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Interviewer: Jeffrey D. Adkins

Finnish melodic death metal band Mors Principium Est released their new album (third overall) “Liberation = Termination” in the first part of 2007. They continue to impress with each record they make, and this one is no different. Ville Viljanen, the vocalist for MPE since 2000, discusses the new album with us at, amongst other topics including concerts, the band’s history, future label considerations, and more. Enough talk, time to die…I invite you to read on about this mighty metal force called Mors Principium Est...

Metal Fanatix: Hails! I’d like to start the interview by congratulating you on your new album “Liberation = Termination”! What a release!! Also, thanks for doing this interview for us at Metal Fanatix!

Ville Viljanen: Thanx!

Metal Fanatix: Let’s talk a little about the band! Mors Principium Est can be translated to “Death is Just the Beginning” in English. How did you come up with such an excellent name for a metal band?

Ville Viljanen: Well, actually it is only "death is the beginning". There is no "just" in it. And you may be the first one who think it's an excellent name. heh Well, I just found it that phrase somewhere and we deiced to use it.

Metal Fanatix: How did you guys get together to start the band? What were you looking to do with this metal band?

Ville Viljanen: I joined the band when I saw that they were looking for a vocalist. We just wanted to write our own music and hope that we could get a recording deal. I think it is the same with every band.

Metal Fanatix: “Liberation = Termination” is your new disc, and quite amazing in my opinion. What were your goals when you set out to write this album? Did you meet those goals?

Ville Viljanen: I don't think we had any goals, other that to do a good album. And yes, I think we did achieve that goal, at least I am happy with the result.

Metal Fanatix: Do you like how the new album progressed from your last release, “The Unborn”?

Ville Viljanen: Off course. :)

Metal Fanatix: Now that you’ve had some time to reflect on “Liberation = Termination”, if you could go back to the writing or recording of it, would you change anything?

Ville Viljanen: I don't think there is any artist that wouldn't do something different with their songs if they had the chance. So yes, I would do something a bit different, but those would be only some small things, so it doesn't matter.

Metal Fanatix: As I’ve said, I truly enjoy your new disc! How have your fans taken to your new album? What is the meaning of the title to you?

Ville Viljanen: I think that the fans also like the new album. Some still like The Unborn more, but nobody said that this album would suck. :)

The title just means, that sometimes you need to terminate something to liberate something. Quite simple. :)

Metal Fanatix: Do you have any favorite tracks on “Liberation = Termination”? Why?

Ville Viljanen: I personally think that "Sinners Defeat" is one of the best songs. I just think it's a cool song and it has all kinds of emotions in it.

Metal Fanatix: Have you guys started writing material for future releases? Can you tell me about it?

Ville Viljanen: Nope and nope.

Metal Fanatix: From what I understand “Liberation = Termination” is the final album under contract with Listenable Records. Are you currently in talks about your future with the label?

Ville Viljanen: Well, we will probably continue with them, but we have not signed anything yet. We have been talking about it with Listenable, but at the moment we just do not want to sign anything. We want to write some new songs before we sign anything. We want to be sure that we still can continue with MPE.

Metal Fanatix: Alright, on to shows! Do you have any plans for a tour in North America? Are you playing any festivals this year?

Ville Viljanen: There's always plans, but usually they do not happen. :) hah hah haa

We are playing at one festival in Germany this summer. It is the EARTHSHAKER Fest and it's at July. That's the only one that has been confirmed at the moment.

Metal Fanatix: Are there any special warm up techniques that you use to get ready for a show? Do you have any superstitions that you need to do before going on stage?

Ville Viljanen: I don't think so.

Metal Fanatix: If you could set up and pick out bands for Mors Principium Est to tour with, whom would it be? Any particular reasons?

Ville Viljanen: Well, there's couple ways to think about that.

One is the bands that I personally like the most and respect and the second is the bands that I think we would fit ok with. The first, my favorites, would probably be Megadeth, Metallica, Hypocrisy and maybe Nile.

The second list would maybe be Hypocrisy, Dark Tranquillity and let's say The Black Dahlia Murder.

Metal Fanatix: Do you see any noticeable differences between the reactions of your native Finnish fans from the rest of the world when playing in front of them?

Ville Viljanen: Well, we have only played once in front of some other country than Finland and that time the people in USA concentrated on our music more than the people in our shows in Finland.

I mean during the songs they just stood there and listened and when the song was over, they went crazy.

In Finland they go crazy all the time. :) Well, the true fans go Crazy.

Off course there is always these people who just listen and watch the band, but do not do anything. But like I said, we only played once outside Finland, so I really don't know.

Metal Fanatix: I’ve seen many artists on stage with varying drinks in hand, and for many different reasons; some for the simple reason of keeping their mouth from getting dry. What is your drink of choice when jamming out with Mors Principium Est? Is it for anything more than to keep your mouth from getting dry?

Ville Viljanen: Yeah, I drink water. And it is for the reason that I do spit a lot during my vocals, so I need some liquid to keep me moist. :) hah hah haa

Metal Fanatix: Your band has been around for about 8 years now. What do you see happening in the next couple years before the bands 10th year anniversary?

Ville Viljanen: Wow.

I hope there will be the 10th anniversary. I really don't know what's going to happen.

Metal Fanatix: What do you like about the direction that Metal is going in? What do you dislike?

Ville Viljanen: I don't like shitty bands and I do like good bands. hah hah haa

Metal Fanatix: Do you have anyone that you consider and idol or a hero? Not limited to only music.

Ville Viljanen: I think that as a musician Peter Tägtgren is just unbelievable. So, maybe you could call him as my idol or something.
But I do not idolize him or anything. I just think he is unbelievable talented musician.

Metal Fanatix: It’s about time to wrap things up. Once again, I thank you for time and for doing this interview! Are there any famous last words you would like to say?

Ville Viljanen: Famous? Maybe not. :)

All the best!

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