Terry Moros of Innerwish - Back
1. How did the band get together?

Terry Moros:
The band started in 1995 by Thimios Krikos (Guitar) and Yiannis Papanikolaou (Vocals), with the addition of Manolis Tsigos(guitar), Alex Leventeris (Bass), Pavlos Mpalatsoukas (Drums) and Jim Papalexis (Keyboards) the band started to rehearse its songs and entered the studio in 1997 for the recordings of the first album called WAITING FOR THE DAWN, which was released in May of 1998 by a small local label called NMC. After the release and due to musical disagreements the band split-up and Thimios and Manolis decided to continue with new members. With our current bass player Antonis Mazarakis and Fotis Giannakopoulos (drums) and Panos Mylonas (vocals) they recorded 2 songs for a split cd with the great epic band REFLECTION in 2000 which had the title REALMS OF THE NIGHT. From the year 2002 the band has existed with the current line-up and recorded the SILENT FACES album.

2. How would you describe your music? Where do you pull influences from?

Terry Moros:
Well, now about our music… I would say that is a mixing of 80's US classic Metal and Europower of 90's. We grew up with bands like ACCEPT, JUDAS PRIEST, SAXON, IRON MAIDEN, MANOWAR, GRIMSON GLORY, HELLOWEEN, and later with STRATOVARIUS, GAMMA RAY etc, and this is something which exists in our music.

3. What made you want to be in a band? If you weren’t in a band what would you be doing today?

Terry Moros
: Hmmm, from a little kid I was dreaming to be a musician someday!!!! I was listening to music all the day and I tried to follow the rhythm with spoons, pencils etc..!!! I can’t image myself to not playing in a band or not playing drums!!!!

4. How did you decide on the name Innerwish? Is there any special meaning?

Terry Moros:
The InnerWish name was an idea of THIMIOS KRIKOS (guitar) and our first vocalist YIANNIS PAPANIKOLAOU. I believe that with this name they wanted to express their deeper wishes. Music was always a part of ourselves and we cannot imagine our lives without it. We‘ve been playing for such a long time, all we want to see is the band to get along and make many albums. This is our InnerWish and we’ll do our best to make it real.

5. What are the bands favorite Innerwish songs? What is the meaning behind the songs?

Terry Moros:
I can’t pick one or two songs, for me and for the other guys in the band, all the songs are my favorites. Now about the meaning, the album contains songs which describe human emotions and talk about our passage through time…All that a person lives daily are imprinted in our lyrics.

6. If you could go on tour with any band, past or present, who would it be?

Terry Moros:
There are many bands who we want to make a tour with them!!!! Bands like JUDAS PRIEST, IRON MAIDEN, SAXON, EDGUY, MYSTIC PROPHECY, FIREWIND etc wow…. there are so many (he he he).

7. Are there any upcoming tours you would like to tell me about? Describe what the band is like live.

Terry Moros:
Yes, but unfortunately only for countries in Europe, for now!!! We discuss with some promoters for a European tour and I believe in the middle of November to have some confirmed dates and cities!!! !! As you probably know we have the most craziest Metalheads here and you know what this means; in an InnerWish live show, they make “The absolute Panic” and of course the Greek promoters wants to have bands like InnerWish in their live shows!!!

8. What does the future hold for Innerwish?

Terry Moros:
Look, now we are in the studio and we are writing the material for the next album…at the end of the year we will finish the pre-production and in March we will enter in Studio in Germany for the recordings!!! After that, in the Summer, we will make some live shows in some fests in Germany and Netherlands for the promotion of the forthcoming album!!!

9. Anything else you would like to say?

Terry Moros:
First of all I would like to thank you for your support. I hope to see all American InnerWish fans on tour in the near future!!! Thank you very much and I wish all your InnerWish’es come true!!!!!!

Thanks for the interview!