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December 30th, 2006
    SEATTLE- Returning after a three-year hiatus, the Seattle Metal Festival will be on Jan 20, 2007, at The Showbox in Seattle, Washington. 
    This year’s lineup – a mixture of metal veterans from the US and abroad, as well as up and coming national acts - will be: Overkill, God Forbid, Destruction, Into Eternity, Ghoatwhore, The Human Abstract, Mnemic, and Arsis.
    The festival is promoted by Frank Hetzel of Howitzer Productions and the main sponsor is Dragon Monkey Media.  Hetzel is the creator of the Seattle Metal Festival and the Northwest Deathfest, as well as the promoter of many metal shows in the Seattle area.
    “I put the Seattle Metal Fest on the back burner for a while because I felt that it should become a stronger festival- a show with great national metal acts that people would travel from all over the Pacific Northwest to see,” said Hetzel.  “It took some time to work out the logistics for a festival of this size and with the help of Dragon Monkey Media; the show is coming together smoothly.”
    Dragon Monkey Media LLC is a Northwest-based media company promoting local musicians and artists by providing an internet resource to allow them to showcase their artistic works through its associated record label, Hot Monkey Records, and its affiliated production company, Dark Angel Productions.
    Tickets go on sale Saturday, November 11 through Tickets West (www.ticketswest.com) and The Showbox box office, as well as www.seattlemetalfest.com, Silver Platters in Seattle, and Scrape Records in Vancouver, B.C. The Showbox is located at 1426 1st Ave. in Seattle, WA (www.showboxonline.com, 206-628-3151).  Tickets will be $25.00 advance and $30.00 day of show.  This is an all ages event with alcohol available for purchase to those at least 21 years old with ID.

  • ATTACKER NEWS! For Immediate Release!

    US Metallers, ATTACKER have been confirmed for the BRITISH STEEL FESTIVAL 2 to take place at THE PITZ venue in Milton Keynes, England. This will be the bands first Festival appearence for the UK!

    The event will take place on SATURDAY APRIL 28th. Also taking the stage that night will be ELIXIR, CHARIOT, CLOVEN HOOF and NWOBHM Legends JAGUAR!!

    For more information visit the Festivals website at www.britishsteelfestival.com

    ATTACKER have recently returned from a successful tour of Europe and are currently in the studio working on their new album titled "King of Hate" which is projected to be released in September 2007 through SENTINEL STEEL RECORDS. The band will take a break from production to make the festival appearance! More information will be issued as it becomes available.

    Stay Tuned!!.....
    Candlelight Records today confirms January 23 as the North American release date for Destruction's Thrash Anthems.  The 70-plus minute recording contains thirteen classics from the band's extensive song library re-recorded with modern studio enhancements plus two brand new songs to hold fans over till the band’s next studio album expected in early 2008.
    With recording split between House of Music Studios in Germany and Little Creek Studios in Switzerland, Thrash Anthems was produced by the band with mixing by Jacob Hansen.  Vocalist Schmier notes, "the intension of this album is to give the old classics, many of them still a big part of our live program, some fresh energy and aggressive production of today's standards but without losing the "old school" atmosphere."
    There is no better champion of thrash metal than Destruction.  Hailed as one of the genre’s innovators, the German trio have consistently delivered a one-two knock out punch of speed and intensity. Uncompromising, honest and determined they continue twenty years on from their genesis. Digital metal says, “Perhaps one of the most impressive things is that the trio produces thrash with all the technical prowess of their five-piece American counterparts, and their influence on the European brand of thrash is undeniable.”

    Track listing for Thrash Anthems is as follows: Deposition (Your Heads Will Roll), Invincible Force, Release from Agony, Mad Butcher, Sign of Fear, Death Trap, Life Without Sense, Total Desaster, Bestial Invasion, Reject Emotions, Tormentor, Unconscious Ruins, Curse the Gods, Cracked Brain, Profanity.

    Destruction will return to the US with Sadus and Municipal Waste supporting prior to Thrash Anthems official release.  The Metal Maniacs sponsored tour begins January 21 and ends February 17.  Complete dates are available at www.candlelightrecordsusa.com.
    Open Grave Records is please to announce today the signing of legendary thrash metal artist, Skitzo.
    A notorious name amongst Bay Area Thrash / Crossover circles, SKITZO are renowned for their outrageous stage shows and publicity moves. Front man Lance Ozanix has proven to be the mainstay of the band which has issued a prodigious body of, mainly self financed, work. Ozanix gained fame by vomiting onto a groupie on the ‘Jerry Springer’ TV show, causing the Canadian authorities to ban the offending show. His exploits have also been featured on ‘Ripley’s Believe It Or Not’. Onstage the band employs "Puke groupies" Octavia and Sunny Delight.

    SKITZO has toured the world many times over sharing the stage with such impressive acts as The Mentors, Rob Zombie, Malevolent Creation, Acid bath, D.R.I., Forbidden, Angel Witch, Faith No More, Exodus, The Vandals, and Agnostic Front. SKITZO was even given the honor to play Sam Kinison's wake!

    Now after 26 years, 16 albums, 68 band members and over 4000 shows, Open Grave Records will be releasing SKITZO's 17th CD titled "Five Point Containment" in the Spring of 2007.
    The track, “Metallic Tyrants” from the album, “Five Point Containment” can be downloaded as part of the Open Grave Records downloadable sampler album, “Sounds from the Grave Vol. 1”. The sampler can be downloaded from www.opengraverecords.com.
    Candlelight Records today confirms January 23 as the North American release date for Starkweather's Crossbearer/Into the Wire.  This two-cd reworking of Starkweather’s early albums additionally features bonus material previously limited to rare singles, compilations, outtakes and hidden-away tapes from the band’s numerous recording sessions. It sees the continuation and ongoing commitment from Candlelight for this pioneering and critically acclaimed band.
    Metal Maniacs says of Croatoan, Starkweather’s current album, "rare is a band who personify, quite accurately, agony and despair through tranquil yet devouring movements. One of underground metal's soon-to-be classics, all hail Starkweather!" Produced by Pierre Remillard (Cryptopsy), Croatoan is the result of years of meticulous work. Perfectionists in every regard, Starkweather have nurtured the album (as they have their entire career) in their own way. And through it all, the band has always delivered a quality recording, a memorable performance and a charisma that is truly all their own.
    “One could argue that without 1994's Crossbearer and 1995's Into the Wire, there may not have been the Converge’s, the Coalesce’s, the Isis’s, the Dillinger’s, and the Mastodon’s of today.” - Digital Metal
    “Starkweather's landmark 1994 debut Crossbearer is one of the best albums of the decade.” - Lambgoat
    Track listing for Crossbearer/Into the Wire is as follows:  (Crossbearer) Tumult, Mean Streets, Rest the Soul, Lazarus Runs, Murder in Technicolor, Shards, Unto Me, Picture it Obsidian, The Rift, Above the Rafters, Desolate.  (Into the Wire) Shroud, Shards, Unto Me, Murder in Technicolor, Into the Wire, Slither, Mainline (bonus), Desolate (bonus), Divine Art (bonus), Bitterfrost (bonus), Hushabye3 (bonus), Goodnight (bonus), Taming Leeches with Fire (bonus).
    Candlelight Records today confirms January 23 as the North American release date for Emperor's Scattered Ashes: A Decade of Emperial Wrath Tab Book.  This 132-page oversized book featuring foreword and exclusive transcriptions by vocalist/guitarist Ihsahn includes original tabs for thirteen Emperor classics contained on the band's 2003 compilation of the same name. The limited-edition book additionally includes a value-added play-along cd.
    Experienced as well new guitarists will appreciate the special double tab format of Scattered Ashes, which includes transcriptions for both guitars (separating out parts played by Ihsahn and Samoth) plus bass guitar tabs and full lyrics.  "In my experience as a guitar teacher I've come across a lot of transcribed metal material," says Ihsahn.  "However, when looking for material covering the more extreme forms of metal I found there were definite shortcomings and hence came the idea to do a tab book on Emperor. As tab books were such an important part of my early years as a guitar player, I hope this book too may be helpful and inspiring to guitarists with a passion for extreme music.”
    Respected by musician, fan and critic alike, Emperor recorded their final album, Prometheus: The Discipline of Fire & Demise, in 2001. Guitarist Samoth and drummer Trym continued together in Zyklon (latest album DisIntegrate) while vocalist/guitarist Ihsahn concentrated on his now defuct band project Peccatum and his recently released solo record (The Adversary). Candlelight reissued each of Emperor's four genre-defining albums, Wrath of the Tyrants, In the Nightside Eclipse, Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk and IX Equilibrium in 2004.  Each features additional bonus footage and material previously unavailable on both European and US-licensed versions.  Emperor has sold well over 500,000 albums worldwide.  Their album’s have been noted alongside Slayer & Venom as definitive metal masterpieces.

    Track listing for Scattered Ashes: A Decade of Emperial Wrath Tab Book is as follows:   Curse You All Men!, The Tongue of Fire, The Majesty of the Nightsky, Cosmic Keys to My Creations and Times, Wrath of the Tyrant, The Loss And Curse of Reverence, An Elegy of Icaros, I Am the Black Wizards, Thus Spake the Nightspirit, Ye Entrancemperium, In the Wordless Chamber, With Strength I Burn, Inno A Satana.
  • ABIGAIL WILLIAMS debut EP release date set

    Candlelight Records confirms January 23 as the North American release date for Abigail Williams' Legend. The limited edition 5-song ep is the territory's formal introduction to the Phoenix-based extreme metal band and coincides with the band’s first national American tour; the band participating on Candlelight’s upcoming (and highly anticipated) label tour featuring co-headliners Dark Funeral and Enslaved.
    Amassing an impressive quarter million hits to their MySpace page (this in under six months!), Abigial Williams defy classification by taking the groove and melody of Gothenburg-styled death metal, face-smashing breakdowns of the hardcore scene and top it with the bombastic and epic-flavored frostbite of black metal’s evilest hordes.The result is a multi-faceted and unforgettable hybrid that already has genre aficionados taking an immediate interest. Kerrang! says, “the bloody birth of black metalcore. Abigail Williams have taken fresh-faced metal down the left hand path... the result is obscenely exciting.”

    Abigail Williams' full length debut is planned for an early Spring 2007 release.  Additional touring plans will be announced in cooperation with the album's release date.

    Track listing for Legend is as follows:  From a Buried Heart, Like Carrion Birds, The Conqueror Wyrm, Watchtower, Procession of the Aeons (exclusive demo).
  • EMPEROR Tab Book Pre-order Details

    Candlelight Records USA will begin preorders for Emperor's Scattered Ashes: A Decade of Emperial Wrath Tab Book (announced yesterday) Monday, November 13.  Pre-order information will be listed at the label's official site at www.candlelightrecordusa.com.  All pre-orders will be delivered in time for Christmas (the ultimate metal present).  Pre-orders are limited to 200 copies.
    This 132-page oversized book featuring foreword and exclusive transcriptions by vocalist/guitarist Ihsahn includes original tabs for thirteen Emperor classics contained on the band's 2003 compilation of the same name. The limited-edition book additionally includes a value-added play-along cd.  Experienced as well new guitarists will appreciate the special double tab format of Scattered Ashes, which includes transcriptions for both guitars (separating out parts played by Ihsahn and Samoth) plus bass guitar tabs and full lyrics.  "In my experience as a guitar teacher I've come across a lot of transcribed metal material," says Ihsahn.  "However, when looking for material covering the more extreme forms of metal I found there were definite shortcomings and hence came the idea to do a tab book on Emperor. As tab books were such an important part of my early years as a guitar player, I hope this book too may be helpful and inspiring to guitarists with a passion for extreme music.”
    Track listing for Scattered Ashes: A Decade of Emperial Wrath Tab Book is as follows:   Curse You All Men!, The Tongue of Fire, The Majesty of the Nightsky, Cosmic Keys to My Creations and Times, Wrath of the Tyrant, The Loss And Curse of Reverence, An Elegy of Icaros, I Am the Black Wizards, Thus Spake the Nightspirit, Ye Entrancemperium, In the Wordless Chamber, With Strength I Burn, Inno A Satana.
  • CROWBAR Update

    Candlelight Records has uploaded the new video from Crowbar to its official My Space page (in the video section).  "Slave No More" will be featured on the band's forthcoming dvd, Live: With Full Force, in stores January 23.

    Crowbar's latest album Lifesblood for the Downtrodden is in stores now.

  • GRAVE DIGGER released cover of "LIBERTY OR DEATH" on their website in full quality!!!
    Check it out under ... www.grave-digger.de
    Their`s also a new webshop under www.grave-digger-shop.com
    Grave Digger also took part at a special edition of THE BEST OF IN EXTREMO with a cover version of "Der Rattenfänger" - "The Pied Piper" .... release 08.12.2007
    For the upcoming tour fans can choose their favourite setlist ... please send your favourite all time faves to [email protected] ..... you also can win some meet and greets with the band on their upcoming tour with THERION & SABATON.
    Date - Day - Country - City - Venue
    17. Jan Wednesday Germany Essen Weststadthalle
    18. Jan Thursday France Strasburg La Laiterie
    19. Jan Friday Germany Lichtenfels Stadthalle
    20. Jan Saturday Belgium Antwerpen Hof Ter Loo
    21. Jan Sunday England London Mean Fiddler
    22. Jan Monday Travel Day
    23. Jan Tuesday France Paris Elysee Montmatre
    24. Jan Wednesday France Lyon Tba
    25. Jan Thursday Spain Barcelona Razzmatazz 2
    26. Jan Friday Spain Madrid La Riveria
    27. Jan Saturday Spain Bilbao Santana 27
    28. Jan Sunday France Toulouse Tba
    29. Jan Monday Italy Milan Alcatraz
    30. Jan Tuesday Travel Day
    31. Jan Wednesday Slovenia Ljubljana Vpk Mediapark
    01. Feb Thursday Croatia Zagreb Boogaloo
    02. Feb Friday Austria Salzburg Rockhouse
    03. Feb Saturday Austria Vienna Planet Music
    04. Feb Sunday Hungaria Budapest Petofi Hall
    05. Feb Monday Serbia Belgrad SKC
    06. Feb Tuesday Travel Day
    07. Feb Wednesday Germany Stuttgart Longhorn
    08. Feb Thursday Germany Langen Stadthalle
    09. Feb Friday Swiss Pratteln Z7
    10. Feb Saturday Germany Glauchau Alte Spinnerei
    11. Feb Sunday Germany Munich New Backstage
    12. Feb Monday Czech Rep. Prague Avalon
    13. Feb Tuesday Poland Krakow Club 38
    14. Feb Wednesday Poland Warszawa Proxima
    15. Feb Thursday Germany Berlin Columbia Club
    16. Feb Friday Holland Tilburg O13
    17. Feb Saturday Holland Groningen Oosterpoort
    18. Feb Sunday Germany Hamburg Markthalle
  • TENHI "Airut:Aamujen" out now

    Since their beginnings, TENHI have devoted themselves to their own interpretation of folk-influenced, progressive music. Merely eight months after their recent studio album 'Maaäet', TENHI present the piano-dominated 'Airut:Aamujen', the next chapter in the band's own 'Airut' saga.

    TENHI's 'Airut' saga is based on the visions of Tyko Saarikko and Ilmari Issakainen and further explores the paths found within certain TENHI songs. For example, the song 'Kielo', originally written for TENHI's debut album 'Kauan', was the source of inspiration for the first two chapters.

  • NEUN WELTEN "Vergessene Pfade" out now
    NEUN WELTEN are devoted to a kind of nature-mystical folk music modelled on the melancholic, emotional melodies of Norse folklore.
    As its title implies (English: "Forgotten paths"), NEUN WELTEN's debut album portrays the way on paths that seemed forgotten for a long time, passing, with wandering gaze, the mighty mountains and their barren rocks, endless misty scopes and deep dark woods, where the paths lead to Midsummer where the way finds a new and hopeful beginning.
    "To be a fan of folk and not to pick this up would be a great mistake."

  • "Legend And Lore - Dark Folklore And European Myths" out now
    "Legend And Lore - Dark Folklore And European Myths" is the title of a new compilation with recent tracks from some of the most exciting contemporary (neo-) Folk musicians. Apart from established and successful acts such as Tenhi, Orplid, Gaë Bolg, Of The Wand And The Moon, or Hekate, the CD also presents Vàli, Neun Welten and Subaudition - highly interesting newcomers and insider tips, already showing all signs that they are going to be influential players in the genre's future developments. "Legend And Lore" is presented in a lavishly designed, high-quality Digipak, but still available at low price (usually not more than 5 Euro!). This compilation offers a wonderful anthology of the Dark Folk genre for all those with an affinity for romanticism and nature mysticism.

    1. SUBAUDITION - A Golden Staircase
    2. TENHI - Seitsensarvi (Grey Shine Of June)
    3. VÀLI - Et Ensomt Minne
    4. NEUN WELTEN - Auf Kargem Fels
    5. ORPLID - Auf Deine Augen Senk Ich Schlummer
    6. :OF THE WAND AND THE MOON: - I Crave For You (re-recorded)
    7. GAË BOLG - Ballade
    8. HEKATE - Ocean Blue


    San Francisco trio Lower Forty-Eight's previous album, 'Skin Failure' (2003), was hailed in the European press as a powerful, dynamic and complex album that combined the best elements of hardcore, mathrock and punk.
    With their latest album, 'Apertures', the band have further solidified their identity, creating their most accomplished album to date. 'Apertures' is a personal account of human conflict and moral struggle, set to music that is heavy and intense, but also beautiful and melodic; a skillful fusion of metal, hardcore and indie-rock that highlights the band's superb grasp of composition and structure. The culmination of two years of intensive writing and touring, 'Apertures' is a knife-edged album that is epic in its scale and cinematic in its passion
    Formed in 2000 and hailing from the bands Spackle, LandShark, Model, and The Rail Gun Ensemble, Lower Forty-Eight have always striven to forge new approaches to the standard rock constructs Vocalist/guitarist Andrew Lund  also plays  bass with Monotreme labelmates The Mass, with whom Lower Forty-Eight toured Europe in 2004. 

  • FEAR MY THOUGHTS details on upcoming album “Vulcanus”!

    Being a constant deliverer of high class modern, diverse and daring metal sounds for nine years, German FEAR MY THOUGHTS now announce details of their upcoming Century Media Records debut “Vulcanus” set for release on January 15, 2007.

    Produced by Danish sound genius Jacob Hansen (Communic, Maroon, Hatesphere, Mercenary etc), FEAR MY THOUGHTS nailed down 12 new tracks that are providing a wide variety of styles and drawing influences from death and thrash metal to 70ies hard and progressive rock. A personal highlight for the band was the guest appearance on “Accelerate Or Die” by Destruction’s Schmier (vocals & bass) and Mike (guitars), who are contributing their unique style to the song. A video-clip for the song “Blankness” will be shot in December, so watch out for that, too!

    Pat (guitars and back up vocals) summarizes the band’s view on the new material:

    "FEAR MY THOUGHTS has always been about diversity, about combining our musical tastes that range from A like Anthrax till Z like Zappa. We think this is the first time we have succeeded in this self-applied mission: to worship the old heroes back from the days and to be conscious about the possibilities and advantages of modern technologies."

    The first pressing of “Vulcanus” will be a limited edition Digipack enriched by various video enhancements including an in-depth “making of” feature, photo gallery, wallpapers and more.

    FEAR MY THOUGHTS - “Vulcanus” track-listing:

    1. Accompanied By Death
    2. Blankness
    3. Culture Of Fear
    4. Accelerate Or die
    5. Stamp Of Credence
    6. Survival Scars
    7. Vulcanus
    8. Soul Consumer
    9. Both Blood
    10. Gates To Nowhere
    11. Lost In Black
    12. Wasteland

    After supporting their label mates The Haunted and Mercenary earlier this month and successful past shows with such renowned acts as Exodus, Caliban and Hypocrisy, festival appearances at With Full Force and Pressure Festival, FEAR MY THOUGHTS will soon embark on the Road To Devastation Tour in early 2007 with Kataklysm and Neara to further present their ambitious and impressive new effort “Vulcanus”. So, check out the dates below!

    Advance press on “Vulcanus”:

    “Heaviness, virtuosity and the courage to do something new. …FEAR MY THOUGHTS succeed in leaving worn out paths without losing credibility and catchiness. Simply a damn good album setting new standards within the genre!”

    The Road To Devastation Tour
    With: Kataklysm, Neaera , Quo Vadis
    Presented by: Metal Hammer
    04.01.2007 Arnhem (NL) @ Goudvishal
    05.01.2007 Vosselaar (B) @ Biebob
    06.01.2007 Hannover (D) @Muzik Zentrum
    07.01.2007 Flensburg (D) @ Roxy
    08.01.2007 Essen (D) @ Zeche Carl
    09.01.2007 Berlin (D) @ K17
    10.01.2007 Copenhagen (DK) @ Stengade
    11.01.2007 Engelsdorf (D) @ Hellraiser
    12.01.2007 Jena (D) @ F Haus
    13.01.2007 Munich (D) @ Backstage
    14.01.2007 Budapest (HU) @ Kultiplex
    15.01.2007 Prague (CZ) @ Black Pez
    16.01.2007 Zagreb (HR) @ Boogaloo
    17.01.2007 Ljubliana (SI) @ tba
    18.01.2007 Adelsheim (D) @ Live Factory
    19.01.2007 Karlsruhe (D) @ Substage
    20.01.2007 Erstfelt (CH) @ Transilvania Live
    21.01.2007 Frankfurt (D) @ Batschkapp
    22.01.2007 Osnabruck (D) @ Bastard Club
    23.01.2007 Dornbin (AT) @ Spielboden
    24.01.2007 Martigny (CH) @ Caves Du Manoir
    25.01.2007 Bolzano (I) @ Bunker
    26.01.2007 Salzburg (AT) @ Rockhouse
    27.01.2007 Vienna (AT) @ Planet Music

  • NAPALM DEATH “When All Is Said And Done” video-clip online!

    Check out the new video-clip for “When All Is Said And Done”, just click here.

    The video was shot during the band’s hectic touring schedule by the young, upcoming director and photographer Kevin Wildt. Mark 'Barney' Greenway on the clip:

    "It's often hard given the short timeframe of a video to express all the ideas you'd like to, but I think the 'When All Is Said And Done' clip is a nice, short, sharp shock to the system. The idea was to try and compare and contrast the way that elitism drives (often violent) religious activity, and I think we achieved that alongside the usual charged live performance.

    That bit where you see me being pulled back by the guy with ropes (who is actually meant to be the guy from the 'Smear Campaign' album cover) really fucking hurt quite a bit - rope burns and all that. Never let it be said that NAPALM DEATH doesn't suffer for its art!"

    NAPALM DEATH are currently touring Europe together with Born From Pain and Mendeed before they are heading back to the USA for more touring with A Life Once Lost, Dead to Fall and Animosity in November and December.

    Don´t forget about the great competition on the NAPALM DEATH Ecard. Just click here to win strictly limited AVEAL apparel with a NAPALM DEATH print.

  • DREAM EVIL “United” hits charts; new video online; first US performance & more!

    DREAM EVIL have triumphantly returned with their fourth full-length album “United”, a ferocious classic heavy metal assault that will leave anyone proudly screaming for vengeance. The group recently completed a new video for the album’s opening track, “Fire! Battle! In Metal!” with renowned director Patric Ullaeus (Dimmu Borgir, Lacuna Coil, In Flames). The video definitely lives up to its title; click one of the links below to check it out.

    @Century Media Records

    Furthermore, upon its release on October 16, 2006, “United” has hit the Swedish official album charts at position #24, the Swedish metal charts at #3 as well as the Greek album charts at position #41 (now up to #28), congratulations!

    US-based fans will be delighted to hear that on December 13, DREAM EVIL will make their debut North American live-performance, when they headline the Century Family’s Third Annual Christmas Balls show at The Key Club in Hollywood.

    Peter Stalfors (bass) comments the band’s first US performance as follows: “Ever since we released our first album, “DragonSlayer”, we hoped to have the opportunity to perform in the US. Over the years, we received tons of mails from fans all over North America, and now at last we have the opportunity to give at least some of you a chance to see us. We are really excited about this and look forward to see you at the Key Club in Los Angeles, when it’s finally time to show the U.S. what we’ve got. We will play songs from our new album “United”, along with a ton of oldies as well, so we hope you are ready for a full-on metal onslaught.”

    “United” was recorded at Sweden’s famed Studio Fredman with DREAM EVIL guitarist and legendary producer Fredrik Nordström (Arch Enemy, Opeth, At The Gates). The album flawlessly continues the band’s tradition of combining stunning melodies, captivating vocals and bombastic rhythms in an irresistible metallic way. The limited edition first pressing of “United” includes a bonus second CD containing five exclusive, brand new songs.

    Click below to check out the Blabbermouth raves for the new album.
    Click here!

    DREAM EVIL delivered their most accomplished work to date with “United”, so make sure not to miss out if you call yourself a metalhead!

  • NORMA JEAN New album “Redeemer” out now & Tour!

    On November 6, 2006, Atlanta-based noisecore quintet NORMA JEAN return with, “Redeemer”, the stunning follow-up to 2005’s critically acclaimed “O’ God, The Aftermath”.

    Produced by Ross Robinson (At The Drive-in, From First To Last, Sepultura), “Redeemer” is at once the heaviest and most personal album in this band’s arsenal - and that’s saying something: With their 2002 Solid State Records debut, “Bless The Martyr And Kiss The Child”, NORMA JEAN established themselves as one of the noisiest and most adventurous young bands in extreme music today. With “O’ God, The Aftermath” (2005), drummer Daniel Davison, bassist Jake Schultz, and guitarists Chris Day and Scottie Henry welcomed new vocalist and Arkansas native Cory Brandan to their lineup and took their artful, technical noise to the proverbial next level, earning raving reviews and a 2006 Grammy nomination (for Asterik Studios’ awe-inspiring artwork) in the process, and embarking on a grueling tour schedule that most recently found them on the US Ozzfest 2006’s second stage.

    Licensed from the band’s US label Solid State Records, Century Media Records now is proud to present “Redeemer” to the European audience. Simply slide it into your player, and you will feel “Redeemer” more than any other NORMA JEAN album. Emotional, spiritual, visceral, physical - this isn’t just the third album NORMA JEAN wanted to make; it’s the career-defining statement they had to! That “Redeemer” marks a new step in the success story of the band has been proved lately at the US Billboard Top 200, where the US release of the album entered at #38.

    Press on “Redeemer”:

    Extremely strong third effort enabling NORMA JEAN to further expand their status over here. In the US these guys are already huge!

    Until now, bands like The Dillinger Escape Plan or Converge were leading this genre, with “Redeemer” NORMA JEAN easily outrun them!

    Crushing? Of course. If NORMA JEAN excels at something, it is in creating a devastating impact of sharp-edged dissonance. This album is no exception. And it is not just heavy, but unsettling. “Redeemer” is more like a psychological thriller than a horror film, and you get the feeling that although there is a happy ending the majority of the cast still lie slain (or at least critically injured).”
    HM Magazine (US)

    Watch out for NORMA JEAN presenting their new material Live to European fans alongside label mates HE IS LEGEND in early 2007, see below for the exact dates!


    09.01.2007 Boule Noir, Paris (F)
    10.01.2007 Die Roehre, Stuttgart (D)
    11.01.2007 Underground, Koeln (D)
    12.01.2007 Matrix, Bochum (D)
    13.01.2007 Helling, Utrecht (D)
    14.01.2007 Biebob, Vosselaar (B)
    16.01.2007 Academy 3, Birmingham (UK)
    17.01.2007 Academy 3, Manchester (UK)
    18.01.2007 Corporation, Sheffield (UK)
    19.01.2007 tba, Glasgow (UK)
    20.01.2007 Cockpit, Leeds (UK)
    21.01.2007 Sugar Mill, Stoke (UK)
    22.01.2007 Wedgewood Rooms, Portsmouth (UK)
    23.01.2007 Zodiac, Oxford (UK)
    24.01.2007 Islington Academy, London (UK)

  • VITAL REMAINS announce new album featuring Glen Benton!

    After delivering the death metal live highlight of 2005 with the successful completion of the probably longest European death metal tour ever, and spending the better part of 2006 on US stages (lately with Dismember, Grave, Demiricous, Withered), VITAL REMAINS are now ready to enter studio again to record the much anticipated follow-up to the band’s masterly “Dechristianize” album.

    Right now, the band is putting finishing touches on their new material before heading into the studio with renowned producer Eric Rutan (Cannibal Corpse, Goatwhore) in early 2007. This effort marks the group's second recording with Glen Benton (Deicide) on vocals, and promises to be their most blasphemous and devastating offering yet. Guitarist Tony Lazaro comments:

    “We can't wait to record our new album down there; it's going to be sick! With Rutan, Benton, Suzuki and me locked in a studio for a month, there's not enough holy water to wash away the mess we are going to make.”

    So, death metal maniacs, prepare for some viciously blasting, sacrilegious death metal created by the scene’s most infamous artists in 2007!

  • SENTENCED unveil details of “Buried Alive” DVD!

    On November 27, 2006, the ultimate legacy of dearly missed SENTENCED will hit European shops: Their long-awaited 2DVD and 2CD “Buried Alive”, SENTENCED’s first official live-document that gives their dedicated fans no less than their last ever show, recorded October 1st, 2005. Fortunately the entire event was filmed and recorded by Klaffi Productions from Oulu (who already did the awesome clip for “Ever-Frost” and the brand new live-clip for “Despair-Ridden Hearts“) and will now be released to offer at least a small compensation to those who could not witness the concert live.

    On their last set of shows the masters of melancholy were accompanied by a dear friend of theirs for the “Home Soil Funeral Procession” documentary that gives an intimate insight into the life on Finnish roads. In addition to that, you’ll find lots of extra material on this 2DVD set, so please see below for full content info of this more than 300 minutes long release.

    At the height of their success the band called it quits after 16 years and carried themselves to their graves with dignity and grace. On the very night of their final live show, “The Funeral Album” was certified gold status in their native Finland – which was SENTENCED’s 2nd gold album after “The Cold White Light”.

    SENTENCED and their swansong “The Funeral Album” were honoured posthumously with these three Finnish Metal Awards during the Finnish Metal Expo February 17th, 2006:

    - Album Of The Year
    - Band Of The Year
    - Cover Artwork Of The Year

    “Buried Alive” will be released in three different formats:
    Ltd. 2DVD9+2CD (8 panel Digipak)
    2DVD9 (SuperJewel Box King Size)

    The double DVD contains the following material:


    1. Funeral Intro & credits (02:28)
    2. Where Waters Fall Frozen (00:59)
    3. May Today Become The Day (04:27)
    4. Neverlasting (04:30)
    5. Bleed (04:04)
    6. The Rain Comes Falling Down (05:55)
    7. Ever-Frost (05:15)
    8. Sun Won’t Shine (03:57)
    9. Dead Moon Rising (05:14)
    10. Despair-Ridden Hearts (04:45)
    11. Broken (04:15)
    12. The Suicider/Excuse Me While I Kill Myself (05:52)
    13. The War Ain’t Over (vocals: Taneli Jarva) (05:21)
    14. Nepenthe (vocals: Taneli Jarva) (04:00)
    15. Northern Lights (vocals: Taneli Jarva) (06:05)
    16. The Way I Wanna Go (vocals: Taneli Jarva) (04:21)
    17. Dance On The Graves (lil' siztah) (vocals: Taneli Jarva) (04:53)
    18. Noose (04:12)
    19. Aika Multaa Muistot (everything is nothing) (05:02)
    20. Farewell (03:51)
    21. No One There (08:15)
    22. Drown Together (04:37)
    23. Cross My Heart And Hope To Die (04:05)
    24. Brief Is The Light (04:56)
    25. Vengeance Is Mine (04:18)
    26. End Of The Road (06:03)
    27. Funeral outro & end credits (03:17)


    - Home Soil Funeral Procession documentary
    Photo Session (04:12)
    Video Session (08:44)
    Signing Session (03:22)
    Festival Tour (23:12)
    Club Tour (42:51)

    - Animated photo-gallery (29:26)
    A slide show of more than 300 photos.

    - Music Videos
    Nepenthe (03:53)
    Noose (04:13)
    The Suicider (03:44)
    Killing Me, Killing You (03:46)
    No One There (04:00)
    Ever-Frost (04:30)
    Despair-Ridden Hearts (03:55)

    - Interviews
    Interview with Lopakka & Laihiala (38:53)
    Interview with Jarva (07:54)

  • ICED EARTH Trailer for “Alive In Athens” DVD posted online!

    A trailer of the legendary “Alive In Athens” show, which is released on DVD by now via Century Media Records, has been posted online at www.centurymedia.com as well at the Century Media artist page, which you can find HERE!

    The “Alive In Athens” DVD consists of recently unearthed footage of this legendary show, and although only three cameras were present at the show, the energy and atmosphere of the material is still overwhelming. The sound has been re-mastered for 5.1 DTS surround sound to offer the best quality live feeling. It is an authentic document of an intense and still classic show, delivering more than 2-1⁄2 hours of the best Metal ever recorded live!

  • CROWBAR DVD release date set, new video posted online

    Candlelight Records has uploaded the new video from Crowbar to its official My Space page (in the video section).  "Slave No More" will be featured on the band's forthcoming DVD, Live: With Full Force, in stores January 23. Filmed at the popular German open air festival of the same name, Live: With Full Force was captured on Crowbar’s world tour supporting their 2005 release, Lifesblood for the Downtrodden.  The live performance DVD also includes candid backstage footage plus the band’s second (and previously unavailable) promotional video for Lifesblood for the Downtrodden album track “Slave No More.”

    It goes without saying the scope of contributions and merits Crowbar have had on the heavy music scene since their formation over a decade ago. Originally noted as a cross-mix of Pantera and The Melvins, later dubbed sludge metal/core, Crowbar pioneered the genre’s early sound and today continue to push its boundaries with experimentation and endless determination. To date their US soundscan history approaching a quarter of a million units. 
    “Crowbar are the meat n’ potatoes of extreme metal... a comforting, welcome sustenance that is satisfying no matter how many times you experience it.” - Digital Metal
    Track listing for Live: With Full Force is as follows:  Self-Inflicted, I Am Forever, The Lasting Dose, Burn Your World, New Dawn, High Rate Extinction, Planets Collide, All I Had (I Gave), Slave No More (video)

    Crowbar are planning a series of dates in 2007 while continuing work on new material for their next album expected early 2008. Crowbar's latest album Lifesblood for the Downtrodden is in stores now.
    HOLLYWOOD Platinum recording artist WINGER is releasing their first album in over a decade. The founding members of WINGER, Kip Winger (bass/vocals), Reb Beach (guitar), Rod Morgenstein (drums), have reunited for their forth record, which is touted as their finest album ever. WINGER is joined John Roth (guitars/vocals) a WINGER member since 1993’s “PULL” album and new comer Cenk Eroglu (keyboards/vocals).
    Being the first WINGER album in 14 years it’s not what you would expect. "The new WINGER album" explains Kip, "starts where "Pull" left off and moves into new directions. It mixes some classic Hard Rock like VAN HALEN and early WINGER style, progressive and acoustic elements that may resemble GENESIS, MOTT THE HOOPLE or KING CRIMSON".
    The album artwork is handled by Ethan Van Sciver - a renowned DC Comic book artist and penciler who has contributed (among others) to Cyberfrog, New X-Men, The Flash: Iron Heights and Impulse. The album art depicts our Militaries finest protecting with guardian angels that are representative of our prayers we send.
    Currently, the band just returned form a highly successful European tour in October 06 in support of the European release and  now WINGER is gearing up for a full blown USA Tour in early 2007 in support of the new Album.
    For more information go to www.kipwinger.com
  • LEAVES' EYES European tour with KAMELOT

    European tour with KAMELOT

    LEAVES' EYES will be on tour through Europe together with KAMELOT.

    The tour will start at the end of March. More dates will follow:

    29.03.2007 NL - Zoetermeer / Boerderij
    30.03.2007 NL - Plato / Helmond
    31.03.2007 UK - Cheltenham / PROGPOWER UK-Festival
    03.04.2007 D - Bochum / Zeche
    05.04.2007 F - Paris / Elysee Monmatre
    06.04.2007 B - Antwerpen / Hof Ter Loh
    07.04.2007 CH - Pratteln / Z7
    08.04.2007 D - Offenbach / Capitol
    10.04.2007 D - Nürnberg / Hirsch
    12.04.2007 CZ - Zlin / Masters Of Rock Cafe
    13.04.2007 HUN - Budapest / Wigwham
    14.04.2007 SER - Belgrade / SEC


    Orange County metal stalwarts LEATHERWOLF are currently looking for a new vocalist following the departure Wade Black who fronted the band on their critically acclaimed comeback album, "World Asylum," released last June on N.I.L.8 Records.

    "We would like to thank Wade for his contributions to LEATHERWOLF and wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors," commented the group on the split. "There are no hard feelings between both parties. Unfortunately, certain economic realities and the geographical distance between Wade and the rest of the band turned out to be an obstacle too hard to overcome and made working as a unit that much more difficult."

    "We are now looking for someone closer to home, perferably based right here in Southern California. Potential candidates must be able to sing both the Michael Olivieri and Wade Black era songs (guitar abilities a huge plus!), have a valid passport, and be able to go on the road as we have a European tour in the works for spring 2007."

    Interested parties get in touch with the band via [email protected].

    LEATHERWOLF online:
  • W:O:A 2007 confirmed Bands

    After the last Newsletter many bands are new confirmed. Here you'll find the whole list of all bands playing at the W:O:A 2007 (new bands are signed with an *):

    IMMORTAL - Reunion, one and only Open Air Show in Germany 2007
    NEAERA *
    RAGE & Lingua Mortis Orchester
    SAXON - A Night To Remember
    STORMWARRIOR feat. Kai Hansen
    STRATOVARIUS - Only Open Air Show in Germany

    and many more!

    More infos about the bands: Billing / Bands 2007
  • SKYFORGER NEWSLETTER #9, 12.11.2006

    Hello friends!

    This is regular newsletter of Latvian pagan metal band SKYFORGER.

    Here you will find only official news, and you can also forward them to all metal magazines, internet forums or other medias.


    In October 2006 band decided to change guitar players, because Motors could not dedicate so much time as necessary and Rihards now is back as second guitar player for Skyforger. Right now band prepare a new material for upcoming album.

    Also from now on Skyforger can be found in MySpace.com, check out location at: www.myspace.com/skyforgerofficial

    Here you will be able to find latest news on touring plans, to read fresh interviews, and some other band related stuff.
  • SEDUCED BY SUICIDE becomes soundtrack of american troops in Iraq
     Recently a surprising fact showed how music doesn't have boundaries, taking the work of a brazilian band to the middle east. Directly from Iraq, Jonathan Starkey contacted Seduced by Suicide thanking the band for their work. Jonathan is a member of Bravo Company, from Fort Hood, Texas, and is actually in Iraq with his troop, after leaving USA in October 22nd.
    Jonathan got married in September, and as other troop members identified himself with the Seduced by Suicide's music. He sent the following message to Earth, vocalist and multi-instrumentist of Seduced by Suicide, telling about how they miss their wives back home, and the relationship with the band's music: "How are you doing? Well, Bravo Company 1-8 cav from Fort Hood, Texas, would like to say thanks for your music."
    He talks about the cover made by Seduced by Suicide for "I Was Made For Lovin' You", from the "disco" album of KISS, which received a gothic rock version: "You make alot of us married soldiors feel better with that song. It hit the right spot when we think of our wives back home, so our hats are off for you guy. Thanks a lot from Bravo Company, we love your music from the heart."
    About it Earth says: "That's a fact which shows how music doesn't have boundaries: An american in the middle east listening to finnish rock made by a brazilian using japanese technology."
    Messages to Jonathan can be left on his MySpace page, which can be visited through the page of Seduced by Suicide - www.myspace.com/seducedbysuicide
    Besides of the promotional work of Seduced by Suicide's Gothic Dream, Earth is recording the full length of Blood Tears (doom metal), which should be released in the beginning of 2007.

December 21st, 2006
  • DRAGONLAND New Song Posted Online!

    The new DRAGONLAND song "Astronomy" has been posted online at the official Century Media Artist page, which you can find HERE. Just select the song and stream it! The track comes off the Swedish metallers' upcoming fourth album, "Astronomy", due on November 13 via Century Media Records.
    You can also check out another song entitled “Contact” at the band’s myspace site: www.myspace.com/dragonland.

    Watch out for a stellar slab of epic melodic yet furiously heavy metal in November when DRAGONLAND strike back with “Astronomy”!

  • THE SHOWDOWN European release of “A Chorus Of Obliteration”!

    Century Media Records are proud to present you THE SHOWDOWN’s debut album “A Chorus Of Obliteration”, licensed from the EMI Christian Music Group, whose releases we will offer regularly to the European market from now on.

    Originally issued in 2004, the European re-release of “A Chorus Of Obliteration” puts a band on the table that is likely to become praised as one of the most daringly diverse acts active in the extreme metal genre. THE SHOWDOWN’s style shifts effortlessly and unforgivingly from Southern Rock to European Death Metal and everything in between. Lyrically, their writing tells of heroism, sojourns and battles of life; melodically, their crushing rhythm and articulate guitar play takes the listener on a roller-coaster ride of emotion. The result is a brutal and honest anthem for the youth of today in the form of “A Chorus of Obliteration”, expanded with the brand new European bonus track “Give Us This Day” and the video clip for “Iscariot” as enhancement.

    THE SHOWDOWN – “A Chorus Of Obliteration” tracklisting:
    1. A Monument Encased in Ash (5:56)
    2. Hell Can’t Stop Us Now (3:38)
    3. Epic: A Chorus Of Obliteration (3:32)
    4. From The Mouth Of Gath Comes Terror (6:30)
    5. A Proclamation of Evil’s Fate (4:02)
    6. Dagon Undone (The Reckoning) (4:33),
    7. Iscariot (3:00)
    8. Your Name Is Defeat (2:34)
    9. Your Name Is Victory (3:02)
    10. Laid To Rest (5:53)
    11. Give Us This Day / European Bonus Track (4:04)
    + Video Enhancement “Iscariot”
    Total playing time: 46:51

    Produced by Bruce Fitzhugh (lead singer of Living Sacrifice), “A Chorus of Obliteration”
    showcases a wide-ranging style that defies subgenres but stays true to the core values of Heavy Metal. Think intensity and articulation; think reckless abandon with utmost urgency.
    Better yet, don’t think—just listen.

    So metal fans take heed: The Showdown is here in full force, with as much crunch and
    scream and breakdown as anyone. Just remember, they’re not afraid to be loud, and they’re not afraid to have fun—it’s as simple as that. “We aren’t striving to be whatever-core; we don’t claim to be anything other than a Heavy Metal band,” muses Josh. “We want to play metal, make friends, and lift kids up.”

    Watch out for THE SHOWDOWN’s new album in 2007 via Century Media Records.

  • Former CHIMAIRA/SOILWORK drummer in the studio with LION'S SHARE
    Former CHIMAIRA/SOILWORK drummer Richard Evensand is currently in the studio recording drums for the eagerly awaited comeback album by Swedish melodic metal masters LION'S SHARE. Photos from the recording session can be viewed at the band's MySpace page at www.myspace.com/lionsshare. Songtitles set to appear on the CD include "Toxication Rave", "Cult Of Denial", "Bloodstained Soil", "Trafficking", and "Emotional Coma".

    As previously reported, former KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick has already recorded a guest solo for the song "The Edge of the Razor". The new album will be the group's fifth, with the first four having been released by Century Media and Massacre Records between 1995 and 2001. During this period, the band toured heavily with such acts as DIO, MANOWAR, MOTÖRHEAD, SAXON, NEVERMORE, ICED EARTH, U.D.O. etc.

    LION'S SHARE's upcoming CD will mark the band's debut with new singer Patrik Johansson (also in ASTRAL DOORS), who replaced Tony Niva in 2005.
    For more info:
  • EMPYRIUM "A Retrospective..." to be released 24.11.2006

    As the title suggests, "A Retrospective ..." is a look back on the work of Empyrium. Aside from re-mastered songs from all four studio albums, the CD contains two unreleased new tracks, "Der Weiher" and "Am Wolkenstieg", as well as a newly arranged and recorded version of "The Franconian Woods In Winter's Silence" (originally off "A Wintersunset...").

    The CD will be released as a lavishly designed, gold-embossed Digibook. Many fans will be particularly interested in the in-depth band biography contained in the sixty-pages booklet of "A Retrospective ...". This text takes a closer look at the history of the band and all its influences music- and content-wise, and it will make transparent the whole artistic aspect of Empyrium and its changes in the course of years. Thus, it will contribute to a substantially deeper understanding of Empyrium.

    In tandem with the regular release of "A Retrospective...", there will be a six-CD box encompassing the complete works of Empyrium, including the demo "...der wie ein Blitz vom Himmel fiel..." and "A Retrospective...", in an elegant and identical Digibook design. Strictly limited to 500 copies. In addition to this, there will be re-issues of all previous albums in

    Digibook form, also limited to 500 copies each.

    Rhino Bucket must unfortunately announce that drummer Jackie Enx is no longer a member of the band. The parting of ways was by mutual agreement. Rhino Bucket wishes nothing but the best for Jackie. As a full-fledged member of the band, we appreciate her talent and endless hours of hard work.
    Rhino Bucket  will continue to tour behind their new release, AND THEN IT GOT UGLY (Acetate Records),  and will be at the club RED 7 in Austin, TX for New Years Eve. There are plans for a 2007 European tour along with a re-release of the classic "PAIN" CD which will feature 4 previously unreleased songs. In addition, there will be another CD coming out in 2007 which will feature 14 previously unreleased versions of out-of-print songs as well as a brand new Rhino Bucket CD in the Spring of 2008.
    Rhino Bucket
  • ROAD TO RUIN Featuring LION'S SHARE, Ex-JAGGED EDGE Members: Debut CD On The Way
    Metal Heaven Records has inked a deal with ROAD TO RUIN, the Swedish band consisting of Matti Alfonzetti (vocals; JAGGED EDGE, THE POODLES, SKINTRADE), Lars Chriss (guitar; LION'S SHARE); Sampo Axelsson (bass and keyboards; GLENN HUGHES, LION'S SHARE), and Thomas Broman (drums; GREAT KING RAT, JOHN NORUM, GLENN HUGHES).

    ROAD TO RUIN was founded in the year 2005 when guitarist Chriss and Axelsson started to write some material which didn't fit their melodic metal band LION'S SHARE. The group is currently putting the finishing touches on its self-titled debut album, which will follow a classic '70s and '80s hard rock vein (ala WHITESNAKE, RAINBOW, THIN LIZZY). The recordings were produced by Chriss, Axelsson and Alfonzetti and will be released in the spring.
    Official site: www.roadtoruin.org 
  • DETENTE's clasic album "Recognize No Authority" has just been remastered with Brad Vance at Redmastering. Brad previously remastered albums by FLOTSAM AND JETSAM, FATES WARNING, and ARMORED SAINT, and has also worked with CANNIBAL CORPSE. According to a press release, "The remaster kicks ass! Brad was careful to maintain a balance between making the album sound crisp while keeping the raw elements that make it a classic. You won't be disappointed!"

    As previously reported, "Recognize No Authority" will soon be reissued in the USA and Germany by Cognitive Records. The CD will be distributed in the USA by The End Records and in Germany by Hellion Records. Additional distributors will be announced shortly. The expected release is early December.

    "Recognize No Authority" was a critically acclaimed recording that maintains a cult following to this day. It was also the launching ground for nu-metal metal producer Ross Robinson (KORN, SLIPKNOT, FEAR FACTORY, SOULFLY) who plays guitar on the album. The CD also marked the first full-length release by FEAR OF GOD's Dawn Crosby, who sadly passed away on December 15, 1996.
  • New SLAYER Video Turns Attention To The Realities Of War


    Video Premieres at MP3.com/Gamespot Today, Monday, October 30LOS ANGELES, CA - Monday, October 30, 2006 -- The visual madness and horrors of war are the threads running through the just-completed promo video for Slayer's "Eyes of the Insane," set to debut at MP3.com/Gamespot (http://www.mp3.com/) today. The song is on the band's newest album, Christ Illusion (American Recordings) which was released August 8 and debuted at #5 on Billboard's Top 200 Albums' Charts, the band's highest-ever debut.

    Directed by Iranian filmmaker Tony Petrossian (Slipknot), "Eyes of the Insane" is a first-person narrative about the horrors leading up to the final moments of a solder at war. The entire video is a single, long and tight close-up of the soldier's eye with images clearly reflected within his pupil and iris and perfectly choreographed with the rhythm of the music. Reflected are disconcerting images of para trooping into enemy territory, gunfire, helicopters and tanks, explosions, poignant flashbacks of his wife and child and home, and the images of his death. Two endings were filmed - one where the soldier dies from his combat injuries, and the other where he commits suicide.

    The lyrics for "Eyes of the Insane" were written by Slayer's bassist/vocalist Tom Araya and the song was inspired by a magazine article entitled "Casualty of War." The article told the story about a highly-decorated U.S. soldier in Iraq who, a mere four days away from going home, had a mental breakdown that left him "seeing faces, soldiers' faces." He took his own life.

    Over the band's twenty-plus years together, Slayer's music has dealt overtly with the brutality of war and religious fanaticism. Many of the songs on "Christ Illusion," in particular, scrutinize America's role in Iraq and Afghanistan and the shrinking distance between the Church and State. And a huge chunk of Slayer's core audience are those blue-collar kids who enlisted in the military and are getting blown to bits.

    Slayer is currently in the midst of headlining the 22-date European "Unholy Alliance Tour: Preaching to the Perverted."

    Metal Maniacs
  • NOVEMBERS DOOM Release Date; Album Artwork And New Music Revealed

    Chicago dark metal act NOVEMBERS DOOM have set February 20th, 2007 as the release date of their forthcoming album "The Novella Reservoir" for THE END RECORDS.

    The artwork and an mp3 of the song "Drown the Inland Mere" can be found at this site: http://www.thenovellareservoir.com

    The album - recorded with Chris Djuricic, mixed by Dan Swano [EDGE OF SANITY, BLOODBATH] and mastered by James Murphy [TESTAMENT, DEATH] - is the follow-up to 2005's -"The Pale Haunt Departure."

    About the album, singer Paul Kuhr says, "The only way to describe "The Novella Reservoir" is natural progression. With each CD we release, we evolve in style. This time, we took a step forward in speed and aggression, while maintaining the same sound we've had over all 6 CD's. "The Pale Haunt Departure" was so well received, we knew writing the follow up would be a challenge, and I feel we've successfully created a worthy release."

    The tracklisting for "The Novella Reservoir" is:
    01. Rain
    02. The Novella Reservoir
    03. Drown the Inland Mere
    04. Twilight Innocence
    05. The Voice of Failure
    06. They Were Left to Die
    07. Dominate the Human Strain
    08. Leaving This

    Official NOVEMBERS DOOM website:

    Join our Street Team! : http://www.streetteamomega.com

    Metal Maniacs
  • AFTER FOREVER Find A Home At Nuclear Blast

    Amazon Metal @ Nuclear Blast
    There have been a lot of rumours already, now it's finally official: Another superb band has found its way to the realms of Nuclear Blast - AFTER FOREVER! The dutch act around front amazon Floor Jansen (also known from various guest appearances for projects of Arjen Lucassen / AYREON) is specialized in thrilling Melodic / Gothic Metal and ranks among the "big ones" of the scene in their home country. The band already toured with NIGHTWISH  and had appearances at EVERY important festival BeNeLux-wide (such as Lowlands, Pinkpop, Graspop, Dynamo Open Air, Fields Of Rock), not to forget a steadily growing fan base in South America, France, Spain and Germany!

    Guitarist Sander Gommans about the signing:  "AFTER FOREVER has grown a lot the past years, we?ve done more and more shows and festivals worldwide and also experienced a lot of improvement musically. I feel that AFTER FOREVER is stronger than ever, as a group but also musically, this is the right time to choose for a label that can help us realising our dreams! Because the core of the AFTER FOREVER songs is metal orientated, it?s a very natural decision for us to choose for Nuclear Blast!"

    AFTER FOREVER have almost finished the recordings for their new, yet untitled album, which is going to be released in Spring 2007. Produced by Gordon Groothedde (Dutch studio luminary), the record not only contains great new songs but also an overwhelming session with the Prague Symphonic Orchestra! A tour afterwards is already planned as well.

    Metal Maniacs
  • THE VOID In Preproduction For Upcoming Debut In Spring Of 2007

    Tracking will begin in November at DCity Studios in Long Island with John Macaluso, formerly of Yngwie Malmsteen and Ark on drums.

    John recently completed basic tracks there for his first solo CD featuring James Labrie, Tony Harnell and Mike DiMeo on vocals and many other guests that he has worked with over the years.

    THE VOID features members from the Chris Caffery Band, Zandelle and October Thorns. Their sound has been described as aggressive prog-metal with a focus on stripped down song-writing.

    One exception will be an epic, classically inspired piece that borrows from the traditions of symphonic music while incorporating modern instruments and recording techniques. David Z from the Trans-Siberian Orchestra and ZO2 will be providing a 2 handed 6 string bass section with Derek Sherinian (Dream Theater) and Vitalij Kuprij (Artension) under consideration for their own separate contributions.

    Demo tracks are available at myspace.com/seekthevoid.

    THE VOIDs first live performance will be opening for Zero Hour at the Hook in Brooklyn on November 12th.

    Metal Maniacs
  • SLAYER To Visit Troops While On European Tour; U.S. Leg To Kick Off In January

    The members of the thrash/punk band SLAYER - Kerry King/guitars, Tom Araya/bass, vocals, Jeff Hanneman/guitars, and Dave Lombardo/drums - will take a few hours off from their current European "Unholy Alliance Tour" schedule to pay a visit to the 52nd Services Squadron located on the Spangdahlem U.S. Air Force Base in Germany on Wednesday, November 8. With a sizeable chunk of Slayer's core audience being enlisted men and women, this will be the band's first-ever visit to a military base.

    The band, whose latest release, "Christ Illusion," deals with the brutality of war and religions fanaticism, scrutinizing America's role in Iraq and Afghanistan, will spend a couple of hours meeting and chatting with the soldiers, signing autographs, and possibly viewing a fighter aircraft or two.

    Upon returning home just before Thanksgiving, Slayer will take the holidays off and then launch a headlining tour of the U.S. Dates are still being confirmed and will be announced shortly, but the intended cities for the tour include:

    Tucson, AZ
    Las Vegas, NV
    Los Angeles, CA
    Sacramento, CA
    Reno, NV
    Salt Lake City, UT
    Fargo, ND
    Sioux Falls, SD
    Kansas City, MO
    Atlantic City, NJ
    Providence, RI
    New York, NY
    Ottawa, ONT CANADA
    London, ONT CANADA
    Hamilton, ONT CANADA
    Rochester, NY
    Youngstown, OH
    Columbus, OH
    Indianapolis, IN
    Myrtle Beach, SC
    Orlando, FL
    Ft. Lauderdale, FL
    Washington, D.C.

    Metal Maniacs

    Atlantic recording group Shadows Fall has reluctantly decided that the intensity of their current recording sessions has made it impossible for the band to hit the concert trail next month for their previously announced shows with Killswitch Engage and Bury Your Dead.  The Springfield, MA-based rock outfit is hard at work in the studio with producer Nick Raskulinecz (Foo Fighters, Stone Sour, Rush) recording their highly anticipated Atlantic debut, due in early 2007.

    "We are all very disappointed that we will not be able to hit the road with our friends in Killswitch Engage and Bury Your Dead," said Shadows Fall lead singer Brian Fair.  "Originally, we had hoped to complete the recording of our new album in time for the beginning of the tour on November 9th, but now it appears that will not be possible.  New ideas have continued to surface and push the songs into new directions that we have to pursue.  Making the best album possible is our number one priority and something we must focus on one hundred percent at this time.  We sincerely apologize to all the people that planned on coming to see us at these shows, but our absence is no reason not to go and support this tour.  Our bros from New England in Killswitch Engage and Bury Your Dead will be throwing it down the way only they can and this should not be missed by anyone!!  We will keep you posted as we wrap up the album and make plans to get back on the road."

    The Killswitch Engage/Bury Your Dead itinerary will begin as scheduled on November 9th at Tremont Music Hall in Charlotte, NC, with dates continuing through December 20th at Lupo's at The Strand in Providence, RI.  Massachusetts' All That Remains will be part of the tour's lineup through the November 26th show at the Big Easy Concert House in Spokane, WA.  For the most up to date information about the tour, including upcoming announcements about the support for the second half of tour, go to www.killswitchengage.com.

    Shadows Fall's as-yet untitled new album is the Grammy-nominated band's follow-up to 2004's critically acclaimed "THE WAR WITHIN," and its companion release, 2006's "FALLOUT FROM THE WAR," both released on Century Media Records.

    Shadows Fall is:  Brian Fair (Vocals); Jon Donais (Guitars); Matt Bachand (Guitars); Paul Romanko (Bass); Jason Bittner (Drums).

    For more information about Shadows Fall, including studio updates and more, please visit www.shadowsfall.com or www.myspace.com/shadowsfall.

    Metal Maniacs
  • VITAL REMAINS Tour Report; Erik Rutan To Produce New Album
    Extreme metal titans VITAL REMAINS recently wrapped up their touring campaign for Dechristianize with a successful run alongside Dismember, labelmates Grave, Demiricous and Withered. This trek also capped off an extremely busy year which saw them tour the U.S. four times, further solidifying their status as one of the genre's hardest-working acts. The group will now focus on completing their much-anticipated new album before heading into the studio with the renowned Erik Rutan (Cannibal Corpse, Goatwhore) early next year. This effort marks the group's second recording with Glen Benton (Deicide) on vocals, and promises to be their most blasphemous and devastating offering yet.
    Tony Lazaro (guitars) checks in with the following report: "So our tour with the Swedes Dismember and Grave has come to an end. We had a killer time out there and want to thank all the bands we shared the stage with. Thanks to all the metal fans that came out in support! It was great to go out on one more tour before we lock ourselves up in the practice space and finish witting the album. St. Pete, FL was a great stop as we got to hang out with Trey from Morbid Angel. A big thanks to him for coming out to the show and hanging out all night at the Hard Rock Cafe drinking until the sun came up.
    "The mighty Erik Rutan took Dave Suzuki (guitars) and I up to visit his studio, Mana Recording. The place is so nice, and the gear they have is awesome! We can't wait to record our new album down there; it's going to be sick! With Rutan, Benton, Suzuki and me locked in a studio for a month, there's not enough holy water to wash away the mess we are going to make."
    Click below to check out some photos of Dave and Tony with Erik Rutan at Mana Recording.

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  • HAMMERFALL "threshold" charts

    The story of success continues: Mightly HAMMERFALL conquered # 15 of the German Media Control charts with their new album "Threshold"! Thus the Swedes continue to stand for high quality over a longer period of time as their previous records also managed to capture the German Top 20 on a regular basis:

    2005 "Chapter V – Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken" # 12
    2002 "Crimson Thunder" # 13
    2000 "Renegade" # 17
    1998 "Legacy Of Kings" #15

    Also GREAT NEWS from HAMMERFALL's home country as the guys managed to enter the album charts on # 1 (!!!) there last week – "Threshold" on the top!!!

    More chart notations Europe-wide so far:
    UK: Indie Charts #27
    Austria: #30
    Switzerland: #32
  • THRESHOLD confirm album cover artist

    Threshold have confirmed that their new CD artwork will be created by Thomas Ewerhard, who's credits include Kings X, Vanden Plas and Asia. Thomas Ewerhard has been responsible for Threshold's artwork since 1998, including the iconic Hypothetical and Subsurface covers.

    The title of Threshold's new album will be Pilot In The Sky Of Dreams. The band plan to finish recording during November, with a release date planned for 2007.
  • Gallery Productions distributing the last copies of Humanity's Funeral
    After one year and a half working on the promotion of Somberlain' second demo, Humanity's Funeral, the label Gallery Productions announced the final numbers of this cd's promotion, which they distributed more than 1.000 copies of it, being considered an absolute success by the band and label. This demo will be sold out soon due to the near release of Somberlain's first album which release is still being negotiated with labels.
    Besides of the promotional work of Humanity's Funeral, Gallery Productions also worked with the band booking concerts with bands like Krisiun, Incantation and Cannibal Corpse. During this period both band and label built a partnership based in hard work which generated a strong friendship. Anyone interested to order one of the last copies of Humanity's Funeral should contact through the e-mail [email protected] 
    Some samples are still available in the band's MySpace - www.myspace.com/somberlainband
    Somberlain - Death Metal