Jon Torres of WarningSF - Back
1. How long have you been a metalhead?

Jon Torres: Since Birth!

2. Describe your time with Angelwitch?

Jon Torres: In a few words...Fragmented and Frustrating. I met Kevin in 1989.I was in Laaz Rockit at the time and we were both managed by the same individual. I tried to get in contact with Kevin in 1982...I wanted to join AngelWitch as a second guitarist so I sent a Warning practice tape to Bronze records C/O Kevin Heybourne and he never received it. I (Kevin, Tom Hunting, and I) had already recorded a 3 song demo at Prairie Sun Studios and then added guitarist Doug Piercy from Heathen. By that time I had basically had it with Laaz Rockit and they had pretty much run the course with me as well so they fired me and I joined AngelWitch. We were scheduled to do our first show when Kevin was deported back to England. He had fired the manager and consequently he turned Kevin in for being in the country too long...and working under a false Social Security Number. That was the first stumbling block...I went over to England about 6 months after that so we could write some new songs and keep the hope of Kevin returning alive. We had hired an immigration lawyer and managed to get his papers in order for him to come back, but by then he had decided that he no longer wanted to do AngelWitch. It ended in late 1992.

In 1996 I got in touch with Kevin and he asked me if I'd like to reform the band and possibly do shows in Japan. I agreed and began trading riff tapes and writing new material...I traveled to England again in 97 and we recorded a 3 song demo which never got finished. I went back to the U.K. 3 more times to live there and the last time we had managed to get AngelWitch some shows and that never materialized either. By 99 I had spent quite a bit of money and time on AngelWitch and didn?t really see fitting into their future. I left the band in August of 1999.

3. What type of amplification do you use?

Jon Torres: At the moment I'm playing around with Line6 heads and Marshall Cabs. That could change at any given moment.

4. What is your guitar of choice?

Jon Torres: One that plays great, and sounds good. I'm generally a Gibson player, but I just got a Hamer guitar that I really like. Whatever works...Brand name means nothing.

5. Are there any American musical influences inside of Jon Torres?

Jon Torres: Without a doubt Slayer, Metallica, Megadeth, Exodus, Alice in Chains, COC, Acid Bath, Savatage. And older bands as well, Kiss, Cheap Trick, The Outlaws. Punk bands like The Ramones, The Dead Boys, Black Flag, Bad Religion, The Dead Kennedy's. The list goes on and on.

6. What is the concept of your present band WarningSF?

Jon Torres: I don't really know if there's a concept behind the band persay... "TheBand" is a bunch of old friends of mine that I got together to re-record some songs that Brian Poole and I had written between the years 1980 and 1984. If there is any sort of concept it's the songs on the upcoming album "Aftermath". It's by no means a new concept, but rather a redundent message that countless artists and activists have been trying to drive home to the populace of the world...Pay attention to what is happening around you. In an environmental, emotional, and physical sense. When the record is finally out...Listen to the lyrics and you'll see what I'm speaking of.

7. What kind of music do you listen to yourself?

Jon Torres: I listen to a lot of different kinds of music...Reggae, Fusion, R&B, Blues, Hardcore, Punk, Old School Metal, Industrial, Goth. I think if it's done really well...The label that's put upon it is of no concern...Not to me anyway.

8. I myself am a musician too, what effects do you use?

Jon Torres: I have a wide range of effects units...At the moment the only stomp box that I use is a DOD Octaver...Line6 heads have the effects built in so I don't use all of the effects units I had.

9. Any hints on whats coming next from WarningSF?

Jon Torres: Next is we need to get this record heard...Which ever record label picks us up will have to get the product to the people. That is job #1.

10. What style of metal would you say WarningSF is?

Jon Torres: Old School European Metal!! With a Bay Area twist of course.

11. The scene has evolved, what direction will WarningSF take metal?

Jon Torres: I would say back to it's roots. We will continue to write what we think is right for us. Were not going to turn into Linkin Park next week, but by the same token we have new material that is sick and twisted I think people will like.

12. How long have you actually played the six-strings?

Jon Torres: Oh Hell...What year is it again? I've been playing since I was 15, but it's actually been a combination of the 4, 8, 12 strings, Oh hell it's been almost 25 years.

13. How long has WarningSF been alive?

Jon Torres: The band was spawned from a band called Thunderhead...A lot of songs that are on the Aftermath album are old Thunderhead songs...Warning was formed in late 1982. We did shows with Metallica(W/D. Mustaine) Exodus, Blind Illusion, Megadeth back in the day, but never really did anything with the band. I ended Warning in 1986. It was revived in 2000.

14. What are the ages of the members of WarningSF roughly?

Jon Torres: I simply won't answer that! Just kidding! We range from 41 to 28.

15. Any idea when or if you guys are gonna do any kind of a u.s. tour or maybe europe?

Jon Torres: Hopefully starting in the spring of 2003. I really want to play the east coast again as well as Europe?We shall be there. Look for us.

16. Tell us about your other projects, (i4ni,Ulyssess Siren and or others) what is the deal with them??

Jon Torres: I4NI was a band that Tom Hunting and I started after AngelWitch...And I got Brian Poole in the band as well and we were called Pleasure & Pain. We did some shows and needed another guitar player...We tried out a few people...Jim Martin from Faith No More was supposed to try out, but that never happened...We finally got Bobby Gustafson from Overkill to come down and tryout...He seemed to fit the bill and a week later he was in the band. We changed the name to I4NI which was a band that Bobby had started in New York and proceeded to do a 4 song demo and 1 live show. The compilation of the first and second demo is out on Crookd Records.

Ulysses Siren was the band I joined after Warning. Great band...Excellent musicians and songwriters. That was an extreme band as well. Everything was taken to the max. We almost ended up killing each other more than once. We got back together about 4 months ago and some members had grown up and some had not. We have excused our former parasites and moved on. We have obtained the master tapes from the first and second demos...We will be re-mixing and re-mastering them and re-releasing it as a 7 song EP. If your at the Wacken Festival look for us...We will have Siren and Warning merchandise available.

17. How do you feel?

Jon Torres: How do I feel! Like I've been rode hard and put away wet! You Dick...I will never EVER be the same...This is all your fault! Your line of questioning was absolutely scandalous!!!! You'll hear from my lawyer. This isn't over mister. How dare you? I've never been so insulted in my life. Shruggs and Hisses, Joseefus!

Interviewed By: Lord Nocturnus