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July 14th, 2005
  • PARIA bids farewell to singer Brian Craig!

    Brian Craig (Vocals) has decided he will be leaving the band at the end of the summer to go back to school, further his education, and continue perusing a career. In the two years that Brian has been with the band, he has done vocals on The Torn Instances EP as well as the full length Misanthropos. He will be doing one last short tour with us at the end of July. We want to thank him for all his contributions towards the band for the last two years and wish him the best with all future endeavors. Paul Pettit, formerly of Analog, will be filling in for an east coast tour in August and possibly joining the band.



    Inarborat Kosmos - the MCD is released for a little while, and it will most likely be sold-out soon. If you want a copy, order it now! Inarborat Kosmos shirts are also about to be sold out (see the design on: www.negurabunget.com/_promo/inarborat_shirt.html). You can still order both from us ([email protected]).

    OM - the work on the new album is going on full speed these days. By the beginning of August everything should be done. The album will be recorded on Negura Studio, and the clip & cover & DVD will be done by Encoil MARK. You can expect a lot of surprises to come with this... The DVD will be released by Code666 Records in a limited edition on a very special package, and will feature a brand new clip for a track of the album, live footages from Negura Bunget gigs, an extended media gallery, interviews, presentation, making-off, and lots of other extras...

    Negura Bunget gigs this year:

    Brutal Assault Festival (Czech Republic)
    - 12 Aug - SVOJSICE u Prelouce (along My Dying Bride, Obituary, Krisiun)

    OM Avampremiere Mini-Tour
    - 15 Sept - Bucuresti - Baza Militara
    - 16 Sept - Iasi/Sofia (TBC)
    - 17 Sept - Sibiu (TBC)
    - 18 Sept - Cluj (TBC)

    OM European Tour
    Transilvanian Black Metal band Negura Bunget is preparing an European Tour right after the release of the new album OM. The album will be officially released by code666 Records in October.

    We are interested at the moment in completing the tour plan, and we hope you can help us.


    we'll bring
    - our backline (guitars & bass combos, drum)
    - sound engineer
    - extended line-up, with lots of traditional instruments (pan-pipe, dulcimer...)
    - opening band (will be announced in the following days)
    - promotion ( 1000 promo packages sent to media, adds in big magazines)
    - posters (A2, color, as many as you need)

    we'll need
    - accommodation for 10 people
    - transportation cost covered (or percentage from ticket sales) / less for non-weekend dates

    Below are the dates we booked so far. We are waiting some more dates to be fixed in the following days. If you are interested in booking one as well, please get in contact with us ASAP to arrange the details!

    - 07 Oct - Belfast - Ireland (TBC)
    - 08 Oct - Dublin - Ireland (TBC)
    - 09 Oct - UK - TBA
    - 10 Oct - UK - TBA
    - 11 Oct - UK - TBA
    - 12 Oct - UK - TBA
    - 13 Oct - UK - TBA
    - 14 Oct - Brighton (UK) - (TBC)
    - 15 Oct - Bristol (UK) - (TBC)
    - 16 Oct - London (UK) - (TBC)
    - 17 Oct - TBA
    - 18 Oct - TBA
    - 19 Oct - TBA
    - 20 Oct - Hamburg (DE) - Markthalle
    - 21 Oct - Berlin (DE) - K17
    - 22 Oct - Plaue (DE) - Oskoreien Fest (TBC)
    - 23 Oct - DE - TBA
    - 24 Oct - DE - TBA
    - 25 Oct - DE - TBA
    - 26 Oct - DE - TBA
    - 27 Oct - Arnhem (NL) - Goudvishal (TBC)
    - 28 Oct - Leeuwarden (NL) - Gloppe (TBC)
    - 29 Oct - Bladel (NL) - Pazzop (TBC)
    - 30 Oct - Rotterdam (NL) - Baroeg (TBC)
    - 31 Oct - Hekelgem (BE) - 162 (TBC)
    - 01 Nov - FR/BE - TBA
    - 02 Nov - DE - TBA
    - 03 Nov - DE/PL - TBA
    - 04 Nov - DE/PL - TBA
    - 05 Nov - DE/PL - TBA
    - 06 Nov - DE/PL - TBA
    - 07 Nov - DE/PL - TBA
    - 08 Nov - DE/Pl - TBA
    - 09 Nov - DE/PL - TBA
    - 10 Nov - DE/SK - TBA
    - 11 Nov - DE/IT - TBA
    - 12 Nov - Littau (CH) - Piazza
    - 13 Nov - Bologna (IT) - Estragon




  • GHOST ORGY Debut Album - "Lullabies For Lunatics"

    Unflinching before today's anachronic encumberings, archetypes of discord undulate among platitude and retort, through dreams merged to ebbing beyonds.

    With the reflected superbness that glistens in the mad beauty of corpses to be, "Lullabies for Lunatics" is the writhing stillborn opus meant to enchant both poles of the human aural paradox.

    Power that grins, the dark muse clustered in five elements her ravishing chasms, resonating towards you a welcome into their lair, www.ghostorgy.com/epk. May it inspire you to thus vociferate back to the realm of mortals that revere your insightful penmanship.

    dark regards,
    Thoth Music
    Black Pumpkin Records
    Ghost Orgy



    20 days ago Innerwish's Bassist Antonis Mazarakis had a terrible accident. While he was driving with his motorbike a truck ran over him. Fortunately enough Antonis walked away from the accident with just bruises and scratches. Until this day he is resting at home waiting for his health to improve. He is expected to participate without problems in this year's Headbangers Open Air on 8th July 2005.

    More News will be added in the next days.See you all in HOA.


  • SALEM's new album "Strings Attached" is almost out. Meanwhile, you are officially invited to get a piece (or two) of the forthcoming action with our exclusive 2 full songs (The Fading and Coming end of reason) download, available NOW at www.salemband.com



    The critically acclaimed, highly influential Texas-based rock trio King's X has signed with Inside Out Music America. The band's recent work has been released by Inside Out except in North America, and signing with IOMA unifies its label worldwide.

    The first new King's X album from guitarist/vocalist Ty Tabor, bass guitarist/vocalist Doug Pinnick and drummer/vocalist Jerry Gaskill under the new deal will be released in North America on September 27, 2005. It is currently untitled and will include up to 14 songs; the track listing is being finalized.

    "Signing with InsideOut is due to the longstanding relationship we have with the great people at the label like Thomas Waber in Germany and Jim Pitulski here in America," says Tabor. "It's another opportunity where we found ourselves free to make a change. We have signed with a new booking agent too.

    "With Inside Out, we have that friendship and we have the same goals. They are also realistic and honest. They don't pull punches. It's a logical match."

    Tabor first got to know Waber and Pitulski in recent years via his solo and all-star side projects such as Platypus, The Jelly Jam and Jughead that were released by InsideOut. Gaskill's solo album 'Come Somewhere' was also issued by the label.

    The new King's X album was produced by Michael Wagener, who has produced, engineered or mixed work by the likes of Metallica, Alice Cooper, Queen, Ozzy Osbourne, Dokken, Megadeth, Motley Crue, Skid Row, Extreme and many others.

    "This was a big change for us after years of self-producing our albums. We wanted to be free to focus on the music itself. Things were often fragmented the past several years. I had to oversee a lot of business things -- such as working with different labels for different territories -- that sometimes didn't allow me to really focus on the music as much as I wanted," Tabor says.

    "Michael wasn't pushing us in any one direction. It was just four guys having a good time creating sounds and music. It's a broad-sounding record. It's hard to compare our music from album to album, but vocally this one has elements of early King's X and sonicaly it's similar to our recent ones.

    "It feels so fresh to be able to concentrate fully on the music. I honestly believe this new album is our best record in many, many years."

    King's X also plans to shoot videos for two singles from the album, their first promotional clips since 1998's 'Tapehead.' They will be directed by Dr. Teeth, who has helmed videos that are all over MTV for artists such as new hip-hop sensation Mike Jones. Tabor loves Dr. Teeth's hip-hop videos -- "The guy is extremely talented," he says -- and they met through mutual friends in Houston.

    Tabor explains that the band is refreshed after having taken this year off so far.

    "This was our first break after five straight years of torturous work on King's X and side projects. It was absolutely non-stop. Zero time off," he says.

    King's X is back with renewed energy and creative fire, and the eclectic nature of the band's work and Inside Out's expertise in quality handmade music makes it a perfect partnership.

    For all the latest King's X news, visit www.kingsxonline.com.


    Brutalized records have just released Beautician's long forthcoming split with Ecuador's GOREPHAGIA. These Ecuadorian chaps ply some seriously guttural Brutal Gory Death Metal. The Beautician side contains the 10 tracks of 'Waxed up for Public View' re-recorded, plus 6 newies and an Agnostic Front cover. All spat in your direction in around the 30 minute mark.

    Fecal Matter Discorporated release split with Kunt Vomit and Diseased Maggotectomy. This little bugger has been available to the public for a fair few months now, but has not been officially announced by yours truly. Kunt Vomit play some seriously hilarious and intense Grindcore, while Diseased Maggotectomy sound something like what the slime running under New York in Ghostbusters II would, had it swallowed Frank Mullen. The Beautician contribution is the nastiest thing yet recorded by the band.

    Available for US$6 plus shipping worldwide from http://fmd.deathgrind.com/


  • ANTIMATTER - Planetary Confinement (out 18th July in Germany, 25th July all other countries)

    Free mp3 at http://promedia.semperatus.de/mp3/antimatter_legions.mp3

    On towards new pastures - that was the idea of Mick Moss and Duncan Patterson, the two creative brains behind ANTIMATTER. While their first two albums seduced the listeners with a blending of relaxed guitars and darkly melancholic electronic elements, their new work "Planetary Confinement" has turned out as an acoustic, fragile, and very personal album.

  • THE VISION BLEAK - Carpathia (out on 29th August)

    29th August is the release date of the THE VISION BLEAK album called "Carpathia". "This is the fateful story of a businessman becoming heir to the old estates of his family in far and strange Carpathia," Schwadorf outlines the concept. We, the listeners, accompany the young man on this journey through creepy mountain passes, sit beside him in his cab, sense the slow assembly of evil, share his shivers as he encounters the rustic villagers of Carpathia, travel further into the exotic and fearfully outlandish world of "Arabian Nights", and at the end we know: the protagonist is cursed, probably even possessed.

    THE VISION BLEAK are also working on a videoclip for the song "Carpathia". Director of the clip is Dave Palser, who created videos for The Prodigy, My Dying Bride, Burzum, Cradle Of Filth and many more.

    Tracklist "Carpathia":
    1. The Drama Of The Wicked
    2. Secrecies In Darkness
    3. Carpathia
    4. Dreams In The Witchhouse
    5. Sister Najade (The Tarn By The Firs)
    6. The Curse Of Arabia
    7. Kutulu!
    8. The Carm Is Done

  • TENHI - Tenhi III-maaäet (no release date yet)

    At the moment TENHI are in the studio to record their new full length album "TENHI III maaäet". You can find a first roughmix of the new song "varpuspäivä" at the official TENHI homepage http://www.tenhi.com

    Tracklist "TENHI III maaäet"
    1. kuoppa
    2. varpuspäivä
    3. salain
    4. vähäinen violetissa
    5. sarastuskävijä
    6. aatos
    7. kausien ranta
    8. uuvu oravan luu
    9. tuulenkaato
    10. viimeiseen
    11. maa syttyy
    12. rannalta haettu


    Sweden-based sextet metal band Sonic Syndicate (http://www.sonicsyndicate.com/), formerly known as Fallen Angels, has inked a deal with Florida based Pivotal Rockordings (http://www.pivotalrage.com/label/). The group has nearly completed their debut Eden Fire, which will see a late summer/early fall release. The band recorded the album at Studiomega (The Crown, Beseech) and is currently mixing there as well. The album art for Eden Fire is available for viewing HERE. Two select demo tracks are currently up for download or stream on MySpace (http://www.myspace.com/sonicsyndicate). New MP3s from the full length should be posted in the near future.

  • PULVERIZED Touring Europe.

    Greetings from Mexico City.

    Marko, Bass/Vocals for Pulverized here!!

    In October we're going to Europe for a Tour... we're starting in Spain... and we're trying to get more dates, in France, Germany, Poland... and more.

    Please, if you can help us doing a gig, or contact me with some Organizers we'll appreciate... Thanx alot for your time.


    More info in: www.pulverized.us

    Announce This Godless Endeavor Listening Party

    Preparing for the July 26th North American release of their magnum opus, This Godless Endeavor, Seattle’s NEVERMORE filmed the video for “Final Product” in Los Angeles this past weekend. On the video shoot and its concept vocalist Warrel Dane commented: “We shot the video last Saturday for ‘Final Product’ with director Kevin Leonard (Himsa, Diecast), and it was a blast. He came up with a great concept, capturing the vibe of the song perfectly. Lots of manic live band shots and a brilliant performance by an actor named Bob Jones, who played a creepy character obsessed by the dreaded black seeds referred to in the lyrics. It’s going to be one hell of a video, and we were all really happy to be working with Kevin again.”

    When asked what is the band will be doing in the forthcoming weeks, Dane commented: “Next step, some rehearsals for festival dates in Europe and then Gigantour. We’ll be playing three rotating sets on Gigantour, so fans going to more than one show will get to hear different songs. This way we’ll be fully prepared for our European headlining tour that starts immediately afterwards. Plans are in the works for another U.S. tour, but nothing is confirmed as of yet. Until then, see you on Gigantour.”

    This Godless Endeavor was recorded in England with celebrated producer Andy Sneap (Machine Head, Arch Enemy), who recently remastered the band’s 2003 album Enemies Of Reality. Gigantour, which features Megadeth, Dream Theater, Fear Factory, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Life Of Agony, and more, will run across North America from late July to September. Dates can be found on the Century Media website.

    Seattle NEVERMORE fans can catch a preview of This Godless Endeavor at the July 15th album listening party hosted by KISW 99.9 FM’s Metal Shop (venue TBA).

    Gigantour featuring Megadeth, Dream Theater, Fear Factory, Dillinger Escape Plan, Nevermore, Life of Agony, Dry Kill Logic, Symphony X, Bobaflex

    07/21 Selland Arena- Fresno, CA
    07/22 Thomas and Mack Arena- Las Vegas, NV
    07/23 Cricket Pavilion- Phoenix, AZ
    07/24 Verizon Wireless Amphitheater- Irvine, CA
    07/26 The Cove @ Cal Expo- Sacramento, CA
    07/28 Open Air Theater- San Diego, CA
    07/29 Anselmo Valencia Amphitheatre- Tucson, AZ
    07/30 Journal Pavilion- Albuquerque, NM
    07/31 Coors Amphitheater- Denver, CO-cancelled
    08/02 Nokia Live- Dallas, TX
    08/03 Concrete Street Amphitheatre- Corpus Christi, TX
    08/05 Gwinett Arena- Atlanta, GA
    08/06 Hard Rock Live- Orlando, FL
    08/07 Sound Advice Amphitheatre- West Palm Beach, FL
    08/08 St Pete’s Times Forum- Tampa, FL
    08/10 DTE Energy Amphitheatre- Detroit, MI
    08/11 Coliseum Expo- Ft. Wayne, IN
    08/12 Tweeter Center- Chicago, IL
    08/13 The Rave Ballroom- Milwaukee, WI
    08/14 Tower City Amphitheater- Cleveland, OH
    08/17 Chevrolet Amphitheater- Pittsburgh, PA
    08/19 Civic Center- Portland, ME
    08/20 Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre- Manchester, NH
    08/21 Mid Hudson Civic Center- Poughkeepsie, NY
    08/23 Jones Beach Amphitheater- Wantagh, NY
    08/24 PNC Bank Arts Center- Holmdel, NJ
    08/26 Bank of America Pavilion- Boston, MA
    08/27 Sovereign Center- Reading, PA
    08/28 House of Blues- Atlantic City, NJ
    08/30 Darien Lakes Amphitheater- Buffalo, NY
    08/31 Big Sandy Superstore Arena- Huntington, WV
    09/02 Bell Centre- Montreal, QC
    09/03 Molson Amphitheatre- Toronto, ON

  • HARDEBARAN (promotion agency) will soon launch our very own label. Its name will be RED SKIES SOCIETY. So any band looking for a label can send its demos to RED SKIES SOCIETY c/o Françoise
    Laureys, Kasteelstraat 86/5, 1853 Strombeek-Bever, BELGIUM.

    http://www.hardebaran.com (a new website is currently under construction)

  • The hellish terror that is french-based P.H.O.B.O.S. lands with this their debut, the mega-corrosive Tectonics. On first listen, this audio nightmare complete with grating industrial waves, tortured doom and a multitude of dissonant yet hypnotic texture is expected to immediately please fans of avant-garde genius' Voivod, Neurosis and Godflesh. And yet that only scratches their chaotic surface...

    Formed in early 2000, P.H.O.B.O.S. is the brainchild of Frederic Sacri. Initially founded as a four-piece, Sacri has directed this band of musical mechanics, meticulously recording and molding material and a sound unlike many of their peers. Entering Red Studios in 2004 with producer Olivier Anicaus, Tectonics immediately finds a band already highly evolved and one that, alongside countrymen (and labelmates) Blut Aus Nord and Overmars, are pioneering a new lineage for metal.


  • On first listen it is difficult to peg a specific genre for the music created by France's OVERMARS. It's a sound likended to mashing equal parts Godflesh, Poison the Well, and Amorphis only the result is something completely unlike its credible ingredients. And even when you think you've got it... well think again.

    Affliction, Endocrine... Vertigo is the US debut for this seven-piece band. Already having numerous independent recordings to their credit, the record is as challenging an offering you will find this year. Sophisticated songwriting chock full of complex and multi-layered arrangements, impressive musicianship and a complete disdain of conformity, the band should no doubt appeal to fans across a spectrum of styles and genres.

    A darker-than-thou, apocalytpic mood embraces the album's near 70 minutes of play. A simple piano, a desperate cry, a barrage of guitar, the record is a musical assault of the senses. And still only 2 years old, their mastery of their craft is not only highly respectable but one that should find them a solid and loyal following.

    Tons of pics available at: www.destroyalldreamers.org


    - Three-Day-Tickets sold out
    - Sunday-Tickets sold out
    - Saturday-Tickets almost sold out
    - A couple of hundred Friday-Tickets left

    The pace of the ticket sales for Tuska Open Air Metal Festival in Kaisaniemi, Helsinki during 15.-17.7.2005 has been phenomenal.

    When the tickets went on sale in April, the sales went through the roof on the first day. The sales of the first day would have filled the entire festival three years ago.

    Three-day-festival tickets have now been sold out as well as the Sunday-tickets. Some reserved tickets may still become available.

    There are a couple of dozen of Saturday-tickets and a couple of hundred Friday-tickets still remaining but these will not last for long.

    There will be no tickets to be sold at the festival gates. Sold out means sold out.

    The remaining tickets for Tuska 2005 cost 32 euro each and are available through www.tiketti.fi, and www.lippupalvelu.fi.

    Tickets for the evening clubs are available only at www.tiketti.fi. The ticket prices for the clubs range from 6 to 8 euro. Tickets for Nightlife Rock are sold only at the door.

    Additional Information:

  • CRUZ DEL SUR MUSIC is proud to announce a new release... It’s “On Fire” the new sophomore album from North Carolina’s WIDOW!

    Widow explores the neo-classical side of heavy metal combined with their death metal roots. The morbid personality of each member comes together to form the unique sound of the band.

    After their debut album “Midnight Strikes” was released on Tribunal Records, WIDOW signed a contract with Cruz Del Sur Music for the release of “On Fire”.

    The album was first released in Japan through Spiritual Beast, obtaining a pretty fair response. Now it’s the time for North American fans to experience “On Fire”, and in September the album will be finally release over Europe as well.

    There’s a preview of the full album available at our website, where you can check a bit of each song.

  • SLOUGH FEG’s Atavism: soon available the vinyl limited edition!

    The LP edition of “Atavism” will be released next month FOREST MOON SPECIAL PRODUCTS, a newborn US label. To get this unique collector’s piece, you can get in touch with the label itself, http://www.forestmoonspecialproducts.com.

  • PHARAOH: details on “The Longest Night” (cruz11)

    PHARAOH, the Pennsylvania-based four-piece featuring veteran vocal powerhouse Tim Aymar, best known for his work with Chuck Schuldiner's CONTROL DENIED, are nearing the completion of their second full-length album at MCR Studio. Entitled "The Longest Night", the follow-up to 2003's "After the Fire" is said to take the band's traditional metal sound in a more sophisticated direction. Due in early autumn via Italy's Cruz del Sur Music, "The Longest Night" will also feature dazzling artwork by Jean-Pascal Fournier (IMMORTAL, EDGUY) and a promised special guest guitarist whose name has yet to be announced. "The Longest Night" is being jointly produced by Matt Crooks (TWISTED TOWER DIRE, DIVISION) and PHARAOH guitarist Matt Johnsen.

    "The Longest Night" track listing:

    01. Sunrise
    02. I am the Hammer
    03. Violet Fire
    04. By the Night Sky
    05. Kill the Dreamer
    06. The Longest Night
    07. Fighting
    08. Time Goes By
    09. Windchaser
    10. Never Run

  • ENSOPH: recordings of “Project X-Katon” just started.

    ENSOPH have just entered the HEARTBEAT studios (YMC division) to record the follow-up of their successful “Opus Dementiae” album, released by Cruz Del Sur Music in 2004.

    The album title is “PROJECT X-KATON ”, and is going to be mixed by Giuseppe Orlando at Outer Sound studios (Novembre, Stormlord, Klimt 1918 etc.) and mastered by Goran Finnberg at The Mastering Room, Sweden.

    To point out an important collaboration for this new release between Ensoph and Steve Sylvester, founder and singer of the legendary Italian horror-metal combo DEATH SS.

    Steve is going to provide his personal version of one of ENSOPH’s classics, “Sun Of The Liar”, and will participate in the recording of Soft Cell’s “Sex Dwarf” cover included in the album.

    Besides, it is also confirmed the guest-presence of Elyghen of the folk-metal band ELVENKING on violin.

    Some titles of “PROJECT X-KATON ” include:


    ENSOPH are still working on the recordings of THE HOURGLASS ORDALIA, the long-awaited “industrial album” to be mastered at the HEARTBEAT studio. The release-date of this very uncommon project has been slightly delayed to permit to all the guest Artists to complete their collaborations.

    Expect then the best of the Italian industrial scene with names such as AIN SOPH, FORESTA DI FERRO, BAD SECTOR, VOID OF SILENCE (please note this is the last track ever recorded by this favolous band before its separation), CANAAN, THEE MALDOROR KOLLECTIVE, AIT!, ARGINE, RAN. Full guest-list will be unleashed soon...

    Furthermore ENSOPH announces its only confirmed Summer show:

    Wednesday 10th of August, DEATH SS + ENSOPH at VENICE ROCK FESTIVAL Favaro Veneto(VE) (www.venicerockfestival.it)

  • EVENT HORIZON will end the recordings of their first album “Naked on the Black Floor” that’s going to feature 8 songs of Heavy ProgMetal plus an intro with a certain industrial flavour. Among the featured titles, there is space for “Zero”, “Bited” and “Again”, songs that already were on their last promo and that have been completely recorded again.

    The artwork is almost complete now, by the professional hands of Federico Rebusso, known for his works for Magnifiqat and Cultus Sanguine ( and also for Event Horizon’s website).

    Last show before of Summer will take place on the 3rd of July at the Marmaja club (Cusano Milanino, MI, Via Monte Grappa 27). EVENT HORIZON will play together with label mates LIFEND.


    Seattle NEVERMORE fans heed! This Godless Endeavor will be played in its entirety at Seattle’s Studio 7 on July 16th from 8:00 to 10:00 PM. Hosted by KISW 99.9 FM’s Metal Shop, all are welcome to this free event. The album will be released on July 26, during the band’s main stage summer appearance on Megadeth’s Gigantour alongside Dream Theater, Fear Factory, Dillinger Escape Plan, Life Of Agony and more. Complete dates can be found here. To listen to an MP3 of “Final Product,” click here. As reported earlier, NEVERMORE filmed the video for “Final Product” recently in Los Angeles and are currently preparing for this weekend’s European summer festival performances. This Godless Endeavor was recorded in England with celebrated producer Andy Sneap (Machine Head, Arch Enemy), who recently remastered the band’s 2003 album Enemies Of Reality.


    Unleashing 3rd Album PLANETS Worldwide

    HOLLYWOOD (June 23, 2005) - Southern California modern rock giants Adema return with a new singer and a brand new album of pure rock in the vein of A Perfect Circle, Incubus, and Hoobastank.

    Recorded at Fat Tracks Studio in Adema's hometown of Bakersfield, California, "Planets" showcases world- class Songwriting and musicianship beyond anything Adema has ever recorded. Adema has scanned nearly a million sales in the last three years yet "Planets" surpasses all its previous work.

    Standout tracks include: the first single, "Tornado"; title track, "Planets"; a ballad, "Rise Above"; rocker "Bad Triangle", featuring a guest vocal appearance by Jujitsu master Ralek Gracie, aka Rio Life, a member of the world-renowned Gracie Family (and friend of Adema drummer Kris Kohls, himself an avid Jujitsu trainer); and fierce closer, "Vikraphone". Yet, the truth is, all the tracks on "Planets" (count them, 16!... plus one extra surprise!) are expertly-crafted, hook-laden songs; there is not a miss among them.

    Replacing original Adema singer (and half-brother of Korn's Jonathan Davis), Marky Chavez, is Luke Caraccioli. The new voice of Adema, Caraccioli brings immense talent and energy into the mix, guiding Adema's sound into a new, more mature direction. A standout in the Southern California rock scene for years as frontman for Rewind Yesterday, Caraccioli beat out a slew of other young hopefuls for the coveted spot in Adema. Possessing passion and control

    reminiscent of Maynard Keenan and Brandon Boyd, Caraccioli stands ready to lead Adema back onto the international scene -- a more powerful force than ever before.

    Caraccioli is backed by founding members Kris Kohls (drums), Tim Fluckey (guitar), and Dave DeRoo (bass). All three are seasoned veterans of the Southern California music scene -- Kohls has played and recorded with Nikki Sixx's Brides Of Destruction, Christian Death, and Videodrone (the first band signed to Korn's record label, Elementree), while DeRoo did time in SexArt (Jonathan Davis of Korn's original band).

    On "Planets", Kohls, Fluckey, and DeRoo draw on all their years of experience -- the tours with such bands as Linkin Park, Static-X, Godsmack, and Disturbed; the time spent in the public eye making TV appearances on such shows as The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Jimmy Kimmel Live, and Carson Daly's Last Call; the quick ascent to the forefront of the rock scene, selling hundreds of thousands of records worldwide -- and come forth with a new album that shatters all preconceived notions. Armed with Caraccioli's youthful edge and undeniable vocal authority, Adema is a new animal. Everything up to now was just a prelude. Adema has arrived.

    2005 will see the band heading out on a stint of worldwide touring. Incredibly, the first stop, in early April, is the Persian Gulf region to play at the request of the USO for US troops stationed at Army bases in the area. It's a well trodden path recently beaten by such luminaries as David Letterman, 50 Cent/G-Unit, and Henry Rollins amongst others. As a former Marine himself, Caraccioli is no stranger to appearing in a war zone, and he relishes the chance to return and offer his support to the troops. Following the USO tour, Adema will tour the US, UK and Europe.

    2005 is the year "Planets" will send Adema into a whole different orbit. Earache is proud to be a part of this crucial step in Adema's career.

  • Festival Méan Metal
    09/07/2005 - 10:00 - 13 euros

    info: http://www.metalmean.be.tf

    In Quest (be)
    Kronos (fr)
    Natron (it)
    Morgador (de)
    Excavated (be)
    Emptiness (be)
    Never Light Horizon (be)
    Livor Mortis (be)
    Blow Up (be)
    Catarrhal (be)
    Gargariss (be)
    Noctural Addiction (be)



    HOLLYWOOD (June 23, 2005) - The title is a humorous homage to ‘Sin City’ where Jizzy spent a ‘lost weekend’ lasting more than a year. Locking himself away in a room with 5 pounds of coffee and an acoustic guitar Jizzy wrote the entire record in three weeks and it is his best yet.

    Jizzy Pearl is as permanent a fixture on the Sunset Strip as is the Whisky a go-go or the Rainbow Bar & Grill. Starting in the early days of Guns 'n' Roses then with Love/Hate to arena rock with RATT, today Jizzy Pearl continues to do what he loves most, write and record music. Not only has he played on 11 major records and a host of tribute and soundtrack recordings but he has also written and published two of his own books.

    In 1990 Jizzy was the singer of Love/Hate whose breakthrough Sony record release--"Blackout in the Red Room" won critical acclaim and started him on the never-ending roller coaster of singing, recording and touring. Love/Hate went on to release 5 more records in the years that followed until Jizzy joined L.A. Guns in 1998. Jizzy co-wrote on their fifth record- "Shrinking Violet". In 2000 Jizzy replaced Stephen Pearcy in RATT and has spent the last five summers touring with them. In that time, he completed his second solo record “Just a Boy”, an EP with Adler’s Appetite. Now his third outing on Shrapnel Records, VEGAS MUST DIE!

    VEGAS MUST DIE feature’s guitar work, by former Salty Dog guitarist, Pete Reveen with production and musical help from Great White alumni Michael Lardie. VEGAS MUST DIE captures all the intensity of Led Zeppelin 1, AC/DC and the best of Jizzy’s former band Love/Hate. VEGAS MUST DIE is all about Old School, turn it up and play it LOUD!

July 8th, 2005
  • CELTIC FROST: New Album To Be Produced By PETER TAGTGREN

    Reunited Swiss avant-garde metallers CELTIC FROST have selected HYPOCRISY/PAIN mainman Peter Tagtgren to co-produce their long-awaited comeback effort, tentatively titled Dark Matter Manifest. The band willl enter Horus Sound Studio in Hannover, Germany on August 1 to begin recording their first collection of new material since 1990's Vanity/Nemesis. Songtitles set to appear on the CD include Incantation Against You, Obscured, Ain Elohim and Temple of Depression.

    CELTIC FROST, who have been mixing new demo material at Oakland Recording in Winterthur, Switzerland, have yet to secure a record deal for their upcoming CD.

    [Source: Blabbermouth.net]

    Metal Maniacs

  • ANAL CUNT Frontman Continues Recovery Following Seizure

    ANAL CUNT frontman Seth Putnam has posted the following message on his web site:

    "Sorry it's been so long since my last update. I switched to a new hospital [after suffering a seizure late last year] that didn't have a computer. Then on my 37th birthday (May 15) it was the last day for me at that hospital, and I got involved wtih a state-run program. I'm basically living in a foster home for cripples now. I'm not as crippled as I was earlier, I use a walker to get around nowadays, but I'm not in a wheelchair anymore. For anyone who has ordered shirts or CDs from me please be patient, I'll try to get the orders out to you in the next couple of months. Sorry to take so long but I'm not living where the shirts and CDs are stored. Also I don't have a computer where I'm living now either, so I can't really answer emails. I'm a few months behind on checking emails as it is.

    "ANAL CUNT managed to do a show on June 1. We got added onto the EYEHATEGOD show in Boston. I had to sit in a chair during the show because I can't walk, but we sounded great. It was also the first show with John Gillis back on drums. We played for about 15-20 minutes. I'd like to thank EYEHATEGOD for getting us on the show. So when I eventually get to a place where I get to use a computer regularly, I'll get back to all the emails I have."

    [Source: Blabbermouth.net]

    Metal Maniacs

  • Alan Tecchio Named As New SEVEN WITCHES Singer

    It's official. After and exhaustive search, Alan Tecchio is the new singer for Seven Witches. Alan has a long history of great projects under his belt including Hades, Non-Fiction and Watch Tower and is sure to be a great addition to Seven Witches. It was a major decision and a tough one, but Alan is definitively the man for the job. Look for Alan's vocal talents on the next Seven Witches album Metal Nation. Metal Maniacs

  • GOD FORBID Studio Report; Headlining Dates Announced

    Ozzfest 2004 alumni GOD FORBID are currently wrapping up the recording process for their highly anticipated new album IV:Constitution Of Treason, set for a September 20th release. The group finished tracking with Jason Suecof (Trivium) at Audiohammer Studios in Florida and are now completing the process with Eric Rachel (Atreyu, Dillinger Escape Plan) at Trax East in New Jersey. GOD FORBID have also locked down a slew of headlining shows in July with Full Blown Chaos and Himsa, among others; the complete list of dates are below.

    Doc Coyle (guitars, vocals) checks in with the following studio report: "We are almost done with the general tracking of IV:Constitution of Treason. We're currently finishing up the bass tracks, extra guitar stuff and a little bit of the ear candy that goes onto a record to give it some added spice. The mixdown will take place with Eric Rachel throughout June. Not to blow smoke, but it sounds incredible thus far, and several of the few that have heard it demand that it's our best work to date. I'm not going to argue with them, but I won't make any severe judgments until it's completely done.

    I can say that Byron has made some huge leaps in his vocal range and tone. Producer, Jason Suecof, showed his quality in that regard. I think people will be surprised when they hear the growth in the vocals overall, as we used more of triple vocal approach. Musically, it's a more refined and complex version of the traditional GOD FORBID sound, but it offers several new twists and turns to the fold. I can't wait until it's all done so everyone can hear it. Since the album doesn't come out until September 20th, we don't expect to tour until late August or early September, but we have booked several summer shows in the meantime to stay busy and showcase some of the new material. Hope to see everyone on the road. Peace."

    GOD FORBID Headlining
    July 8th Latham, NY Saratoga Winners w/ Himsa, Full Blown Chaos, The Agony Scene and The Esocteric
    July 17th Sayreville, NJ The Starland Ballroom w/ bands tba


    Metal Maniacs

  • THE HAUNTED Prepare For Ozzfest,
    Announce Off-Dates and Complete New Video

    Swedish thrash titans THE HAUNTED are currently preparing themselves for Ozzfest, on which they'll tour this summer in support of rEVOLVEr, their critically acclaimed new album. They will also take part in a slew of major off-dates alongside the likes of Arch Enemy, Black Dahlia Murder, Shadows Fall and It Dies Today, among others (see below for their complete summer touring schedule). This is the group's first U. run since wrapping up the Devastation Across The Nation Tour alongside Damageplan and Shadows Fall last year. In addition, they recently completed a new video for "No Compromise" with acclaimed director Roger Johansson (In Flames, Soilwork); look for it to make its Headbangers Ball and Metal Asylum debut next month.

    Peter Dolving (vocals) further describes the band's excitement over being a part of this year's Ozzfest lineup: "I honestly feel a little Bart Simpson waking up alone in a mall, or a wolf realizing he for some reason is right in the middle of a sheep herd. I don't know if that remotely illustrates the deal, but I will say this: THE HAUNTED are ready for this shit, and I hope the kids who come out to the shows are too. The last couple of months have all been about honing in further on the core of what we're about as a band - like a Tomahawk missile closing in. This tour will crush.

    "We've just finished a pretty boy-band video to make us ugly fuckers looking sweeter than your next-door Class A golden boy jock-meat, all to make sure that every damned household gets a sniff of the ol?riff-o-rama. All out thrash mayhem is what they asked for, and yes, that's what we're bringin! Oh, and you know what? Feel no shame for loving us, cause that's just fine - we'll bring enough hate for everyone. Over and out."

    Now four albums into the band's stellar career, THE HAUNTED have returned with their most savage assault yet, proving that there truly is no compromise. The innovators of Swedish thrash metal deliver their most dynamic offering yet, and they are ready to lay waste to anything that stands in their way.

    THE HAUNTED - Ozzfest Off-Dates
    7/16 The Medley- Montreal, QC (w/ Arch Enemy, Black Dahlia Murder, It Dies Today
    7/18 Higher Ground- So. Burlington, VT (w/ Arch Enemy, Black Dahlia Murder, It Dies Today, A Dozen Furies)
    7/22 Piere's- Ft Wayne, IN (w/Shadows Fall, Black Dahlia Murder, It Dies Today)
    7/25 The Crowbar- State College, PA (w/ Shadows Fall, Black Dahlia Murder, It Dies Today)
    8/01 Peabody's Down Under- Cleveland, OH (w/ Arch Enemy, Black Dahlia Murder, It Dies Today, A Dozen Furies)
    8/05 Bogarts- Cincinnati, OH (w/Shadows Fall, In Flames, Arch Enemy, Black Dahlia Murder, It Dies Today)
    8/09 The Starlight- Ft Collins, CO (w/ Arch Enemy, Black Dahlia Murder, It Dies Today, A Dozen Furies)
    8/19 Soma- San Diego, CA (w/Killswitch Engage, As I Lay Dying, Soilwork, Arch Enemy, Black Dahlia Murder, It Dies Today, A Dozen Furies)
    8/22 Rialto Theatre- Tucson, AZ (w/Shadows Fall, Black Dahlia Murder, It Dies Today, Bury Your Dead)
    8/26 La Villa Real- McAllen, TX (w/ Shadows Fall, In Flames, Arch Enemy, Black Dahlia Murder)
    8/29 Pop's- Sauget, IL (w/Shadows Fall, In Flames, Arch Enemy)
    9/01 House of Blues- Myrtle Beach, SC (w/Shadows Fall, In Flames, Arch Enemy)

    THE HAUNTED On Ozzfest
    7/15 Tweeter Center- Boston, MA
    7/17 Meadows Music Center- Hartford, CT
    7/19 Tweeter Waterfront- Camden, NJ
    7/21 Darien Lakes- Buffalo, NY
    7/23 Post Gazette Pavilion- Burgettstown, PA
    7/24 Nissan Pavilion- Bristow, VA
    7/26 PNC Bank Arts Center- Holmdel, NJ
    7/27 PNC Bank Arts Center- Holmdel, NJ
    7/30 Tweeter Center Chicago- Tinley Park, IL
    7/31 Verizon Wireless Music Center- Noblesville, IN
    8/02 Germain Amphitheater- Columbus, OH
    8/04 DTE Energy Music Theatre- Clarkston, MI
    8/06 Alpine Valley Music Theatre- East Troy, WI
    8/07 Float-Rite Amphitheatre- Somerset, WI
    8/11 White River Amphitheatre- Auburn, WA
    8/13 Shoreline Amphitheatre- Mountain View, CA
    8/14 Sleep Train Amphitheatre- Marysville, CA
    8/16 USANA Amphitheatre- West Valley City, UT
    8/18 Cricket Pavilion- Phoenix, AZ
    8/20 Hyundai Pavilion- San Bernardino, CA plus Slipknot
    8/23 Journal Pavilion- Albuquerque, NM
    8/25 Smirnoff Music Center- Dallas, TX
    8/27 Mitchell Pavilion- Woodlands, TX
    8/28 Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre- Selma, TX
    8/31 Starwood Amphitheatre- Antioch, TN
    9/02 Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre- Charlotte, NC
    9/04 Sound Advice Amphitheatre- West Palm Beach, FL


    Metal Maniacs


    New York, NY - Roadrunner Records has advanced in the process of putting together the groundbreaking "Roadrunner All-Stars" record to mark the label's 25th Anniversary. The full-length release will contain original musical collaborations between past and present Roadrunner artists. Approximately 50 musicians are expected to participate in this record, making it a most elaborate collaboration project.

    Four central musicians have been chosen to produce and write all the songs. Previously announced were Joey Jordison (Slipknot), Dino Cazares (ex-Fear Factory/Brujeria) and Robert Flynn (Machine Head). The fourth writer/producer has recently been selected - 19 year-old metal prodigy Matt Heafy will take the lead of the fourth team. His band, TRIVIUM, has been called "&the valedictorian(s) of the 2005 metal clasS," by HIT PARADER Magazine. "It blew my mind to be asked to participate on this album and write a few tracks," says Heafy "It's an amazing honor to be able to record with artists that I used to emulate and listen to growing up." These four musicians will not only play on the songs they have written but also assemble a unique team of Roadrunner artists to appear on each track.

    Notable progress has been made in Jordison's, Cazares' and Flynn's teams. Music has been laid down, but vocals have yet to be added. The vocalists for the tracks have not been confirmed as yet. The artists that have contributed to the tracks recorded thus far are&

    Rob Barrett (Malevolent Creation)
    Matt Baumbach (Vision Of Disorder)
    Dino Cazares (Fear Factory/Brujeria)
    Steve DiGiorgio (Sadus)
    Matt DeVries (Chimaira)
    Marcelo Dias (Soulfly)
    Robert Flynn (Machine Head)
    Rhys Fulber (Fear Factory/Front Line Assembly)
    Paul Gray (Slipknot)
    Andols Herrick (Chimaira)
    Steve Holt (36 Crazyfists)
    Joey Jordison (Slipknot)
    Andreas Kisser (Sepultura)
    Logan Mader (Machine Head)
    Roy Mayorga (Soulfly)
    Dave McClain (Machine Head)
    James Murphy (Obituary/Disincarnate)
    Tommy Niemeyer (Gruntruck)
    Nadja Peulen (Coal Chamber)
    Dave Pybus (Cradle Of Filth)
    Souren 'Mike' Sarkisyan (Spineshank)
    Acey Slade (Murderdolls)
    Jeff Waters (Annihilator)
    Jordan Whelan (Still Remains)
    Christian Olde Wolbers (Fear Factory)

    Contributions to Heafy's tracks are scheduled to come over the next month from&
    Corey Beaulieu (Trivium)
    Mike D'Antonio (Killswitch Engage)
    Matthew K. Heafy (Trivium)
    Johnny Kelly (Type O Negative)

    And futher contributions to the album are also expected from:
    Andy LaRocque (King Diamond)
    Tom Holkenberg (Junkie XL)
    Josh Silver (Type O Negative)

    Though no vocals have been recorded as yet, vocalists scheduled to appear on the album are&
    Glen Benton (Deicide)
    Keith Caputo (Life Of Agony)
    Max Cavalera (Soulfly)
    King Diamond (Mercyful Fate/King Diamond)
    Dez Fafara (DevilDriver/Coal Chamber)
    Dani Filth (Cradle Of Filth)
    Matthew K. Heafy (Trivium)
    Mark Hunter (Chimaira)
    Howard Jones (Killswitch Engage)
    Brock Lindow (36 Crazyfists)
    Jesse Leach (Killswitch Engage)
    Daryl Palumbo (Glassjaw)
    Peter Steele (Type O Negative)
    John Tardy (Obituary)
    Kyle Thomas (Exhorder/Floodgate)

    The project is being overseen by longtime Roadrunner A&R man Monte Conner. "I feel like Dr. Frankenstein, combining various musicians to form all these different monsters," says Conner. "It's an incredible amount of work but I am having the time of my life doing it. In the end, it will sound like a cohesive record. So far, Joey, Robert and Dino have all really worked their asses off, taking this project as seriously as they would their own bands. I am quite indebted to them. They've all done an unbelievable job."

    Mixing duties will be handled by legendary hard rock producer, Colin Richardson. The album is tentatively scheduled for release in the Fall of 2005. Metal Maniacs

  • ARCH ENEMY Post Doomsday Machine Cover Art; Ozzfest Off-Dates Announced

    ARCH ENEMY have completed work on their highly anticipated new album, Doomsday Machine, set for a July 26th release. The disc's striking cover art by acclaimed artist Joachim Luetke (Dimmu Borgir) has just been posted here:

    Michael Amott (guitarist/songwriter) comments: "We are all extremely pleased with the artwork for the new album! I had a few ideas initially that I discussed with Joachim on the phone, and when he started sending over images, we were seriously blown away. When you work with creative people of this caliber, you just let them do what they do, so we just let him get on with it. He's a very productive guy, very sharp. He expanded on the Doomsday Machine concept and took it to some really interesting (albeit very dark) places. It's one of those great situations when the artwork totally works with the music. Simply awesome."

    With their dynamic mixture of melody and aggression, ARCH ENEMY are poised to be this year's Ozzfest breakthrough artist. They have a slew of high profile off-dates scheduled this summer with such acclaimed acts as Black Dahlia Murder, In Flames, The Haunted and Trivum, among others (see below for their complete summer touring schedule). With Doomsday Machine, the group delivers the album of their career and redefines the genre they helped to create.



    w/ The Haunted, Black Dahlia Murder, It Dies Today
    7/16 The Medley Montreal, QC
    7/18 Higher Ground So. Burlington, VT plus A Dozen Furies

    w/In Flames, Trivium, A Dozen Furies
    7/22 The Drink London, ON
    7/29 Pop's Sauget, IL

    7/16 Glen Falls Civic Center Glen Falls, NY (w/Mudvayne, Shadows Fall, Trivium, Killswitch Engage, In Flames, Soilwork, As I lay Dying)
    8/01 Peabody's Down Under Cleveland, OH (w/ The Haunted, Black Dahlia Murder, It Dies Today)
    8/05 Bogarts Cincinnati, OH (w/ Shadows Fall, In Flames, The Haunted, Black Dahlia Murder, It Dies Today)
    8/09 The Starlight Ft Collins, CO (w/ The Haunted, Black Dahlia Murder, It Dies Today, A Dozen Furies)
    8/19 Soma San Diego, CA (w/ Killswitch Engage, As I Lay Dying, Soilwork, The Haunted, Black Dahlia Murder, It Dies Today, A Dozen Furies)
    8/26 La Villa Real- McAllen, TX (w/ Shadows, Fall, In Flames, The Haunted, Black Dahlia Murder)
    8/29 Pop's- Sauget, IL (w/ Shadows Fall, In Flames, The Haunted)
    9/01 House of Blues Myrtle Beach, SC (w/ Shadows Fall, In Flames, The Haunted)

    ARCH ENEMY On Ozzfest
    7/15 Tweeter Center Boston, MA
    7/17 Meadows Music Center Hartford, CT
    7/19 Tweeter Waterfront Camden, NJ
    7/21 Darien Lakes Buffalo, NY
    7/23 Post Gazette Pavilion Burgettstown, PA
    7/2 Nissan Pavilion Bristow, VA
    7/26 PNC Bank Arts Center Holmdel, NJ
    7/27 PNC Bank Arts Center Holmdel, NJ
    7/30 Tweeter Center Chicago Tinley Park, IL
    7/31 Verizon Wireless Music Center Noblesville, IN
    8/02 Germain Amphitheater Columbus, OH
    8/04 DTE Energy Music Theatre Clarkston, MI
    8/06 Alpine Valley Music Theatre East Troy, WI
    8/07 Float-Rite Amphitheatre Somerset, WI
    8/11 White River Amphitheatre Auburn, WA
    8/13 Shoreline Amphitheatre Mountain View, CA
    8/14 Sleep Train Amphitheatre Marysville, CA
    8/16 USANA Amphitheatre West Valley City, UT
    8/18 Cricket Pavilion Phoenix, AZ
    8/20 Hyundai Pavilion San Bernardino, CA
    8/23 Journal Pavilion Albuquerque, NM
    8/25 Smirnoff Music Center Dallas, TX
    8/27 Mitchell Pavilion Woodlands, TX
    8/28 Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre Selma, TX
    8/31 Starwood Amphitheatre Charlotte, NC
    9/04 Sound Advice Amphitheatre West Palm Beach, FL
    Metal Maniacs

  • Season Of Mist Announce The SONIC SOLSTICE Festival

    At summer's end, a few days after the equinox, on September 24, in cold Oslo the first Season of Mist festival, SONIC SOLTICE, will be launched:


    Venue: Rockefeller [www.rockefeller.no]

    Tickets: 200 NOK + 25 NOK fee, 18 and over show
    Doors open: 20.00 hours

    Metal Maniacs


    The record is done!! Mixing starts this week after a few minor adds. On another new, Chris has once again been "cleaning house" at the studio and has some equipment available for those interested. Hopefully this will be posted on the website soon as well. Any items purchased will gladly been signed by Chris if requested.

    Thanks Again for your support!

    Steve Bauer
    Rep. Chris Poland/OHM

    Chris Poland Equipment For Sale...

    Austone Electronics Vibrostomp
    Austone Electronics Soul-O-Stomp
    MXR Micro Amp
    X-otic Effects USA RC Booster
    Palmer Junction Di-Box (2 avail)
    Techstar Buffer
    Prescription Electronics C.O.B. pedal (clean, octave, blend)
    Celestion Speakers (2 Vintage 30s avail)
    Demeter Amplification Real Reverb
    Lehle D. Loop Programmable Dual Loop
    Pearce G2r Amplifier (w/ manual)
    Pearce Amplification Foot Switcher (FS-2)
    Musicman HD120 Amplifier
    Musicman Svetlana EL-34
    Presonus ACP-8 (8 channel analog controlled dynamics processor)
    Presonus M80 preamp
    THD Hot Plate; 4 ohm output (2 avail)
    Yamaha REV500 Reverb Unit
    Metal Maniacs


    Relapse Records recording artists NILE have completed work on the first music video from their acclaimed new album, Annihilation of the Wicked.

    The video, for the song "Sacrifice Unto Sebek" was shot on location in Atlanta, Georgia by Director Chad Rullman (MASTODON's "March of the Fire Ants," THE AGONY SCENE) for Supercollider Films and features NILE (guitarist/vocalist Karl Sanders, guitarist / vocalist Dallas Toler-Wade and drummer George Kollias) performing inside an eerie Egyptian burial chamber, replete with actual design motifs of ancient Egyptian culture. The video is expected to make its world premiere imminently.

    NILE's Annihilation of the Wicked album hit stores on May 24th, shifting over 5000 units in just its first week of release.
    Metal Maniacs

    Devil Doll / This Dark Reign are currently seeking artists for their ever-growing roster. The labels are looking for true underground black metal and death metal artists, but not limited to these specific genres. Interested parties should submit their material to;

    Devil Doll / This Dark Reign
    Att: A+R
    POB 30727
    Long Beach, CA 90853

    Artists seeking a professional label with strong distribution worldwide, PR and marketing should seriously consider the label for their projects.

    Devil Doll Records has always been a supporter of underground music and more specifically unsigned bands. The label has always included such artists on their various compilation releases as well as support tours and publicity. Now the label is trying to create a new medium for unsigned artists to market, solicit and sell their products through the Devil Doll label. The program is completely non-exclusive and 100% artist friendly. You set your own rules and Devil Doll helps you attain your goals. All music genres are welcome and it's not limited to bands that are not signed. Devil Doll will work with most artists. For more information, please visit the labels website at http://www.devildollrecords.com


    Slough Feg
    (w/Bible of the Devil*)
    07/08/05 Replay Lounge Lawrence KS
    07/09/05 Sokol Underground Omaha NE
    07/10/05 Big V's St. Paul MN
    07/11/05 Busted Lift Dubuque IA
    07/12/05 Double Door Chicago IL*
    07/13/05 Mac's Lansing MI*
    07/14/05 Bug Jar Rochester NY*
    07/15/05 TBA Portland ME*
    07/16/05 O'Briens Allston MA*
    07/17/05 North Six Brooklyn NY*
    07/18/05 Sidebar Tavern Baltimore MD*
    07/19/05 Nanci Raygun Richmond VA
    07/20/05 TBA No. Carolina
    07/21/05 The End Nashville TN
    07/22/05 Downtown Music Little Rock AR
    07/23/05 TBA Ft. Worth TX
    07/24/05 Room 710 Austin TX
    07/25/05 TBA Albuquerque NM
    07/26/05 Hollywood Alley Mesa AZ
    07/27/05 Showcase Theatre Corona CA
    07/30/05 Bottom of the Hill San Francisco CA



    UK Rock and Metal label Fulmination Records are in the process of starting a new Street Team to help promote the label and bands. Anyone interested in being a part of the team should email: [email protected]

July 6th, 2005


    Epic recording artists CHEVELLE are returning to the road for a tour that begins July 8th at Route 66 Raceway in Joliet, IL. Opening the majority of the shows will be Taproot. Chevelle will also be doing a string of shows with Velvet Revolver in late summer.

    The brothers Loeffler (vocalist/guitarist Pete, drummer Sam and bassist Joe) are touring in support of acclaimed new album THIS TYPE OF THINKING (COULD DO US IN), the follow-up to 2002's platinum-plus-selling chartbuster, Wonder What's Next. The album finds the Chicago-based band picking up where it left off, debuting on Billboard's Top 200 at #8, scoring a number one hit in lead single "Vitamin R (Leading Us Along)" and going gold in just six weeks. They maintained momentum with second single "The Clincher," which rocketed to #2 at rock radio and will follow with new single "Panic Prone."

    You can hear the track by clicking on one of the links below:

    Windows Media (lo):

    Windows Media (hi):



    You can catch Chevelle performing "Panic Prone" and other fan favorites live on tour. Dates are as follows:

    Date City Venue.

    7/8 - Chicago, IL – NASCAR @ Chicagoland Route 66 Raceway
    7/9 - Indianapolis, IN @ Egyptian (w/Taproot)
    7/11 - Detroit, MI @ State Theatre (w/Taproot)
    7/12 - Grand Rapids, MI @ Orbit (w/Taproot)
    7/14 - Ft. Wayne, IN @ Piere's (w/Taproot)
    7/15 - Cleveland, OH @ House of Blues (w/Taproot)
    7/16 - Cincinnati, OH @ Bogart's (w/Taproot)
    7/18 - Toledo, OH @ Headliners (w/Taproot)
    7/19 - Pittston Township, PA @ The Staircase (w/Taproot)
    7/21 - Hampton Beach, NH @ Hampton Beach Casino (w/Taproot)
    7/22 - Northampton, MA @ Pearl Street (w/Taproot)
    7/23 - Atlantic City, NJ @ House of Blues (w/Taproot)
    7/25 - Sayreville, NJ @ Starland Ballroom (w/Taproot)
    7/26 - Dewey Beach @ Bay Center (w/Taproot)
    7/28 - Norfolk, VA @ Radio Show (w/Taproot)
    7/29 - Philadelphia, PA @ Electric Factory (w/Taproot)
    7/30 - Poughkeepsie, NY @ The Chance (w/Taproot)
    8/1 - Portland, ME @ State Theatre (w/Taproot)
    8/2 - Boston, MA @ The Roxy (w/Taproot)
    8/3 - New York, NY @ Irving Plaza (w/Taproot)
    8/5 - Myrtle Beach @ House of Blues (w/Taproot)
    8/6 - Atlanta, GA @ "Downtown Rocks @ Underground" (w/Taproot)
    8/8 - Orlando, FL @ House of Blues (w/Taproot)
    8/9 - Tampa, FL @ Jannus Landing (w/Taproot)
    8/11 - Birmingham, AL @ Sloss Furnace (w/Taproot)
    8/12 - Columbus, OH @ Germain Amphitheatre (w/Velvet Revolver)
    8/14 - Madison, WI @ Willow Island (w/Taproot)
    8/16 - Des Moines, IA @ Val Air (w/Taproot)
    8/17 - Columbia, MO @ Blue Note (w/Taproot)
    8/18 - St. Louis, MO @ UMB Bank Pavilion (w/Velvet Revolver)
    8/20 - Las Vegas, NV @ Aladdin (w/Velvet Revolver)
    8/21 - Tucson, AZ @ Valencia Anselmo (w/Velvet Revolver)


    Merendine Atomiche is going to hit the New Sin studios in Treviso (Italy)on august 2005 to record the new album "RAW"! They will produce 11 tracks with the support of Jack Frost as co producer. it will be the fifth disc for the band and the second full lenght album.

    The official track list (not in order yet) is: "Fifty Dollars", "I want to be a man", "Breath the big apple", "Peace means war?", "Raw Bad boyz", "In the Cage", "Ocean's Shadows", "No more without you", "Roads and Beers", "Zero Degrees" and "We Didn't Know".

    The band is available from october 2005 to play wherever is possible in Europe and USA.

    Next show:

    July 9th, 2005 - Wall of Metal Fest I - Cittadella - Padova - Italy
    July 25th, 2005 - Beer Fest - Sandonato - Padova - Italy



    Philadelphia: The Mighty Nimbus recently launched a page that chronicles their participation on the first Candlelight USA tour, completed earlier this year. The pages feature over 300 photos from the tour that featured metal heavy-weights Entombed, Crowbar, ProPain and for many introduced Minnesota-based The Mighty Nimbus. During its 20-plus day run, the tour saw the initial release of Crowbar's Lifesblood for the Downtrodden, Entombed's Unreal Estate and the self-titled debut from The Mighty Nimbus, all currently available in stores nationwide.

    Brave Words Bloody Knuckles calls The Mighty Nimbus an "explosive, riffy, eventful, swampy and dangerous sounding sludge recorded like a Molotov and played with plow power, sorta like High On Fire thrashing in thick mud." Hellride Music says, “The Mighty Nimbus sends shivers down my spine and commands respect.” Stonerrock adds, "this is such a kick ass album."

    Formed in 2002 by then Sixty Watt Shaman's Pete Campbell, The Mighty Nimbus recently confirmed Alex Petrovic as the band's new full-time vocalist, replacing Dan Soren (band co-founder with Campbell). The album, released in the US on February 8, features guest appearance from Alabama Thunderpussy guitarist Erik Larson. The band's self-prescribed "buffet of Crowbar, St. Vitus, Entombed and The Obsessed" has found a steadily growing worldwide fan base. Prior to album release the band recorded one 4-song demo and made appearance at 2004's Emissions of the Monolithe (alongside headliners Orange Goblin, Pelican, Place of Skulls, Yob and more). The Mighty Nimbus is a featured artist on Candlelight's "Beyond Extremes" sampler available now from FYE, Musicland and more.

    The Mighty Nimbus are currently writing material and plan to record their next album later this summer. The band is working on numerous live shows for the fall and are planning their first tour of Europe in early 2006.


    105 SHOWS - 25 COUNTRIES - 150,000 MILES

    Completes Original Music for New EA NASCAR Game

    New Live G3 Album Slated for Fall

    Los Angeles, CA – In April 2004, just prior to the release of his 11th solo album, Is There Love In Space?, guitar virtuoso JOE SATRIANI, set out on his most ambitious worldwide tour yet. Hitting 25 countries, playing 105 shows to over 500,000 people and logging in over 150,000 miles along the way, Satriani wrapped up this worldwide trek in May 2005 by playing to over 20,000 people at three sold-out shows in India.

    Very few acts ever hit India on their tour schedules, this marked Satriani's first appearance in the country and became front-page news with the papers dubbing him "The Sultan of Strings" and the "God of Guitars."

    "Playing in India was one of the most memorable experiences in my career," said Satriani upon his return home. "We were treated amazingly by the fans and press alike, we plan to go back very soon!"

    Satriani has been touring in support of his latest solo-effort, Is There Love In Space? for over 12 months. The always prolific guitarist was not merely resigned to racking up miles during the last year, he was also busy writing music; the original score for the new EA NASCAR game, set to hit stores this Fall. In addition, he found time to reignite his immensely popular G3 Tour. Together with Steve Vai and John Petrucci, the trio hit Japan for a string of sold-out shows in early May. Live In Japan, featuring the three guitar hero's, will be released through Epic Records this Fall.

    With a staggering 13 Grammy nominations, 11 solo albums to his credit and over 10 million copies of his albums & DVD's sold worldwide, Joe Satriani has achieved huge success in his nearly 20 year career with 2006 looking to be no different. After re-signing with Epic Records for a deal that will produce a new series of solo albums, Satriani is already set to enter the studio shortly to work on his 12th solo album, with plans for a Spring 2006 release.

    "My ultimate goal is to continue playing forever," Satriani says. "I hope to never be tired of it and to always be searching to express the life I lead by taking those experiences and turning them into music. Hopefully, the guitar will be my ongoing instrument of expression."

  • Innerstrength Records is excited to announce the addition of ETHEREAL COLLAPSE. EC is a four piece metal band hailing from Willkes-Barre, PA. They will enter the studio at the end of this month to begin recording their debut full length. A late Summer release is planned. One track from their demo is available at www.myspace.com/innerstrengthrecords.

    For more info www.innerstrengthrecords.net

  • SOMBERLAIN working on debut cd

    In the second half of August, Somberlain will start the recording sessions of the first full length, still untitled. Bruno Gabai will records the drums, leaving everything ready for the strings and vocals of Marco Aurélio. The band intends to finish the sessions untill the beginning of 2006, using enough time to record something unique.

    Rock Brigade says that Somberlain's music is "a nice shut up to everyone who thinks that brazilian metal is still crawling".

    In the #226 issue, Rock Brigade (major brazilian metal magazine) published in Demo Assault section, the review of Humanity's Funeral, new demo of Somberlain. It said that the music made by the band has great quality and praised the musicians, the level of compositions and the production, signed by Fabrício Carvalho (Somberlain's guitars) and Rodrigo Magnani, owners of Digisound studio. The magazine's words about the demo was "incredibly good" and it suits like "a nice shut up to everyone who thinks that brazilian metal is still crawling". To read the whole review, visit www.somberlain.com.br

  • The Brutal Melodic Metal Band DISASTERCOMPLEX has a New Self-Titled Album Mastered By STEVE AUSTIN of Today Is The Day (Relapse Records), also known for his work with Lamb Of God, Burn The Priest, Himsa, Converge, Epic Records Etc. Available July 2005 @ DisasterCompleX.com!

    Also check out DisasterCompleX in the October 2005 issue of METAL MANIACS MAGAZINE. (on sale 8/9/05).


  • Reformed REVEREND Seek New Frontman

    On May 10th, 2005 we lost a true brother and close friend, Reverend David Wayne. As many already know, David was returning to the metal scene with us, the band members of “Reverend,” labeled as “David Wayne’s Metal Church (DWMC).” His sole goal was to try and get metal to be METAL again, at the same time drawing attention towards our return.

    When a band mate dies the remaining members have to make a decision; continue on with the same beliefs, values, and direction, or stop playing together and pursue other projects. In our case, David left us specific instructions. After a period of mourning and in David Wayne’s honor, we will follow through with the “Godfather of Metal’s” wishes.

    As of the date of this press release, “David Wayne’s Metal Church” no longer exists; however, in the pursuit of true heavy metal we are announcing the reformation of “REVEREND!”

    “Reverend” is:
    Davey Lee, Guitar
    Nacho Vara, Guitar
    Jesse Vara, Drums
    Brendon Kyle, Bass

    We are working on our older material plus the new collaborated songs with lyrics by David Wayne and are in search of a lead vocalist. We are not seeking a replacement for David Wayne, but a vocalist who wants metal to be metal and carry on the tradition and give justice to the lyrics and music of “REVEREND!”


    Philadelphia: Crowbar will film their second video to support their latest album Lifesblood for the Downtrodden in Miami, Florida on June 21st. The clip will be for album track "Slave No More and will once again utilize the talents of director John-Martin Vogel, who directed the album's first video for the song "Dead Sun."

    Additional camera footage is expected to be filmed at the band's Orlando and Ft. Lauderdale shows, both on their current tour route. Editing is expected to be completed early July with the clip ready for national and regional video outlets by the end of the month.

    Candlelight Records released Lifesblood for the Downtrodden on February 8 in the United States and March 8 for the rest of the world. The band have already seen extensive feature media coverage in Metal Maniacs, Decibel, Brave Word Bloody Knuckles, Terrorizer, Kerrang, Metal Hammer and more. The band completed their first US tour in over three years in February, the band participating in Candlelight's first label tour package also featuring Entombed, Pro-Pain and The Mighty Nimbus. A UK tour in support of Hatebreed followed by a short headline European tour in March. Crowbar started their current tour with Corrosion of Conformity, Alabama Thunderpussy and Weedeater on June 2.


  • A SORROWFUL DREAM working in new songs and website

    The dark metal band, A Sorrowful Dream, is working in new songs that will be part of the band's first full length, still untitled, which will be released in 2006. They are also working in a new website which will be online soon with lots of new informations and surprises for all the fans who supported them through these nine years. Meanwhile, the old website is still online with some informations and mp3s at www.asorrowfuldream.com

  • CIPHER SYSTEM loses vocalist and bass player

    Unfortunately Henric Carlsson (bass) as well as Daniel Schöldström (vocals) both left swedish metal act Cipher System. The band released their Lifeforce Records debut "Central Tunnel 8" in November 2004, which received an amazing feedback from all over the world.

    Here you can find the official statement by the band:

    "Due to lack of inspiration and "fire" in the band, our friends Henric & Daniel have decided to quit! Henric will instead focus on his other band, Nightrage.

    We hold no grudge what so ever against their decision and we wish them all the best!

    Henric & Daniel concludes their participation with Cipher System in a last gig at "Mälarrocken" July 1."

  • HATE ETERNAL: "I, Monarch" Hits US Stores June 28

    Hate Eternal's third album, "I, Monarch", is the next crucial album in the history of extreme music, striking a groundbreaking balance between chaos and groove, precision and soul, focused aggression and open-minded musical vision. With dizzying musicality and creativity, "I, Monarch", propels metal into the next dimension.

    "I, Monarch" was recorded and mixed by Hate Eternal frontman Erik Rutan (Soilent Green, Premonitions Of War) and mastered by Alan Douches (Mastodon, Converge).

    "I, Monarch" features cover art by Paul Romano (Mastodon, Trivium).

    Hate Eternal has been featured by such media outlets as MTV2, Fuse TV, Tokion, Thrasher, Modern Drummer, Time Out NY, Revolver and KNAC.com!

    Hate Eternal has toured the world with Hatebreed, Deicide, Cannibal Corpse, Arch Enemy and many more... US headlining tour with Krisiun and Incantation begins June 2005!

    "I, Monarch" sees the fearsomely talented and broad-minded musical trinity of guitarist/vocalist Erik Rutan, drummer Derek Roddy, and bassist Randy Piro uniting in new and transcendent ways. Torrential blastbeats (perhaps truly the fastest yet recorded) meld with inhuman polyrhythms and shredding leads whilst lyrical firestorms rain down with unmatched rage, yet the groove underlying the chaos is of collosal proportions. With "I, Monarch" Hate Eternal have struck a groundbreaking balance between chaos and groove, precision and soul, focused aggression and open-minded musical vision.

    "Two Demons" opens the album, lashing out with a freshness and vitality that instantly sets "I, Monarch" apart from any other album in the current crop of heavy music. Like the two demons of the title, the song's main riff is a two-headed beast that does battle with itself in a vicious call-and-response. "Behold Judas" follows with an unrelenting, warp-speed hailstorm. The intensity set by the first two tracks does not waver, yet strange and unexpected sounds lie lurking throughout "I, Monarch". The haunting drones of a didjeridoo creep up out of the murk in "To Know Our Enemies"; various human-bone instruments, originally recorded by Austrian visionary Zero Kama, find their way onto the title track; a tribal tabla beat adds texture to "Sons Of Darkness".

    Rutan, Roddy, and Piro -- three of the most technically proficient metal musicians in the world -- have succeeded in creating an album that is astonishing on every level. Possessing both the technical prowess and the open-mindedness that it takes to make unique musical choices, Hate Eternal have created an album that transcends boundaries -- an album that truly lives up to that overused term, "extreme".

    Hate Eternal: US Headlining Tour w/ Krisiun, Incantation, Into Eternity, All Shall Perish

    1 Ascot Room - Minneapolis, MN
    3 Exchange - Regina, SK, CANADA
    4 Starlite Room - Edmonton, AL, CANADA
    5 Warehouse - Calgary, AL, CANADA
    7 Richards On Richards - Vancouver, BC, CANADA
    8 Studio Seven - Seattle, WA
    9 Ash St Saloon - Portland, OR
    10 Pound - San Francisco, CA
    12 The Boardwalk - Orangevale, CA
    13 Key Club - Los Angeles, CA
    14 Galaxy - Santa Ana, CA
    15 The Clubhouse - Tempe, AZ
    16 Launch Pad - Albuquerque, NM
    18 Sanctuary - San Antonio, TX
    20 Mary Jane's - Houston, TX
    21 Masquerade - Atlanta, GA
    22 Imperial - Jacksonville, FL
    23 Masquerade - Tampa, FL





    Hollywood, CA (June 15th, 2005) - The Brides are back and getting ready to shoot their new video and they want you to participate. We are looking for your home movies to add into the new-release video. The video footage we are looking for should be on the trailer park - white trash look, or even in the way of the Jack Ass videos. So if you like Nascar, trailers, wrestling or anything else in that realm and you caught it on video - we want it!

    Please send all footage to:
    ATTN: Brides Video
    4415 W. Verdugo Ave., Ste. B
    Burbank CA 91505

    If your video footage is chosen, you will be contacted and a talent release will be sent to you - in return you will get to be in the video, some cash and a signed CD from The Brides new album - lovingly titled by Nikki Sixx himself - "RUNAWAY BRIDES". Multiple people will be chosen, subject to the footage content being chosen.

  • 'THE ESSENTIAL IRON MAIDEN' to be released July 12th through Sanctuary Records

    Iron Maiden to Release 2-CD Compilation

    The Essential Iron Maiden via Sanctuary Records on July 12, 2005

    Legendary Metal band Iron Maiden will release the career-spanning, two-CD compilation The Essential Iron Maiden through Sanctuary Records on July 12, 2005.

    The Essential Iron Maiden features some of the greatest heavy metal music ever recorded. Iron Maiden have had huge worldwide impact these past 25 years thanks to all-time classic albums like 'Iron Maiden,' 'Killers,' 'The Number Of The Beast,' 'Piece Of Mind,' 'Powerslave,' 'Live After Death,' 'Somewhere In Time,' 'Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son,' 'No Prayer For The Dying,' 'Fear Of The Dark,' 'The X Factor,' 'Virtual XI,' 'Brave New World,' 'Dance Of Death' and other live albums.

    Every studio album and lineup of Iron Maiden is represented here. The package also includes sleeve notes from noted journalist Lonn Friend.

    A sneak preview of the upcoming double live DVD and CD Death On The Road is provided thanks to the inclusion of "Iron Maiden" from this CD/DVD. The current, longtime lineup of vocalist Bruce Dickinson, guitarist Dave Murray, guitarist Adrian Smith, guitarist Janick Gers, bass guitarist Steve Harris and drummer Nicko McBrain recorded and filmed Death On The Road in Germany in 2003 on the 'Dance Of Death' tour.

    The songs on The Essential Iron Maiden are:

    Disc One - "Paschendale," "Rainmaker," "The Wicker Man," "Brave New World," "Futureal," "The Clansman," "Sign Of The Cross," "Man On The Edge," "Be Quick Or Be Dead," "Fear Of The Dark (Live)," "Holy Smoke," "Bring Your Daughter...To The Slaughter" and "The Clairvoyant."

    Disc Two - "The Evil That Men Do," "Wasted Years," "Heaven Can Wait," "2 Minutes To Midnight," "Aces High," "Flight Of Icarus," "The Trooper," "The Number Of The Beast," "Run To The Hills," "Wrathchild," "Killers," "Phantom Of The Opera," "Running Free (Live)" and "Iron Maiden (Live)."

    Iron Maiden will be touring North America again this summer as co-headliners with Black Sabbath on Ozzfest 2005, the 10th anniversary of the enormously popular festival.

    For all the latest news, tour dates and more, visit:






    In the annals of rock 'n' roll, few theatrical stage shows have shocked, horrified and entertained America as much as W.A.S.P.'s did on the Los Angeles-based band's 1983-84 debut tour.

    Now, W.A.S.P. is resurrecting this not-for-the-faint-of-heart spectacle of blood and gore for the first-ever American Metal Blast 2005 tour. This uncontrollable onslaught, with W.A.S.P. planning a "greatest hits" set, comes exactly two decades after the band's scandalous, meteoric rise spooked the nation to the point where it was vilified by an out-of-touch Congress and hopelessly misguided Parents' Music Resource Center (PMRC).

    Joining W.A.S.P. -- vocalist/guitarist Blackie Lawless, guitarist Darrell Roberts, bass guitarist Mike Duda and drummer Stet Howland -- on tour for this celebration of heavy metal are L.A. Guns and former Ratt vocalist Stephen Pearcy. Metal Church will appear on select July dates. The second leg of the tour, which runs from August 18 to August 28, will feature all four bands. Complete details about the second leg are forthcoming, but Thursday, August 18 in Amarillo, TX, at Graham Central Station and Saturday, August 20 in Dallas, TX, at the Granada Theater are confirmed.

    W.A.S.P.'s most recent album is the late 2004 Sanctuary/Metal-Is Records release 'The Neon God Part 2: The Demise,' the second half of an intensely emotional, thought-provoking, two-part concept album. 'The Neon God Part 1: The Rise' was released first by Sanctuary/Metal-Is early in 2004.

    "We are hell-bent on going out and having fun. It's like a working vacation," says Lawless. "The creation of American Metal Blast 2005 is the result of a combination of things. With 'The Neon God' tours and 'The Crimson Idol' tour back in 1992-93, we did shows where people listened with their ears and not their eyes. The general consensus among the band members was to go back where we started and do a tour utilizing our original stage show. That's the thought process that went into it.

    "This tour serves another purpose, and that is to bring our classic stage show to the younger fans. We noticed on our European tour last year that there were a lot of 17-year-olds and 18-year-olds in the audience. There are certain heritage bands out there like us that have survived. We've turned over a whole new generation of fans and they've only heard stories of what these shows are like, and they loom legendary. The visual presentation combines with the quality of the music, which stands the test of time."

    Fans will get to hear all of their W.A.S.P. favorites, and the band is more than happy to perform them.

    "It will be a giant best-of set with mostly classic material. When you start playing too much new material, it becomes self-indulgent. Any band is in direct competition with itself. Fans have 10 or 20 years or more to romance your earlier music. They are flashing back to important points in their lives that your music was the soundtrack to. You are your own worst competition. You can't imagine how many people have told me the first time they got laid they were listening to 'Animal (F**k Like a Beast)'," Lawless says. "If your newer records are really good, fans will romance them and feel the same way about them in the future too. It's important to listen to your audience. I feel blessed to be able to do this."

    Lawless is planning on American Metal Blast becoming an annual event. After this year's inaugural tour, W.A.S.P. will finalize work on songs for a new album to be recorded by the end of the year.

    For all the latest W.A.S.P. and American Metal Blast 2005 news and tour updates, visit www.waspnation.com. Confirmed American Metal Blast 2005 shows at this time include:

    Tuesday, June 28th West Hollywood, CA House Of Blues
    Wednesday, June 29th San Diego, CA House Of Blues
    Thursday, June 30th Anaheim, CA House Of Blues
    Friday, July 1st Yucaipa, CA Angels Concert Hall *
    Sunday, July 3rd Farmington, NM Big City *
    Monday, July 4th Denver, CO Oriental Theatre *
    Wednesday, July 6th Andover, MN POV's *
    Thursday, July 7th Monmouth, IL Rivoli Theatre *
    Friday, July 8th Chicago, IL Mr. Kelly's *
    Saturday, July 9th Royal Oak, MI Royal Oak Music Theater *
    Sunday, July 10th Cleveland, OH House Of Blues *
    Wednesday, July 13th Buffalo, NY Club Infinity *
    Thursday, July 14th Hartford, CT Webster Theatre *
    Friday, July 15th Sayreville, NJ Starland Ballroom *
    Saturday, July 16th Poughkeepsie, NY Mid-Hudson Civic Center * #
    Sunday, July 17th Farmingville, NY Brookhaven Amphitheater * #
    Wednesday, July 20th Atlantic City, NJ House Of Blues *
    Thursday, July 21st Allentown, PA Crocodile Rock *
    Friday, July 22nd Springfield, VA Jaxx *
    Saturday, July 23rd Albany, NY Northern Lights *
    Sunday, July 24th New Philadelphia, OH Poncho's *
    Wednesday, July 27th Myrtle Beach, SC House Of Blues
    Thursday, July 28th Fayetteville, NC Jesters
    Friday, July 29th St. Petersburg, FL Jannus Landing
    Saturday, July 30th Orlando, FL House Of Blues
    Tuesday, August 2nd Springfield, IL The Warehouse
    Wednesday, August 3rd Omaha, NE Anchor Inn
    Thursday, August 4th Moorhead, MN East Gate Outdoor Fest
    Friday, August 5th Casper, WY Lost Iguana Field
    Saturday, August 6th Salt Lake City, UT to be announced
    Sunday, August 7th Las Vegas, NV House Of Blues
    Thursday, August 18th Amarillo, TX Graham Central Station *
    Saturday, August 20th Dallas, TX Granada Theater *

    * with Metal Church
    # with Twisted Sister




    The critically acclaimed, highly influential Texas-based rock trio King's X has signed with Inside Out Music America. The band's recent work has been released by Inside Out except in North America, and signing with IOMA unifies its label worldwide.

    The first new King's X album from guitarist/vocalist Ty Tabor, bass guitarist/vocalist Doug Pinnick and drummer/vocalist Jerry Gaskill under the new deal will be released in North America on September 27, 2005. It is currently untitled and will include up to 14 songs; the track listing is being finalized.

    "Signing with InsideOut is due to the longstanding relationship we have with the great people at the label like Thomas Waber in Germany and Jim Pitulski here in America," says Tabor. "It's another opportunity where we found ourselves free to make a change. We have signed with a new booking agent too.

    "With Inside Out, we have that friendship and we have the same goals. They are also realistic and honest. They don't pull punches. It's a logical match."

    Tabor first got to know Waber and Pitulski in recent years via his solo and all-star side projects such as Platypus, The Jelly Jam and Jughead that were released by InsideOut. Gaskill's solo album 'Come Somewhere' was also issued by the label.

    The new King's X album was produced by Michael Wagener, who has produced, engineered or mixed work by the likes of Metallica, Alice Cooper, Queen, Ozzy Osbourne, Dokken, Megadeth, Motley Crue, Skid Row, Extreme and many others.

    "This was a big change for us after years of self-producing our albums. We wanted to be free to focus on the music itself. Things were often fragmented the past several years. I had to oversee a lot of business things -- such as working with different labels for different territories -- that sometimes didn't allow me to really focus on the music as much as I wanted," Tabor says.

    "Michael wasn't pushing us in any one direction. It was just four guys having a good time creating sounds and music. It's a broad-sounding record. It's hard to compare our music from album to album, but vocally this one has elements of early King's X and sonicaly it's similar to our recent ones.

    "It feels so fresh to be able to concentrate fully on the music. I honestly believe this new album is our best record in many, many years."

    King's X also plans to shoot videos for two singles from the album, their first promotional clips since 1998's 'Tapehead.' They will be directed by Dr. Teeth, who has helmed videos that are all over MTV for artists such as new hip-hop sensation Mike Jones. Tabor loves Dr. Teeth's hip-hop videos -- "The guy is extremely talented," he says -- and they met through mutual friends in Houston.

    Tabor explains that the band is refreshed after having taken this year off so far.

    "This was our first break after five straight years of torturous work on King's X and side projects. It was absolutely non-stop. Zero time off," he says.

    King's X is back with renewed energy and creative fire, and the eclectic nature of the band's work and Inside Out's expertise in quality handmade music makes it a perfect partnership.

    For all the latest King's X news, visit www.kingsxonline.com.


    Philadelphia: Candlelight Records confirms June 28 as the US release date for Ultima Thulee and Memoria Vestusta, the previously unavailable back catalog from French extreme metal band Blut Aus Nord. The releases follow the recent reissue of the band's current album, The Work Which Transforms God with the value-added bonus of the band's amazing new ep Thematic Emanation Of Archetypal Mutiplicity, sold separately in Europe.

    Ultima Thulee and Memoria Vestusta found initial release in Europe circa 1995. Each contains the band’s now signature sound - bleak, dynamic and thoroughly impressive. Kerrang calls it, “the sound of underground metal's black heart, twisted beyond all recognition." Ink 19 continues by calling Blut Aus Nord's music “the soundtrack for a chemical induced meltdown. This is a soundtrack for watching the walls melt, the sky constrict, grow red and dim. That other sound, the sound between tracks, that’s the sound of your brain cells dying.”

    Formed in 1994, Blut Aus Nord redefines music as any extreme music fan (metal or otherwise) knows it. Their macabre creations throw ardent fists in the face of mainstream and mediocrity, resulting in a nightmarish voyage of sonic disharmony. England’s SonicDeath says it best when noting, “listening to Blut Aus Nord is like watching your own funeral in slow motion... a great sucking veil of endless, foreboding darkness.”

    Confirmed track listing for each reissue is noted below.

    Ultimate Thulee: The Son Of Hoarfrost, The Plain Of Ida, From Hlidskjalf, My Prayer Beyond Ginnungagap, Till I Perceive Bifrost, On The Way To Vigrid, Rigsthula, The Last Journey Of Ringhorn

    Memoria Vestusta: Slaughterday (The Heathen Blood Of Ours), On The Path Of Wolf… Towards Dwarfhill, Sons Of Wisdom, Master Of Elements, The Forsaken Voices Of The, Ghostwood's Shadowy Realm, The Territory Of Witches / Guardians, Of The Dark Lake, Day Of Revenge (The Impure Blood Of Theirs), Father Of The Icy Age

    Blut Aus Nord is currently working on material for their next record. Titled MoRT it is expected for release in early 2006.

  • FEAR FACTORY Announces Dates for GIGANTOUR

    Band to Hit the Road with Megadeth, Dream Theater,
    Dillinger Escape Plan, NeverMore, Dry Kill Logic and Symphony X

    Fear Factory has announced the tour dates for the much-anticipated Gigantour which was organized by Dave Mustaine and features such hit metal bands as Megadeth, Dream Theater, Dillinger Escape Plan, NeverMore, Dry Kill Logic, and Symphony X.

    Mustaine, who handpicked the bands for GIGANTOUR, says that his focus was on musicianship.

    “There are a few very successful tours out each summer and in order to be significant, I knew the first GIGANTOUR had to make an impact with top bands like Dream Theater, FEAR FACTORY, Dillinger Escape Plan and Nevermore,” he said.

    Fear Factory is also currently in the studio recording tracks for their new album Transgressions, which is slated for an August 23 release via Trillion Records. Trillion is the new imprint from Liquid 8 Records and Entertainment founder and CEO Mike Cattain who created Trillion as a home for FEAR FACTORY and new bands seeking a creative haven grounded in growth.

    07/21 Selland Arena- Fresno, CA
    07/22 Thomas and Mack Arena- Las Vegas, NV
    07/23 The Cove @ Cal Expo- Sacramento, CA
    07/24 Chronical Pavillion- Concord, CA
    07/30 Casino Anselmo- Tucson, AZ
    08/02 Nokia Live- Dallas, TX
    08/04 Concrete Street Amphitheatre- Corpus Christi, TX
    08/06 Hard Rock Live- Orlando, FL
    08/07 Sound Advice Amphitheatre- West Palm Beach, FL
    08/10 DTE Energy Amphitheatre- Detroit, MI
    08/12 Tweeter Center- Chicago, IL
    08/19 Civic Center- Portland, ME
    08/20 Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre- Manchester, NH
    08/23 Jones Beach Amphitheater- Wantagh, NY
    08/24 PNC Bank Arts Center- Holmdel, NJ
    08/26 Bank of America Pavilion- Boston, MA
    09/02 Bell Centre- Montreal, QC
    09/03 Molson Amphitheatre- Toronto, ON




    LOST AND FOUND, the new album from Epic recording artists MUDVAYNE, has been certified gold by the RIAA for sales in excess of 500,000 units. This is MUDVAYNE's third straight gold—and fastest-selling—album to date.

    Fueling LOST AND FOUND's explosive break from the gate is lead single "Happy?", which continues to dominate rock radio. The track has been No. 1 at Active Rock for a staggering eight consecutive weeks and top 10 at Modern Rock for five consecutive weeks. MUDVAYNE recently performed the hit on Late Night with Conan O'Brien.

    MUDVAYNE is currently touring across Europe, Japan and Australia in preparation of Ozzfest 2005, during which they'll perform on the main stage's much-coveted third slot, going on just before headliners Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden. In between, they'll do select headline shows with openers Shadows Falls, In Flames and Trivium. They'll also be headlining the Aggressive Music Festival on July 16th.

    Ozzfest tour dates and select one-offs are as follows:

    7/15 Boston, MA @ Tweeter Center
    7/16 Glens Falls, NY @ Glens Falls Civ Ctr (Agg.Music Fest.)
    7/17 Hartford, CT @ Meadows
    7/19 Camden, NJ @ Tweeter Waterfront
    7/21 Buffalo, NY @ Darien Lakes
    7/23 Pittsburgh, PA @ Post Gazette
    7/24 Washington, DC @ Nissan Pavilion
    7/26 New York, NY @ PNC
    7/30 Chicago, IL @ Tweeter Center
    7/31 Indianapolis, IN @ Verizon Wireless Music Center
    8/2 Columbus, OH @ Germain Amphitheatre
    8/3 Cleveland, OH @ Tower City Amphitheatre (headline show)
    8/4 Detroit, MI @ DTE Energy Music Theatre
    8/6 East Troy, WI @ Alpine Valley
    8/7 Minneapolis, MN @ Floatrite Park
    8/11 Seattle, WA @ White River
    8/13 San Francisco, CA @ Shoreline Amphitheatre
    8/14 Sacramento, CA @ Sleep Train
    8/16 Salt Lake City, UT @ USANA Pavilion
    8/18 Phoenix, AZ @ Cricket
    8/20 Los Angeles, CA @ Hyundai Pavilion at Glen Helen
    8/21 San Diego, CA @ Soma (headline show)
    8/23 Albuquerque, NM @ Journal Pavilion
    8/25 Dallas, TX @ Smirnoff
    8/27 Houston, TX @ Cynthia J. Woods Pavilion
    8/28 San Antonio, TX @ Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre
    8/31 Nashville, TN @ Starwood Amphitheatre
    9/2 Charlotte, NC @ Verizon
    9/4 West Palm Beach @ Sound Advice

July 3rd, 2005
  • HATESPHERE Album recording:

    We enter Jailhouse Studios, Horsens, Denmark on June 6 to start the recordings of our new album with producer Tommy Hansen. Guitar and Bass will be recorded at the Hansen Studios, Ribe, Denmark, with producer Jacob Hansen. Expect a late September/early October release via Steamhammer/SPV.


    Hypnogaja's new album, "Below Sunset," is receiving notable attention on Wichita's T95-FM. The band's remake of Eurythmics' classic "Here Comes The Rain Again" was recently featured on the station's "Band to Band Combat" show and was retired the undefeated champion after receiving tremendous audience response. Over five nights, Hypnogaja beat several noteworthy bands and artists, including Incubus, Tommy Lee, CKY and Full Scale. The LA-based melodic hard rock quintet is on tour now. For more information and a complete list of tour dates, please visit www.hypnogaja.com.

  • GORED should be in stock any day now and a newsletter will be sent out as soon as it is in stock. Trust me brutal death metal fans... don't miss this one. You can pre-order now.

    Other Gored news... they are adding new band members. Anyone who has seen them live knows they play as a two piece. They have added a bassist and are trying out a guitarist. They plan on being a 5 piece when it is all said and done. They have already written a few new songs for their next CD and they have promised me nothing short of the most technical and brutal CD that has come out in a long time with just the right amount of groove thrown in to bring all mosh pits into full on frenzies.

  • BEYOND FETAL is finishing up work on their new CD and it should be ready to go by the end of June. Most likely a late August release for this one.

  • SAPROGENIC has finally been able to get some studio time at Cloud City. They will be heading into the studio the first week of August. Tentative release of late September. Expect a much more polished and heavier sounding album than their last CD.

  • MUTILATED has added a new drummer and are teaching him all the old songs, the new songs that will be on their next Forever Underground release and writing a couple of more new songs with him. Mutilated's first album is Forever Undergrounds best selling album to date and their next album is sure to crush their first CD. They will once again be recording at Studio One but will not be going into the studio until the end of the year in order for the new drummer to learn all their material thoroughly. Expect an early 2006 release.

  • CANCER (UK) is back !!

    Legendary UK Death Metal band back on tour in 2005.
    New album out "Spirit in Flames" out now by Copro Records.

    CANCER will do some festivals around Europe this summmer, and also tour in Spain will countrymates NAPALM DEATH... watch out for this killer return!

    Spirit in Flames tour 2005
    11.06.05 - UK - Plymouth - The Phoenix
    16.06.05 - UK - The Haygate - Telford
    17.06.05 - UK - Bristol - Full Moon
    18.06.05 - UK - London Deathfest - Underworld
    28.06.05 - SP - Bilbao-Bilborock (with NAPALM DEATH)
    29.06.05 - PT - Porto - PortoRio
    30.06.05 - SP - Madrid - Ritmo&Compas (with NAPALM DEATH)
    01.07.05 - SP- Barcelona- KGB (with NAPALM DEATH)
    02.07.05 - SP - Alicante - Stereo
    03.07.05 - SP - tba
    06.07.05 - tba
    07.07.05 - FR - Paris - Local de Vicennes
    08.07.05 - D - Annaberg-Buchholz -Thunders Over Miriquidi Festival
    09.07.05 - D - tba
    14.07.05 - UK -Nottingham - RockCity
    15.07.05 - UK - Bradford - Rios
    16.07.05 - UK - Sheffield - Corporation
    17.07.05 - UK - London - Camden Palace

    more details:

    ABYFS (SP)
    Original Death Metal influenced by all sort of Extreme Music styles
    + local supports


    Band to bring its show on the open road featuring new frontman, Waylon

    June 10, 2005, Cleveland, OH – Mushroomhead, described by LA Weekly as "one of the most ambitious metal bands on the planet," will release their first DVD, titled Volume 1, on July 26 via their own label, Lumberjack-distributed The Filthy Hands Co. The title is available for pre-orders at www.mushroomhead.com for $19.98 (pre-orders will arrive one day before release date). Fans may also enter online to win prizes ranging from signed masks to free show admission and backstage passes for Mushroomhead's upcoming tour with Dope.

    The ultra-creative, hands-on band self-produced, shot, directed and edited the entire DVD, which offers fans the opportunity to experience the band in several ways. It includes music videos, “Solitaire/Unraveling” from their Universal debut XX, as well as tracks from their followup XIII, “Sun Doesn’t Rise” and “Kill Tomorrow,” (a new video which the band lensed themselves), live performances and candid behind-the-scenes footage of the band, unmasked. Shot in the cinema verité style without narrative, the film reflects the zaniness of being in a band, let alone an 8-member band like Mushroomhead, without the stuffy structure of the documentary format.

    “We’ve been collecting footage,” says band founder and drummer Skinny, “from our last two years of touring with Avenge Sevenfold to Godsmack to Meshuggah to Sevendust, many of which are featured in the film. We shot everything ourselves and did all the editing. Everyone who has watched it says it’s like an early Pantera video; it’s fun to put on at a party and watch three or four times in a row. We bring you lots of surprises!"

    Mushroomhead financed the project entirely themselves, says Skinny. They reinvested their album advances in “some badass stuff” including cameras, editing equipment, computers and books on cinematography, which they knew would come in handy someday. “We knew that the label well might run dry one day and that we would want to do our own thing again,” he says, “so we built a fantastic production studio, one piece at a time.”

    As with any other Mushroomhead project, the band pooled their artistic talents—several members, including Skinny, are trained visual artists—to create a singular aesthetic that spotlights the visual aspect of the band. Yet, in copious behind-the-scenes footage, the band allows its fans see them without their trademark masks and makeup. Skinny says the intent is to bond with the fans, let them see the people behind Mushroomhead’s intense stage presence. “We’re not that hardcore about concealing our identities,” he says, adding that the point of the music with masks, makeup and costumes has been to offer a multi-sensory experience. He believes Mushroomhead fans will enjoy the intimacy of seeing the the real guys behind the masks “just screwing around.” Running time on the film is 70 minutes.

    Mushroomhead is also currently in pre-production on its 6th studio album, to be released later this year. The record will be the first to feature new vocalist Waylon, replacing J-Mann, who left the band late last year. The band will show off its new blood this summer and fall on tour with Dope. This, as Mushroomhead marches on under the mantra: "new life, new blood…back to square one" - adapting to the constant evolution that is Mushroomhead.

    Mushroomhead features Skinny - Drums / Shmotz - Keys / Waylon - Vocals / Jeffrey Nothing - vocals / Pig Benis - Bass / Gravy - Guitar / Bronson- Guitar / Stitch - Samples

    "Listening to [their] deft and dense mix of metal, punk, hardcore, hip-hop and techno, its obvious that Mushroomhead have spent much of their ten-year run ahead of their time." GUITAR WORLD

    TOUR / US 2005
    Day Date City Venue

    Sat 7/2 Cleveland, OH Peabody's
    Sun 7/3 Cleveland, OH Peabody's
    Fri 7/8 Bellefontaine, OH Blue Cat
    Headline tour sponsored by Jagermeister (w/ Dope and Crossbreed)
    Mon 7/25 Cleveland, OH Peabody's
    Tues 7/26 Ft. Wayne, IN Pieres
    Wed 7/27 Grand Rapids, MI The Intersection
    Thur 7/28 Mokena, IL The Pearl Room
    Fri 7/29 Detroit, MI Harpo's
    Sat 7/30 Pittsburgh, PA Rex Theatre

    Mon 8/1 Hartford, CT Webster Theatre
    Tues 8/2 Clifton Park, NY Northern Lights
    Wed 8/3 Orono, ME Ushuaia
    Thur 8/4 Manchester, NH Bombshelter
    Fri 8/5 Portland, ME State Theatre
    Sat 8/6 Poughkeepsie, NY The Chance
    Sun 8/7 Philadelphia, PA Trocadero
    Mon 8/8 Springfield, VA Jaxx
    Tues 8/9 Jacksonville, NC Planet Rock
    Wed 8/10 Atlanta, GA The Masquerade
    Thur 8/11 Jacksonville, FL Freebird Live
    Fri 8/12 Ft. Lauderdale, FL Culture Room
    Sat 8/13 Tampa, FL The Masquerade
    Sun 8/14 Daytona Beach, FL Fuel Nightclub
    Wed 8/17 Houston, TX Numbers
    Thur 8/18 Austin, TX The Back Room
    Wed 8/24 Tempe, AZ Marquee Theatre
    Tues 8/30 Orangevale, CA The Boardwalk
    Wed 8/31 San Francisco, CA Pound S.F.

    As of 6/8/05 ...........MORE DATES FORTHCOMING...............

  • MORDA (Belgium) is about to unleash their new full length. June 29th has been sheduled being the date of release. Last year's 2 week tour w/ PRO-PAIN, EKTOMORF and DISBELIEF and their 10 day tour w/ ALL OUT WAR will be followed up by their 2 week summer tour 2005, June 29-July 10, which will guide MORDA from Belgium to Germany, France, Spain, Italy and Austria.

    Marcus from HEAVEN SHALL BURN fame served some guest vocals on the new MORDA album. The band recently signed to EYE SPY Records. More info and a live video is broadcasted at http://www.morda.be

  • TRIARCHY's website is online!

    The gothic/doom band, Triarchy, released their website this week, after some problems. Now the fans can get any information from the band as biography, discography, line-up, download mp3s, wallpapers and buy the band's first promo cd, Broken Dreams. Visit now www.triarchy.com.br

  • SUBLIMINAL CRUSHER are currently in mixing mode of the new record! The recording sessions went extremely well, now we have to mix the record, select the tracks that will make into the final tracklist, and start to think about the packaging - cover, sleeve notes and so on. A release date has not yet been given. http://www.subcrush.it

  • MELIAH RAGE - The Deep And Dreamless Sleep Two Weeks Away From Completion

    According to leader/main writer/guitarist Anthony Nichols, MELIAH RAGE's forthcoming album, The Deep And Dreamless Sleep, is about two weeks away from completion. The band - rounded off by guitarist Jim Koury, bassist Jesse Johnson, recently returned drummer Stuart Dowie and new singer Paul Souza - recorded the album at Danger Multitrack Studios in Providence, RI and Sherwood Forest Studios in Bedford, MA. A late-2005 release via Screaming Ferret Wreckords is expected.

  • RHINO BUCKET concert dates:

    Friday July 1st Club Vodka, Hollywood, CA
    Friday July 15th Paladino's, Reseda, CA
    Saturday July 16th The Pound, San Francisco, CA
    Sunday August 7th The Big Ball, Wrexham, Wales, UK

    Check out www.rhinobucket.com for more info.