Sarke - Khold - Back
Interviewer: Thomas Mitchell

In a very short five years of existence Khold has grabbed metalheads by their head and shook them viciously! And now with their fourth album "Krek" out now, Khold is now back with vengeance and there is no sign of them letting up...

Metal Fanatix: First off... congratulations are in order for Mørke Gravers Kammer’s successor, “KREK”!! It seems like a very simplistic album (more so than the previous). How long did it take to write and record?

Sarke: Thanks! We started making songs around 8 month before entering the studio. We used 1 week recording between 18:00-23:00 and 1 week of mixing the album. We like our music simple and basic.

Metal Fanatix:
Can you tell me about how Khold began?

Sarke: Gard and me (Sarke) had a band called Tulus. Tulus was more a project than a real band. We wanted a full lined up band and be able to tour, so we formed Khold. This was in 2000. We recorded one demo and Moonfog picked us up.

Metal Fanatix: I'm sorry that I'm not very fluent in your native Norwegian tongue. I'd like to know a little incase I came over to visit Scandinavia!! What is “Krek” and some of the other song titles in relation to the new album title?

Sarke: “Krek” is a poor creature, someone abandoned, forsaken and forgotten. “Blod og blek” is something like blood and pale. Strange title, but its strange here in Norway to. "Lysets flukt" is about the light escaping, making room for the black, sultry darkness. "Midtwinterblot" is a feast known from norse mythology, with offerings to the partakers gods and their forefathers.

Metal Fanatix: What exactly inspires you guys to write music & lyrics the way you do?

Sarke: Old Norwegian myths, a painter here in Norway called Kittelsen. The lyrics of Hildr and nature, death and darkness.

Metal Fanatix:
Is there any specific Khold album you like best?

Sarke: Now I most say our new album "Krek". Think it turned out great.

Metal Fanatix: Which song is the most fun to play live?

Sarke: For me it is "Skjebnevette", "Dødens grøde", "Blod og blek".

Metal Fanatix: What do you guys like to do when you're not playing music with Khold?

Sarke: Eat good food.

Metal Fanatix: What's your take on raw black metal vs. polished black metal? Is there really any need to separate the two as many seem to think?

Sarke: Its no need to separate them more. It’s a bit different, but bands hopefully will be different. Both can still be black metal. Music will always change over a period of time.

Metal Fanatix: Next to “Krek” and the success it will probably have, will you guys be heading overseas anytime in the near-future?

Sarke: It would be great to come over. If so, we need to get a support job or a festival or something.

Metal Fanatix: Closing thoughts or comments from the mighty Khold?

Sarke: Hope people take the time to check out Khold. Khold is a different black metal band.

Metal Fanatix: Thanks for your time!! I salute and raise my beer horn!!

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