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Australiaís Vanishing Point is leading the charge at taking Australian metal to the rest of the world. The band which has currently undergone a line-up change has been together for close to seventeen years now and has secured a massive Australian following. With the release of the bands third album ëEmbrace the Silenceí Vanishing Point were starting to get major critical acclaim from all sides of the globe. Spin Magazine is quoted as saying ìThe sound gives every ounce of credit to International claims that Vanishing Point could well be the revelation from Down under.î Metal Hammer Germany also added ìFine solos and really beautiful melodies, they were certainly a terrific addition to the program.î Vanishing Point has just gone from strength to strength. Recently the band announced that after sixteen years drummer Jack Lukic would no longer be belting the skins and announced a fantastic replacement in Melbourne drummer Christian Nativo. Vanishing Point are gearing up to head out on a national tour in support of power metal kings Dragonforce and are also hard at work writing and recording material for the bands next album. I recently spoke with the bands newest addition Christian to find out his thoughts on touring, drumming, the audition process with Vanishing Point, what lays ahead for the band, and much more. ëEmbrace the Silenceí no more, and help us welcome Christian to Vanishing Point.

Metal Fanatix: Hi Christian, I hear you’re not doing too well at the moment?

Christian Nativo: [Laughs] Hey Cameron, nuh man I’m great at the moment except I have an ear infection that has stopped me from playing drums. Those crazy Vanishing Point sessions are loud!!!

Metal Fanatix: [Laughs] oh sorry to hear that mate! Let’s jump straight into it shall we? First off, congratulations on becoming the most recent member of Vanishing Point, you must be stoked with that!

Christian Nativo: Yes, I’m extremely stoked! The boys are incredible musicians and it’s an honor to be in the band.

Metal Fanatix: Mate, how has the response been to the news from the hardcore Vanishing Point fans?

Christian Nativo: The fans have been incredibly supportive. While Jack did an amazing job on ‘In Thought’, ‘Tangled in Dream’ and ‘Embrace the Silence’ I feel I have preserved the best parts of his playing and put a bit of my own spice in there as well and the fans will see that when we hit the road.

Metal Fanatix: Awesome! Christian, tell us about your audition process for the job!

Christian Nativo: Well, I got the call from my good friend Adrian Alimic [Vanishing Point Bassist] telling me that Vanishing Point were looking for a new drummer. So I went and had a chat with the band on a Monday I believe it was? The following Sunday I played ‘Hollow’, ‘If Only I’ and ‘Season of Sundays’ for my audition and that night the boys gave me the gig!

Metal Fanatix: Using only five words: How would you describe your drumming?

Christian Nativo: Powerful, Dynamic, Mysterious, Raw and Emotive

Metal Fanatix: Before joining Vanishing Point you were drumming for Melbourne band PTB can you tell us why you left?

Christian Nativo: Things were going full steam with PTB we had just completed a new EP and were planning on traveling to do some support shows in L.A. in June. However there comes a time in one’s life where you have to put the best interest of others aside for a moment and focus on your best interests and what’s best for you. The Vanishing Point gig was an opportunity that I couldn’t pass up and the boys from PTB know that it was purely based on a musical decision and not a personal attack and I am lucky to still have them as brothers!

Metal Fanatix: That’s good to know! Mate before joining Vanishing Point, what were your impressions of the band?

Christian Nativo: Before joining Vanishing Point, my impressions of the band were “god damn these guys kick ass” [laughs] no seriously, I thought they were a really good band who have been around the industry for a while and who know their shit.

Metal Fanatix: Tell us something about the other guys in the band that we may not know!

Christian Nativo: [Laughs] We fart a lot, and they smell really bad! [Laughs] We actually have a can of toilet spray in rehearsals for emergencies [Laughs]

Metal Fanatix: [Laughs] that’s something we probably didn’t really need to now [laughs]. The most recent Vanishing Point album ‘Embrace the Silence’ is fantastic and I believe you guys are already hard at work on the next album, what can you tell us about that?

Christian Nativo: Thank you for the kind comment. In regards to the new album, I will let the finished product do the talking, Just know that it is coming along really well and it is going to blow everyone’s ears out!

Metal Fanatix: In a few words tell us what comes to mind when I mention the following Vanishing Point tracks….

Christian Nativo:

Hollow: Fast, energetic, painful double bass lol

Two Minds One Soul: Superficial

Blind: Defining truth amongst lies

Insight: Fast, emotive, melodic

Embraced: Peaceful and dynamic

Metal Fanatix: What plans do you guys have for the immediate future?

Christian Nativo: Plans for the immediate future are to release the new album, then hopefully tour it nationally and eventually internationally

Metal Fanatix: There is no doubt that Vanishing point have made a big impact on the Australian metal scene, where would you like to see the band in a year or two from now?

Christian Nativo: In a year or two… I’d like to see Vanishing Point still kicking ass, playing music on an even larger scale and hopefully being able to take our music overseas to more people.

Metal Fanatix: I have been inspired by many different drummers over the years, who inspired you to pick up the sticks?

Christian Nativo: Oh, there have been many drummers who have inspired me over the years. Some include Sam Aliano, Virgil Donati, Mike Portnoy, Buddy Rich and Lars Ulrich.

Metal Fanatix: Christian speaking of drums, what hardware are you currently using?

Christian Nativo: I am currently playing Istanbul cymbals and Trueline drumsticks exclusively.

Metal Fanatix: Did you always want to be a drummer?

Christian Nativo: Ever since I laid eyes on my first drum kit, I knew that that was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I am extremely lucky that I have also been able to do that as a full time job.

Metal Fanatix: What was the first kit you owned?

Christian Nativo: The first kit I owned was a crappy beginner kit named “Thunder” [Laughs] I demolished it in about 2 weeks.

Metal Fanatix: Do you do anything specific to warm up and prepare for a show?

Christian Nativo: The drum parts in Vanishing Point are quite vigorous so before the shows. I will have a second pair of double pedals on a rubber practice pad to warm up my feet and also one for my hands and also some basic muscular stretches and very basic meditation!

Metal Fanatix: What's the strangest/funniest thing that has ever happened to you on stage?

Christian Nativo: Oh geez there have been many but to name a few: Playing on stage with a mouth full of blood and bandages to keep it from spilling anywhere.

Metal Fanatix: Wow really?

Christian Nativo: Yeah, stitches in my mouth came loose from a minor procedure talk about the show must go on [laughs]

Metal Fanatix: [Laughs] yeah wow, what else has happened?

Christian Nativo: Oh another time I forget to end a song because my big ride cymbal was in the way so I missed my cue from the guitarist to finish. I ended up playing for an extra minute and a half [laughs].

Metal Fanatix: Besides yourself are there any other members of your family that are musicians or in the industry?

Christian Nativo: My grandpa was a self taught mandolin player otherwise no I am the first musician in my family.

Metal Fanatix: If you were to stop playing tomorrow, what would you be doing?

Christian Nativo: Wow, I hate to even imagine my life without drums! I’d find myself in a nice sales job; I enjoy working in retail and meeting new people and selling products.

Metal Fanatix: Besides your work with Vanishing Point, are you currently working on any other projects?

Christian Nativo: Besides Vanishing Point, I am slowly working on a solo album which will be Jazz/Fusion based. Other than that, I only do freelance and session work for artists both here in Melbourne and interstate as it is my job, otherwise no side projects.

Metal Fanatix: To someone who has never heard of Vanishing Point, how would you describe the band musically?

Christian Nativo: Musically I’d describe Vanishing Point’s sound as Powerful/Melodic Metal with something for everyone’s musical tastes.

Metal Fanatix: There is no doubt that the metal scene here in Australia is alive and well, besides Vanishing Point what other killer Aussie bands should we all be checking out?

Christian Nativo: You should all be checking out Black Majesty, Eyefear, PTB, Black Like Vengeance, Karnivool, Synthesist, Crimson Fire, The Eternal. But also check out your local pub, you may be pleasantly surprised, there is some amazing unsigned talent in Australia.

Metal Fanatix: Mate, I agree 100% we have plenty of great talent here. Christian, let’s find out a little more about yourself, what do you enjoy doing when you get some spare time?

Christian Nativo: In my spare time I enjoy going on MySpace and meeting the Vanishing Point fans, playing some sport, watching T.V., catching up with friends and family and hitting the drums.

Metal Fanatix: What’s the one album that changed your life?

Christian Nativo: Oh, I would have to say Metallica – Metallica!

Metal Fanatix: Yeah that’s a pretty cool album! If you could tour with any band, who would you pick?

Christian Nativo: Wow, there are a few at the top of my list, Metallica, Arch Enemy, Queensryche, In Flames, Evergrey and Lamb of God to name a few.

Metal Fanatix: What is the one band you never want to hear again and why?

Christian Nativo: No band in particular!

Metal Fanatix: Mate, I want to thank you again for taking the time out to speak with us today and I wish you all the best for the future with Vanishing Point! Do you have any last words for our readers?

Christian Nativo: It’s been a pleasure Cameron. I would just like to say thank you to all the fans that have supported us over the years. To anyone else who hasn’t heard the tunes, you can listen to them at and you can get to know more about the band at

Stay metal!!!!!!

Vanishing Point will be taking to the road soon with power metal kinds Dragonforce, make sure you get to the shows early! Dates are as Follows:

May 9th 2007 Sydney The Forum (all ages).
May10th 2007 Brisbane The Arena (all ages).
May12th 2007 Adelaide Fowlers Live (all ages).
May13th 2007 Perth The Capitol (18+).
May15th 2007 Melbourne Hi-Fi (18+).
May16th 2007 Melbourne Hi-Fi (all ages).
May 17th New Zealand, Auckland The Powerstation

Vanishing Point’s latest album ‘Embrace The Silence’ is available now where all kick ass albums are sold!

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