sets it aside from the other metal bands.

3. What are your biggest influences?

David Neil Cline: As far as guitar is concerned, Black Sabbath started it all for me. Then I really started getting into Michael Schenker and Ulrich Roth. Years later Yngwie Malmsteen and Steve Vai. Old Rush was a big influence too. Then Iron Maiden. Throw a little Deep purple and Fate's Warning in there and you got music that sounds like my shit. :)

4. What influence do you think your bands has in music and metal today?

David Neil Cline: I think no matter what I write, a little of all the bands I just mentioned is in there somewhere.

5. What made you want to be in the band? And if you weren’t in the band what would you be doing now?

David Neil Cline: My Father was a self employed musician and supported himself and our family that way till I was three. Then he moved on to a skilled trade and music just became a hobby for him. I forgot to mention that he was my biggest influence. I grew up with music. All my dad's brothers played different instruments too and we had family jam-a-thons.

At age 9 I started taking my music serious and by 15 I was playing the clubs warming up major acts such as Savoy Brown, Mitch Ryder and Steppenwolf.

As for today, If it wasn't for the dedication, hard work and alot of hope with my music career, I would probably have splattered my brains all over the wall with my 12 gage by now.

6. Are any band members in side projects? If so what are they, and explain a little about them.

David Neil Cline: Explained in first question.

7. How would you feel if a band took their sound from yours and became very well known?

David Neil Cline: I'd be impressed but pissed!!!!!!! A little flattered...

8. What current bands do you like or respect?

David Neil Cline: I like Tool, Megadeth... I never liked Korn till I seen them live at Woodstock last year. I think they were the most entertaining band there. I love their last album.

Believe it or not I really dig Veruca Salt. Them chicks rock!!!!

The radio stations here in Detroit play nothing but shit so there is probably a lot of cool stuff out there that I'm not hip to yet. I hate all these white, wigger, rap bands they keep playing on the rock stations. I don't call that shit rock!!!!! But it is Kid stuff..... no pun intended yuck, yuck.

9. How many demos/albums do you have? Tell me about them!!

David Neil Cline: Well I'd be boring you for quite a while if I got into all the demo's I put out. I have 3 solo CD's at this time and working on a new one. I also put out two CD's under another project name that I dont want to mention at this time. They were a completely different style of music then my solo stuff.

10. What demo/album do you like the best?

David Neil Cline: I'd have to say the Thorough Scrutiny CD is my favorite at this time. It was not released when it was recorded cause I was broke at the time. But I just re-recorded some of the vocal, guitar and keyboard tracks and am currently mixing it. I'm very happy with the way it's coming out. It will be a lot longer then the other two CD's and there is a bunch of weird stuff edited in-between the songs. Kinda like a Frank Zappa production if he did heavy rock.

11. What is the meaning behind the songs?

David Neil Cline: Most of my tunes are about things I hate, love or dont understand. A lot of them are very political. Once upon a time I wrote songs about relationships that went bad but I made myself a promise not to do that anymore. Been done way too much.

The new album I'm working on has a lot to do with the every day yuppie or lifer. Not to mention animal rights. Some lyrics about driving among inconsiderate assholes in today's traffic. Something I'm sure everyone can identify with. It's not finished yet though. Should be interesting...

12. What are the bands favorite songs?

David Neil Cline: Now that's an interesting question that I dont have a clue about....

13. What does the future hold for the band?

David Neil Cline: Hopefully getting paid :) selling a million CD's...... tour of Europe next year... and maybe southern states, US.

14. If you could play with any band who would it be and why?

David Neil Cline: Hmmmmmm if you mean play guitar in the band..... hmmmmmmmm I would love to do an album with the old Nazareth. That singer had such a great voice. I use to write songs and picture of that dude singing them. I think it would be a great come back for them cause their new shit aint doing shit!!!!!!

15. Who writes the majority of the music?

David Neil Cline: Yours truely

16. Who has been the favorite band you’ve played with and why?

David Neil Cline: Well playing with David Chastain was really cool, so was Paul DI'anno, but when we played with Foghat that was the best. We got orderve trays sent to our dressing room and everything. Plus our dual Marshall stacks on each side of the stage made their equipment look so cheezy that they offered us tee shirts and other bribes to leave our amps up there when they went on.

17. Where did you get the band name from?

David Neil Cline: My parents. Neil Cline being my dads name. My dad was and is a very creative man. I often wonder why such a typical name such as David was chosen. Oh well.....

18. Describe what the band is like live?

David Neil Cline: Loud, heavy rock and roll!!! With ripping double guitar leads and long hair flying around. But who knows what we will come up with for a stage show by the time we tour.

19. If you are gonna do any kind of video what would be in it?

David Neil Cline: Really depends on what the song is about that we did it for.......

20. Are there any touring plans made; if so tell me about them?

David Neil Cline: Really depends on what the song is about that we did it for.......

21. Where do you think the band will be 20 years from now?

David Neil Cline: Probably Dead!!!!! I expect a very crazy fucking world in 20 years.... Not sure I wanna be here then... Things would have to be going really well... and I'd probably move my studio to some hidden place in the mountains somewhere and become a hermit...

I want to let people know that my CD's can be purchased at my web site davidneilcline.com or at CDbaby.com/dcline

There are MP3's and Real Audio at my site too!!!!!!! Even 3 songs off the unreleased "Thorough Scrutiny " CD. If you buy one and really hate it that bad.... I'll gladly refund your money :)

Please and Thank you.....DNC