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December 25th, 2007
  • CREST OF DARKNESS "Druj Nasu" videoclip

    CREST OF DARKNESS have just released their first videoclip taken from the new album "Give Us The Power To Do Your Evil" for the song "Druj Nasu".

    It is a very professional video produced by MONITORMEDIA (Norway) and available on the CD as bonus track.

    Here is the link to see it and enjoy the essence of Evil.
  • Former WARHORSE Guitarist Todd Laskowski Rejoins SIN OF ANGELS

    Rhode Island Doom Metal act SIN OF ANGELS have announced that they will join forces again with their former guitarist Todd Laskowski (WARHORSE, AS HEAVEN TURNS TO ASH). Todd was part of the original line up along with Ray McCaffrey and was instrumental in crafting the beginnings of the sound the band has today.

    Drummer Ray McCaffrey comments: "Todd had left the band 2 years ago to take some time off and now has returned. We have been jamming together for the past month relearning some of the older tunes we had written together and are now learning the bands newer material. It sounds heavy as hell with two guitars again. Todd's first show back with us will be at Club Hell on November 11 in our home town of Providence. It should not be missed!!!!!! If you thought it sounded thick before just wait!!!!"

    Conceived in early 2003 by Ray McCaffrey, Josh Maher and Todd Laskowski, SIN OF ANGELS wasted no time in recording and self-releasing a two-song demo "The Dark Sky Sessions", which contained early versions of "At Journey's End" and "Dark Sky Prophecy" (later re-recorded and released on their 2005 full-length "From the Ashes").

    SIN OF ANGELS will release their second full length "In the Grip Of Despair" via OBSCENITY CULT RECORDS this winter.

    To hear songs from the album and for more information visit www.myspace.com/sinofangels.
  • CHAOSWEAVER signs with Shadow World

    Chaosweaver has signed a recording contract with Shadow World Records. Atmospheric and bombastic dark metallers are currently working on their yet to be titled debut full-lenght in Studio Perkele (Deathchain, De Lirium’s Order, Discard etc.).

    "The record is going to be as huge and scary sounding as possible. It will shake the foundations of the frozen metal scene. Expect chilling, crawling sounds of horror", states drummer Jack Tyger, who is also in charge of the production of the album. Tyger has worked previously with artists such as Ajattara, De Lirium's Order and Discard.

    Chaosweaver's both demos, Weaving the Chaos (2006) and Cult of the Buried Serpent (2007), have been praised in media worldwide. International airplay, media interest and 13 000 MySpace friends tell tales of the bands enchanting power.

    You can keep up to date on the progression of the recording process by checking out the daily updated and video boosted studio diary on band's official website. The album will be released in March.

    www.chaosweaver.info | www.myspace.com/chaosweaverband

    Shadow World Records
  • Pure Steel Records News

    Pure Steel Records got 2 increases from Germany. Nr.1 are BOOMERANG, which will release their third album "Sounds of Sirens" through us. Nr.2 are SENCIROW. After their debut "Perception of Fear" got many good critics now album 2, which is called "The nightmare within", is ready to be unleashed. As always you can prelisten one song on our homepage www.puresteel-records.com.

    Both records will be available on 1st February 2008 as well as the STEELRAISER debut "Race of Steel" and ENCHANTER's "Secrets Vol.I"

    Determined to continue its heavy metal onslaught, HEAVY ARTILLERY is pleased to formally announce the street date for the highly anticipated AVENGER OF BLOOD album Death Brigade. Eager to take their violent aural assault to the masses AVENGER OF BLOOD shall unleash Death Brigade in all of its thunderous fury on, ironically enough, Christmas Day. Gracing the front cover will be the magnificent artistry of Joe “Motorhead” Petagno.

    The Las Vegas based AVENGER OF BLOOD have been busy making their mark on the metal underground since 2003 with relentless local and regional gigging as well as multiple appearances at Minneapolis Mayhem festival, Northwest Deathfest and a full U.S. tour with Godless Rising (ex-Vital Remains). While their scathing brand of thrash metal is often compared to such legendary bands as KREATOR, SODOM, and DESTRUCTION at their finest; AVENGER OF BLOOD bring a sound that is unmistakably their own. Earlier this year AVENGER OF BLOOD was showcased on the HEAVY ARTILLERY compilation Speed Kills…Again!

    Listen to AVENGER OF BLOOD at http://www.myspace.com/avengerofblood

  • Queensryche Cancels UK Tour and Other Shows In Europe


    "Queensrÿche is disappointed to announce the unfortunate cancellation of our upcoming tour of the United Kingdom with Thin Lizzy and other shows in Europe due to a personal emergency. We'd like to thank our loyal fans for their continued support and understanding. We are looking forward to making it up to them and are currently working on a plan to return to Europe in 2008 with a production that fans have been waiting years for!"

    Note: Thin Lizzy will still be performing the originally scheduled dates of their UK tour.
  • CELLADOR Guitarist Comments on AVIAN Guest Appearance

    "I was really honored when Yan e-mailed me and asked if I'd like to play in it, because not only do I think they're a great band, but I also have two VERY good friends in it: Jonah Weingarten (PYRAMAZE) and Lance King. On top of that, they had David Ellefson (former bass player in MEGADETH) on the first album.

    We played a show together a year or so ago (CELLADOR, AVIAN, GAMMA RAY), and their set was just amazing! What a great voice Lance has!

    Yan sent me a CD a couple of months ago with all of the demos so I could kinda come up with my stuff (though I'm ALL about improvising) and when I heard it I'm like, 'Holy shit, dude, you managed to write a better record than the previous one! I'm definitely in!” Bill

  • W:O:A 2008 latest billing



  • FILTHPACT To Release Sliding Scale Download

    Political crust powerhouse FILTHPACT have announced they will release their final album "Plague Carriers of the Crust Apocalypse" as part of a new 'Sliding Scale' download series through Canada's Moshpit Tragedy Records. The innovative 12-song release will soon be available on the label's website complete with a printable sleeve for as much or as little as each visitor chooses and is even being offered for free to those without a paypal account. An audio sample and cover art for the release is available at www.myspace.com/mptrecords.

    Hailing from Aberdeen Scotland, FILTHPACT formed in early 2004 and since then has been incredibly busy touring all over Europe several times before disbanding recently. Their previous effort "Total Crust Violence" was released by Profane Existence Records in co-operation with seven other labels.

    As recently announced, label founders Rayny Forster and Katy Lesperance will give their input on the new direction of their label and that of the recording industry in the upcoming music documentary "Behind The Suit and Tie". Other labels contributing to the film include Earache, Relapse, Century Media, The End, Crash Music, Music Choice, Demolition and Heavy Artillery Records as well as Ex-Megadeth bassist David Ellefson and Overkill guitarist Dave Linsk.

    For more information visit www.moshpit-tragedy.com.
  • Seduced by Suicide releases remix of "Our Gothic Dream"

    - SEDUCED BY SUICIDE released a remixed version of the song "Our Gothic Dream", originally released in Gothic Dream album (2006). The song is part of "Retratos Subterrâneos", a compilation made by the brazilian RockHard magazine, which features bands of the brazilian gothic rock scene.

    The compilation can be downloaded for free at www.valhalla.com.br/site2007/retratos.html

  • BYZANTINE offers seven-minute teaser from forthcoming album

    West Virginia's forward-thinking thrashers BYZANTINE have posted a seven-minute teaser track online, featuring snippets of tracks from the band's forthcoming record, 'Oblivion Beckons.' The track is available on the band's MySpace page, which also showcases the band's recent cover of eyehategod's "Shoplift," which appeared on the double disc tribute album, 'For The Sick' alongside label mates Kylesa and The Esoteric.

    Set for a January 22 release through Prosthetic Records, 'Oblivion Beckons' is the follow-up to 2005's '...And They Shall Take Up Serpents,' which saw a 2005 release and led to touring throughout the United States and Canada, including an appearance at New England Metal and Hardcore Festival in 2006, as well as the release of the band's first ever DVD earlier this year, 'Salvation.' The DVD features a live performance film, exclusive bootlegs, an uncut video for the track "Jeremiad," and behind the scenes footage and interviews. A trailer can be viewed here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FS2A4mV8RHc.

  • Anachronaeon's New release!

    "The New Dawn", the second cd from swedish metal band Anachronaeon is out now through Stygian Crypt Productions, and a new site is up and running. Check it out!


    HOLLYWOOD – Guitar World is running their annual Readers Poll Awards and this year Dimebag Darrell Abbott is on the ballot for the Hall Of Fame Award.

    With the legacy that Dimebag Darrell left to his fans, it is only fitting that he shines still in the hearts of many. His impact on the world was of humbled greatness. For those that didn’t know Dimebag Darrell in his personal life got to know him through his music. Hearing his music and loving it, keeps his legacy alive.

    Go vote now @ www.guitarworld.com

    - Heavy Metal consumers, musicians and businesses will gather again in Helsinki, Finland during 15.-16.2.2008
    - Live-performances by Soilwork (SWE), Stam1na, Municipal Waste (USA), Turisas, Mustasch (SWE), Norther and many more
    - Finnish Metal Awards Gala on Friday the 15th of February

    The dates for The fourth annual Finnish Metal Expo are set to February 15th and 16th. Once again the FME offers insight to the current state of Finnish metal music. The previous years have proved that there is great interest towards such an event. The location of Cable Factory has been filled to the rim with metal enthusiasts, with about 5000 visitors attending each year seeking out the latest in band, media, event and merchandise offerings. Therefore, we have managed to increase the expo area to accommodate the growing interest. Again, there are more than 50 exhibitors showcasing their latest products and services.

    A crucial part of the Finnish Metal Expo are the live-performances, this time provided by the likes of Soilwork (SWE), Stam1na, Turisas, Municipal Waste (USA), Mustasch (SWE), and Norther. There are several more artists to be added to the bill. A large number of musicians will also be showcasing their talent and equipment on the two clinic stages.

    On Friday the 15th of February, the Finnish metal media will host the Finnish Metal Awards. The people will be able to vote for their favorites of the year at www.imperiumi.net starting on Dec. 14.

    Finnish Metal Expo is a consumer expo, which has been appropriately dubbed “the long hair-Disneyland”. At the same time, it gathers the metal industry people from Finland and abroad. International Metal Meeting, the professional meeting within the Finnish Metal Expo, has established itself as a major annual get-together for the metal music industry.

    Tickets for Finnish Metal Expo will go on sale through Tiketti and Lippupalvelu on December 3rd. We sell one day tickets only, 22 euros each for Friday and 24 euros each for Saturday. FME is an all-ages event with bars to those over 18 and feeling the urge for such services.

    See the latest updates at www.fme.fi
  • WARBRINGER - Download the entire “One By One The Wicked Fall” demo for free!

    While LA thrashers WARBRINGER are preparing the release of their debut album “War Without End” in February 2008, you can now enjoy their highly acclaimed demo “One By One The Wicked Fall” in its entirety as free download!

    Head over to www.metalsucks.net, scroll down the page and get this fantastic thrash onslaught NOW!

    “War Without End”, produced by the acclaimed Bill Metoyer (Slayer, D.R.I. and Sacred Reich), is shaping up to be one of the most vicious debuts to come along in years and is destined to add another glorious chapter to thrash metal’s illustrious history.

    Be sure to check out www.myspace.com/warbringer for additional info and current touring itinerary.
  • HELLHAMMER - "Demon Entrails" - The First and Only Official Release of the Original Hellhammer Demos of 1983

    From the forthcoming book "Only Death is Real - An Illustrated History of Hellhammer and early Celtic Frost", by Tom Gabriel Fischer:

    "Hellhammer was much maligned, both during its existence and for years afterwards. It was maligned not only by much of the press and most of the metal audience, but also by me and several other former band members. It was, for a long time, difficult for most of us to come to terms with Hellhammer's often chaotic and radically varied legacy. Moreover, it was frequently very challenging to come to terms with how others interpreted Hellhammer and how they referred to and expanded upon what we had once created.

    It took years for the accumulated unease to subside. It took years to disassociate ourselves from the perceived stigma, and to be able to properly evaluate Hellhammer within our own, very personal context. What many others knew long before me took quite a while for me to identify: that it was perfectly fair and overdue that we looked at Hellhammer realistically and in a manner sufficiently dignified to do justice to the work of a number of very unique people who shared the same vision at a very unique point in time."

    There exist countless Hellhammer demo bootlegs, but they all utterly fail to capture the true aura, to represent the band as it actually was. They have been compiled from dismal multi-generation copies of the original tapes, and they are invariably riddled with factual and historical errors or outright lies. Former Hellhammer members Tom Gabriel Fischer, Martin Eric Ain, and Steve Warrior have decided to rectify this situation once and for all. "Demon Entrails" is the first official release of the legendary Hellhammer demos "Death Fiend"/"Triumph of Death" and "Satanic Rites" since the original limited cassette editions in 1983.

    This release has been specially re-mastered from copies of the original master tapes under the supervision of Tom Gabriel Fischer, and the demos now represent Hellhammer exactly as the band sounded when recording these songs in June and December of 1983. Drawing from a wealth of previously unknown historical material and artwork as well as hundreds of unreleased Hellhammer photos from 1982 to 1984, "Demon Entrails" will also feature all lyrics and essays detailing the individual demo recording sessions.

    "Demon Entrails" will be released as an opulent oversized double CD and as a gatefold triple vinyl album. Both versions will feature a lavish booklet and a poster. There will also be a third, bare-bones low-price CD version, designed to cater to markets which will not carry the standard CD due to its irregular size.

    The release is scheduled for February 2008, through Prowling Death Records/Century Media.
  • FIREWIND - 2007 wrap-up, new tourdates; working on new album for 2008!

    Gus G., mastermind of Greek melodic metal sensation FIREWIND has posted the following wrap-up of the most successful year in the band’s history so far:

    “Looking back on 2007 now I can say that I'm very happy with what we've accomplished with FIREWIND. We toured heavily for the "Allegiance" album and our world tour passed thru 22 countries and we did about 100 shows to promote it. We had great times touring with some of metal’s premier bands such as Dragonforce, All That Remains, Angra, Kamelot, Sonata Arctica, etc. through Europe, UK, North America and Japan. We even got to play in Tunisia for the first time!

    After a successful Japan tour this October we’re finally wrapping up our World Allegiance tour with two final festivals in Europe - one in Spain (Senderos Del Rock) and one in Denmark (Prog Power Scandinavia).

    But you know, they say: no rest for the wicked! We're going back in the studio at the end of this year to record our brand new album and I can’t tell you how excited we are. It really feels like it’s time to record and play some new music! We wrote a bunch of material already and we’re soon entering Sweden’s Studio Fredman to record our fifth album. No album title yet, but here are some of the new song titles: Remembered, Life Foreclosed, The Silent Code, Mercenary Man, My Loneliness, Head Up High.

    More info to come soon!

    Cheers, Gus.”

    The new album is expected to surface via Century Media Records in Spring 2008 and FIREWIND have just announced their first European tour to promote the new material for April/May 2008 when they will hit stages with Kamelot and support act Visions Of Atlantis.

    Here are the exact dates:

    on tour with Kamelot & Visions Of Atlantis

    04.04.2008 UK - London @ Carling Academy
    05.04.2008 UK - Wolverhampton @ Wulfrun Hall
    06.04.2008 NL - Amsterdam @ Paradiso
    09.04.2008 BEL - Antwerpen @ Hof Ter Lo
    10.04.2008 GER - Saarbrücken @ Garage
    11.04.2008 F - Paris @ Elysée Montmartre
    12.04.2008 CH - Pratteln @ Z7
    13.04.2008 ITA - Milano @ Alcatraz
    16.04.2008 GRE - Athens @ Fuzz Club
    17.04.2008 GRE - Thessaloniki @ Ydrogeios
    18.04.2008 BUL - Sofia @ Hristov Botev
    19.04.2008 SER - Beograd @ SKC
    20.04.2008 HUN - Budapest @ Wigwam
    22.04.2008 GER - München @ Backstage
    23.04.2008 GER - Ludwigsburg @ Rockfabrik
    24.04.2008 GER - Essen @ Weststadthalle
    25.04.2008 GER - Hamburg @ Markthalle
    28.04.2008 FIN - Helsinki @ Tavastia
    29.04.2008 FIN - Oulu @ Teatria
    01.05.2008 SWE - Stockholm @ Klubben
    02.05.2008 SWE - Gothenburg @ Trädgarn
    03.05.2008 NOR - Oslo @ Sentrum Scene

  • 3 to tour with Dream Theater, Opeth, and Between the Buried and Me on the Progressive Nation tour!!!

    Just off the heals of completing two very successful tours, one with the Scorpions and the other with Porcupine Tree, Woodstock NY’s 3 have now just confirmed a spot on Progressive Nation’s inaugural tour! 3 will be joining Dream Theater, Opeth, and Between the Buried and Me on the first ever run of the Progressive Nation tour and are sure to turn heads with their unique blend of pop, funk and hard rock.

    The tour is the brainchild of DREAM THEATER drummer Mike Portnoy who explains: "I've been wanting to assemble a package tour like this for many years now. With all of the festivals and package tours that go through America, I've been talking with our manager and agent for over 10 years now about doing something that focuses on the more progressive, musician-oriented side of hard rock and metal. I decided it was time to stop talking the talk, lace up and finally walk the walk"

    Here’s what 3 had to say about being one of the bands on this prestigious tour: "3 is very pleased to announce its participation in the PROGRESSIVE NATION tour. For well over a decade DREAM THEATER has been the vanguard of progressive rock and we are completely psyched to flex with these heavyweights, playing much of our new record "The End is Begun". This package will rock and awe fans everywhere as one of the most important tours of the year. It's a progressive way of music, a progressive way of life....welcome to the PROGRESSIVE NATION tour."

    For more information, as well as tour dates to be announced soon, visit:

  • DREAM STEEL sign with My Kingdom Music

    New presences and new sounds in our family. DREAM STEEL represent one of the best new acts thanks to a magic mixture of Power Metal and Progressive music, influenced by classical Heavy Metal, Gothic atmospheres and majestic Symphonic elements. If Dream Theater, Angra, Dark Tranquillity, Symphony X could be points of reference of their sound, be sure that you will find in them your epic universe. They will record their debut titled "YOU" on October and we'll release it in January/February 2008.

    More info @ www.mykingdommusic.net
  • DPERD sign with My Kingdom Music

    DPERD is the last enchanting creature joining My Kingdom Music. They come from Sicily and present a hypnotic and melodic, Mediterranean Dark Wave in which you can get lost easily. "Regalerò Il Mio Tempo" is the album title and we'll release it on January 2008. Wait for a nocturnal landscape where the deep Valeria’s voice and the delicate Carlo's arrangements emerge in all its beauty, starting from 80’s art of The Cure, Cocteau Twins arriving to the intimacy of nowadays acts like Canaan, Mira, This Mortal Coil, Cranes and Lycia.

    More info @ www.mykingdommusic.net
  • ATTACKER "Standing The Test Of Time" In Stores......

    CHAVIS RECORDS Presents ATTACKER "Standing The Test Of Time" which will be unleashed upon the Metal World on Tuesday, November 27th.

    The CD contains 16 tracks of career defining Heavy Metal from one of the true legends of the cult Metal movement.

    The exquisite cover art was hand painted by artist Jowita Kaminska. "The cover is symbolic and the meaning is definitive, it tells our story." explains vocalist Bob Mitchell.

    The CD will contain 16 tracks comprised of four tracks from each of the bands previous releases:
    1. (Call On) The Attacker
    2. Slayer's Blade
    3. Disciple
    4. The Hermit,
    5. Zero Hour
    6. Captives Of Babylon
    7. Desecration
    8. Revelations Of Evil
    9. Soul Taker,
    10. Jack,
    11. Sleepy Hollow
    12. The End
    13. The Unknown
    14. Nail It Down
    15. I Am Sinn
    16. This Is Power

    As a bonus and in addition to the CD packaging, there will be a fully enhanced packaging content that will be available for FREE digital download online when the CD is purchased. The enhanced digital packaging will contain lyrics, photo's, icons, wallpapers and much more for fans to download.

    STANDING THE TEST OF TIME will be distributed nationwide and internationally by the BCD Music Group. Look for STANDING THE TEST OF TIME on the shelves of Best Buy, FYE, Virgin and many other retail and on-line outlets just in time for the Christmas Holiday season!

  • CURSED complete III - track available now

    Ontario's hardcore brutes Cursed have completed their third full-length, as expected, simply entitled III. Things are coming together on it now for mid-February release via Goodfellow Records, with Reflections Records handling the album in Europe. The crew will tackle Canada with High on Fire and Cancer Bats in March, head back to Europe in May and will follow with US dates which are in the works now.

    With 11 Tracks total, III's track listing will be as follows, with an advance listen to the track Magic Fingers available now:

    1. Architects of Troubled Sleep
    2. Night Terrors
    3. Magic Fingers [audio]
    4. Antihero Resuscitator
    5. Friends In The Music Business
    6. Into The Hive
    7. III
    8. Unnecessary Person
    9. Hegel's Bastards
    10. Dead Air at The Pulpit
    11. Gutters

    www.goodfellowrecords.com | www.reflectionsrecords.com

December 23rd, 2007
  • MAROON issue massive touring update!

    While MAROON’s newest slab of masterly executed modern metal “The Cold Heart Of The Sun” (OUT NOW!) is receiving praise from media and fans alike, the band is getting prepared for massive live activities in the coming months. The band comments as follows:

    “We are really happy to hit the road again to present you our new album and will be supported by some killer bands that kick major ass. So, be assured that we will be destroying a club near you soon… stop crying and start dying!”

    First up on MAROON’s tour schedule is a set of European shows in November/December 2007 with Neaera, followed by another attack on Europe’s stages in January 2008 with Bring Me The Horizon, Architects and label mates Blessed By A Broken Heart. Thus, there is no way to escape Germany’s metal powerhouse MAROON!

    Furthermore, the video clip for the song “(Reach) The Sun” has just been premiered at the band’s MySpace page. Also, don’t miss a glimpse on the insanity of their release show October 20th. Watch it now at www.myspace.com/maroonhate

    See MAROON live at the following dates:

    w/ Caliban, Heaven Shall Burn etc.
    25.12.07 Leipzig (D), Werk

    w/ Bring Me The Horizon, Architects, Blessed By A Broken Heart
    14.01.08 Trier (D), ExHaus
    15.01.08 Hamburg (D), Knust
    16.01.08 Berlin (D), Kato
    17.01.08 Chemnitz (D), AJZ
    18.01.08 Wien (A), Arena
    19.01.08 Cesena (I), Vidia Club (w/ From Autumn to Ashes)
    20.01.08 Trezzo d’Adda/Milano (I), Live Club (w/ From Autumn to Ashes)
    21.01.08 Luzern (CH), Sedel
    22.01.08 Bochum (D), Matrix
    23.01.08 Paris (F), Batofar
    24.01.08 Martigny (CH), Les Caves du Maoir
    25.01.08 Karlsruhe (D), Substage (w/ Misery Index, Despised Icon, Beneath The Massacre, Man Must Die)
    26.01.08 Hasselt (B), Muziek-O-Droom (w/ From Autumn To Ashes)
    27.01.08 Tilburg (NL), 013

    Visit MAROON @:
  • DESPISED ICON premier new clip on MySpace!

    Canadian death metal outfit DESPISED ICON has posted its stunning new clip for “Furtive Monologue”, a song taken off their latest crushing masterpiece “The Ills Of Modern Man”, at MySpace, check it out @ www.myspace.com/despisedicon!
    As previously reported, the band will start destroying European venues in early 2008 with the mighty Misery Index as well as Beneath The Massacre, Man Must Die (mainland Europe only), and Annotations Of An Autopsy (UK only). So, have a look at the tour dates below and don’t miss this awesome live package guaranteeing nothing but sheer brutality & impressive technicality!

    MISERY INDEX (headlining mainland Europe)
    DESPISED ICON (headlining UK dates)
    Presented by: Metal Hammer, Fuze Magazine, Legacy

    25.01.2008 Germany - Karlsruhe @ Substage
    26.01.2008 Germany - Essen @ Turock, Death Feast
    27.01.2008 Belgium - Hasselt @ Muziek-o-droom
    28.01.2008 UK - Brighton @ The Engine Room
    29.01.2008 UK - Plymouth @ White Rabbit
    30.01.2008 UK - Newport @ TJs
    31.01.2008 UK - Manchester @ Music Box
    01.02.2008 UK - Glasgow @ Soundhaus
    02.02.2008 UK - Milton Keynes @ The Pitz Club
    03.02.2008 UK - Leeds @ Rios
    04.02.2008 UK - Nottingham @ Junktion7
    05.02.2008 UK - London @ Underworld
    06.02.2008 France - Dunkerque @ 4 Ecluses
    07.02.2008 France - Paris @ Nouveau Casino
    08.02.2008 Switzerland - Aarau @ Kiff
    09.02.2008 Italy - Prato/Florence @ Siddhartha Club
    10.02.2008 Austria - Wien @ Arena
    11.02.2008 Germany - München @ Feierwerk
    12.02.2008 Germany - Giessen @ MUK
    13.02.2008 Germany - Berlin @ K17
    14.02.2008 Germany - Hamburg @ Markthalle, MarX
    15.02.2008 Holland - Tilburg @ 013
    16.02.2008 Germany - Trier @ Exhaus

    Booking: Avocado Booking

  • CELTIC FROST confirmed to headline Roadburn Festival 2008

    Swiss avant-garde/metal pioneers CELTIC FROST have been confirmed as the main headliner of the 13th annual Roadburn Festival, which will take place April 18-19, 2008, at the 013 Club in Tilburg, The Netherlands. Although CELTIC FROST are recognized as a pivotal influence on both the extreme metal and gothic metal genres, Roadburn also considers CELTIC FROST a seminal influence on the current stoner, doom and psychedelic scene. Indeed, Roadburn feels CELTIC FROST merits notice alongside such established pioneers as Hawkwind and Black Sabbath.

    In celebration of this lesser-acknowledged side to the metal giants, CELTIC FROST will perform a special one-off show at Roadburn, comprised of a repertoire which will be slightly different from the tour repertoire played in 2006 and 2007. CELTIC FROST will be playing on Saturday, April 19, 2008.

    Vocalist/guitarist Tom Gabriel Fischer comments:
    "We are very proud to have been invited to headline Roadburn. Much like CELTIC FROST, Roadburn follows an artistic path which deviates slightly from the norm. We all think that Roadburn and CELTIC FROST is a perfect combination, and we are looking forward very much to our concert there."

    Originally a spin-off of the Roadburn web site, the Roadburn Festival has emerged as an event in its own right -- it was even nominated for the prestigious “festival of the year” award in the Netherlands this year. Roadburn brings together bands, fans and media from around the world. Despite its international acclaim, Roadburn retains an underground vibe and ethics, but with seriously big-league production values. Pre-sales start at the end of November.

    For more information, please visit www.roadburn.com or www.myspace.com/roadburnfestival

  • THE AGONY SCENE new album “Get Damned” out in January 2008!

    THE AGONY SCENE is firing on all cylinders on its inspired and lovingly titled 3rd album, “Get Damned”, produced by Andreas Magnusson (Black Dahlia Murder, Scarlet), which will hit European stores on January 21st, 2008. If you missed out on the first two albums, you’ll want to hear this third, most mature and diverse offering from Tulsa, Oklahoma’s finest purveyors of corrosive hardcore!

    Featuring a new drummer (Ryan Folden), a new label home and a renewed perspective, “Get Damned” is as highly charged and personal a recording as you will hear from THE AGONY SCENE. The new album finds the band fully embracing its sharper, more metallic elements, complete with cutting riffs and just enough attitude to give it that recognizable charm that has come to define THE AGONY SCENE.

    A vicious new track, “Rapture”, was recently posted on their MySpace page , so head over to www.myspace.com/agonyscene to check it out now!

    THE AGONY SCENE “Get Damned” track-listing:
    1. Barnburner (03:05)
    2. Predation (03:27)
    3. Dances With Devils (03:01)
    4. Adversary (03:28)
    5. White Nights (04:15)
    6. Rapture (03:21)
    7. Deliverance (02:46)
    8. Rattle Me Bones (02:29)
    9. The Opposition (03:03)
    10. Will To Bleed (03:08)
    11. Old Scratch (04:29)

    With a revitalized sound and spanking new record in their arsenal plus an European tour with label mates Himsa currently in the works, expect the unexpected when THE AGONY SCENE hits a town near you soon in support of their best record yet.
  • Magician posts sample of Prime Evil

    - The power metal band MAGICIAN posted on their MySpace page a sample of the song "Prime Evil", originally released in 2002, in "Brief Magic Story" demo, which now has a new version, included in the band's forthcoming album "Tales of the Magician".

    The recordings of the new album were finished a few months ago, being mixed and mastered in Germany by Arne Lakenmacher and the Gamma Ray members Dirk Schlächter and Kai Hansen. The album will be released in Brazil and Japan in the next months, as their video clip for the song "Minstrel's Domain", which is actually being finished.

    To listen the samples of the new Magician's album check www.myspace.com/magicianband

  • THE FUNERAL PYRE offers update on a new record

    Southern California's THE FUNERAL PYRE has issued an in-depth update on the band's plans for 2008. Posted on the band's new blog page, fans can check out a full update here. "We'll be playing very select amounts of shows until the new year," writes the band's frontman. "But in January, we will be doing 9 shows with Book Of Black Earth from Seattle. So you can keep checking back for the dates on that. After that, we'll be recording the new record. So please do not ask us to play any shows for a while. We need a break. Just keep checking back for the dates in January."

    "The title I have been kicking around for this third record is 'Wounds'," he continues. "I'm not sure how you people will react to this, but, it's not really bothering me. I feel that this title sums up the lyrical content to a T...Which is what I am excited about. We are finishing songs, playing them live and fine tuning what will be the third installment in The Funeral Pyre career of metal. It's been a long time already, to think that we're already on our third record!? Nobody would have ever guessed we'd be here. I mean, we're not popular or anything, but hey, I like to think that we've accomplished a lot! If you have heard any of the new songs live, I'd really enjoy if you could give us some feedback about what you thought of them. These songs will be different than 'The Nature Of Betrayal' but yet the same...It's a big cycle we go through, you hear the same music, but it sounds different. How does that work? I'm not quite sure, but you will find out in 2008."

    The band continues to support its Prosthetic Records debut, 'The Nature of Betrayal' which saw a February 2007 re-release through a distribution deal with Creator Destructor Records. THE FUNERAL PYRE recently returned from tour with the Bay Area punk/metal band Apiary after a two week tour of the West Coast.


December 14th, 2007


    IRON MAIDEN announce a one off show at the Izod Center (formerly Continental Airlines Arena), East Rutherford, NJ on Friday March 14th, 2008 as part of the first leg of their ‘SOMEWHERE BACK IN TIME’ World Tour 2008.

    The band will fly into the USA especially for this one show from Puerto Rico the day before and depart for Toronto the day after on a specially commissioned and customised Boeing 757, flown by Airline Captain and Maiden vocalist Bruce Dickinson. The Astraeus 757, decked out in Maiden and Eddie designs, will carry the band, road crew and other personnel of around 70 people plus over 12 tons of equipment.

    This first leg of the ‘SOMEWHERE BACK IN TIME’ World Tour opens in Mumbai India on Feb 1st, and continues through Australia and Japan before arriving in LA. The entourage then fly to Mexico then the band’s first ever concerts in Costa Rica and Columbia, and then on to Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Puerto Rica and New York, before finishing in Toronto, Canada, on March 16th. Over the 45 day period the it is anticipated that Maiden will play to well over 400,000 fans in 21 cities in 10 countries, flying close to 50,000 miles in the specially refitted plane (full schedule below).

    Comments Bruce Dickinson, “I have been flying commercial passenger jets for Astraeus Airlines for a few years now and we are commissioning an Astraeus Boeing 757. It will go in for overhaul, painting and conversion in November which will then give us time to ensure we have all the necessary safety documentation, especially with regard to fire safety. It also means it could possibly be flying commercial air routes decked out in Maiden colours for a couple of months before we start!

    “Looking at the list of places we would like to play we have always had problems joining up the dots. With sea containers in various places it slows down the whole touring process, which is fine if you want a holiday but not if you want to play. It’s great to see places but we don’t want to sit around for a week waiting for gear to get from, say, Australia to South America, so this way we can get to more fans in more places en route in the same time period”.

    To tie in with forthcoming 2008 releases on DVD of the classic ‘LIVE AFTER DEATH’ concert video (full details coming soon) this tour, aptly entitled ‘SOMEWHERE BACK IN TIME’, will revisit the band’s history by focusing almost entirely on the 80’s in both choice of songs played and the stage set, which will be based around the legendary Egyptian Production of the 1984-85 ‘Powerslave Tour’. This will arguably be the most elaborate and spectacular show the band have ever presented, and will include some key elements of their Somewhere In Time tour of 1986/7, such as the Cyborg Eddie.

    Steve Harris comments; “We made sure the tour stopped off in New York, or to be more accurate, New Jersey, but to us Brits it’s all a great arena to play with some of the loudest fans anywhere! We’ve had so many memorable nights there over the years – both on stage and off! - and played many different venues, including the Gardens and the seven nights at Radio City with the original Powerslave show in 1984. But one of our favourites was always what we still call Meadowlands, it’s always a great crowd there. l always loved the Powerslave show which I think was arguably our most spectacular ever, so it will be a pleasure to take it there. We’re all going to have a great time with this tour!!”

    The Iron Maiden fan club have arranged an exclusive first access pre-sale for members to buy Tickets to the show on Tuesday November 6th, before tickets go on sale to the public on November 10th.

    To allow fans to be right up close to the band, the fan club will also be running a special draw whereby 60 winners and friend at each show will be given first access to the venue enabling them to be first to the stage barrier. Full details can be found on www.ironmaiden.com. The fan club are also arranging for two fan club winners to get up on stage and join Maiden with the chorus of ‘Heaven Can Wait’.

    Members of the public should tune into "Friday Night Rocks" with Eddie Trunk on
    Q104.3 (WAXQ FM) NYC from 11 P.M to 2 A.M Friday evenings for details on their
    chance to join them in this once in a lifetime opportunity to sing along with
    Iron Maiden live on stage at the Izod Center.

    Tickets on sale for the Izod Center concert go on sale to the general public beginning Saturday, November 10th at 10:00 A.M. Tickets: Reserved ($59.50, $49.50, $39.50) and General Admission Floor ($59.50) available at Ticketmaster locations, online at Ticketmaster.com or charge-by-phone at 201-507-8900 or 212-307-7171.

    If tickets remain, they will be available at the Box Office beginning Monday, November 12th.Full schedule for the first leg of 'SOMEWHERE BACK IN TIME' World Tour 08

    Fri 1st Mumbai, India Bandra Kurla Complex
    Mon 4th Perth, Australia Burswood Dome
    Wed 6th Melbourne, Australia Rod Laver Arena
    Thu 7th Melbourne, Australia Rod Laver Arena
    Sat 9th Sydney, Australia Acer Arena
    Sun 10th Sydney, Australia Acer Arena
    Tue 12th Brisbane, Australia Entertainment Centre
    Fri 15th Yokohama, Japan Pacifico Yokohama
    Sat 16th Tokyo, Japan Messe
    Tue 19th Los Angeles, USA The Forum
    Thu 21st Guadalajara, Mexico Auditoria Telmex
    Fri 22nd Monterrey, Mexico Monterrey Arena
    Sun 24th Mexico City, Mexico Sports Palace
    Tue 26th San Jose, Costa Rica Saprisa Stadium
    Thu 28th Bogota, Columbia Simon Bolivar Park March
    Sun 2nd Sao Paulo, Brazil Skol Arena Anhembi
    Wed 5th Porto Allegre, Brazil Gigantinho
    Fri 7th Buenos Aires, Argentina Ferrofcarril Oeste Stadium
    Sun 9th Santiago, Chile Pista Atletica
    Wed 12th Puerto Rico San Juan Coliseo
    Fri 14th New Jersey, USA Izod Center (formerly Continental Airlines Arena)
    Sun 16th Toronto, Canada Air Canada Centre

    The second leg of the Tour will take place mid May to mid June with further concerts in North America, followed by the third leg European Tour, extensively covering most of Europe in Stadiums and major Festivals. In total the band are expected to play to well in excess of one and a half million fans during the entire tour.HISTORY BEHIND THE POWERSLAVE TOUR AND LIVE AFTER DEATH VIDEO

    The band recorded and released their first five studio albums (Iron Maiden, Killers,The Number of the Beast, Piece of Mind and Powerslave) one year after the next (1980 – 1984) and toured the world extensively with each one.

    The ‘Powerslave’ Tour of 1984-5 also included choice songs from the first four albums, and was actually titled the ‘World Slavery Tour’. It opened in Warsaw on Aug 9 1984, marking the first time a major band from the West had played large arenas in Poland at a time when the country was still very much “Behind the Iron Curtain”. On top of this Maiden took with them their full spectacular arena show, again a first as no one had ever done that before in Poland.

    The tour continued through 193 concerts in 21 countries, including an incredible 112 arena shows in the USA and Canada, in both of which the album went Platinum, playing to over one and a quarter million fans in North America alone.

    The tour finally came to a (weary!!) end on July 5 1985 at Irvine Meadows (now Verizon) Amphitheatre just South of Los Angeles, marking the longest and most gruelling tour the band have ever attempted. The band and the lavish Egyptian stage production generated stunning reviews and arenas around the planet were sold out.

    March 14, 15, 16, 17 saw the band play 4 sold out consecutive nights at LA’s 13,200 capacity Long Beach Arena. Tickets went on sale at 10 am on a Saturday morning with fans waiting overnight for the box office to open. When the first show sold out almost immediately and the second was being added some fans got rather restive as they felt they may not get tickets and this led to the LAPD being called in and LA press reporting riots! Tickets continued to sell and shows added until after about 10 days the band called a halt at a record breaking 4 sold out shows - a record which still stands to this day.

    It was during the 2nd and 3rd nights here that the band recorded and filmed, in 35mm, what was to become the legendary LIVE AFTER DEATH album and concert video, featuring tracks from their first five albums. This was one of the first ever full concert videos with a worldwide release and topped the new video charts everywhere.

    It was these concerts that also inspired the idea for the birth of one of the first specialist Metal Radio Station in America, KNAC, and certainly the most successful. The originators could not believe that a band could sell over 50,000 tickets in LA with no radio support EVER in the marketplace and wisely reckoned that there must be a massive underground market for this band and this music and went on to start a unique station which has had great success ever since and became synonymous with Metal in the USA.

    Says KNAC founder Long Paul ; “The Iron Maiden shows were presented by KLOS FM, now a classic rock format, and they were not playing the band, nor was any commercial radio in the market at the time. KNAC at that point was an alternative format radio station, the programmers looked at string of sold out dates at Long Beach and thus was the catalyst to make the decision to flip to rock/metal as Pure Rock 105.5 FM.”

    A review of the concert is reproduced below to give some idea of the show -

    Heavy Rock Happenings
    By Mark Hanser

    Being both a headbanger and a history major, I must confess that any metal act that concern themselves with my two pet historical periods – Ancient Egypt and Medieval Europe – are bound to receive my rapt attention, particularly if they’re any good. In Iron Maiden’s case, the band’s fantastic, even without their chronological fantasies. Mystical and magical, cerebral and sonic, Maiden’s rivalled only by Judas priest as metal’s greatest live act – something they proved a thousandfold at Long Beach’s Arena for four ear-splitting nights, starting Thursday the fourteenth.

    Iron Maiden, it must be mentioned, don’t just put on a show – they stage a spectacular. And, good God, what a spectacular it was! Imagine, if you will, a stage lifted from the valleys of Luxor; with pylons like pyramids and funeral pyres, or lighting scaffolds covered with scarabs and runes, further arranged like a dragonfly’s wings. Imagine, too, music so riff-laden and magnetic that each song erupts into an eargasm – and with lyrics both clever and literary, no less. Maiden, you see, dabble in mythology, not misogyny; so instead of hearing singer Bruce Dickinson scream Kiss retreads, the Arena’s ears heard such stuff as “The Flight Of Icarus” (you recall, I trust, the tale of Icarus and Daedalus from your high-school primers) and “Rime of The Ancient Mariner” – bassist Steve Harris’ masterful reworking of the Coleridge classic, and the piece de resistance of Powerslave (Capitol), their fifth and finest studio recording. Entertaining, melodic and enervating, Maiden’s music is like manna from Heaven in an age of Sammy Hagars.

    Opening with “Aces High” – which segued into their anti-nuclear anthem, “Two Minutes to Midnight” – the Maidens set the stage afire with instrumental fury. The twinlead guitars of Dave Murray and Adrian Smith became, and remained so throughout the show, textbook examples of metallic transcendence; only Priest’s Glenn Tipton and K.K. Downing can match them in imagination, and not always as artfully. Rhythmically, bassist Harris and drums-basher Nicko McBrain are no less remarkable building aural tensions instead of aimless boogies. And singer Dickinson, what with his air-raid siren screams and cerebrally witty asides to the audience, is something else again. Surely Ronnie Dio never had a more attentive pupil.

    Nor was Dickinson any slouch as a showman, either. During the song “Powerslave,” he donned a fearsome, Horus-like falcon mask, and pranced before a suddenly-blazing pyre. It wasn’t Cleopatra, perhaps (nor was Elizabeth Taylor in the front row this time for that matter), but it made for some wonderful rock theatre all the same. If the singer was upstaged by anybody, it was by Eddie the Ghoul, then band’s nine foot (and mummified, this time) mascot, who dutifully appeared and danced before the knowing masses. As a whole, the band played loud and (not unpleasantly) long, with a (pleasant) minimum of soloing. They encored firstly with their medieval battle-merch, “Run To The Hills,” and secondly with “Running Free,” a relic from the now-ancient Killers. Then Dickinson, as is his wont, bade the audience a safe journey home. Such was the show, but such a show!

    The Long Beach Union – March 25-31, 1985

    Some recent background information : -

    In the last year or so IRON MAIDEN have -

    On September 2006 released A MATTER OF LIFE AND DEATH’, their most recent and critically acclaimed 14th studio album.

    * No 1 International Album in Billboard Magazine
    * No 1 album in 10 countries. Top 10 album in 30 countries
    * Top 10 in the USA, number 2 in Canada
    * The highest placed rock album ever in India where it reached No. 2 , twice!

    and played extensive shows around the world including being –

    * The first metal band to put on a major concert in India playing to a sold out 25,000 fans in Bangalore, apparently the biggest rock show ever in India

    * The first band to headline Download Festival in Donington UK for a record breaking fourth time to 70,000 fans

    * The first band to sell out Desert Rock Festival in Dubai to 20,000 fans.

    * Record breaking sell out of Ullevi Stadium in Gothenburg, Sweden – 57,000 tickets sold in two and a half hours over 9 months in advance of the date!

    * 360,000 tickets sold across their 100% SOLD OUT European Tour in the Autumn of 2006 with 28 arena shows including 40,000 tickets sold in Stockholm over 3 nights, 30,000 in London, 25,000 in Milan and Helsinki and 19,000 in Barcelona.

    * Three Canadian shows SOLD OUT to 40,000 fans and 16,000 tickets sell out weeks in advance of their Los Angeles Show in Oct 06.

    * Played to 250,000 fans at their show in Rio. Brazil in 2001, plus 35,000 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and 25,000 in Santiago, Chile

    * 0ver 40,000 tickets sold in the first hour when the Australian arena dates in Feb 08 went on sale recently, with Melbourne and Sydney shows sold out in just 15 and 25 minutes respectively, leading to second shows being added immediately in each city

    For more information go to www.ironmaiden.com

    YNGWIE MALMSTEEN'S RISING FORCE and the reunited San Francisco Bay Area thrashers FORBIDDEN have been confirmed for next year's Bang Your Head!!! festival, set to take place June 27-28, 2008 at Messegelände in Balingen, Germany. The festival billing is shaping up as follows:


    For more information, visit www.bang-your-head.de.

    AEA Zine
  • CELTIC FROST To Perform Special Set At Holland's ROADBURN FESTIVAL

    Swiss avant-garde/metal pioneers CELTIC FROST have been confirmed as the main headliner of the 13th annual Roadburn Festival, which will take place April 18-19, 2008 at the 013 Club in Tilburg, The Netherlands.

    Although CELTIC FROST is recognized as a pivotal influence on both the extreme metal and gothic metal genres, Roadburn also considers CELTIC FROST a seminal influence on the current stoner, doom and psychedelic scene. Indeed, Roadburn feels CELTIC FROST merits notice alongside such established pioneers as HAWKWIND and BLACK SABBATH.

    In celebration of this lesser-acknowledged side to the metal giants, CELTIC FROST will perform a special one-off show at Roadburn, comprised of a repertoire which will be slightly different from the tour repertoire played in 2006 and 2007.

    CELTIC FROST will be playing on Saturday, April 19, 2008.

    Vocalist/guitarist Tom Gabriel Fischer comments: "We are very proud to have been invited to headline Roadburn. Much like CELTIC FROST, Roadburn follows an artistic path which deviates slightly from the norm. We all think that Roadburn and CELTIC FROST is a perfect combination, and we are looking forward very much to our concert there."

    Originally a spin-off of the Roadburn web site, the Roadburn Festival has emerged as an event in its own right - it was even nominated for the prestigious "Festival Of The Year" award in the Netherlands this year. Roadburn brings together bands, fans and media from around the world.

    Despite its international acclaim, Roadburn retains an underground vibe and ethics, but with seriously big-league production values.

    Pre-sales start at the end of November.

    AEA Zine

    Norwegian progressive power metallers COMMUNIC have been confirmed for the Bloodstock Open Air festival, set to take place August 15-17, 2008 at Catton Hall in Derbyshire England. Also scheduled to appear are the Norwegian symphonic black metallers DIMMU BORGIR, the reunited AT THE GATES, Finnish folk/pagan metal band MOONSORROW and the Finnish doomsters SWALLOW THE SUN. Fan-filmed video footage of COMMUNIC's September 1, 2007 concert at Plato in Helmond, the Netherlands can be viewed below.

    COMMUNIC recently toured Europe as the support band for U.K. progressive metallers THRESHOLD. Also appearing on the bill were MACHINE MEN and SERENITY.

    COMMUNIC's sophomore effort, "Waves of Visual Decay", entered the German chart at position No. 66 back in May 2006.

    AEA Zine
  • ICED EARTH To Tour U.S. Next Spring

    According to a posting on ICED EARTH's official web site, the band is planning on hitting the road in the U.S. in March/April 2008, to be followed by tours in Australia, Canada, Japan and Russia, among other countries. More details will be announced soon.

    ICED EARTH's new song "Framing Armageddon" has been posted on the band's MySpace page. The track comes off the group's new album, "Framing Armageddon - Something Wicked Part I", which sold 7,800 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 78 on The Billboard 200 chart. The CD is the follow-up to 2004's "The Glorious Burden", which has shifted more than 70,000 copies in the U.S. to date, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

    ICED EARTH's official web site, IcedEarth.com, has posted a 33-minute minute audio interview it conducted with Jon Schaffer on September 24, 2007. Topics covered in the interview include the relevance of chart positions in the Internet age, the impact of illegal music downloads on the band's touring schedule, "Something Wicked Part II" recording update, the upcoming November UK tour with HEAVEN AND HELL, touring in 2008, and future plans for the "Set Abominae"/"Something Wicked" storyline. The interview, in MP3 format (30 MB), is available for download at this location.

    "Framing Armageddon - Something Wicked Part 1" (cover artwork) expands the "Something Wicked" storyline first introduced in the trilogy of the same name appearing on the 1998 release, "Something Wicked This way Comes". "Framing Armageddon" will be followed in February/March 2008 by the band's ninth full-length studio release, tentatively titled "Revelation Abomination - Something Wicked Part 2" , continuing where "Framing Armageddon" leaves off.

    ICED EARTH will support HEAVEN AND HELL on a U.K. tour beginning on November 4 in Newcastle.

    AEA Zine
  • AKASHIC's guitarist posts live video of Vittorio Monti's Czardas

    - It's available on YouTube a video of Marcos de Ros, guitarist of the progressive metal band AKASHIC, playing "Czardas", of Vittorio Monti. It was recorded live in 2006, and with him played the musicians Gustavo and João Viegas.

    Czardas is a traditional Hungarian folk dance, which was popularized by Roma music bands in Hungary and neighboring lands. Its origins can be traced back to the 18th century Hungarian verbunkos, used as a recruiting dance by the Hungarian army. Czardas is characterized by a variation in tempo: it starts out slowly (lassú) and ends in a very fast tempo. The best known "Czardas" is by Vittorio Monti written for violin and piano.

    Watch the video through the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xxAnyzL3FuA

    More information and samples of Akashic' and Marcos de Ros' works are available on MySpace at www.myspace.com/akashicrock and www.myspace.com/marcosderos

    Akashic Press


    Italian gothic metallers MACBETH will embark on a tour through UK the next spring. KatBGini from England will be the supporting act.

    Here are the currently confirmed tour dates:

    April 23 - MIDDLESBOROUGH - The Empire
    April 24 - EDINBURGH - The Liquid Rooms
    April 25 - PRESTON - The Venue
    April 26 - NEWCASTLE Upon Tyne - Carling Academy
    April 27 - LIVERPOOL - Barfly Club
    April 29 - ASHTON Under Lyne - The Witchwood
    April 30 - Mansfield NOTTINGHAM - The Mill
    May 1 - SHEFFILED - The Boardwalk Live
    May 2 - LEEDS - Rios
    May 3 - MANCHESTER - Manchester Club Academy

    Visit the official website www.macbeth.it or the band myspace page www.myspace.com/macbethband to see exactly where the online sales will start.

    The Italian tour to promote the fourth album of the band just started. “Superangelic Hate Bringers” will be released on November the 16th.

    The long-awaited first live album from Rob Zombie Zombie - Live (Geffen Records/UME)

    HOLLYWOOD (November 3, 2007) – Rob Zombie has confirmed his continued tour support with Ozzy Osbourne as we enter 2008. Zombie will invade North America with his legendary rock show and Ozzy in support of his long awaited Zombie-Live album in stores now.

    Come join the madness as Ozzy and Zombie take over North America ~

    Ozzy Osbourne/Rob Zombie tour dates:

    Sat 12/15 - Cincinnati, OH - Bogarts - ZOMBIE ONLY*
    Sun 12/16 - Chicago, IL - Allstate Arena
    Tue 12/18 - Detroit, MI - Joe Louis Arena
    Thu 12/20 - Cleveland, OH - Wolstein Center at CSU
    Fri 12/21 - Rochester, NY - Water Street Music Hall - ZOMBIE ONLY*
    Sat 12/22 - New York, NY - Madison Square Garden

    Thu 01/03 - Portland, ME - Cumberland County Civic Center
    Sat 01/05 - Washington, DC - Verizon Center
    Tue 01/08 - Worcester, MA - DCU Center
    Thu 01/10 - Philadelphia, PA - Wachovia Spectrum
    Sat 01/12 - Uncasville, CT - Mohegan Sun Arena
    Mon 01/14 - Quebec City, QC - Colisee Pepsi Arena
    Wed 01/16 - Montreal, QC - Bell Centre
    Sat 01/19 - London, ON - John LaBatt Centre
    Mon 01/21 - Toronto, ON - Air Canada Centre

    For more information www.robzombie.com or www.myspace.com/robzombie
  • Stigma Releases Artwork For Debut Album!

    Italian deathcore act STIGMA has revealed the artwork (http://i19.photobucket.com/albums/b196/Stigmavlad/Cover2.jpg) for their debut album, "When Midnight Strikes!" Recorded at Db Studios with producer Ettore Rigotti (DISARMONIA MUNDI), the album is slated to be due out in spring 2008 through Pivotal Rockordings. STIGMA has been mentioned in RockSound Magazine as the “watch out” band of the month."When Midnight Strikes" will feature guest appearances from Tim Zlinsky

    (THE CLASSIC STRUGGLE), Jacob Bredahl (ex HATESPHERE), Alberto Zannier (SLOWMOTION APOCALYPSE), Ivan Odorico (SLOWMOTION APOCALYPSE), and Mike Lunacy (DARK LUNACY). A video for the first single, “I Am Dracula,” was filmed by WhereCloudsPart and features a cameo appearance from Belgian break dancer Metal Girl. The trailer can be viewed on the band’s myspace page at (http://www.myspace.com/stigmhc)