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1. In your younger days what were your favorite bands?

Tomas Andersson: In our violent teenage years we listen to a lot of bands and it's hard to name just a few as favorite bands as we had so many but some of the most important bands were Kreator, Sodom, Destruction, Venom, Possessed & King Diamond and the whole German thrash scene.

2. How did DENATA come to life?

Tomas Andersson: Ponta and I had been talking about start playing some old school thrash/death for a long time and one afternoon drinking coffee at Pontas place we finally decided to bring it alive for real. We first started as a project to record a vinyl EP as a tribute to the old school scene but later we found out that it was so fucking fun that we hooked up Roger on bass guitar and became a 3 man band. After the EP tracks, we started to play a bit more "serious" which I think you can hear on Departed to hell. That's the short story!

3. Did you or any of your band mates ever play in any other bands?

Tomas Andersson: Yeah we have been in several underground bands before. Ponta and Rogga played together in Total Death in the 80's that also featured Toxine and Mique from Seance & Witchery and Bino from Diabolique. Total Death really kicked ass and made a lot of shows but never signed up for any label. I was in a band named Skullcrusher that played brutal thrash metal and I handled the rhythm guitar and vocals. We have been in some other bands as well but nothing really worth mention except from Pontas band Ponta and the antichrists that made some killer shows in our hometown, hehe.

4. What is your job in DENATA?

Tomas Andersson: I guess my job is to write the riffs and most of the lyrics. All arrangement is done in the rehearsal local and of course if Rogga writes a good riff we will use it. Rogga's main instrument is guitar so he has some ideas sometimes. Ponta has ideas as well and he use to hum from behind the drums and once we used his hum to write a song, haha .

5. Who influenced you to learn Guitar?

Tomas Andersson: I had listened to metal for a really long time and I wanted to make my own songs so that's why I started to play guitar. So it was not a special person that made me to start play guitar it was the whole metal scene.

6. What bands influence you now?

Tomas Andersson: I don't have any special influences from bands when writing music to Denata. It's what happens around me that influence me. When I'm in the right mood the riffs just pops up in my head and of course the bands I listen to can/have inspired me without noticing it. Bands that I'm listening a lot to these days are The Crown, Carnal Forge, Soilwork, King Diamond and Kreator.

7. What helped you develop your style of playing the guitar?

Tomas Andersson: Hmm, hard question cause I have never thought about it. I guess my passion for thrash metal have developed the style I use.

8. What does the New Album promise to deliver to us, the metal maniacs?

Tomas Andersson: The new album Deathtrain will give you a free ticket to hell. The journey contains brutal uncompromised fucking thrash metal with harsh vocals. I promise you won't be disappointed if you're a real metal maniac!!!

9. Will DENATA be doing any shows soon?

Tomas Andersson: At the moment we don't do any shows because we have problems with a live setup as we need session musicians. We also have some personal problems that don't make it possible to travel away from home right now. I'm pretty sure we will do some shows/tours later as soon things are solved here.

10. Can you give us a run-down of the earlier recordings, what they were about??

Tomas Andersson: Sure, our first release is the self titled vinyl EP. It was released 1999 and it's really primitive and contains ultra weird lyrics. This release was just made for fun and it took just a few hours to record it so the sound isn 't the best, hehe. The cover is taken in the local church and we almost got caught when Ponta posed with a axe in front of the altar. This release is pure underground and I don't really think the material sounds like Denata today.

The second release is Departed to Hell that were released year 2000 as CD. Departed to Hell was recorded after we decided to continue with Denata as a 3 man band and at bit more serious. The material is well written and the album was recorded in Guja studio and mastered by The Mastering House. The sound is crystal clear and the lyrics deals with over sexual things, darkness and evil..

11. What can we expect from DENATA in the future?

Tomas Andersson: You can expect us to deliver hard and straight fist in the face thrash metal. Everything else is bonus, hehe.

12. What kind of support has DENATA gotten so far from fans?

Tomas Andersson: We have received a lot of emails telling us that they like our hellish music. We have been offered a lot of shows and it seems like many would like to see us perform live. We really like getting support from fans because it makes it even more fun to play and do new material when folks appreciate what we do!

13. Any last words?

Tomas Andersson: Thanks as hell for the interview and your endless support Nocturnus! I hope we can go out catching some big bloody fishes one day. Pay the ticket with your life, cheers!!!!

Interviewed By: Lord Nocturnus