Vidar W. of Diabolical - Back
1. How long have you been a member of Diabolical?

Vidar W.: I formed the band back in 1996, so we've been around for five years actually.

2. Are you an original member of the band?

Vidar W.: Yes, I'm the only original member in Diabolical right now.

3. What type of amplification do you use?

Vidar W.: Marshall Valvestate 100W is what both me and H.Carlsson uses right now, at least when playing live. It's an OK amp for a guitarist with a small pocket, you know.

4. What is your guitar of choice?

Vidar W.: Ibanez.

5. Are there any American musical influences inside of Diabolical?

Vidar W.: Yes, I think you could say that there is. I listen to U.S. Death Metal (Morbid Angel is one of my all time favourite bands), and so does the others in Diabolical. So of course there should be some American
influences, especially on the upcoming album.

6. What is the concept of Diabolical?

Vidar W.: To write and play diabolical music.

7. What kind of music do you listen to yourself?

Vidar W.: I mainly listen to Death Metal, but also to some Thrash, Black and Doom Metal of course. I sometimes also listen to other kinds of music, like 70's Metal and so on, but not too much really.

8. I myself am a musician too; what effects do you use?

Vidar W.: Guitar effects, you mean? I don't use any of those. On the guitars we only use distortion and sometimes wah-wah. On our studio albums we sometimes add some delay and/or reverb on the leads, but not when playing live. On the vocals we use a little bit of everything; compression, reverb, echo... And on the drums there is a little bit of everything too.

9. Any hints on what's coming next from Diabolical?

Vidar W.: A Thousand Deaths.

10. What style of metal would you say Diabolical is?

Vidar W.: Death Metal.

11. Many say the scene has changed; I see some new ideas but what is your view on this matter?

Vidar W.: Do you mean peoples attitudes or the actual music? Much have changed over the years, at least to me it has. And I think that the Swedish scene is still going strong, while the Norwegians are too busy trying to be as "modern" as possible, in order to be seen on Television. Swedish Death Metal Reign Supreme.

12. What do you think about racist/hate bands that are Black Metal, etc.?

Vidar W.: I see no point in answering that because Diabolical is not a political band.

13. How long has Diabolical been alive?

Vidar W.: Since late 1996, but then under another name. We changed name to Diabolical early 1998.

14. What are the ages of the members of Diabolical?

Vidar W.: People's birthdays are not something that I keep in
mind, but I think it's 20, 21 and 22.

15. Any idea when or if you guys are gonna come to the States?

Vidar W.: I have no idea! We have only planned a Scandinavian tour for November 2001 so far, and possibly an European tour after the release of our next album. But nothing has been scheduled for the States. But it is absolutely possible that we will come over in a year or so, because now we finally have an American record label that are working for us. "Synergy" will be officially released in the States any day now, and our next album will be out sometime in 2002, so maybe then we could come over...?

16. Any closing words on your future goals?

Vidar W.: American people who are into not so very American sounding Death Metal should check our releases; "Deserts of Desolation" (released in America by the Civilian Death Network), "Synergy" (to be released in America soon) and "A Thousand Deaths" (the be released in Europe in February 2002... I don't know when it's coming out in the States though). Many thanks for the interview. Hail the Children of the Mushroom Cloud! []

Interviewed By: Lord Nocturnus