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November 30th, 2006
  • New AXEMASTER material / "Blessing in the Skies" update

    I'm happy to let everybody know that the band just finished recording 3 new songs, the first new Axemaster material since 1991!!!!!! The final mix will be done very soon and then it'll be mastered and posted on our Myspace page. I'll be in touch as soon as the songs are on the site. Track titles include.......

    "Unresting Place"
    "Marching into Madness"
    Work on the "Blessing in the Skies" re-release is moving forward. The first preview of the cover artwork is kick ass and the master of the material sounds excellent! We will soon be working with Burning Star Records to begin advance promo for the release. We hope everyone will spread the word to help make the CD a huge success!!!!!
  • Sepulchral Productions
    Sepulchral Productions, the Canadian label responsible for Frozen Shadows' debut album "Dans les Bras des Immortels" is back in full force. The label has signed three of Quebec's most promising new Black Metal groups and will release their debut albums in December, namely: 
    - SP 003 Forteresse "Métal Noir Québécois" 
    - SP 004 Niflheim "Neurasthénie" 
    - SP 005 Sombres Forêts "Quintessence" 
    Visit our website at www.sepulchralproductions.com for more info.

    We’re glad to introduce our new singer: Valentino Valenti. We’re going to write with him a new chapter in the Noble Savage history. The choice to take Valentino as singer is due, apart from his voice, to a long running friendship and his good attitude about the writing of our tracks. We are pretty sure that he won’t make regretting us the exit of Alfonso…

    For further infos: www.noblesavage.it

    "Parassiti in Bianco" is the third album of Towers of Soul, soloist-project of multi-instrumentalist Tsade. Ten tracks fullof pathos and disarray. The album has been written as soundtrack at short-movie "Parassiti in Bianco", a chapter of "Appuntamenti Letali" project, sponsored by www.filmhorror.com.

    Download free the new album by clicking the following link:
    Click Here

    For further news: [email protected]
  • W:O:A 2007 - confirmed bands!

    already confirmed so far:

    IMMORTAL - Reunion, one and only Open Air Show in Germany 2007
    RAGE & Lingua Mortis Orchester
    SAXON - A Night To Remember
    STORMWARRIOR feat. Kai Hansen
    STRATOVARIUS - Only Open Air Show in Germany

    and many more!

    More infos about the bands: Billing / Bands 2007

    More infos: www.wacken.com
  • Dark Hidden Prod. New Release:
    DHP009 - DRAUGURZ - "A Yell From the Past" CD
    SouthBrazilian Heathen Black Metal at its best, with the feeling of early Burzum. Get it!!! Limited to 750 copies.

    Still available:
    DHP007 - EVIL/S.A.R./THALLIUM "Chaos to Unleash a New Age" CD
    Three ways split of True Illegal Black Metal. These hordes need no presentation. Includes"When Odin Calls" (Brutal Attack cover by S.A.R.) and "Witches Holocaust" (Graveland cover by Thallium). Limited to 1000 copies.

    DHP008 - CAMPO DE MAYO "Campo de Mayo" CD
    Definitive full cd edition of all eps. Raw hymns of anti-commuist Black Metal. Co-release with Desastrious Records and Fetch the Rope Recs. Limited to 999 copies.

    Heathen regards!

    Dark Hidden Prod.
    Buenos Aires - Argentina
  • Imperious Malevolence - new album out now!!!
    "Where Demons Dwell" CD

    New album of this well-known Brazilian Evil Death Metal band. With such a vast experience on stage (3 European Tours) and several releases out, IMPERIOUS MALEVOLENCE presents us now an extremly brutal and musically mature work.

    12 tracks of pure Evil Death Metal. The CD still includes a CD-Rom track video of the song "Arquiteto da Destruição"

    1. Excruciate
    2. Divine Disease
    3. The Christcrusher
    4. We Evoke Thee
    5. Everlasting Hell Damnation
    6. Midnight Bleeding Death
    7. Pure Infestation of Evil
    8. Firestorm
    9. From Flesh To Nothingness
    10. Icon of Filth
    11. Adventus Caligo
    12. Where Demons Dwell
    13. CD-Rom track video "Arquitetos da Destruição"

    One more greatly awaited release of Evil Horde Rec!


  • Negative Reaction updates

    New York sludge pioneers Negative Reaction have lined up a few local dates in support of their latest effort, Under The Ancient Penalty, out on This Dark Reign. 

    12/09    Pittsburgh, PA - 31st Street Pub
    12/15    New York, NY - Ace of Clubs
    The band was also featured in the November 2006 issue of Metal Maniacs. Guitarist Ken E. Bones gave an in depth look into what made the new record different from their previous works, yet still some of Negative Reaction's best stuff to date. Look for it on the streets now.  

    Open Grave Records has released a FREE downloadable 14 track compilation titled, “Sounds from the Grave Vol. 1”. The compilation features a track from each of the artist signed to the label. Included on the compilation are brand new tracks from UK Black Metal band Primitive Graven Image, California based melodic death metal band Clouds Turned Black, Classic California Thrashers Skitzo which features guest appearances from Possessed vocalist Jeff Becerra and lead axe man John Marshall of Metal Church and Blind Illusion. Also featured is Atrocity (US), Downlord, Necrodemon and the rest of the Open Grave line up.
    Download the compilation at www.opengraverecords.com.

November 25th, 2006
    HOLLYWOOD – Guitar Center is now carrying the first of a series of blood curdling effects pedals by Coffin Case.
    The Blood Drive features a classic rich analog distortion and warm boost circuit, but with more gain and tonal control for modern sounds as well as your favorite tones from times past! Guitarist extraordinaire John 5 (Rob Zombie) gives it a “5 skull rating."


    True bypass switching- no tone-suck when off
    100% analog circuitry
    Rugged Die-Cast metal construction for years of roadworthiness
    Glow-in-the-dark indicators on all knobs- easy to see onstage
    Spider web No-Skid rubber pad on the bottom
    Made in the USA
    Shaped like a Coffin!
    Shipping Specifications:
    Weight 1 lb.
    Individually boxed 4.5”x2.5”x6”, (12) units in a master box
    UPC code- 837022006303
    BDFX-1 $129.95 (MSRP)
    Look for the Creepy Chorus, slated for release on Halloween night 2006.
    Coffin Case is a music products company that brought the underground revolution to musicians with the coffin shaped guitar case. The following years saw a rapid succession of new, innovative, and award-winning products for guitarists, bass players, and drummers, working both on stage and in the studio. Today, Coffin Case continues to introduce more industry “firsts” such the Black Kross Skullplate and receive acclaims from both critics and musicians worldwide. The revolution has begun. Visit www.coffincase.com for more information.
  • DRAGONLAND New "Astronomy" details revealed!

    Melodic metal heads, prog fans, lovers of complex sounds with a heavy edge take heed! Swedish DRAGONLAND are about to strike back with a new masterpiece combining bombastic yet melodic metal with epic atmosphere and stellar musicianship. With “Astronomy”, the follow up to 2004’s much lauded “Starfall” album, DRAGONLAND are about to return stronger than ever on November 13, 2006. Lead guitarist Olof Mörck comments on the new album:

    “Astronomy” is evolution; the path we took from the common sphere of power metal with “Starfall” is further traversed on this album and we have really elaborated on the elements that felt truly unique for us. Though, said path is also a darker one; where “Starfall” was happier and more focused on keyboards than our previous efforts, “Astronomy” is gloomier, more stygian and packed with crunching guitars; both furiously fast and bone-grindingly heavy. The lyrics I have written for this album also represent a delving into dimly illumined vistas and just like on “Starfall” there are no fantasy themed lyrics at all. Instead, a diverse array of themes revolving around the astronomical prism have been explored, ranging from ancient Greek myth to contact with non-terrestrial life forms and I truly hope that it will create a diverse and thrilling lyrical journey for the unsuspecting listener.

    Both lyrically and musically, ‘The Old House on the Hill’ is definitely the crown jewel of this album with its megalithic 14 minutes without a single repetition of any musical part and a five full page story to go with it. We set out to create something even more film score-esque than ‘The Book of Shadows’ trilogy, and after 5 long months of just working on this epic we can finally say we have achieved what we set out to create. In all, the two years of hard labour with this album really felt like it paid off. Now we look forward to the response of the metal scene, and we hope you will join us on our astral endeavours when “Astronomy” hit the streets on November 13th!

    Here the tracklisting for “Astronomy”:

    1. Supernova (5:09)
    2. Cassiopeia (4:06)
    3. Contact (4:25)
    4. Astronomy (3:20)
    5. Antimatter (3:00)
    6. The Book of Shadows part IV: The Scrolls of Geometria Divina (4:04)
    7. Beethoven's Nightmare (6:11)
    8. Too Late for Sorrow (3:36)
    9. Direction: Perfection (4:29)
    10. The Old House on the Hill Chapter I: A Death in the Family (4:30)
    11. The Old House on the Hill Chapter II: The Thing in the Cellar (3:07)
    12. The Old House on the Hill Chapter III: The Ring of Edward Waldon (6:17)

    On July 24, 2006 Swedish melodic metal outfit DRAGONFALL entered Studio Fredman (In Flames, Hammerfall, Dimmu Borgir) to record their fourth full-length album with mastermind Fredrik Nordström producing. Visually, “Astronomy” has been refined by cover art conceived by art genius Niklas Sundin (Arch Enemy, In Flames, Dark Tranquillity) and photos shot by camera wizard Olle Carlsson (H.I.M, The Haunted, Soilwork).

    So, be prepared for the next magnum opus in the field of melodic metal!
  • MERCENARY nominated for Danish Metal Award!

    Denmark’s MERCENARY are nominated in no less than four Danish Metal Awards:

    - best album
    - best production
    - best artwork
    - metal track of the year

    Keep your fingers crossed!

    "On behalf of the band, it's a real pleasure to announce that we'll be performing live at the Danish Metal Awards show in November. Moreover, we're proud to be nominated in no less than four categories this year. Having toured all over Europe the last couple of years and having recently visited the States for the second time, it still means a hell of lot to be performing on home turf for an event like this - so be there and raise those horns - Danish Metal will conquer!" (Jakob Mølbjerg)

    The band will perform November 18th on the Danish Metal Awards in Copenhagen at Amager Bio with the likes of In Flames, Illdisposed and The Psyke Project.

    Find more details at:

    SAN FRANCISCO – Taiwanese black metal band Chthonic had a strong first week at radio as the number most added on both the CMJ Loud Rock and FMQB Metal Detector charts.

    “I’ve been totally absorbed with the Chthonic album,” said Ron House of WYBB, a commercial radio station Charleston, N.C. “Well, obsessed might be a more apt description.”

    “Indigenous” is the track that has been favored by stations across the country.

    Deemed the “the Black Sabbath of Asia” by the Taipei Times for its huge impact as a metal band in Taiwan, Chthonic plays black metal with an ethnic flair. The band’s latest album “Seediq Bale,” released October 3 on Down Port Music/RED, tells the Taiwanese legend of the Seediq people and their strife and struggles against the Japanese. The use of an er-hu, a unique Asian two-string violin, brings an additional element of sadness to Chthonic’s eerie music.

    Chthonic was awarded “Best Rock Group” at the 14th Annual Golden Melody Awards, the Eastern Asian equivalent of a Grammy. The award was presented to the band by none other than the country’s President Chen Shui-bian. “Music is more powerful, more moving than politicians,” the President said before the band joined him on stage.

    The group capped off that momentous year by playing the annual New Year’s Eve live, nationally broadcasted concert in front of President’s Hall and the release of the band’s Mandarin theme for the 21st Century Fox Taiwan release of “Freddy vs. Jason.”

    Chthnonic’s previous albums. “Where the Ancestors’ Souls Gathered,” “9th Empyrean,” and “Relentless Recurrence,” have been recorded in both Mandarin and English.


    TEMPE, ARIZONA. Eyes Set To Kill is in the process of signing with a record label whose name will be released shortly. The band is recording with the label in December and will be starting out on tour in January of 2007.

    In June 2006, Zachary Yoshioka, the founder of the local entertainment company Ballistic Entertainment, became the manager for Eyes Set To Kill, working closely with Kevin Zinger of Suburban Noize Records.

    Eyes Set To Kill has been the number one unsigned post hardcore band on Myspace.com for months and they are the number one in all genres in Arizona. They were one of the top selling unsigned bands on smartpunk.com. They won Warped Tour Ernie Ball contest playing Warped Tour in Arizona on July 4, 2006.

    Now sharing the stage with several signed and unsigned artists, including Chiodos, Bless the Fall, Goodbye Tomorrow, My American Heart, and Greeley Estates, Eyes Set To Kill has finally been noticed by some of the nations leading record labels.

    Their self titled album was independently released May 2006. They have a unique sound that combines passionate, female vocals and powerful lyrics with gut-wrenching screaming, backed up by heart-pounding instrumentals with a post-hardcore influence.

    Eyes Set To Kill has made heads turn in the music industry and it will not be long before they will be heard on radio waves across the country.

    Eyes Set To Kill
    Winter 2007 Tour
    Sat. 1/20- Phoenix, AZ
    Sun.1/21- Tucson, AZ
    Mon.1/22- Albuquerque, NM
    Tue. 1/23- El Paso, TX
    Wed.1/24-  Del Rio, TX
    Thurs. 1/25- San Antonio, TX
    Fri.1/26- Austin, TX
    Sat. 1/27- Dallas, TX
    Sun. 1/28- Tulsa, OK
    Mon. 1/29 Wichita, KS
    Tue. 1/30 Kansas City, MO
    Wed. 1/31 Joplin, MO
    Thurs. 2/1 Indianapolis, IN
    Fri. 2/2 Louisville, KY
    Sat. 2/3 Memphis, TN
    Sun 2/4 Atlanta, GA
    Mon. 2/5 South Carolina
    Tue. 2/6 North Carolina
    Wed. 2/7 Virginia
    Thu. 2/8- Washington, DC
    Fri. 2/9- Deleware*
    Sat 2/10- New Jersey*
    Sun 2/11- Philadelphia, PA*
    Mon 2/12- New York, NY
    Tue. 2/13- Pittsburgh, PA
    Wed. 2/14- Columbus, OH
    Thu. 2/15- Detroit, MI
    Fri. 2/16- Chicago, IL
    Sat. 2/17- Des Moies, IA
    Sun. 2/18- Omaha, NB
    Mon. 2/19- Denver, CO
    Tue. 2/20- Salt Lake City, UT
    Wed. 2/21- Boise, ID
    Thur. 2/22- Seattle, WA
    Fri. 2/23- Portland, OR
    Sat. 2/24- Sacramento, CA
    Sun. 2/25- Stockton, CA
    Mon. 2/26- Reedly, CA
    Tue. 2/27- Bakersfield, CA
    Wed. 2/28- Los Angeles, CA
    Thu. 3/1- San Diego, CA
    Fri. 3/2- Tempe, AZ
  • Candlelight II: Phoenix Rising Tour Update

    Updated show information for the forthcoming Candlelight II: Phoenix Rising tour featuring Dark Funeral, Enslaved and introducing Abigail Williams are noted below.  The tour, sponsored by Metal Maniacs and Blabbermouth is confirmed at the following venues.
    Jan 09 - Jaxx Nite Club, Springfield VA
    Jan 10 - BB King Blues Club, New York NY
    Jan 11 - Le Medley, Montreal QC
    Jan 12 - L'Imperial, Quebec City QC
    Jan 13 - Opera House, Toronto ON
    Jan 14 - Peabody's, Cleveland OH
    Jan 15 - Pearl Room, Mokena IL
    Jan 16 - Station 4, St. Paul MN
    Jan 19 - Boardwalk, Sacramento CA
    Jan 20 - Pound, San Francisco CA
    Jan 21 - Key Club, Los Angeles CA
    Jan 22 - Galaxy Theater, Santa Ana CA
    Jan 23 - Clubhouse, Phoenix AZ
    Jan 25 - Bluebird Theater, Denver CO
    Jan 26 - Launch Pad, Albuquerque NM
    Jan 27 - Texas Avenue Live, El Paso TX
    Jan 28 - Sanctuary, San Antonio TX
    Jan 29 - Ridgelea Theatre, Dallas TX
    Jan 30 - Warehouse Live, Houston TX
    Feb 01 - State Theatre, Tampa FL
    Feb 02 - Jesters Pub, Fayetteville NC
    Feb 03 - The Chance, Poughkeepsie NY
    Feb 04 - Webster Theater, Hartford CT
    Feb 05 - Mark's Showplace, Bedford NH
    Feb 07 - Petit Theatre Du Vieux Noranda, Royun-Noranda QC
    Feb 08 - Jubliee Centre, Sudbury, QC
  • AMON AMARTH “With Oden on Our Side” hits the charts in the US and abroad!

    Amon Amarth’s seventh release (sixth for Metal Blade), With Oden on Our Side, hit the Billboard charts for first week’s sales reaching #15 of the Heatseakers/New Artist Chart, #26 on the Top Independent Albums Chart, and #42 on the Billboard Hard Music Chart. Overseas, With Oden on Our Side entered the German charts at #21, Swedish Charts at #21 and the Austria charts at #27!
    Amon Amarth will be embarking on a month-long European tour in support of With Oden on Our Side and will follow-up with a U.S. tour as direct support to Children of Bodom starting on the 1st of December in Detroit, MI.
    **Make sure to tune into MTV2’s Headbangers Ball this Saturday (10/14) to catch the premier of Amon Amarth’s first video off of With Oden on Our Side for the track Runes to My Memory. Amon Amarth's video for Runes to My Memory was directed by Aestheticom's (www.aestheti.com) Bill Schacht. New episodes of Headbangers Ball air Saturdays at 7pm PST / 10pm EST. http://www.mtv2.com
    Tour w/ Children of Bodom, Sanctity and Gojira
    12/01  Detroit, MI               Harpo’s
    12/02  Milwaukee, WI          Eagles Ballroom
    12/04  Dallas, TX                Gypsy Tea Room
    12/06  Tempe, AZ              Marquee Theatre
    12/07  Anaheim, CA            House of Blues Anaheim
    12/08  San Diego, CA          Soma
    12/09  Los Angeles, CA        Wiltern Theatre
    12/11  Denver, CO              Ogden Theatre
    12/12  Lawrence, KS           Granada Theatre
    12/13  Minneapolis, MN        First Avenue
    12/15  Washington, DC        9:30 Club
    12/17  New York, NY           Nokia Theatre
    12/18  Montreal, QC            Metropolis

    Unearth's new album has just reached the top of the CMJ Loud Rock chart this week! CMJ's Loud Rock chart is compiled of airplay from college radio stations across the U.S. and Canada.
    "We want to thank everyone at College Radio for charting our latest record "III-In the Eyes of Fire" at #1 this week on the CMJ Loud Rock Charts. Now, our new record has reached #1 at both CMJ and FMQB. Thanks to all the college radio and metal specialty show DJ's who continue to spin our record two months after it hit radio! Your support is more than appreciated." –Unearth.
  • CATTLE DECAPITATION announces new tour… and drummer Kevin Talley steps in!

    Pulling themselves out of yet another awkwardly sticky situation with drummers, Cattle Decapitation recruits long time drumming guru Kevin Talley (ex-Dying Fetus, Misery Index, CHIMAIRA). Singer Travis Ryan shares his thoughts on the upcoming tour.

    “We're very excited to not only finally do our own headlining tour, but also to get back out and deliver the tracks from our new Karma.Bloody.Karma album to the masses. The last thing we want to do right now is to stay home and not be out on the road! We're glad to have a seasoned guy like Kevin filling in. It will be a refreshing change to get someone in there that's as professional in his approach to touring as the rest of the guys in the band. See you soon!"

    Not only will Kevin Talley be lending his talents to Cattle Decapitation, he will be pulling double duties each night and also fill in behind the throne for the Atlanta based DAATH, whom Talley recorded the drums for their Roadrunner Records debut due out in January of 2007. DAATH guitarist Eyal Levi comments:

    "Playing with Kevin has always been a natural choice for us. He's been involved with the project for years now and not only is he one of the greatest metal drummers out there, but also one of our good friends. We're excited to have him in the band and we also extremely excited to be during our first proper US tour with the mighty Cattle Decapitation!"

    The tour is a four week jaunt across North America officially kicking off in El Paso Texas, and ending in California in December. Meeting up with Cattle Decapitation and DAATH will be Southern Lord recording artists LAIR OF THE MINOTAUR, and Metal Blade/Rotten Records recording artists GOATWHORE!

    Fore more information you can check out the following sites, and the newly launched Kevin Talley website.

  • FLOTSAM & JETSAM’s Doomsday for the Deceiver 20th Anniversary Set
    “Flotz Fanz….
    Here we are again facing another release, but this one is different… On October 31st we will be unleashing the very album that put us on the map in the metal world.
    Doomsday for the Deceiver 20th Anniversary Set
    The set will include unreleased material and live footage from the Bootlegger in Phoenix from 1985 as well as other live footage. Also included is a photo history that goes back before Mike and Ed joined the band.”
    Original drummer Kelly Smith was nice enough to provide some inside info on Flotsam’s history and the upcoming release:
    The Beginning – Stage One
    “In 1982 I had put together a band during my early high school years, “PARADOX”. It was 2 guitar players and myself, no singer or bass player. The usual makings of an everyday early stage garage band. So we decided to run an ad in the local paper since we didn’t know any bass players. So a few called back but no one stuck, than I received a knock at the door.  Here stood a curly haired guy with his black explorer bass guitar in hand. So we met and proceeded to the back porch of my parent’s house. We practiced for a few months and then Jason asked do you know of any other guitar players that like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and the like.”
    Stage Two – New Line Up
    “I asked around and got a hold of the next set of guitar players that would eventually turn us towards the path of Flotsam. Kevin Horton – Rhythm Guitar and Mark Vasquez – Lead Guitar. We started to learn all sorts of great music; UFO, Iron Maiden, Motley Crue, Judas Priest, and Ted Nugent. At our first gig professionally as, “DREDLOX”. Jason sang lead and had acquired a friendship with Jeff Newsome who at the time was running sound for UFO on the road. We played at the infamous “Mason Jar Lounge” in Phoenix. I’m sure a lot of you who have been through Phoenix have been there or played there. So anyways back to the story. We played that evening and we were so loud that we knocked eight glasses off of the bar. We didn’t get paid and the owner fired us on the spot.”
    Stage Three – A Singer Evolved
    “We made a decision that a front man might suit us better for the music we were playing.
    I was in summer school and I remembered seeing this guy in my class who sang in the talent show earlier that year. He sang a lot like Halford although what he sang at the show wasn’t metal he was still an awesome singer. So I asked him if he wanted to audition. He had to learn 4 Judas Priest songs in 4 days. I am not certain but this is the list as I remember it:

    1. Desert Plains
    2. Hot Rockin’
    3. Victim of Changes
    4. The Green Manaleshi
    So we played on his back patio for his audition. He kicked ass like no one we had heard or seen. We put him on 2 week probation. Later on he took a denim jacket cut off the sleeves and wrote “2 WEEKER” on the back.  We joked about that for years. Shortly after AK joined the clan we wanted to get another lead player in the band. We were heavily influenced by the dual lead scenario of the bands of the era; Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and the like. We found Ed Carlson from a rival band in Phoenix called Exodus, it’s not the same one you’re thinking of; I think every city had an Exodus then. We also decided that we should change our name to “THE DOGZ” as DREDLOX didn’t suit us at all. Ed joined the band and played his first show with DOGZ after only five days in the band. We played at the local ice arena with local heroes Surgical Steel. As time went on we developed our own repertoire of music and locally we started to get a name for ourselves. We played with artists like: Armored Saint, Riot, Exciter, Mercyful Fate, Alcatraz featuring - Yngvie Malmsteen and a many others.”
    Stage Four - Transformation
    “So at this point the line up was:
    Eric A.K. – Vocals
    Jason Newsted – Bass
    Mark Vasquez – Lead Guitar
    Ed Carlson – Lead Guitar
    Kelly D Smith - Drums
    In 1984 or late ’83 we decided another name change would do us some good. We had written a song back in the DOGZ days called “Flotsam and Jetsam”. It was written from the Tolkien Trilogy of two drifters in the story. We were getting stronger locally and writing more and more. During this time I was in deep in my addiction to cocaine and then it happened. I was indicted for the sales of narcotics and sent to prison. Not long, 30 days in D.O.C. During my time in prison, Mark decided he wanted to go another direction and left the band. Jason and the remaining members sought out Mike Gilbert, who at the time was 17 years old. He was in the local band called “The Kids”.

    So when I got out of the clink they had already started to write songs together.”
    Stage Five – New Direction
    “Before Mike Gilbert, Mark had been the main writer in the band.  Jason was always the lyrics guy with musical input as well. Now that Mike was in the band and things were starting to make the final turn towards the sound and feel of Flotsam is known for. I was very resistant to the new wave of metal that was appearing. I was still in the Maiden/Priest stages of music. Now Metallica, Anthrax, S.O.D, Megadeth and Metal Church were coming up in the scene. I remember it clear as day when the band was pushing me “play it faster” and I was mad that I had too. I grew up with Neil Peart and Rush as my Idol and now there was no room for that. In fact it was the writing of the song Metal Shock that this happened. The first song Mike wrote for Flotsam was I Live You Die. Pretty amazing, Huh? We started getting more speed metal songs under are belt. Jason was doing the business part of things at this point. We used to play at the local club “The Bootlegger”. It became our home. Gloria Cavelera (manager and wife to Max from Soulfly, Sepultura) was the former owner of the Bootlegger. She had a battle of the bands at her club and the band that won broke up. Gloria gave the studio time to us. She was the one responsible for the making of the Metal Shock Demo which eventually got Flotsam signed to Metal Blade Records and of course led to Jason’s departure into Metallica.”
    Stage Six - Evolution
    “After the demo was completed, Jason came up with a plan to get some of the people around us to invest in us and duplicate the demo and send it out to magazines, fanzines, radio stations and record labels. We also sold them through Zia records a small local chain in Phoenix. All the proceeds went to the promotion of the band. So we made our first MTV like video “HAMMERHEAD” in Jason’s apartment living room. Really, no kidding!!! We used to practice there as well in a room just off to the side of the apartment. We also recorded live video from the Bootlegger which we sent out to Brian Slagel of Metal Blade Records. We had finally gained a record deal with Metal Blade records. It was amazing to us.”
    Stage Seven - Revelation
    “In the winter of 1985 we went to Los Angeles and started recording “Doomsday for the Deceiver”. We had a tight budget 12000.00 to make the entire record. A time period of two weeks total. I had two days to record my drum tracks and I had fifteen stitches in my arm five days prior. Life was chaotic but it was good. We were making the first record of our lives. It was very surreal to think from the back porch to this point how it all worked out the way it did. So on July 26th 1986, Flotsam was unleashed on the world with a label behind them. We had Roadrunner the best metal label in Europe supporting us as well. Some of you may remember that in 1986 we were the first band in Kerrang’s history to achieve the 6k rating. As a band we had never at that point even toured any farther than California with Megadeth on a few shows and at the Country Club in LA. It was amazing how we were buzzing the scene. So it was working well and the BUZZ was BIG.”
    Stage Eight – An Open Door
    “On September 27th, 1986, the world of metal suffered a terrible blow. Cliff Burton had been killed on the Master of Puppets tour in Europe. No one could believe it. It was strange as we had seen Metallica in Phoenix only months before. That night I stood in front of the stage banging my head with Cliff up above on stage and now he’s gone. They had been on tour with WASP in the states. We all wondered what would happen now. Then Metallica announced they were going to audition to replace Cliff. Jason had been working with one of the A&R’s from Elektra keeping an open dialogue since Doomsday had been released. Mike Alago, who was responsible for signing Metallica to Elektra Records as well as Metal Church, Rob Zombie and many others in metal, was a factor in helping Jason get the audition as well as Brian Slagel and a few others. Mike Gilbert and Kevin Horton helped Jason to learn the songs so he could go in finely tuned for the job. Jason is not a person that fails when he sets his mind on a goal. He had been through a lot up to this point. He even stayed in a 10 x 20 steel warehouse that we rented to practice in. He was jobless and homeless and in Phoenix where it gets up to 115 degrees. He lived on only peanut butter sandwiches and whatever he could scrounge up. So now he is looking at the ultimate gig. He wasn’t leaving without the gig. As you all know he made it.”
    Stage Nine – Moving On
    “The last show that Jason played with Flotsam was exactly 20 years to the day of this release. That’s right Oct 31st, 1986. There is a picture from that night inside the anniversary box set. Quite ironic that it ended up this way. Let me reassure you it was not at all planned this way. He was and is an awesome choice to this day for Metallica. It is unfortunate that they had a falling out.”
    Stage 10 – And So On
    “Since his departure we created the second master piece being one of the fan favorites “No Place for Disgrace”. On Elektra Records 1988 Jason was a co-writer on three of the songs on this record as well. These were written before he left to join Metallica.
    1 No Place For Disgrace
    2 N.E.Terror
    3 I Live You Die
    Other Albums include:
    When the Storm Comes Down – MCA 1990
    Cuatro – MCA 1992
    Drift – MCA 1995
    HIGH – Metal Blade Records 1997 *Last record with Mike Gilbert and Kelly D Smith
    Unnatural Selection – 1999 *Craig Nelson and Mark Simpson enter the band
    My God – 2001
    Dreams of Death – 2005 most current release
    When I got the remix copy of Doomsday I nearly cried at the performance and the realization of how great a band we were at that time. We practiced nearly everyday for at least 2-3 hours and even more after Jason left as we wanted to be the best metal band as well as the best musicians we could be. We lived it, we ate it, and we breathed it in and made it apart of each of us. I hope it is that way with you out there. I am very proud that I was a part of this project and had the chance to play with such awesome musicians and work with great talent behind the board.

    Enjoy the Anniversary of Doomsday, for us you have made the path along the way more than great. It is unexplainable.”
    As Fans and Believers of Flotsam YOU FUCKIN’ RULE.
    We thank you!!
    Flotz ‘til death
    Kelly D Smith
  • IMPIOUS checks in from the studio!

    Straight from the keyboard of Valle Adzic (guitars): “Sorry for the lack of updates. Things have been really crazy and we just didn’t feel like we had the time to write a studio diary for this album. Anyways, here’s some news for ya! The new album is almost done. This weekend we’ll do some last bits of recording. We’ll also have Thomas Backelin from mighty Lord Belial come over for some guest vocals on a slower and very dark track. Will be fun! The mix will be done next weekend, so expect some samples here in a few weeks. We’ve set the title “Holy Murder Masquerade” for the new album. Some of the song titles are ‘The Confession’, ‘Bound To Bleed (For A Sacred Need)’, ‘T.P.S.’, ‘Death On Floor 44’, ‘Holy Murder Masquerade’ and ‘Three Of One’. The cover is also done. It’s awesome! Come back in a week and take a look at it.”
  • LIZZY BORDEN working hard on new record!

    LIZZY BORDEN has signed with Coallier Entertainment Ltd. (W.A.S.P., TWISTED SISTER).
    "We are all very excited to be with Coallier Entertainment," the band said in a statement. "Touring in all territories has been our goal for a long, long time and now with Coallier Entertainment booking us, we can play in places that we never have before and bring the LIZZY BORDEN show worldwide."

    For booking information, contact www.coallierentertainment.com or

    LIZZY BORDEN is working on a new record and is looking to recreate the LIZZY BORDEN logo to fit with the new concept. The logo shape has not changed very much over the years, but the inside of the logo has gone from red with blades ("Give 'em the Axe") to a hypnotizing green ("Visual Lies") to the American flag with exposed bones ("The Murderess Metal Roadshow") and then finally on a contract signed by the horned one himself ("Deal with the Devil").

    Commented Lizzy: "With every record we try and make the logo fit the concept. The concept for the new record is very dark and ominous and we need the logo to reflect that.

    "We've seen some amazing artwork on MySpace and other places on the net and would love to find that artist who understands Lizzy Borden and be the one to pen the logo for the forthcoming Lizzy Borden record."

    Interested parties are encouraged to submit their ideas to:

    www.lizzyborden.com and www.myspace.com/lizzybordenband
    Open Grave Records is pleased to announce the first official Open Grave Records Tour sponsored in part by Unrestrained! Magazine. The tour is scheduled to take place March 6th 2007 – April 3rd 2007. The official tour line up is Downlord (featuring ex-members of Benediction, Bolt Thrower & Iniquity), Necrodemon, Clouds Turned Black and A Dark Tomorrow. The tour will travel through 24 US cities.
    Booking is being handled by Connecticut based, Dragons Wing Entertainment and Booking. Dragon’s Wing can be reached via www.dragonswingbooking.com.
    Tour dates and locations to be announced as they are made available.

November 24th, 2006
  • RIGOR SARDONICOUS -Back in Stock + E-Store updates!

    Principia Sardonica CD

    After a long five years since their last album, Rigor Sardonicous return with their 3rd and darkest opus of Apocalyptic Doom. Imagine Thergothon, early Skepticism, Disembowelment, Symphony of Grief, and Winter stripped to its barest elements. Only for the truest of DOOM enthusiasts.

  • BACKYARD BABIES Touring Europe!

    Swedish Rock ’n’ Rollers BACKYARD BABIES are about to hit Europe for a good load of sweaty live shows filled with the band’s typical onstage energetic performance, whiskey-drenched vocals, powerful licks and rocking riffs!

    In April 2006, BACKYARD BABIES delivered their fifth studio full-length slab of top class, balls-out Rock with “People Like People Like People Like Us”, well received by press and fans. You can still check out two songs off the album at the band’s official ecard, which you can visit here: Ecard

    Also, watch the great clip for “Dysfunctional Professional” at Century Media’s Youtube.com page, just follow this link: Youtube

    To experience BACKYARD BABIES live, see them at the following dates:

    Presented by Titus, Rock Hard (D), Gibson & Slam

    20.11.2006 Oxford (UK) - Zodiac
    21.11.2006 Dudley (UK) - JB's
    22.11.2006 Manchester (UK) - Academy 3
    23.11.2006 London (UK) - Mean Fiddler
    24.11.2006 Aarchot (B) - Klinker
    26.11.2006 Paris (F) - La Boule Noir
    28.11.2006 Augsburg (D) - Kantine
    29.11.2006 Utrecht (NL) - Helling
    30.11.2006 Karlsruhe (D) - Substage
    02.12.2006 Münster (D) - Skaterpalace
    03.12.2006 Köln (D) - Prime Club
    05.12.2006 Leipzig (D) - Conne Island
    06.12.2006 Hamburg (D) - Grünspan

    Press on "People Like People Like People Like Us":

    "Yeah, yeah, yeah! It smells, it sweats and rocks!"
    METAL HEART (D), Soundcheck #2

    "Another feel-good-record with lots of sing-a-long-tunes has been unleashed upon mankind! […] Make sure you check this out!"
    HEAVY (D)

  • ARCH ENEMY European live apocalypse!

    After the currently sweaty Gigantour 2006 in the US alongside Megadeth, Lamb Of God, Opeth, labelmates Into Eternity and others, which will be finished in mid-October, the ever restless ARCH ENEMY will be setting sails shortly after for a set of European Headliner shows!

    As ARCH ENEMY’s latest “Live Apocalypse” DVD caused some audiovisual stir and even entered the official DVD charts in Sweden (at position #2) and Germany (at position #12), the band is about to deliver the probably best extreme metal worldwide to European stages again!

    The band around front-lady Angela Gossow and musical mastermind Michael Amott, shall give you a full dose of intense and aggressive metal at the following dates:

    ARCH ENEMY live

    Close Up Made Us Do It Tour 2006, with Coldworker, Path Of No Return
    16.11.2006 Malmö (S), KB
    17.11.2006 Karlskrona (S), Kino
    18.11.2006 Gothenburg (S), Tragarn
    22.11.2006 Stockholm (S), Klubben
    23.11.2006 Linköping (S), Platens Bar
    24.11.2006 Halmstad (S), Diezel
    26.11.2006 Copenhagen (D), Pumpehuset
    27.11.2006 Arhus (DK), Voxhall

    European Headliner Shows + Special Guests
    29.11.2006 Bochum (D), Zeche
    30.11.2006 Hamburg (D), Knust
    01.12.2006 Glauchau (D), Alte Spinnerei
    03.12.2006 Zürich (CH), Rohstofflager
    05.12.2006 München (D), New Backstage
    06.12.2006 Aschaffenburg (D), Colos-Saal
    08.12.2006 Antwerpen (B), Hof Ter Loo
    09.12.2006 Arnheim (NL), Metal Meeting Festival
    10.12.2006 Strasbourg (F), La Laiterie

  • DEADLOCK, Sabine Weniger joins band as permanent member, start of recordings for new album!

    After more than six years of brilliant collaborations for DEADLOCK's previous records, we´re very proud to announce Sabine Weniger will be a constant member of DEADLOCK in the future! Starting from the bands next 'yet untitled' album, which is scheduled for an april 2007 release, we heartly welcome this outstanding talented and professional singer as the band's second main vocalist.

    The band additionally stated: "The personal and musical cooperation in the past has always been fantastic and will now mean another big step to more variety, innovation and inimitability. Her amazing and highly acclaimed voice perfectly fits in our new songs and we´re sure, that Joe and her will be an excellent duo on our live performances and all upcoming releases."

    Sabine Weniger has been already involved in the songwriting for DEADLOCK's new album and will be fully included in the studio sessions, which the band started with recording drums the last weekend.

    Listen to the track AWAKENED BY SIRENS (featuring guest vocals from Sabine) from DEADLOCK's latest album "Earth.Revolt" here.

    DEADLOCK will keep you updated regularly with news and pics from the studio on their Myspace profile and on the band's website.

    DEADLOCK live:

    25-12-06 DE – Leipzig @ Werk 2
    26-12-06 DE – Essen @ Weststadthalle
    27-12-06 DE – Karlsruhe @ Substage
    28-12-06 DE – Losheim @ Eisenbahnhalle
    29-12-06 BE – Tielt @ Europahal
    30-12-06 DE – Hamburg @ Markthalle

  • LEAVES' EYES "Vinland Saga" World-Tour 2006
    upcoming dates:

    08.11.2006 USA - Tempe, AZ / Marquee Theatre
    09.11.2006 USA - San Diego, CA / House of Blues
    10.11.2006 USA - Santa Ana, CA / Galaxy Theatre
    11.11.2006 USA - Los Angeles, CA / The Avalon
    12.11.2006 USA - San Francisco, CA / The Fillmore
    14.11.2006 CAN - Vancouver, BC / Commodere Ballroom
    15.11.2006 USA - Seattle, WA / El Corazon
    18.11.2006 MEX - Monterrey / Monterrey Metal Fest
    20.11.2006 USA - Englewood, CO / Gothic Theatre
    22.11.2006 USA - Minneapolis, MN / The Quest
    23.11.2006 USA - Chicago, IL / House of Blues
    24.11.2006 USA - Cleveland, OH / Agora Theatre
    25.11.2006 USA - Detroit, MI / Harpo's Concert Theatre
    26.11.2006 CAN - Toronto, ON / Opera House
    28.11.2006 CAN - Sainte-Foy, QC / Salle Albert-Rousseau
    29.11.2006 CAN - Montreal, QC / Le Medley
    30.11.2006 USA - New York, NY / B.B. Kings Blues Club
    01.12.2006 USA - Worcester, MA / The Palladium
    02.12.2006 USA - Philadelphia, PA / Trocadero
    04.12.2006 USA - West Springfield, VA / Jaxx
    05.12.2006 USA - Charlotte, NC / Tremont Music Hall
    07.12.2006 USA - Lake Buena Vista, FL / House of Blues
    08.12.2006 USA - Atlanta, GA / Roxy Theatre
    09.12.2006 USA - New Orleans, LA / House of Blues
    10.12.2006 USA - Houston, TX / Meridian
    11.12.2006 USA - Austin, TX / Emo's
  • NUCLEUS TORN sign with Prophecy

    Swiss band Nucleus Torn has signed a contract for 4 albums with Prophecy Productions. The first joint release will be the band's debut album "Nihil". In spring 2006, the 500 copies of the band's self-released CD were sold out after just a few months; now, Prophecy Productions will re-release the album in a reworked version on November 24th, 2006.

    "Nihil" offers an organic blending of Progressive Rock with extreme Metal, Folk elements, and Classical music.

    audio sample available at:
  • UNLEASHED 2007 North American tour
    w/ openers: Krisiun, Belphegor and Hatesphere

    02/07 Mark’s Place, Bedford, NH
    02/08 BB Kings Blues Club, NYC, NY
    02/09 The Chance, Poughkeepsie, NY
    02/10 Peabody’s, Cleveland, OH
    02/11 The Pearl Room, Molena, ILL
    02/12 Station 4, St. Paul, MN
    02/15 Studio Seven, Seattle, WA
    02/16 Roseland Grill, Portland, OR
    02/17 The Pound, San Francisco, CA
    02/18 Key Club, Los Angeles, CA
    02/19 The Galaxy Theater, Santa Ana, CA
    02/20 The Clubhouse,Tempe,AZ
    02/21 Launch Pad, Albuquerquee NM
    02/22 Texas Avenue Live, El Paso TX
    02/23 Sanctuary, San Antonio. TX
    02/24 Ridgles Theater, Ft Worth, TX
    02/25 Jave Jazz, Houston, TX
    03/02 Jaxx, West Springfield, VA
    03/03 The Webster Theater, Hartford, CT
    03/04 Fou Founes Electriques, Montreal, QUE
    03/05 The Opera House, Toronto, ONT


    New Zealand death metal band Dawn of Azazel has been confirmed as the main support act for Deicide’s upcoming New Zealand/Australian tour.

    "We are extremely honoured to be Supporting Deicide on this tour,” said frontmand Rigel Walshe. “Deicide is one of our strongest influences and one of the key bands that drew us all to the extreme end of metal when we were teenagers, so to be supporting them on this tour definitely is a tremendous accomplishment in our eyes and gives a sense of things coming full circle to be playing to their fans throughout Australasia."

    Prior to supporting Deicide, the New Zealand-based band will play two shows with Skinless in November.

    Dawn of Azazel’s latest album, “Sedition,” was re-released in September with a video bonus track and distributed through RED/Megaforce Records/MIC via Ibex Moon Records. “Sedition” is also now available for download online through Itunes and mailorder through CD Universe.

    Since completing a Spring North American tour with Incantation and Vital Remains, Dawn of Azazel has been working on new material for the follow-up to “Sedition.”

    "We have already created four new tracks and we feel confident that this material will easily surpass our previous material in aggression, speed, and originality,” said Walshe. “We aim to have another four by the end of January 2007, when we will begin the process of perfecting this material for recording late in 2007."

    Dates are as follow:
    11/17/06 Fri. Kings Arms, Auckland
    11/19/06 Sun. Upsett Records, Hamilton
    12/11/06 Mon. Heat Nightclub, Perth
    12/12/06 Tue. HQ Nightclub, Adelaide
    12/13/06 Wed. The Hi Fi Bar, Melbourne
    12/14/06 Thu. The Gaelic Club, Sydney
    12/15/06 Fri. The Studio, Auckland
    12/16/06 Sat. The Civic, Christchurch


    Few songs in the history of hard rock can whip up a concert frenzy like "The Final Countdown." And Europe, the composers of that anthemic classic, are back for more with a brand new album, Secret Society, out November 7th, via Sanctuary Records.

    With their original lineup - singer Joey Tempest, guitarist John Norum, bassist John Leven, keyboardist Mic Michaeli, and drummer Ian Haugland - back in place, Europe reunited in the early 21st century, before issuing their first studio album in thirteen years, Start from the Dark, in 2004.

    As evidenced by such standout tracks as the Led Zeppelin-esque album opening title track and the lead-off single, "Always the Pretenders," Secret Society is undeniably edgier than previous releases. Says Joey Tempest "It feels like we have finally arrived. Together we have written some of our best lyrics and songs. We can't wait to play the material live".

    The reunion has proven to not be a mere one-off, as the group opted to entirely self-produce Secret Society themselves, while the album was mixed by Stefan Glaumann (Rammstein, Within Temptation) and mastered by George Marino (Velvet Revolver, U2).

    Also featured is the unmistakable album cover art of Storm Thorgerson. As a member of the design studio Hipgnosis, Storm worked on all the classic album covers by PINK FLOYD, LED ZEPPELIN and PETER GABRIEL, to name just a few. Guitarist John Norum reminisces: "Growing up, my favorite covers were done by this guy. "

    Storm has recently created the CD artwork for not only Europe but bands such as THE MARS VOLTA and MUSE. You can view the cover art for Secret Society by pasting the following URL in your web browser.


    Europe has also committed to giving the album a major push via worldwide touring. Promises Norum, "We will tour Scandinavia before Christmas and the rest of Europe in the beginning of the New Year. After that, we are aiming to do some dates in the U.K. US and Asia and play the summer festivals all over Europe next summer."



    20/01 Seattle,WA The Showbox *
    26/01 Denver,CO Hubba's House of rock
    28/01 Minneapolis,MN First Avenue
    30/01 Sauget,IL Pop's
    01/02 Toronto,ON the Opera House
    02/02 Montreal,QC Foufounes Electriques
    03/02 Quebec City,QC L' Imperial
    04/02 Boston,MA The Middle East Club
    06/02 Philadelphia,PA First Uniterian Church
    07/02 Springfield, WV Jaxx
    15/02 San Antonio,TX White Rabbitt
    * Seattlle Metalfest/Destruction only

    MORE DATES COMING SOON!!! ... Thrash never dies..

    Metal Maniacs

    American metal bands PHARAOH and CANVAS SOLARIS have begun work on a unique split 7" release planned for early 2007.  Each band will contribute its version of a song by the legendary progressive thrash band Coroner.  Canvas Solaris, an instrumental band itself, will offer its version of the the Coroner instrumental "Arc-Lite", while Pharaoh will contribute in the form of "Tunnel of Pain".

    This will be the first vinyl release for both Pharaoh and Canvas Solaris.  A label is expected to be confirmed shortly.

    Pharaoh's second album, The Longest Night, was released by Cruz del Sur Music in February. Sensory Records released Canvas Solaris's second album, Penumbra Diffuse, earlier this year, and the band recently completed recording its third full-length.


    Metal Maniacs
  • CHIMAIRA Signs Two Record Deals

    Officially from Chimaira "Well it's official! We've wrapped things up and signed two record deals!"
    "The first one being with Ferret Music for our home turf North America. We have known the guys over at Ferret for many years and they are great friends. We look forward to building off that friendship and making great records together. We knew we wanted to sign to Ferret right away and it was a great feeling to hear they felt the same way about Chimaira. They have a vision for this band that just blows us away, and we feel very fortunate to finally be working with a team that understands us."

    "For our friends outside of the US, we have linked up with Nuclear Blast. We met these guys on the European Sounds Of The Underground tour and were so thrilled to learn that they too were big of fans of Chimaira. They had this hunger in their eyes that showed us they were going to sign Chimaira if it was the last thing they did. That made us feel incredible.  Not to mention the owner promised us his Porsche if we signed...we are holding you to that Marc! On a serious note, both Nuclear and Ferret have great ideas to deliver some killer goods to the fans."

    "Things have never felt as good for us as they do right now, and its due in part to the killer music we're creating, plus the faith and enthusiasm we're seeing from the awesome group of guys over there at the labels.

    Chimaira still has an abundance of life and creativity flowing through our veins, and this new chapter in our lives may prove to be our greatest. Get ready for the most real, most passionate, and most technically punishing Chimaira record yet!  -The beast has finally been unleashed..."

    Expect the new Chimaira CD Spring 2007 titled "Resurrection" on Ferret Music.

    Metal Maniacs
  • MELECHESH And PHAZM Records To Be Released In January
    OSMOSE USA/THE END RECORDS have tentatively set the release date of January 23rd, 2007 for new albums from Mesopotamian metallers MELECHESH ("Emissaries") and French metallers PHAZM ("Antebellum Death 'N' Roll").

    Melechesh - Emissaries
    January 23, 2007 / OPCD - 2179 / Osmose
    "Emissaries," the fourth album from MELECHESH, is the much-anticipated follow-up to 2003's brilliant opus "Sphynx." Easily the band's top album to date, and debut for new drummer Xul, "Emissaries" is a collection of Sumerian spells, Mesopotamian mysticism and its cosmic connection.
    The album also features a cover of the song "Gyroscope" by world-renowned Canadian band The Tea Party. The Tea Party gave the band full permission to cover the song and the liberty to change it if they wanted to - which the band did, adding their own creative touch.
    1. Rebirth of the Nemesis (Enuma Elish Rewritten)
    2. Ladders to Sumeria
    3. Deluge of Delusional Dreams:Act.I Cast Tempest from the East
    Act II. Enlil's Retaliation
    4. Touching the Spheres of Sephiroth
    5. Gyroscope
    6. Double Helixed Sceptre
    7. The Scribes of Kur
    8. Leper Jerusalem
    9. Sand Grain Universe
    10. Emissaries and the Mysterium Magnum

    Phazm - Antebellum Death 'N' Roll
    January 23, 2007 / OPCD 2184 / Osmose
    The sophomore release from PHAZM surges with a hyperkinetic death metal meets rock n' roll vibe, letting songs about macabre, humor and zombies run rampant. "Antebellum Death 'N' Roll" will be released on a dual disc with concert footage shot by TDK Productions from a show in Nancy, France on 14/07/2006.
    You can watch a video clip of the song "How To Become A God, featuring special guest Franck Delmasure on the harmonica, by clicking here:

    1. How To Become A God         
    2. Hunger
    3. Black 'N' Roll
    4. So White, So Blue, So Cold   
    5. My Darkest Desire                
    6. Damballah                
    7. Decay          
    8. The Bright     
    9. Sabbath                   
    10. Mr Toodling
    11. Lorelindorenan         
    12. Burarum

    More info:
    Official Melechesh website: http://www.melechesh.com
    Official Phazm website: http://phazm.free.fr/

    Metal Maniacs

    Including Hydrovibe Featuring Actress and Saw Star: Shawnee Smith

    October 7, 2006 – The current reigning champ of all of the horror film franchises – Saw – will have the third and most psychologically intense installment of the series – Saw III hit theaters on October 27th. Fans of the series will be excited to hear that the Saw III Soundtrack (Artists’ Addiction Records) will feature twenty tracks from of some of the hardest, bone crushing rock bands on the planet including: Blue October, Slayer, Disturbed, Avenged Sevenfold, Ministry, and many others. Brand new exclusive tracks from Static X “No Submission,” and Drowning Pool “No More,” are stand out songs on the Saw III Soundtrack.

    Saw III (Twisted Pictures & Lionsgate) stars Shawnee Smith and Tobin Bell. Jigsaw has disappeared. With his new apprentice Amanda (Shawnee Smith), the puppet-master behind the cruel, intricate games that have terrified a community and baffled police has once again eluded capture and vanished. While city detectives scramble to locate him, Doctor Lynn Denlon (Bahar Soomekh) and Jeff (Angus Macfayden) are unaware that they are about to become the latest pawns on his vicious chessboard.

    Saw star Shawnee Smith makes a cameo singing backup vocals on Hydrovibe’s track “Killer Inside” on the Saw III Soundtrack.

    "I've am a huge fan of this band Hydrovibe!,” commented Shawnee. “Heather St. Marie has a breathtakingly beautiful voice as powerful as my character in the Saw films: Amanda. I'm thrilled our female fan base has a movie and a soundtrack to sink our patent leather stilettos into."


    1 All That Remains – “This Calling”
    2 Static X – “No Submission”
    3 Slayer – “Eyes Of The Insane”
    4 Lamb Of God – “Walk With Me In Hell”
    5 Helmet – “Monochrome”
    6 Disturbed – “Guarded”
    7 Blue October – “ Drilled A Wire Through My Cheek”
    8 Drowning Pool – “No More”
    9 Avenged Sevenfold – “Burn It Down”
    10 Eighteen Visions – “Your Nightmare”
    11 Opiate For The Masses – “Dead Underground”
    12 Bullet For My Valentine – “Suffocating Under Words Of Sorrow (What Can I Do)”
    13 Ministry – “Fear Is Big Business”
    14 Mastadon – “The Wolf Is Loose”
    15 Hydrovibe Featuring Shawnee Smith – “Killer Inside”
    16 Hourcast – “Sakkara”
    17 Meshuggah – “Shed”
    18 The Smashup “Effigy”
    19 Ghost Machine – “Siesta Loca”
    20 Charlie Clouser – “S*!thole Theme”

    About Artists’ Addiction Records:
    Artists’ Addiction Records, formed in 2005 by Principal Jonathan Scott Miller, encompasses Artists’ Addiction Music Publishing, Treadstone Records and Stop! Go music supervision. The multifaceted company’s mission is to bring consumers and clients the finest in branded entertainment and music supervision. This includes soundtracks to contemporary films and television shows, album releases from known artists and music supervision of various high profile films, television and commercials.


    Helmet – “Monochrome”
    Windows Media

    Real Player

    Static X – “No Submission” (CLIP)
    Windows Media

    Real Player

    ARTIST: Various
    ALBUM TITLE: Saw III Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
    RELEASE DATE: October 24, 2006,
    Movie release date October 27, 2006
    LABEL: Artists Addiction http://artistsaddiction.com/
  • Open Grave Records launches 24 hour online radio station and complete IRC Network Server

    Open Grave Records is pleased to announce the launch of an all new 24 hour metal radio station, Open Grave Radio. Open Grave Radio features live DJ’s every evening and has various specialty programming available throughout the week and weekends. To tune in point you browser to www.opengraveradio.com.

    To access Open Grave Records chat from mIRC or a similar chat client, you would type /server irc.opengraveradio.com 6669 and join channel #opengraverecords
  • W:O:A 2007 latest confirmed Bands

    The following bands are already confirmed:
    IMMORTAL - Reunion, one and only Open Air Show in Germany 2007
    RAGE & Lingua Mortis Orchester
    SAXON - A Night To Remember
    STORMWARRIOR feat. Kai Hansen
    STRATOVARIUS - Only Open Air Show in Germany

    and many more!

    More Infos about the bands: Billing / Bands 2007
    W:O:A 2007 - Shift of the Party Stage, updates for the WET Stage and W:O:A Lounge
  • EARTH signs death with Cheruti Musical Instruments

    The musician Earth, responsible for the voices and instruments of Seduced by Suicide and Blood Tears signed a deal with Cheruti, a known manufacterer of musical instruments, which is in the market since 1993.

    Earth will join a cast of high level musicians of the brazilian musical scene who are endorsed by Cheruti, like Frank Solari, Arthur Maia (Gilberto Gil), Ricardo Koctus (Pato Fu), and others.

    Besides of his work with Blood Tears and Seduced by Suicide, Earth already appeared on recordings of several bands like Ynis Vitrin and Burning in Hell, and is working for ten years as producer and owner of the recording and design estudio Nitro Sound Solutions (www.nitross.com).

    Cheruti will for Earth an exclusive model of guitar which will be designed by him in the next weeks.

    Actually Earth is finishing the recordings of the Blood Tears' full length. To know more about the work of Cheruti and Earth visit the following links www.cheruti.com.br and www.seducedbysuicide.com
  • Metal Blade Records signs AEON!

    I am very pleased to announce the signing of AEON, one of our latest additions to the Metal Blade family. Known for their technicality and sheer brutality AEON has made a place for themselves among the leaders of the death metal community by creating excruciatingly heavy, yet catchy songs that have caught the attention death metal heavy weights Cannibal Corpse, who are some of their biggest supporters. “AEON’s musicianship is among the best in death metal, but their songwriting is what truly sets them apart. It's rare to find a death metal band that is simultaneously crushingly brutal and infectiously catchy. AEON is one of those rare bands” states Cannibal Corpse bassist Alex Webster.

    Not content with merely playing extremely fast, Aeon set out to take death metal to a new level by having all the instruments “support” each other while taking the time to create superior riffs, lyrics and vocal patterns with thought behind them. With the band already working on new material for their Metal Blade debut and tours already in the works, you can expect to see great things from this Swedish death metal quintet.

    Here’s what guitarist Zeb Nilsson had to say about their recent signing:
    “This is the kind of deal we’ve been waiting for since we started up as a band. We are all very exited about this new chapter for us, and we already have 7 or 8 new songs done for our next album and they all sound killer, I am very satisfied so far…”

    Stay tuned for more information on Aeon’s upcoming Metal Blade debut and tour dates.

    Aeon is:
    Tommy Dahlström - Vocals
    Zeb Nilsson - Guitar
    Daniel Dlimi - Guitar
    Nils Fjellström - Drums
    Max Carlberg – Bass

  • ANGRA Aurora Consurgens
    release date: OCTOBER. 10, 2006

    To come right to the point: Angra’s latest album, Aurora Consurgens, not only marks the Brazilian power metal act’s fifteenth live anniversary, it’s also a real classic of its genre, a landmark recording, a true masterpiece. With their current line-up consisting of Kiko Loureiro (guitar), Rafael Bittencourt (guitar), Felipe Andreoli (bass), Aquiles Priester (drums) and Edu Falaschi (vocals), their new album sees Angra get down to business more profoundly and tougher than ever before. Inspired by the book of the same name by the globally renowned author, philosopher and theologian, St Thomas Aquinas, about the problem of opposites in alchemy, the album’s lyrics deal with different mental conditions, such as suicidal tendencies, schizophrenia, manic depression, and apathy. The musical direction of the tracks suits the subject matter: varied, deep, expressive, and hauting in terms of their technical translation. The interplay between the two world class guitarists, Loureiro and Bittencourt, and their vocalist, Edu Falaschi, produces creative highlights by the second.

    Aurora Consurgens was recorded at the House Of Audio studios in Karlsdorf, Germany, and the Via Musique Estúdios in São Paulo, Brazil. The album was mixed by Dennis Ward (Pink Cream 69) again, and the songs were mastered by the renowned Finnish sound magician, Mika Jussila. This diversity of the artists involved is also reflected in the album’s stylistic variety. Although Angra sound tougher and more dynamic than ever before, the band’s typical trademarks, which are based on Brazilian music and expressed in numerous percussion arrangements and orchestra parts, are still present. Another highlight is the cover artwork by the Portuguese artist, Isabel de Amorin. In terms of the marketing of their current album, Angra have proved their innovative spirit: the song, ‘The Course Of Nature’ is available to their fans as an Internet download even before the release of the album, the video clip to support this number having been shot in São Paulo under the direction of Carina Zaratin at the beginning of September.

    Only a few days ago, the band concluded their 124-show Temple Of Shadows world tour at the Metal Union Festival in Brazil and are already getting ready for their upcoming tour. Following a number of warm-up shows in their native country, Angra are scheduled to travel Asia, a major highlight being their show at the Loud Park Festival in Tokyo, followed by the European leg.

    The Course Of Nature * The Voice Commanding You * Ego Painted Grey * Breaking Ties * Salvation: Suicide * Window To Nowhere * So Near So Far * Passing By * Scream Your Heart Out * Abandoned Fate