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Interviewer: Jeffrey D. Adkins

It all started for Malevolent Creation back in 1986 in the western New York city of Buffalo when Phil Fasciana and Brett Hoffman got together. Shortly there after they relocated to Florida's breeding ground of death metal and have been there forever since.

Throughout the years Malevolent Creations had their share of line-up changes, but regularly put out examples of what death metal should be. Albums like "The Ten Commandments," "Eternal," and "Warkult," just to name a few, have surely helped to define what death metal is today.

Phil Fasciana was there for it all and is still ripping it up on guitar. He's the one true mainstay of the band. Phil chats with me about the beginning of Malevolent Creation, their upcoming tour, their new album "Doomsday X," the return of former members to the band and much more. It's time for "Retribution," do you have the "The Will to Kill," Doomsday is now...

Metal Fanatix: Hey Phil! How’s everything with you and the Malevolent Creation front?

Phil Fasciana: Actually everything is going great and we are rehearsing for our upcoming US Tour with our new permanent drummer Fabian Aguirre from the local Ft. Lauderdale death metal band Synapticide. He is an incredible drummer and has been a breathe of fresh air because of the on and off relationship we had with former drummer Dave Culross who has continuously left the band everytime we are about to start a world tour. We will never work with Dave again and are happy to announce that we finally have a drummer we can rehearse, record and tour with finally. So things are now working at a very faster pace and will allow for us to do more thing's touring wise.

Metal Fanatix: Lets talk a little bit about your start in music and Malevolent Creation. What did you listen to as you grew up? How does that differ from what you listen to today?

Phil Fasciana: I grew up listening to KISS when I was about 10-12 years old and then got heavily into Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath and Judas Priest until I discovered thrash bands like Venom, Exodus, Slayer, Destruction, Kreator and Sodom and really wanted to form a band that would be even heavier and faster then the thrash bands at that time. Today I do check into newer death/black and thrash bands but there are not many that have really blown me away so I tend to still listen to the older thrash and death metal of the late 80's and early 90's.

Metal Fanatix: If we were to look at your music collection is there anything special that you would like us to hear?

Phil Fasciana: To be seriously honest other then a few bands like Aborted, The Black Dahlia Murder, the new Immolation and new Dark Funeral albums I haven't been really excited about to many other bands. But then again I do not really spend much time looking for new bands to listen to unless someone turns me on to something new that I haven't heard yet. I'm sure when I get back out on tour I will discover a lot of new bands that are amazing that I haven't heard yet because there is a lot to listen to these days.

Metal Fanatix: What made you pick up the guitar? How long have you been playing?

Phil Fasciana: My grandfather actually gave me my 1st guitar when I was about 10 years old but I didn't take to it right away at first. When I started listening to Kiss when I was around 11 or 12 I really wanted to learn how to play and then I got a few Black Sabbath albums from my cousin Mike who is a few years older then me and I was blown away and started taking guitar lessons and playing seriously by the age of 12 and started to form some bands with my friends. So I have been playing guitar seriously since I was 12 years old'

Metal Fanatix: Phil, how did the beginning of Malevolent Creation occur?

Phil Fasciana: Me and Brett formed M.C. in early 1986 and then found the rest of the band members and recorded our 1st demo in 1987 which is considered the "Sacrificial Annihilation" demo. It had 3 songs and we then started to play locally in the Buffalo, NY area.

Metal Fanatix: When Malevolent Creation first started did you ever expect it to last 20 years?

Phil Fasciana: To be honest not really. But being in this band has been like a test of endurance for me. I love music so much and have gone through so much insanity with this band that I still feel that I can contribute more to the world of metal. I especially enjoy working with original vocalist Brett Hoffman and long standing guitarist Jon Rubin because they have been with me the longest and we have shared a lot of crazy things together and with us 3 we write the best music for this band so I am really glad to have then back writing music with me once again. We have had our differences in the past but we all have grown up quite a bit and realize that we are here for a reason and that is to keep M.C. alive and killing!!!

Metal Fanatix: What can we expect in the next 20 years?

Phil Fasciana: I do not know how much longer we can physically do this band but I can see at least 10 more years if neither of us die.

Metal Fanatix: What’s the toughest thing about playing guitar in a death metal band?

Phil Fasciana: The hardest thing is to write new music that is good enough for us to release. Fortunately me and Jon really enjoy playing guitar and writing music together and look forward to the challenge of coming up with music for each album. Playing guitar is something you can never be the best at so you just keep trying to get better and write better music.

Metal Fanatix: Phil, what musicians/bands do you appreciate today?

Phil Fasciana: I really appreciate the bands that have been true to themselves and there fans and have been playing metal for a long time like Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Morbid Angel, Deicide, Cannibal Corpse, Immolation, Vader, Incantation and ourselves because it is a very hard road to continue on when you play in a metal band. But the bands I just mentioned obviously love metal as much as I do and that's why they are still around and continue to release good music.

Metal Fanatix: If you had to choose one Malevolent Creation song to describe you as a person, what would it be? Why?

Phil Fasciana: I would have to say the song "Malevolent Creation" because that is what this band truly is and cannot be destroyed!!!

Metal Fanatix: When writing a song what are your favorite topics?

Phil Fasciana: I don't write the lyric's because Brett has a firm grip on that department and I know he is really interested in real things going on in the world and he tends to write about the bad things that involve death. War has been a topic we have covered since the beginning but there is so much more if you read our lyrics. There is no fantasy shit, it is all real things that are happening today in this fucked up world we live in. And I like the way Brett explains that through his lyrics.

Metal Fanatix: Onto the new album “Doomsday X”! How long did the writing process and recording process take for the latest disc?

Phil Fasciana: It took a bit of time because after our tour with Bolt Thrower in Europe in early 2006 we had to hire a session drummer to help us demo material to send up to our drummer and vocalist who live in NY because the rest of us our down here in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Me and Jon spent a lot of time going over songs that we had both written until we felt we were ready to start recording them. So it took a good year or so before we got into the studio to actually begin recording the new album "Doomsday X".

Metal Fanatix: Did any problems occur when you were making “Doomsday X” or did everything pretty much go as planned?

Phil Fasciana: Everything went actually pretty smooth. We didn't have a lot of time or money so we had to work fast but luckily we all are very used to working together and things came together pretty fast. Maybe if we were able to spend more time mixing the album that would of been cool but we are happy with the way things worked out.

Metal Fanatix: Ever track on your new disc is an ass-kicker! “Cauterized,” “Hallowed,” “Bio-Terror,” and “Prelude To Doomsday” are probably favorites. What song do you think is the strongest on “Doomsday X”?

Phil Fasciana: I really like the opening track "Cauterized" and the instrumental "Prelude To Doomsday" because they are both different for us and have a lot of the elements we like to have in our songs. A lot of cool guitar parts and soloing.

Metal Fanatix: Phil, members from the past have returned to the fold. How did everyone get back together for this album? How does it feel to be jamming with these guys again?

Phil Fasciana: It's been amazing except that drummer Dave Culross is never happy enough and always waits till we bust our asses writing the album with a session drummer before he decides he wants to rejoin the band again and ends up recording the album and then quits before we have to go on the road and tour. Since we have permanently replaced him we will not have that problem anymore and can function like a real band again. We are working together great right now and are looking forward to traveling around the world and cracking some skulls along the way.

Metal Fanatix: I’ve read that some of the members from Slipknot are big fans of Malevolent Creation. How did Mick Thompson from Slipknot end up playing the second solo on the track “Deliver My Enemy”?

Phil Fasciana: Mick is just a good friend of ours and had mentioned a few years ago that he would love to do a solo on one of our albums some day and while we were recording the new album we decided to give him a call and ask him if he was into doing it and he was. No big deal, we mailed him the song and he recorded a killer solo for the song "Deliver My Enemy" and we put it on the album.It fits perfectly with the 1st solo in the song that Jon did.

Metal Fanatix: Life on the road…what do you think about touring? The good and the bad.

Phil Fasciana: The good thing is seeing new places and meeting new people and playing live for people and blow there minds with the music's intensity. The bad things are all the down time and probably being away from family for so long. But I really do love touring so I deal with it and take things any way they come to me.

Metal Fanatix: What bands have been the coolest to tour with? Any particular reasons?

Phil Fasciana: My favorite tour was with Bolt Thrower in 2006 in Europe because the shows were all sold out and they are one of my favorite bands and they are the coolest people you will ever meet and I hope to tour with them once again in the future. Vader are another band we have toured many times with and I really love touring with those guys because they are hard workers and a great live band and it makes our band play better when we tour with them.

Metal Fanatix: Phil, what do you do to warm up before a show?

Phil Fasciana: Have a few stiff vodka and orange juices. I have to loosen up the bones ya know!!!! My back and neck ain't what they used to be!!!

Metal Fanatix: I see you have an upcoming tour, "Death By Decibels," from November to December with Vader, Cattle Decapitation, Light This City, Abigail Williams And Veil Of Maya. What should metalheads expect from this tour? What should fans expect from Malevolent Creation?

Phil Fasciana: I only know the music of Vader and Cattle Decapitation but I have heard from other people that the other bands are great as well so it should be a true traveling circus for this tour. I hope everything goes well and everyone gets along. I know we are going to be playing our hardest and fastest stuff on this tour and want to really make an impact on these crowds.

Metal Fanatix: Is there anyplace where you’d like to play a show, where you haven’t yet? If so, where would that be and why?

Phil Fasciana: We still have never been to Japan or Australia but we are working on that now and hopefully we will finally make it to these places in 2008 to give them a good beating musically!!!

Metal Fanatix: Do you have any amusing stories from the road that you’d like to share with us?

Phil Fasciana: There are a lot I really cannot discuss because they could get people in trouble but in 1998 we were arrested in Little Rock, Arkansas when our ex-drummer Dave Culross was busted with 3 ounces of weed and the whole band and crew got to spend 4 days in jail for drug trafficking!! Thanx Dave!!!! It cost us thousands of dollars and we have not been able to get into Canada for 10 years because of that but hopefully we will have this sorted out in time for this tour that includes 3 Canadian shows.

Metal Fanatix: Phil, I have one last question for you. First I want to thank you for taking the time to answer some questions for us…Thanks man! Do you have any final words to say to the Metal Fanatix of the world?

Phil Fasciana: Check out our crushing new album "DOOMSDAY X" and look for us on tour throughout 2008 all over the world. Check our websites for all upcoming tours and band news at:

KEEP On Killing!!!!
Phil Fasciana/Malevolent Creation

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