Thomas Helm - Noekk, Empyrium - Back
Interviewer: Thomas Mitchell

Schwadorf & Helm have returned, but under a slightly different moniker... Schwadorf is now known as Yugoth and Helm as Baldachin. Not only that, the ex-Empyrium members/founders have thus created Noekk. "The Water Sprite" is their debut release and I am joined by the band, cheers!

Metal Fanatix: Where does the name Noekk originate?

Thomas Helm: The Noekk is a creature from many a european myth and legend. He lives in dark ponds or behind a waterfall - he likes to lure you into his realm and no one has ever returned...

Metal Fanatix: So, what led you down the path of this new project (Noekk) as opposed to continuing with Empyrium? I did notice similarities in themes, can you explain?

Thomas Helm: We felt the chapter Empyrium had come to an end and we liked to start something together. The same persons are involved and so it’s quite natural, that some moments are breathing our earlier works...

Metal Fanatix: The tracks on "The Water Sprite" definitely seem to flow very nicely together while still sounding fresh. Was that the intention? A conceptual/experimental album?

Thomas Helm: It’s all about atmosphere!

Metal Fanatix: I am quite befuddled by the elements in the music. Bands like King Crimson and Pink Floyd certainly pass my mind. Who would you say, musically, inspired this band?

Thomas Helm: Yeah, we are highly influenced by seventies music and let it in to color Noekk’s music. King Crimson, Cathedral (70´s), Mirthrandir, Museo Rosenbach and many others are simply great!

Metal Fanatix: I've found that through the years, every album that you've contributed to, captures great interest in dark/nature photographic art. Whether it be with Empyrium, the Vision Bleak, Noekk or SOTS. Is this sort of like an essential in your musical direction?

Thomas Helm: That’s right and it’s a part of our personalities, that breaks through in the music.

Metal Fanatix: So, is Noekk going to be a band full of surprises like say - Ulver or will the flow of music simply evolve as it always has? With dark, haunting themes? I know it's a bit early...

Thomas Helm: I think both sides playing together their strange game and we are part of it. We will never write any silly pop-song or whatever, but we are open for stepping out on new roads...

Metal Fanatix: A final thought or two?

Thomas Helm: A new album called "The Grimalkin" has been finished. It brings you 3 new songs, long and strange. More complexity, more weirdness and more surprises!

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