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Interviewer: Jeffrey D. Adkins

Since an early age, Ron Braunstein, better know as Necro, has been in the music world in one way or another. Brooklyn, New York was the site of his early life and some of the basis for his music career. One group in particular, Injustice, was his first death metal band. It was also before he was a teenager, not many people can say that. With this band he played show with some of today's most legendary death bands such as Napalm Death, Sepultura, and Obituary.

However Necro is also known for his brutal brand of hip-hop he dubbed "death rap." It's an ultra violent and explicit form of rap that many metal heads can appreciate. Necro's influences for his vicious lyrics can be attributed to the bands Death, King Diamond, Slayer, Megadeth, and Metallica. Many of his lyrics can just be as easy used in thrash or death metal. Anything from the horrific, to war, to religion.

In recent years Necro's main focus has been his death rap creations. You can find several metal artists contributing to his dark hip-hop including Jamey Jasta (Hatebreed), Dan Lilker (Nuclear Assualt, SOD, Brutal Truth), Away (Voivod), John Tardy (Obituary). More recently on his new joint "Death Rap" Mike Smith (Suffocation), Steve DiGiorgio (Death, Sadus), Mark Morton (Lamb of God), Scott Ian (Anthrax), Brian Fair (Shadows Fall, Overcast), Dave Ellefson (Temple of Brutality, F5, Megadeth) amongst many more.

For your sake, I hope I have your attention by now. It's time for Necro to tell it like it is...

Metal Fanatix: Hey Necro, how's everything?

Necro: Pretty good.

Metal Fanatix: Well first off, for those in the metal world that haven't ventured to your dark side, how would you describe your music style to a perfect stranger? In what ways is it incorporated with metal?

Necro: It’s the most brutal hiphop, at times I work with metal legends and play guitar on shit.

Metal Fanatix: What topics do you normally find inspiration to write about in your lyrics? Is there anything specific that you like to write about?

Necro: I write about aggression, death, violence, anger, the world, experiences.

Metal Fanatix: What are your main influences? Anything from music, movies, books, environment, etc.

Necro: Metallica influences me sometimes, other rappers if they come off with a dope verse or beat, my own thirst for goals and ambition for accomplishment.

Metal Fanatix: Where did the name Necro come from?

Necro: Originally from a slayer song.

Metal Fanatix: What have you've been working on the last couple years since the release of "The Sexorcist"? Are you planning to release a new disc soon?

Necro: “Death Rap” drops Sept. 11th.

Metal Fanatix: Dude, you've made quite a tracklist over the years. What are your favorite tunes?

Necro: I like alot of joints, too many to name, I suggest anyone that wants to know Necro should download any random song, I got so many styles, any song can potentially be ya favorite.

Metal Fanatix: You've worked with many metal artists including John Tardy and Trevor Perez from Obituary, Danny Lilker from Nuclear Assault, SOD, Brutal Truth, Jamey Jasta from Hatebreed, etc, etc. How did you meet some of these artists?

Necro: Through friends, through email, they clicked with my train of thought, I didn’t force them to do anything, they saw the real, real recognize real.

Metal Fanatix: How willing are metal artists to work with you on your albums? Was there anyone hesitant to work with you because of musical differences?

Necro: Yeah a few people, King Diamond seems to be nervous, he doesn’t realize who I am yet, I heard Frost from Satyricon was nervous to work with me because he thinks his fans would not understand.

Metal Fanatix: I'm familiar with your album "The Pre-fix For Death" though I was quite surprised when it showed up my door for review when I first heard it. Being that many people would see metal and rap being on opposite ends of the spectrum, how would you convince these people that the genres are closer than they would think? Do you try to get metalheads to appreciate what you write?

Necro: I don’t even give a fuck anymore, to be honest, after doing Sounds of the Underground and seeing how close minded the new generation of so called metal heads are, I don’t even care anymore, I do what I do, and anytime I wanna fuck with metal I will, but I felt the metal world in general needs to open their mind a bit more, metal has been shitted on by the world alot so the people in metal are very nervous and defensive of it, but it wont grow if people are close-minded.

Metal Fanatix: My favorite tracks off of "The Pre-fix For Death" include "Push It To The Limit," "Insaneology," and "Empowered." They seem to be the more metal influenced tunes. Which should make sense, since they incorporate metal/hardcore artists. What do you think that says about me?

Necro: You get it, you are not closeminded.

Metal Fanatix: I can see close-minded metal fans into more extreme metal genres to be indifferent to your music style. How do the crowd treat you when playing before bands like Immolation, Napalm Death and Sepultura?

Necro: I played with those groups when I was 12 in a metal band, the tour I was just on was a mix of metal bands with emo bands, so the crowd had alot of emo and alot fake metal heads, they didn’t get my style or respect it, I have a ton of metal fans but not 2,000 every show, maybe 100 a show, so its small but growing.

Metal Fanatix: You've open for many different bands, starting at a pretty young age from what I understand. What are the favorite bands you've shared the stage with and why?

Necro: Doing download was awesome, being on the same festival as Slayer was cool.

Metal Fanatix: Necro, do you have any shows coming up? Where are they?

Necro: Go to myspace and check the dates, im doing Australia, NYC, LA and a tour in the mid-west with ICP.

Metal Fanatix: If you could put a band together including musicians/artists from past and present who would be in it? What would you name this band?

Necro: James Hetfield, Dave Lombardo, Dave Mustaine, Geezer Butler, me, that’s it for now, I could make many bands this way, alot of sick artists out there.

Metal Fanatix: Metal and rap music seem to be the most ridiculed genres of music. Usually because of the lyrical content. Since your creation is kind of based on both, it's almost a double-edge sword. What do you think about that subject? Anything you'd say to the face of those criticizers?

Necro: Yeah fuck you, it’s always people that can’t do it that have shit to say.

Metal Fanatix: Are you a movie fan or book fan? Both? Anything you'd like to mention?

Necro: I love both, I don’t need to mention anything, but I love books and movies.

Metal Fanatix: Do you have any hobbies? Or do anything special to pass the time?

Necro: Yeah jerking off and counting money.

Metal Fanatix: What is the most common question that you get asked?

Necro: This one.

Metal Fanatix: As I always do, for everyone I interview, I'd like to ask you one final question… do you have any last thing to the Metal Fanatix of the world?

Necro: Yeah go to and preorder my new CD “Death Rap” and get a free bonus DVD.

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