John Chavez of Vehemence - Back
First I want to thank John Chavez for taking some time to do this interview with Metal Fanatix. It’s much appreciated…now for some questions.

1. How did you get involved with the band and if you weren’t in a metal band, what would you be doing today?

John Chavez: I basically started in Vehemence by being the person always there at their band practice. I’d arrive after my own band practice with a band called Brides of Christ which were in the same building. We had close band schedules where I could do that, and one day Scott Weigand guitarist which was in Vehemence at the time decided to leave the band due to personal reasons. I stepped up to the job immediately because I saw the potential in the music. It is incomprehensible for me to even think of me not being in a band or playing music. If anything I would be focusing more on surrounding myself around the music industry either by recording music or making music videos, something I already do now.

2. Where do your personal influences come from that you use in the band today? Include anything you can think of…bands, books, movies, environment, etc.

John Chavez: I was influenced by a great deal of everything growing up. The music that interested me the most came towards the late 90’s and into the new century. Just to name some bands off, I paid attention to a lot of guitar bands like Theory in Practice, Gojira, Resurrection, Deprecated, Gorefest, Illdisposed, Symbyosis, Creation is Crucifixion, Julie Laughs No More, Embraced and some other death/black/hardcore stuff. As far as books, H.P. Love Craft, Steven King, I’m not the lyric writer in the band but I have always had the feeling to write some lyrics, maybe on the next album. My trashing on stage is always fueled by the intensity of the crowd if anything.

3. How would you describe the sound that Vehemence has created?

John Chavez: Vehemence has created a sound that basically sounds like the word Vehemence. We have some uncompromising evil heavy break down riffs along with melodic overtones that are spontaneous that flow all together nicely with guttural to midrange vocals. I haven’t heard anything like it so far. We write music that we want to hear, what we think sounds good.

4. What is the meaning that Vehemence is trying to convey to the world? Is there any specific message or meaning?

John Chavez: Well the word itself is about the passionate hatred that society brings amongst itself. Throughout Vehemence’s lyrical history you will find each album to be different in content. Well, starting from the first album with its blood n’ guts, god hating views, to our second album’s fictitious conceptual horror story, to our new album which explains some of the reality in this world.

5. How did the band decide on using the name Vehemence?

John Chavez: Our vocalist Nathan Gearhart thought up of the name in high school, like in 1995, and just decided to use it there on after for future plans to be in a band.

6. “Helping The World To See” continues the grand sound and momentum from your previous work. Is there anything new you guys are trying or are you guys just seeing what comes out when you write. Is there anything unique about your latest effort?

John Chavez: We just write for ourselves and basically for our fourth album’s material we are taking this back to format and basically relearning the guitar to add many more diverse and dynamic skills to our music. The next album will definitely be a bit different, just a Vehemence upgrade x 100.

7. Some bands let it all hang out when they play live, tell me what Vehemence is like when you guys are on stage. Any tours coming up that people should know about?

John Chavez: We basically create a kick ass atmosphere before we begin, we don’t run up on stage like 80’s pop stars, or act way serious, but we do have our fun with the crowd by making sure everyone is comfortable. We are a pretty laid back band, and without that I don’t see how being serious and acting mean without smiling a couple times can be satisfying after the show is done. Musicians are supposed to be charismatic, funny characters though, to each to their own.

8. It seems no matter where a band goes, something always seems to happen when a band is on the road. Is there any crazy tale you want to share from touring?

John Chavez: Well there are two prank tales, to make a long story short; when we were on tour with Incantation/Impaled/Decapitated in 2002, on the last day of the tour we tied this black life sized blow up doll underneath their van with duct tape. The then got stopped at a state line check point and the check point guards pulled them out of their tour van and questioned why there was this funny looking black blow up doll wearing a jean jacket, the guards got pictures taken with the bands and let them go with no problems. On a recent tour with Mortician and Akercocke, on the last day of our show the guitarist Paul of Akercocke and drummer Sam of Mortician decided it would be funny to take off our drummer’s cymbals during our last song, I didn’t notice the whole time cause I was too busy rocking out, and behind me was just a chaotic mess of toilet paper, and shaving cream. So basically I was just playing the toward the end of the song Christ I Fucking Hate You with only Andy’s snare drum and kicks. That’s just .001% of the fun stuff that happens on our tours.

9. What do you prefer beer or hard liquor? What’s your favorite drink for when you jam or play a show?

John Chavez: I prefer the dark beer, and I enjoy Guinness, Rum n Coke, Jagerbombs, and Long Island Ice Tea’s. Sometimes I would just spend my own money on my own beer because I can only stand so much cheap bullshit beer venues love to give out.

10. What do you do when you’re not playing in Vehemence?

John Chavez: I am basically promoting the band from home along side our label, trying to get back out on the road, I live for touring and hanging out with other like minded individuals. I get by from odd jobs here and there and that’s just fine by me.

11. What does the future hold for Vehemence? Where do you think the band will be in 20 years?

John Chavez: Vehemence will be a little wrinkled and toughened by the road. You never can tell these days, it takes some pretty diehard members to see the band all the way through, the bitching and whining will get you no where.

Well it’s been a great interview, thanks again! Is there any last thing you would like to say or address to your fans?

John Chavez: Thanks for this interview, and anyone can check out our website at and email us at [email protected] Our labels website is thanks for your time.