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When it comes to metal giants D.D. Verni is right up there with the best of them. D.D. has been thrashing it up onstage now for more than twenty years to sold-out crowds worldwide. D.D. Verni has an amazing metal history, as a founding member of thrash metal icons overkill D.D. has had the chance to see the world, sell-out stadiums & release such classics as: ‘Taking Over’, ‘Horrorscope’, ‘Fuck You & Then Some’ & more recently ‘Relix IV’. Forming the Bronx Casket Co back in 1998, D.D. continued to write & tour with Overkill but wanted to explore other avenues. Along side D.D. the Bronx Casket Co also features Jack Frost [Seven Witches], Charlie Calv, Myke Hideous & Tim Mallare [M.O.D. / Overkill]. D.D. & gang recently released their third studio album ‘Hellectric’. The first initial shipment of ‘Hellectric’ sold out within days which was fantastic news for the band & was praised by fans across the globe. I recently had the pleasure of speaking with D.D. in regards to the new Bronx Casket Co album, the longevity of his career, overkill & much more.

Metal Fanatix: D.D. how's things mate, thanks so much for taking the time out to answer the following questions for our readers. I'd like to start by talking to you about the latest BCC album 'Hellectric' congratulations on a job well done. How long did it take to record the new album?

D.D. Verni: Thanks, well since I own the recording studio we had as much time as we needed so basically it happened or a period of a few months. We took it pretty easy.

Metal Fanatix: When it came time to record 'Hellectric' did you approach it in a different way to albums you have recorded in the past?

D.D. Verni: No not really. I have a way that I like to approach recording, the only thing was since there was not a deadline for this, I went a lot slower than I usually do.

Metal Fanatix: After all these years of writing & recording how do you constantly come up with new fresh sounding material without falling into the trap a lot of other bands do by repeating themselves?

D.D. Verni: Oh, I don't know really, I am always inspired to try to do something a bit different, & I have heard of other guys who sometimes run out of ideas. That is never the case for me I always have ideas cooking for new songs etc,

Metal Fanatix: 'Hellectric' consists of twelve tracks, in a few words can you tell us the first thing that comes to mind when I mention the following tracks:

D.D. Verni:

Little Dead Girl: Video. I love the one we did for it & it was such fun to do it.

Dream of Angels: Radio. I always heard this as a radio song, just seems to fit that groove

Bleed with Me: We were originally going to open the record with this. This song kind of has all the elements of a Bronx Casket song all in one.

In My Skin: Heavy. I like this one a lot, good pounding groove a little more metal than some of the other tracks

Mortician's Lullaby: Different, this is a strange song for me to write but I like it a lot, & I thought it gave the record as a whole a cool vibe

Metal Fanatix: What equipment did you use while recording the new album?

D.D. Verni: Oh way too much to list [laughs], but for the bass I used what I use most of the time, I just tried to back it down a notch so it would be as aggressive as my regular Overkill tone.

Metal Fanatix: D.D. I'd like to talk to you about touring. You will be playing a series of shows in the states with Overkill in coming months what can fans expect to see at the shows?

D.D. Verni: I don’t really know [laughs], that’s a big part of the fun of it. We never did any before so it's a really new experience, but whatever it is, it will be gloomy and fun.

Metal Fanatix: As you are well aware; Overkill & BCC have never played here in Australia, are there any plans in the works for either band to tour here?

D.D. Verni: Not right now, although Overkill has been getting closer to taking the trip at some point.

Metal Fanatix: Well hopefully we won’t have to wait much longer! What do you recall from the first show BCC ever played?

D.D. Verni: Mostly that it was more work that fun, & I won't do any more shows with BCC if that continued to be the case.

Metal Fanatix: How about Overkill?

D.D. Verni: Who the hell can remember that long ago [laughs].

Metal Fanatix: [laughs] Good point! D.D. with a catalogue that spans over twenty years, how do you come up with the perfect set-list, you are always going to have fans that will want to hear early songs & the occasional obscure tracks + with every band at least two or three new songs are thrown into a set. How do you juggle the set to make everyone happy including yourselves?

D.D. Verni: Well, mostly we just try & please ourselves. So there are a bunch of regulars that are always in the set & then we just kind of pick what we think would be fun. Not really that scientific.

Metal Fanatix: What's the most ridiculous thing you have ever asked for on a tour rider?

D.D. Verni: We don't play that game, we just ask for what we need to have.

Metal Fanatix: Over the years you have shared the stage with so many great bands. Who have you enjoyed touring with the most & could you share a funny road story with us from the tour?

D.D. Verni: We have toured with a lot of great bands & they have all been fun in some way or another. There are way too many road stories to be able to single out just one.

Metal Fanatix: What was your first experience of playing outside the U.S.A. like?

D.D. Verni: Really great, we toured together with Anthrax & it was their first time abroad to. That was the first time we really looked at each other and said wow we are really in a band [laughs].

Metal Fanatix: [laughs] D.D. you have been in this business for quite sometime, why do you think you have lasted so long in an industry that see so many artists come & go?

D.D. Verni: Who knows? If I had to say one thing it would be my relationship with Blitz. We are on the same page almost all the time about everything the band is up to, so when you have the songwriters & the business guys that run the band agreeing on most everything, it's easier to keep things together.

Metal Fanatix: Going way back to when you recorded the first Overkill album, if someone had come up to you & told you that you would still be doing this all these years later would you have believed them?

D.D. Verni: Sure...why not. What else was I gonna do, get a job? [laughs]

Metal Fanatix: Overkill has always been one of my musical influences. Do you feel you have played a large role in influencing a lot of the newer metal bands?

D.D. Verni: No probably not. Some bands I am sure we have influenced but we were never as big as Metallica, so we did not reach that many kids.

Metal Fanatix: Oh I would disagree, you may not have shared the same commercial success as Metallica but I would imagine there are millions of people around the world who know who you are! After all these years & tremendous success what goals have you set for yourself these days?

D.D. Verni: I still have a lot of goals. I have my hands in many different projects from Overkill to Bronx Casket. I am involved in a musical & a comic, so there are a ton of things still to pursue.

Metal Fanatix: Over the years you have witnessed many changes to the hard rock & metal scene. In your honest opinion what do you think about the direction that Hard Rock & Heavy Metal music has taken?

D.D. Verni: Well, it seems decent! I like that fact that the songs on the radio are a hell of a lot heavier that when we started!!

Metal Fanatix: Are you currently listening to any of the newer bands? If so who?

D.D. Verni: Not really. I love Machine Head, Static-X and Rob Zombie. They ain't really that new though.

Metal Fanatix: D.D. No, but all very good choices. There has been so many highlights in your career, what would you say have been your greatest achievements to date?

D.D. Verni: Touring with Motorhead. It does not get any better than that.

Metal Fanatix: Which record/song would define D.D. Verni to a complete stranger?

D.D. Verni: Almost any Overkill record.

Metal Fanatix: From all the albums you have appeared on what one would be your favorite to listen to & why? Is it even possible just to pick one album?

D.D. Verni: No not really, I do like the newer records more than the older ones, but overall I really like them all.

Metal Fanatix: With so many albums under your belt, do you remember how to play each & every song?

D.D. Verni: Yes, they are like your kids, you never forget.

Metal Fanatix: Over the years you have had the pleasure of working with many talented musicians, who have you learnt the most from?

D.D. Verni: Probably Dave, he's really good with recording studio stuff & always has a good opinion on stuff.

Metal Fanatix: D.D. do you have any advice to up and coming rock/metal bands?

D.D. Verni: Have fun while you can, not everyone can last as long as we have.

Metal Fanatix: Normally here I would ask you to make up an all-star band but BCC really is one of those so, what is the one band you would be happy to never hear again & why?

D.D. Verni: Way too many to list!

Metal Fanatix: [Laughs] I agree, there are plenty of bands I never want to hear again. Well D.D thanks again for your time today, it's a true honor to be able to ask you these questions, all the best for 2006, hopefully we will see Overkill & BCC playing here in Australia soon. Do you have any last words for our readers?

D.D. Verni: Thanks Cameron, hopefully we will get to play for all our Australian fans very soon.

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Overkill will be touring later in the month with Prong, check 'em out at the following venues:

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Wed 03/01/06 Toronto, ON Lee's Palace
Thu 03/02/06 Hartford, CT Webster Theatre / Underground
Fri 03/03/06 Rochester, NY Penny Arcade
Sat 03/04/06 Sayreville, NJ Starland Ballroom

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