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1. How did the concept of PainmuseuM come about? Did you have an idea who was going to be in the band upon creation or did things just come together?

Metal Mike Chlasciak:
Well, the concept was to make a great Heavy Metal album. Period. It was to be free of constricted ideas, of making other people happy. It was about the band playing their kind of Metal they were hearing and executing that vision with passion, determination and a fuck off phrase to anyone who did not like it. The line up for PainmuseuM came up in its own time. I wrote all the music and from day one Bobby was in with me. Then we found Tim through a nationwide search. Then I asked Roy Z to mix, while we were there I asked Steve DiGiorgio. It was just respect for all the players and working with guys who I thought were real players, real Metal hearts you know. Although this album has a stellar line up musician name wise… it was not about that. These names are known because of their love and quality of what they do, their honesty in their craft. These choices were very, very easy for me.

2. What are the bands major influences that contribute to the PainmuseuM sound? Is this sound different from the original idea or was it more open ended?

Metal Mike Chlasciak:
It was open ended. Everyone had their own idea and this album was a melting pot. I wrote the best songs I could and we made the best record we could with those songs. Everyone has their influences. Mine would be: Death, early Megadeth, early Metallica, Carcass, Accept, Loudness, early Ozzy plus some obscure Death Metal like Disincarnate, maybe even Obituary, or even Children Of Bodom.

3. This album hits pretty hard, and is quite dynamic, what are you most proud of on your new CD? Favorite tracks?

Metal Mike Chlasciak:
I like “Speak The Name” for its intensity. “PainmuseuM (Metal For Life)” has a great feeling to it, nice structure and allows us to open up and rip it up a bit. “I Am Your Keeper” the instrumental track was a breath of fresh air… it was one of those, fuck radio and lets just play music… Which was the beauty of this entire album really. “American Metalhead” has that killer Accept vibe, that marching Metal, fist in the air anthem feel. And, those type of songs in the beginning really made a strong impact on me. I must say that I’m very, very proud of all the songs on the CD. If I wasn’t they would never be allowed to be on the album. The level was set pretty high from the get go.

4. Live shows…is there anything planned? Do you have any unique stories from the road that you would like to share?

Metal Mike Chlasciak:
We will play US East Coast sometime in Early 2005. European dates later on. We are looking into some overseas festivals, as going over there on our own would be just incredible. At some shows, we will be introducing the PainmuseuM Cheerleading Squad, lead by our very own, and very fun “Fun Erica”. Although we are serious about our Metal mission statement, and that is to crush fucking fakes like Dave Glohl, Sum 41, Lit, Nickelback – you know, the ones that had “Metal Roots” but SOLD OUT to make their girlfriends happy, fucking horrible… anyway where was I, oh yeah…we also like to have some fun. This usually includes 3 things: Metal, Beer and Cheerleaders.

5. What is your favorite place to tour? Are there any festivals that you would like PainmuseuM to play?

Metal Mike Chlasciak:
So far, with Halford/ Testament I had the pleasure to play all over US, Canada, Central and South America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, Japan and then some more, and I must say every place has something unique to offer country wise… and real Metal fans are great everywhere. I would like to play Poland, because that’s where I was born, maybe Russia, Australia, but honestly, as long as they’ll have us, we’ll play anywhere, anytime… Just don’t book us with any of the above mentioned fuckers.

6. If you could play a show or tour with any band, past or present who would it be?

Metal Mike Chlasciak:
I would once again play Rock In Rio with Halford. Because after 3 days of searching, right upon I left I found out that Britny Spears stayed at a different hotel than Halford. Fuck, maybe I could be one of those lucky fuckers who can marry her for 10 minutes. Or a fucking minute, I’ll take whatever I can get.

7. What’s your favorite guitar that you have? Tell me about!! What kind of amps do you use? Any endorsements?

Metal Mike Chlasciak:
I play Jackson Guitars. USA made RR1 “Randy Rhoads” models. They all feel and play the same. I have a ton of them and love every single one. There is one that is black with white bevels that I used in Rio. I just got another Ferrari red one with black bevels – its killer!!! I endorse Jackson Guitars, D’Addario Strings, Morley, Digitech, Marshall, Planet Waves, Seymour Duncan, Mesa Boogie, TKL Cases and most Eastern European Beer. Oh, and damn Cheerleaders… If you are one of those, come to the shows in your outfit, our main man Tim will give you a questionnaire.

8. If you were to show us your music collection what would we find in it? Any specific favorite songs?

Metal Mike Chlasciak:
Ok, I have a lot of stuff… but, here some Cd’s you would find. No particular order …
David Lee Roth – Little Aint Enough
Testament – Practice What Your Preach
Aborted – Engineering The Death
Control Denied – Fragile Art of Existence
U.D.O – Holy
Scorpions – Black Out
Motorhead – Inferno
Megadeth – Countown To Extintion
Obituary – World Demise
Plus others from Dimmu Borgir, The Amenta, Anorexia Nervosa … ton of good shit.
No fucking Food Fighters though……

9. What does the future hold for PainmuseuM? Is this just something to do for now, or is this going to be a full-fledged band that puts out more albums in the future?

Metal Mike Chlasciak:
Absolutely a full-fledged band with more records and tours. It is something that is very dear to me. It is my outlet for my beliefs and ultimately it gives me a strong sense of ownership. Its sort of like building a house, now I’m going to live in it and hopefully show people that there are different ways of doing something. It’s more than a band. It’s my statement to speak my mind and hopefully influence other people to search for their own, individualistic way of thinking.

10. One more question…anything you want the metal fans of the world to know?

Metal Mike Chlasciak:
Scratch deeper and find the bands that make you feel. Refuse corporate bought propaganda, where Metal is no longer a style of music that we love, but merely a dollar sign. This will happen greatly in 2005, as I predict Metal will be huge again. Once the major media companies spoil it, stay strong and save the music that you love. That’s all… Oh I guess I might have already said it, but if not – fuck LIT. It was a disgrace seeing those fuckers at VH-1 “Metal Years” special… What the FUCK do they have to do with Metal? You are corporate sellout fools who simply gave up…Gimme a fucking break. Get the fuck off the Metal show and play your own shit happy music. Fucking Vh-1 gives Metal its 5 minutes and they ask LIT to be a part of – it’s a fucking travesty. If they are going to do that, then I’ll say fuck your show and don’t insult us. Ok, I’m done for now everyone. Listen to “Ride The Lightning” by Metallica…….

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Thanks for the interview…YOU RULE!! METAL!!