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Interviewer: Cameron Edney -

Originally forming in 1983, Rigor Mortis featuring Mike Scaccia, Casey Orr and Harden Harrison revolutionized thrash metal in Texas. In five short years the band had landed a recording deal, introduced the south to a new faster, brutal form of metal music and had completed their line-up by adding vocalist Bruce Corbitt to the band. 1988 saw the band release their self-titled debut album on Capitol Records and the band started building a reputation for their live performances and all-out brawls that would occur on an almost nightly basis. Only a year into the bands career with Capitol, vocalist Bruce Corbitt was replaced by Doyle Bright. Bruce's departure from Rigor Mortis seen him remain somewhat active over the years. During the nineties when most bands turned to the grunge movement Bruce stuck to his guns and refused to budge, only willing to play the style of music that he loved. 2005 saw the re-birth of the original Rigor Mortis line-up. Reuniting for a series of shows across America, the news was welcome by the American thrash metal community and fans from around the world. Rigor Mortis' reunion was hailed a success and has seen the band staying in much closer contact than years past, with the prosperity of some brand new material in the future.

Since the bands reunion, charismatic front man Bruce Corbitt has been dividing his time between Rigor Mortis and his most recent band The Texas Metal Alliance which also features Rick Perry and Scott of Gammacide. The band which formed by accident has been gaining in popularity in the southern United States and are gearing up to take on the world. The band who will be heading into the studio soon will no doubt be taking the best parts of Rigor Mortis and Gammacide and creating a metal album to be reckoned with. I recently caught up with the ever so crazy Bruce Corbitt to talk about his latest band the Texas Metal Alliance, those infamous bar room brawls, Rigor Mortis twenty years on, the reunion tour and much more.

Let's gear up for a thrashing trip through time 'Foaming at the Mouth' with the 'Wizard of Gore' Bruce Corbitt.

Metal Fanatix: Hi Bruce. Mate, I want to thank you for putting some time aside to chat with me today I want to start by talking to you about your latest project the Texas Metal Alliance. Originally you guy’s put the group together to play a benefit show for Hammer Witch bassist/vocalist Wayne Abney who was involved in a serious accident twelve months ago. Did you ever think that doing that one show would result into the full-time project it has become?

Bruce Corbitt: No way did I think it would turn into a full-time band. That benefit show was supposed to be a one-time performance. I took off and ran with the idea to do that benefit for Wayne. I called up Rick Perry to see if Gammacide might be able to be on the show. He suggested that since Rigor Mortis and Gammacide couldn’t do the show… that we all sort of team up and do some songs by all of the old Dallas thrash bands. Then Scott Shelby came up with the idea to call it Texas Metal Alliance.

Metal Fanatix: No doubt you had a great time doing the show!

Bruce Corbitt: We did have a lot of fun preparing for that show. Then after we played that night everyone seemed to be so excited about it. The idea of doing it again came up that same night. About a week later Scott Shelby called me up and asked me if I was interested in making T.M.A. a “real” band. I liked the idea and especially because this would be “our” band. We would all be equal and founding members. Unlike it was for me when I joined Rigor Mortis and they had already been around for years. Scott Shelby has also joined bands that were already established bands. This time we would actually have control of what happens with the band. This band belongs to those of us that will make up the official line-up and no one is more important than the other.

Another thing that made this an easy decision for us to do this was that both Rigor Mortis and Gammacide have some members that live in different cities/states and have other projects going on etc. So those bands can only get all of the members together once in a while. It made sense that those of us that are here in Dallas/Ft. Worth and that are ready to jam all the time… combine forces so we can have something steady to do in between Gammacide and Rigor Mortis. When Scott mentioned he wanted us to write and record new material… I said, “Hell yes… Count me in!” It’s cool to be able to break out Rigor Mortis and Gammacide classics at our shows. But, we don’t want this band to live off of our past. We want to create some new music that hopefully people will be listening to many years from now.

Metal Fanatix: Mate, as you mentioned you’re currently rockin' out with Gammacide’s guitar duo Rick Perry and Scott Shelby and I believe you are currently looking for a full-time bass player and drummer. Have you been holding auditions with anyone we may know of?

Bruce Corbitt: Luckily I was recently able to find us a drummer that worked out perfectly for T.M.A. His name is Joe Gonzalez and he is in an awesome Death Metal band called Demonseed. They are good friends of mine and my favorite metal band in Dallas/Ft. Worth from this decade. He heard we were looking and let me know he was interested, so I arranged it for him to audition. He is only seventeen years old and he has enormous talent. Unless he just stops playing drums… which I don’t see happening… I think he will be well-known around the world in five or ten years.

We are checking out Bass players right now… but, we are not letting that cause us to lose a step. Our former Bass player has agreed to stay and do our upcoming shows that we already had booked. Scott Shelby is just going to play the Bass parts when we go into the studio to record a few songs soon. We are taking one step at a time with this band. So finding a drummer was our first priority. Now we can move on to the next step of finding a new Bass player.

Metal Fanatix: Anyone who has ever been involved with an audition knows that sometimes they are nothing but a pain in the ass to hold. When you guys hold auditions for a band such as TMA what are the major requirements you look for?

Bruce Corbitt: Dedication and the time they are willing and able to commit to this band are very important to us. We had this one drummer come out and he did a great job on the songs… but he could only jam twice a month. That just wasn’t enough to do what we want to do. Of course we want someone that’s talented and versatile enough to play the different styles of the old Gammacide/Rigor Mortis songs and also the new material. Obviously we also want someone that would fit in with us and that we can get along with. Most importantly we just want someone that believes in the new music we are creating right now. Our new drummer Joe had all of those qualities… so he is doing a great job so far.

Metal Fanatix: Texas Metal Alliance will be heading into the studio soon to record the debut album! Has the band decided on an album name as of yet?

Bruce Corbitt: Actually we are just planning to record three or four songs first. Just to get some of our new original songs on web pages so people can get to know them. Then we will go record three or four more a few months later and keep doing it like that for a while. We will see if any labels are interested in what we are doing. If not… we will probably release a full-length CD ourselves down the road. So no… we don’t have any working titles for the album right now.

Metal Fanatix: Can you share any working song titles with us?

Bruce Corbitt: Yes of course bro… the first songs we plan to record are called ‘The Controller’, ‘Unleashed’, ‘Self Will Run Riot’, and ‘Ebonic Plague’.

Metal Fanatix: How much will your work with T.M.A. differ from both Gammacide and Rigor Mortis, can we expect the music to be a little more diverse, or are you sticking to ya guns?

Bruce Corbitt: I would say the music is more diverse with T.M.A. With Rigor Mortis and Gammacide we have very distinctive music and lyric subjects. So obviously with those bands we want to stick to our styles that were established a long time ago and that the fans expect from us. With T.M.A. we can write about all kinds of different lyrical subjects and also have some slower paced songs mixed in with the full-speed thrashing songs.

The combination of Gammacide guitars and Rigor Mortis vocals is powerful mixture to begin with. We noticed this the first night we rehearsed for Wayne Abney’s Benefit show. But, this band isn’t going to sound like Bruce Corbitt singing for Gammacide or Rick Perry and Scott Shelby playing guitars for Rigor Mortis. Of course people will hear some of our styles from those bands in T.M.A. But, T.M.A. will definitely have its own unique type of music that won’t sound anything like Rigor Mortis or Gammacide.

Metal Fanatix: Have you approached doing this album in a different way to projects you have worked on in the past?

Bruce Corbitt: I think my voice has matured a lot since those old Rigor Mortis recordings. My voice is more powerful and evil than it was back then. The tone of my voice still isn’t as deep as the death metal singers… but I think it sounds kind of “meaner” to me than it used to be. I will still try to make the vocals as comprehensible as possible… like I did with Rigor Mortis. I just think it makes it cooler and more “evil” when you can actually understand the lyrics when you listen to a song. I also think I have just had so many years to figure out what I like and don’t like about my vocals. I know my strengths and weaknesses now when I sing and perform on stage. So of course this time I plan to just use my strengths when we go into the studio and when I get on stage with this band.

The way we are writing new songs is different than the way I have worked with bands in the past. In January it will be 20 years since we recorded the debut Rigor Mortis album. So a lot has changed since those days. So this is probably nothing new to how most bands work these days… but, it’s new to me. Rick and Scott usually just record their riffs and new songs and then add drum machines to give us a basic idea. This way it’s easier for us to work on the songs at home.

Other than that I just have to say that all of us are really excited about going into the studio and bringing these new songs to life. Rick Perry told me last week that he thinks these new songs are some of the best he has ever been part of writing. Of course he knows that the old Gammacide fans that have listened to their songs for twenty years might not like them as much at first. But, they also have those Gammacide songs embedded into their brains and they know those songs by heart. It is the same thing with Rigor Mortis fans. But, I believe if they give these new songs a fair chance and just listen to them enough to get used to them… they will eventually like them as much as those old songs from our previous bands.

Metal Fanatix: That’s awesome dude, I can’t wait to hear the new material! Texas Metal Alliance has already announced a few shows in November and December are there any plans to have the band play dates on a larger scale

Bruce Corbitt: No plans right now bro… we are really just concentrating on writing and getting ready to record. We do not plan to play shows all of the time around here in Dallas/Ft. Worth. We have only done two shows since T.M.A. was formed a year ago. Maybe every four to six months we will set up something locally. Down the road we of course hope to do shows in other cities and states. But, that is too many steps away to think about right now.

Metal Fanatix: [laughs] yeah that’s a good point mate!

Bruce Corbitt: The first show we have coming up on November 16 is just a way to introduce our new drummer Joe and to also test out our new material live. Then we were added as support here locally on the “Death by Decibels” tour with Vader, Malevolent Creation, Cattle Decapitation etc… when it comes to Ft. Worth on December 9. We got the slot right in between Malevolent Creation and Vader… so we couldn’t turn that chance down. Then we are doing a show for my 45th Birthday on December 22. Damn, I am getting old [laughs]!

Metal Fanatix: [Laughs]

Bruce Corbitt: Anyway, we will have the first batch of new songs recorded by then and will be able to give away some CD’s that night.

Metal Fanatix: Mate, I’d like to go back to the beginning when you first joined Rigor Mortis. What were your first impressions of the other guys?

Bruce Corbitt: I already knew them pretty well before I joined the band. So I already knew they were crazy motherfuckers. You definitely couldn’t be a pussy to hang out and party with them. You had to be prepared for anything around them. But, at the same time I knew they were funny as hell to be around. They loved horror movies like I did. I also felt like they had a special chemistry as a band and they were creating music that didn’t sound like any other band.

Metal Fanatix: In 1988 the band released the self-titled Rigor Mortis album and built up quiet a following in and around Texas, what comes to mind when you look back on those early days with the band?

Bruce Corbitt: I remember how I felt when that was all happening to us. I even realized back then that it was the best years of my life. Just to be young and in a band you believe in and for all of our goals and dreams to be coming true for us. I was just on such a rush during all of that. I remember sometimes just wanting to savour those moments and take it all in.

Every step along the way kind of freaked me out. Like, “Damn people are starting to know the words to our songs; people are listening to our music in other cities besides Dallas.” Then, “Holy shit … we are opening for Megadeth and Slayer. We are getting signed to Capitol Records? What? God damn, The Beatles were on that label! We are going to be label mates with our heroes Iron Maiden?!? No fucking way!” I admit how proud I felt about myself when we were in the studio for 2-3 weeks recording our first album… and then to go on our first tour with Death Angel. It was all just cool as shit as it happened.

Metal Fanatix: It wasn’t too long ago that Rigor Mortis announced plans to reform and play some reunion shows as well as record a new Cd. I guess firstly, how did all you guys come together again after such a long time apart?

Bruce Corbitt: Fuck, I don’t really know… it didn’t seem like there was ever much of a chance for us all to get back together. So it is still a surprise to me that it happened. I do know that after the “Dimebag” bullshit that I learned I shouldn’t keep any grudges to the other Rigor guys for anything that had happened in the past. So I started appreciating all the good times we had back then and that’s all that mattered to me anymore. Not many months later I noticed Casey had posted online about a possible Rigor Mortis reunion. I e-mailed him just to show my support for the idea… and it slowly happened from there. Its two years later… and we have done a couple of small tours around the USA. We still haven’t had the chance to write a new Rigor CD… but, that is still a possibility.

Metal Fanatix: Bruce as the original vocalist you weren’t in the band very long, from memory it was only a year after the self titled albums release that you were replaced as the bands front-man. Over the years did you keep in regular contact with the other guys?

Bruce Corbitt: I was only in Rigor Mortis for about 2 _ years. But, I can honestly say that one year with Rigor Mortis is equal to five normal years [laughs]. Seriously it was just a non-stop rollercoaster ride of craziness. The first year or two after they replaced me, I was constantly hearing about what was going on with them from mutual friends. I would cross paths with them at shows once in a while. Even though I wasn’t really in contact with them that much those first couple of years… everyone still associated me with Rigor Mortis and I always heard about what was going on with them. By around 1992 we all got back on better terms and were able to party and hangout together sometimes. We even came close to doing a reunion back in 1993. But, it never happened and it was right around that time that Casey got the gig with GWAR and moved out of Texas. Mike wasn’t always living in the Dallas area and sometimes he was off on tours with bands like Ministry. Harden was also busy and touring a lot with bands like Speedealer. So for the next twelve years my contact with them was off and on. There were some years when we didn’t talk at all because one of us was pissed at the other about some stupid shit or something.

But, the one thing we always had the connected the four of us was that we all got to experience our first goals and dreams together in those early years with Rigor Mortis. So as more time went by and the any bad feelings or memories from those days were replaced by all the great things we experienced together as a band together. I think that is when I began to think of them as my brothers and more like family.

Metal Fanatix: When you first left Rigor Mortis, what were your impressions of vocalist Doyle Bright that followed?

Bruce Corbitt: Well of course I thought he sucked [laughs]!

Metal Fanatix: [Laughs]

Bruce Corbitt: No, not really. Actually, I never went to go see them live with Doyle as their singer. I don’t think I would have liked any singer they got at that time to be honest. Doyle understands himself that I was part of the reason Rigor Mortis was in the position it was at the time when he joined the band. I had gone through all the rough times with the band and put my life into it. I was there in those early days when most of us didn’t even have transportation, jobs, money or even a steady place to practice. So I think Doyle understood back then how I felt about it all. It was like climbing a big mountain and starting at the very bottom together. Then right when we were so close to reaching the highest peak and finishing the journey… I was kicked off the mountain and replaced by some other guy that didn’t have to start at the bottom. That was what pissed me off the most. They were still on Capitol Records and I wasn’t. I would have to start over from the very bottom again. So it wasn’t ever anything personal with Doyle as a person or musician. I even knew back then that it wasn’t his fault.

It was also because I wasn’t on the best of terms with the original three members of Rigor Mortis right after the break-up. That was the main reason I never really got to know Doyle back then. I regret that now and have no doubts we would have been friends. The last couple of years I finally had the chance to get to know Doyle and I love that guy like a brother now. I consider him to be a big part of the Rigor Mortis family. I also respect what he did with Rigor Mortis more now after singing some of the songs he did vocals on during our reunion tours.

Metal Fanatix: How do you overcome the feelings and comments that you would have made at that time to work with the guys again all these years later? Is it the older more mature approach?

Bruce Corbitt: Well, one way to handle that is to just not talk about any of the bad shit that happened between us back then [laughs]! But seriously bro, yeah we had grown up a bit since those days. You start to realize you did something special together that a lot of people around the world liked and will remember. Plus, it’s just hard for me to still be pissed-off about something twenty years later. But, it is easy for me to remember the good times.

Like I said… when I heard the tragic news about “Dimebag” getting killed and how Phil wasn’t on good terms with him when it happened. I just thought that would suck to have to live the rest of your life without the chance let someone know how you really felt about them. So the first thing that came to my mind was that I wanted to let the rest of the guys in Rigor Mortis know that no matter what happened back then… I loved them like brothers. So as I grieved about the loss of “Dimebag” with the rest of the world, the first people I contacted were Mike and Casey. I didn’t know how to contact Harden at the time. But anyway, I have been on better terms with them ever since then and about six months later the Rigor Mortis Reunion finally happened.

Metal Fanatix: When you left the band back in 1989 did you continue on in the industry or do something else?

Bruce Corbitt: I tried a few times to get something else going with other bands. Fuck man, I just never really found anything that felt right. I also wasn’t willing to change my style to adapt to what became popular in the 90s. By the mid 90s there weren’t any bands around here that wanted to play Thrash Metal, so I just gave up after a while. Luckily the rise of all types of Metal in this Decade has given me the chance to get back into it. I sometimes feel like I didn’t accomplish that much in those years after Rigor Mortis. But at the same time I am sure as hell glad I didn’t change my style just to keep jamming in those years. So I don’t have anything that I am ashamed of now. No one can ever say that Bruce Corbitt sold-out or changed his style with the times at any point of my career.

Metal Fanatix: Explain what it was like to be together all in the same room again for the first time in so many years?

Bruce Corbitt: As crazy as it sounds, it felt like we picked up right were we had left off seventeen years ago. The humor we all shared together back then, was still the same. It is like we kind of have our own language and we joke about shit that no one else in the room understands. It was a special moment for me. Just to do these old songs again with them so many years later was a surreal moment. To look at how we had all aged and changed over the years. But, mainly it was cool that all four of us are still alive right now. I didn’t think Rigor Mortis had an appropriate ending back then. So I felt like no matter how many shows I do with them this time around… I was going to make damn sure I felt satisfied when the final chapter in the Rigor Mortis story is finished.

Metal Fanatix: Let’s talk about life on the road Bruce! No doubt fans had been waiting a long time for the news of reunion shows. What can the fans expect to see the next time you guys hit the road?

Bruce Corbitt: Well fuck dude, if they didn’t catch one of the shows on our two reunion tours in 2005 and 2006… they might have already missed it. With this band you just never know if it will be the last time we ever play in some cities around the USA. Shit, I don’t really know what to tell them. Because we might tour many more times, or we may never do a lengthy tour again. We might record some new material and we might never jam together again. If we do tour again I would hope the fans can expect to hear some new original Rigor Mortis material. It was cool going out and playing the best of Rigor Mortis and all of those old songs. But, we all know that was more of a nostalgic type of reunion tour. We all understand that the only way Rigor Mortis could do a good tour with some other great metal bands would be if we released a new badass Rigor Mortis CD.

Metal Fanatix: Bruce as a vocalist, do you do anything specific to warm up and prepare for a show?

Bruce Corbitt: Not really man, I usually just go out and watch the bands before us and scream a little and cheer them on. That is usually all I need before a show to warm up my voice for the type of vocals that I do.

Metal Fanatix: What comes to mind when you look back on your first performance with Rigor Mortis?

Bruce Corbitt: I remember I felt like I was being judged by all the loyal Rigor Mortis friends and fans. The band had already built up a small following around Dallas with the line-up being just the 3 of them. So it wasn’t like I was welcomed with open arms. Hell, I was one of those loyal friends and fans and I also liked to line-up the way it was. So I can understand how it took a while for them to adjust to the idea of there being new member in Rigor Mortis.

Metal Fanatix: How about the infamous all-out brawls at your shows, tell us about those?

Bruce Corbitt: Yeah that was crazy back in those days how shit would always seem to happen at our shows. Sometimes it would end badly… like one of us going to jail… or when I got stabbed in the back 5 times one night before a show. We would call it the Rigor Mortis Curse back then. It was rare for there to be a show without some kind of incident. It wasn’t like we always started it either… crazy shit would just happen all around us. Hell even at some of reunion shows around here… it seems there is still fights or someone busting their head open in the pit, or someone going to jail. The only difference is we don’t join in anymore [laughs]!

Metal Fanatix: [Laughs] Mate that’s probably a very good thing [laughs]! Tell us something about the other guys in the band that we may not know!

Bruce Corbitt: Casey Orr is one of the funniest people alive. I swear that guy could have been a stand-up comedian. Mike Scaccia is a Master Chef. No shit… that Italian bastard can cook like a motherfucker. Harden Harrison has a stomach made of rock. Just like Houdini used to do… Harden would let anyone take their best punch at his stomach and it never even fazed him.

Metal Fanatix: What's the funniest thing that has ever happened to you on stage?

Bruce Corbitt: Fuck, luckily I can’t remember some of the shows from the eighties [laughs]! So I guess it would be during our reunion and 20th Anniversary tours last year. I found out during those tours just how bad I really needed glasses. Goddammit dude, I guess my old age is starting to catch up with me. Because I found out I couldn’t even read the menus when we stopped at a fast-food place. But, my bad eyesight caused me to fuck up a few times during our reunion tours. The stage and the crowd just looked like a blur to me. It wasn’t funny while it was happening, but, now I look back on it and laugh my ass off. At the Dallas show I accidentally stepped on Mike’s main power switch and his guitar went dead during our second song. In San Fran someone knocked my mic stand over and the microphone came off the stand and fell into Harden’s drum and cymbal stands. I just couldn’t find the damn mic for a long fuckin’ time. The other guys just kept playing the beginning of “Worms Of The Earth” for about a minute while I looked like a dumbass up there searching for my microphone in Harden’s drums.

Metal Fanatix: [Laughs]

Bruce Corbitt: The one I remember the most was when we played in Phoenix. Mike had just been asked to tour again with Ministry. Al Jourgensen and Tommy Victor came to the show to check us out. I know Mike wanted us to kick some ass since they were there. So I remember I was doing my best to be professional that night. I thought I was kicking ass in the beginning of the show.

Then when I went to sing the first lines from Worms Of The Earth… my vocals just weren’t coming though the PA. I started looking at our soundman with a pissed-off look like… “Turn my fucking vocals on god fuckin’ damn it!” Then I glanced down and noticed that I had actually been singing into the wrong end of the microphone [laughs]!

Metal Fanatix: [Laughs] Oh that’s harsh dude!

Bruce Corbitt: I felt embarrassed as a motherfucker and quickly turned it around and started singing the song. I was hoping no one noticed... but, unfortunately I think everyone there saw what I did.

The hardcore Rigor fans that were up front singing every word with me were all laughing at me when I looked down at them. They started pointing and looking at me like… “Muhahaha… yes, I saw you fuck up!” So I just had to laugh about it with them… because even I knew that was a big fuck up and funny as hell. I remember during the rest of the show I kept thinking to myself… “Damn, I bet Al and Tommy think I’m a joke now.” But, Al actually never brought it up and gave me compliments on my vocals after the show.

Metal Fanatix: You have shared the stage with so many great bands, who have you enjoyed touring with the most & could you share a funny road story with us from the tour?

Bruce Corbitt: Most of the bigger national bands that we did a show with were usually here in Dallas. We would just get added to the line-up here locally. So the only tour I did with Rigor was with Death Angel back in 1988. I don’t have any certain story that stands out in my mind from that tour. It was just non-stop craziness the entire tour. Lot’s of good times and lots of bad luck along the way.

Metal Fanatix: Mate, there has been a lot of talk about a brand new album coming out, are you currently working on any new material? Can you share any working titles with us?

Bruce Corbitt: The plans for us to record a new Rigor Mortis CD are on hold right now.

Metal Fanatix: All these years later what can we expect this album to sound like? Are you guys rolling with the times or can we expect it to be more classic thrash/speed at its best?

Bruce Corbitt: We certainly aren’t a band that rolls with the times or listens to what some of the current metal bands are doing and then let that influence our music. Of course we do like some of the current bands… but, it’s not like we would hear something new and think we need to be like that. If we do record a new CD… I think it will remain in the classic thrash/speed style that Rigor Mortis was always about.

Metal Fanatix: Bruce, what would you say have been your greatest achievements to date?

Bruce Corbitt: Hmmm, well I guess it would just be back when we released our 1st Rigor Mortis album on Capitol Records. I grew up a huge Beatles fan as a kid. So they were like the first records I would play when I was 5 or 6 years old. So I became very familiar with that Capitol Records logo. So when our album came out and I saw that logo on there… it was like a surreal moment and just too fucking cool to me. Not to mention that 1st Rigor Mortis release is still what I am most known for… and it’s almost 20 years later.

Metal Fanatix: Who have you been surprised to learn is a fan of the band?

Bruce Corbitt: Doogie Howser.

Metal Fanatix: How about rumors? What’s the craziest rumor you have ever heard about yourself or the band?

Bruce Corbitt: Why, what did you hear about us? [laughs]!

Metal Fanatix: [Laughs] If I told ya I’d have to kill ya [laughs]

Bruce Corbitt: Yeah, with all the crazy shit Rigor Mortis did back then that was actually true and unbelievable, a lot of false rumors were spawned. I heard a couple of years ago that some people were saying shit like… “I heard that Bruce Corbitt guy used to get a lot of pussy when he was Rigor Mortis… he would fuck them and then spit in their face after he was finished with them and leave just leave them laying there.” Now that is only half true…

Metal Fanatix: [Laughs]

Bruce Corbitt: I can’t believe anyone would say something like that about me. How could they say I got a lot of pussy when I was in Rigor Mortis? False rumors like that flat out suck! Ok, I am being sarcastic and joking [laughs]! I never had a problem getting women… but, that part about spitting in their face afterwards is total bullshit.

Metal Fanatix: In your honest opinion what do you think about the direction that hard rock and heavy metal music has taken over the last few years?

Bruce Corbitt: Well around here the scene has become more into the tribute bands. It’s just gotten out of hand and so many musicians are going with the flow. They are giving up on their original music and joining tribute bands and playing other peoples music. It’s not like that bothers me… I just will never do something like that. But, overall I would have to say that it seems that it seems hard rock and metal are thriving around the world right now. It seems like there are a billion metal bands on Myspace. I might still be more familiar with bands from my era… but, I love that there is so many new bands keeping metal alive. Hell that is the main reason that some of us old fucks were able to get back into it again.

Metal Fanatix: Which record/song would define Bruce Corbitt to a complete stranger?

Bruce Corbitt: “Nowhere Man” by The Beatles. The song I am most known for as a singer is easily “Bodily Dismemberment”. I have had many guys tell me over the years that when they broke up with their woman… they would think of that song and tell them… “Well you’re fucking history bitch!” [laughs]!

Metal Fanatix: What advice would you give to up and coming rock/metal bands trying to break into the industry?

Bruce Corbitt: I would tell them just to be realistic and have some common sense. I would point out that they need to just look at the history of bands over the years. Because 99% of all bands have broken up and/or changed many band members over the years. Nothing stays the same… so just be prepared for all the pitfalls and changes that occur when you are in a band.

Metal Fanatix: If you could put a band together consisting of musicians past and/or present who would they be and what would you call the band?

Bruce Corbitt: Hmmm, that is a tough question. Because I can either pick guys that I think would fit together and actually make a good band. Or I can just pick some of my favorites, heroes and influences. But, their different styles would never work together as a band. Steve Harris on Bass, Mike Scaccia and Joe Perry on guitars and Tommy Aldridge on the drums. I don’t consider myself even close to being in the same league with those guys. But, what a dream that would be to jam with those dudes all at once… even though all the different styles would never work right as a band.

Metal Fanatix: What is the one band you never want to hear again and why?

Bruce Corbitt: That would probably be Guns N Roses… or “Tons of Poses” as I like to call them [laughs]! Because Axel Rose’s whiny voice just irritates the fuck out of me. I swear his voice makes me cringe more than someone running their fingernails down a blackboard.

Metal Fanatix: Bruce thanks so much again for your time today, it’s been a true pleasure. All the best with the tour and album mate. Do you have any last words for our readers?

Bruce Corbitt: No problem bro… it was fun. I want to let your readers know that those interested in hearing what T.M.A. is all about… be sure to check out our Myspace page later in November or early December. We should have some of the new material up around that time… I consider this to be the 1st legitimate recordings I have done since that 1st Rigor Mortis release. That was 19 years ago… so I am really psyched that I am doing something new that I will be proud of many years from now. I have to say… “It’s about damn time!” [laughs]!

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