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September 10th, 2006
  • FALL OF SERENITY join forces with GO DOWN BELIEVING for booking!

    German melodic death metal outfit FALL OF SERENITY have joined forced with GO
    DOWN BELIEVING for all booking matters in order to get to the next level.
    GDB is known for it´s good work for bands such as Hatesphere, Illdosposed,
    Raunchy, Koroded, etc and are glad to have FALL OF SERENITY on board as well.

    Allen (GDB): “We will do them cos they fucking KILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    FALL OF SERENITY´s new album “Bloodred Salvation” was released on Lifeforce
    Records on May 12th 2006.

    "A top address in German death metal.." ROCK HARD

  • SINCH To Release Remixed Music

    Long Time Philadelphia 5 Piece Continues To Explore Technology With New EP Release
    On August 25th 2006, Sinch is due to release “Subdivisons” to a worldwide audience via their online store at www.sinch.net/store. The album will contain reinterpretations of songs from the band’s critically acclaimed 2005 album, “Clearing the Channel” (Rock Ridge Music).

    The release will include five tracks that the band remixed themselves between their staggered tour dates of 2005. Equipped with a laptop and a thriving passion for technology, guitarist Tony Lannutti led the band through the sessions that brought about this unique release. When asked why the band chose to release a remix album Lannutti is quick to point out, “We wanted to explore the different directions we could take our already existing songs. A big part of this band has always been diversity and I think this release takes that aspect another step forward.”

    Having experienced success on both major and independent record labels, Sinch has elected to go in a different direction this time around and release their music on their own through their newly renovated store at their official website www.sinch.net. This special EP release is coming just months after the band reopened their online store by re-releasing their long out of print albums, “The Strychnine” (1996) and 1998’s “Diatribe” to their fans’ delight. Prior to this, diehard Sinch fans were forced to endlessly browse various file sharing programs in hopes of accessing the early works of the band.

    In 2001 Sinch became one of Philly’s finest exports after the band inked a deal with Roadrunner / Universal Records which led to the band’s world wide tours with acts such as Seether, Chevelle and Stone Sour. Along with the success of their self-titled album, the band scored a hit with the single “Something More” which became one of the top 100 active rock songs of 2002. After electing to go to Rock Ridge music for 2005’s “Clearing the Channel” the band continued to gain critical acclaim as they further developed a strong underground following. So, with all this in place, Sinch appears determined to further explore their creative vision and passion for technology with this new page in the band’s already storied history.
  • MELIAH RAGE 'THE DEEP AND DREAMLESS SLEEP' out via Screaming Ferret Wreckords September 12, 2006

    Metal trends may come and go, but Boston veterans Meliah Rage continue to stand their ground, as evidenced by their seventh release overall, The Deep and Dreamless Sleep. A straight ahead metal release that touches upon the classic metal that originally inspired the band (Metallica, Riot, Judas Priest), the album also manages to contain all the expected Meliah Rage trademarks - soaring vocals, crunching guitar, and hard-hitting drumming. Long-time fans will also take note that four-fifths of the group's original line-up has reunited on The Deep and Dreamless Sleep - guitarists Anthony Nichols and Jim Koury, bassist Jesse Johnson, and drummer Stuart Dowie (singer Paul Souzo takes Mike Munro's spot).

    Originally formed in 1985, Meliah Rage was often associated with the then-burgeoning thrash metal scene, which resulted in a major label contract and their 1988 metal classic, Kill to Survive. In the ensuing years, the group played with some of metal's most renowned names - Slayer, Megadeth, Testament, Manowar, Morbid Angel, Metal Church, and Nuclear Assault. The group also included Godsmack frontman Sully Erna in their ranks (as a drummer) during the early '90s.

    The tracklisting for The Deep and Dreamless Sleep:

    1) Permanently Damaged
    2) God and Man
    3) Undefeated
    4) The Deep And Dreamless Sleep
    5) Twisted Wreck
    6) Curse
    7) Last of the Wanted
    8) Take What You Want

    To view the video for "Undefeated," click here

  • JACK FROST 'OUT IN THE COLD' out via Screaming Ferret Wreckords!

    Guitarist Jack Frost is certainly one of the hardest working guitarists in heavy metal today. In addition to playing on, mixing, and producing albums with his band, Seven Witches (which formerly included Joey Vera of Armored Saint), Frost has also lent his guitar talents to the likes of Savatage, Metalium, Bronx Casket Company (with D.D. Verni and Tim Mallare of Overkill), and Speed (with Aaron Randell and Ray Hartman of Annihilator). Also, Frost has appeared on a multitude of tribute albums, including tributes to Dio, Helloween, the Scorpions, Twisted Sister, W.A.S.P., Judas Priest, and Accept.

    And as if his plate wasn't full enough, Frost also issues solo albums, such as his sophomore set, Out in the Cold. As with all of his previous efforts, Out in the Cold features plenty of top metallic guitar work throughout, especially the album opening "Wasting Your Luv," as well as the title track. Additionally, the album includes a trio of renowned classic rock covers that receive a metallic makeover - Foreigner's "Cold As Ice," .38 Special's "Hold On Loosely," and April Wine's "Sign of the Gypsy Queen."

    The tracklisting for Out in the Cold:

    1 Wasting Your Luv
    2 Hell Or High Water
    3 Crucifixation
    4 Out In The Cold
    5 Sign of the Gypsy Queen
    6 Peter and Me
    7 Cold As Ice
    8 Covered In Blood
    9 Hold On Loosely
    10 Passage to the Classical Side
    11 Head First

    With the release of their latest album, Jack Frost will be embarking on a supporting tour, which includes the following confirmed dates:

    October 13th, 2006.
    BW&BK 6-Pack Weekend IV
    Le Medley in Montreal, Quebec

  • XASTHUR to annihilate mankind with first Battle Kommand/Hydra Head co-release

    “One of America's most prolific and unapproachable underground metal musicians” - Billboard

    "...idiosyncratic, The Cure-unto-Burzum melted strings/synth psychedelia..." - Metal Maniacs

    As one of the most innovative black metal practitioners in the isolationist sub-underground, Xasthur has crafted some of the most mesmerizing and significant music of the last decade, regardless of genre.

    Subliminal Genocide wallows in its creator’s well nourished acrimony and terminal disgust, fomenting a hellish vortex of shrill riffery, cavernous howls and psychedelic stormblasts that bears down on the psyche with primordial distress.

    With tremendous respect and admiration, Hydra Head Industries is proud to release the work of one of the underground black metal scene’s most creative minds: Xasthur. For this release, we are working in association with Battle Kommand Records. The Illinois-based label has released an impressive stable of quality underground releases, including a Xasthur/Leviathan split.

    Though it began in 1995 and featured other members until 1999, Xasthur’s entire recorded cannon (5 full lengths, 5 split albums, and an appearance on sunnO))'s "Black One") is solely the work of one tremendously prolific artist: Malefic. His sonic palette is HUGE.

    The U.S. black metal scene is regarded by those in-the-know as tremendously progressive. Xasthur (along with Leviathan, Krieg, and Nachtmystium) is an American artist whose forays into lo-fi atmospherics, unique instrument and vocal textures, as well as exploratory song structures are heralded.

    Subliminal Genocide adheres to the sonic and lyrics principles of malevolence contained in Xasthur’s past work, but further develops the use space and atmosphere. Though the significance and appeal of underground black metal remains largely experienced only by the few who dwell in dark corners, we hope this tremendous Xasthur record reaches the ears of all those who are even slightly fond of extreme art.

    XASTHUR "Subliminal Genocide" (9.12.06)

    1) Disharmonic Convergence
    2) Prison of Mirrors
    3) Beauty is Only Razor Deep
    4) Trauma Will Always Linger
    5) Pyramid of Skulls
    6) Arcane and Misanthropic Projection
    7) Victim of Your Dreams
    8) Through a Trance of Despondency
    9) Loss and Inner Distortion
    10) Subliminal Genocide
    11) Malice Hidden in Surrealism
  • THE HAMMERS OF MISFORTUNE -- the eclectic, dramatic, metallic freakshow

    ~ The Locust years ~

    The eclectic and versatile (Gwar, Ludicra, Slough Feg, Amber Asylum, Jarboe) guitarist John Cobbett from San Francisco gave birth in the late 90s to Hammers Of Misfortune, previously known as Unholy Cadaver. Later in 2001 the band released their first full length album The Bastard, an epic tale told in three acts with three distinct characters / voices, on Tumult Records.

    Critically acclaimed, the album was voted among the top 40 releases of 2001 by the writers of Terrorizer magazine. Lamentations Of The Flame Princess declared 2001 to be "the Year Of the Hammers" and named The Bastard Best Album, Best Concept Album and Best Overall Packaging.

    In 2003 the band signed a deal with Cruz Del Sur Muisc, releasing their second opus The August Engine by the end of the same year. The response was again awesome. The August Engine was voted by countless writers at major metal magazines such as BW&BK, Metal Maniacs, Unrestrained and more as the greatest metal achievement in years, the best album of the year, best metal concept album ever, and so on down the line, making it one of the most important heavy releases of the time.

    In 2005 HoM began the recording of their third album The Locust Years, under the supervision of Justin Weis at Trackworx Studios which is finally released, again via Cruz Del Sur in June 2006 (US) and September 2006 (Europe). The Locust Years brings the creative song-writing of The Hammers to an upper level, through the creation of a complex Rock Opera in which several different elements perfectly complete each other. Echoes of Yes, Pink Floyd and in general the legacy of 70s progressive rock are mixed with Hammers’ trademark of originality and love for uncommon solutions.

    The dramatic, bitter sense of tragedy that surrounds the album makes it a masterpiece that goes beyond the term of “Metal”, to a wider meaning: The Locust Years is the perfect soundtrack for our souring times.

    Tour dates are in the works as well. Stay tuned, and all hail the Hammers...

    HAMMERS OF MISFORTUNE - The Locust years - cruz15* Features Mike SCALZI of Slough Feg on vocals
    * Intense live activity in support of the album release
    * Wonderful cover artwork designed by NYC Artist Thomas Woodruff, digipack edition
    * Top-priority release for Cruz Del Sur Music, 1000 promos

    John Cobbett – electric, lead and acoustic guitars
    Mike Scalzi – vocals, guitar
    Jamie Myers – vocals, bass
    Sigrid Sheie – acoustic and electric piano, Hammond B3, backing vocal
    Chewy - drums

    * The Bastard (Tumult, 2001)
    * The August Engine (Cruz Del Sur Music, 2003)
    * The Locust Years (Cruz Del Sur Music, 2006)



    HOLLYWOOD – (July 19, 2006) – Rob Zombie will embark on a fall U.S. tour with rock band Godsmack. The North American tour is set to open August 25 in Dallas, TX at the Smirnoff Music Center. As a showman of colossal proportion, Rob Zombie fans should expect a visual and aural circus of the unexpected on this tour.

    There are some select dates for Rob Zombie headlining solo. For more information go to www.robzombie.com or www.myspace.com/robzombie

    Here are the confirmed Rob Zombie/ Godsmack tour dates:

    Rob Zombie
    Mon 09/11/06 Cincinnati, OH Bogart's

    Godsmack / Rob Zombie
    Tue 09/12/06 Milwaukee, WI Marcus Amphitheatre
    Thu 09/14/06 Tinley Park, IL First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre
    Fri 09/15/06 Clarkston, MI DTE Energy Music Theatre
    Sat 09/16/06 Noblesville, IN Verizon Wireless Music Center
    Sun 09/17/06 Maryland Heights, MO UMB Bank Pavilion
    Tue 09/19/06 Bonner Springs, KS Verizon Wireless Amphitheater
    Thu 09/21/06 Morrison, CO Red Rocks Amphitheatre
    Fri 09/22/06 Albuquerque, NM Journal Pavilion
    Sat 09/23/06 Phoenix, AZ Cricket Pavilion
    Sun 09/24/06 Las Vegas, NV Theatre Under The Stars @ Hard Rock

    Rob Zombie
    Tue 09/26/06 Boise, ID Big Easy

    Godsmack / Rob Zombie
    Wed 09/27/06 Auburn, WA White River Amphitheatre
    Fri 09/29/06 Marysville, CA Sleep Train Amphitheatre
    Sat 09/30/06 Irvine, CA Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre
    Sun 10/01/06 Concord, CA Sleep Train Pavilion @ Concord
  • Canada’s INTO ETERNITY Reveal New Album Artwork

    Technically progressive metal band INTO ETERNITY “…in whose music heavy metal’s potential is born anew,” (Metal Maniacs) have posted The Scattering Of Ashes cover art here. With cover art was designed by Mattias Noren (Stratovarius, Evergrey), the album is scheduled for an October 3 North American release. Vocalist Stu Block commented, “Mattias designed the first three INTO ETERNITY album covers (Into Eternity, Dead Or Dreaming and Buried in Oblivion). They have all been amazing but yet different in their own way. There was no doubt in our minds that The Scattering Of Ashes cover would live up to those expectations. Mattias is a really talented guy and all we had to do was tell him the album title and that we wanted it to have a dark feeling to it, so he ran with it and nailed it pretty much right away. We are all really happy with the end result of the artwork, layout and sound of the album. We have been listening to the mixed and mastered version of the album from Andy Sneap (Arch Enemy, Killswitch Engage) and it sounds absolutely killer!! This album is definitely one of the most aggressive INTO ETERNITY albums ever, and now with Andy's touch on it it's over the top Metal Madness!!!”

    INTO ETERNITY circumnavigated North America five times in support of 2004’s Buried In Oblivion touring with among others Amorphis, Hate Eternal and Krisiun, Hammerfall and Edguy, Nevermore and Opeth, and Stratovarius. Shattering genre barriers each tour recruited the band different fans who appreciated, like the LA Weekly, that “chops, melody and brutality coalesce musically in the busy hands of INTO ETERNITY.” Look for the band to tour extensively in support of The Scattering Of Ashes starting in North America this fall.

    Final Track Listing For Sacrament Confirmed

    New York, NY. - Sacrament, the second Epic Records studio release from the critically acclaimed band Lamb of God, will be released on August 22nd individually and as a CD and DVD deluxe edition, which will include over 90 minutes of special behind the scenes footage of the making of Sacrament.

    This special deluxe edition of Sacrament chronicles the making of the album from the early stages of writing and rehearsing to the actual studio recording. Filmed during the spring of 2006, the footage captures the intensely personal aspects of the album making process as well as taking a sneak peek inside the band's private lives. With interviews from each band member as well as director's cut versions of two videos from the upcoming release, including the first single "Redneck," this special edition look at one of today's hardest rocking bands will show audiences why LOG has been declared "The Future of American Metal" Revolver Magazine.

    Produced by Machine (Clutch, King Crimson, Eighteen Visions, Every Time I Die), Lamb Of God have finalized the track listing to Sacrament.

    01 - "Walk With Me In Hell"
    02 - "Again We Rise"
    03 - "Redneck"
    04 - "Pathetic"
    05 - "Foot To The Throat"
    06 - "Descending"
    07 - "Blacken The Cursed Sun"
    08 - "Forgotten (Lost Angels)"
    09 - "Requiem"
    10 - "More Time To Kill"
    11 - "Beating On Death's Door"

    Philadelphia: Candlelight Records confirms the recent announcement of 1349's first North American performances. Alongside fellow Norwegian band Sahg (debut album, Sahg I, set for release via Candlelight Records July 25), 1349 will be direct support on the first leg of Celtic Frost's North American fall tour kicking off September 12 and running through September 30. The dates, to continue promotions for 1349's current album Hellfire, will allow stateside fans their long-awaited chance to see the extreme black metal band's potent live show.

    Vocalist Ravn says, "1349 are very pleased to join our mentors and friends in Celtic Frost on this tour. We have never performed in the states before and we are looking forward to spread our black metal to America."

    Released October 2005, All Music Guide says of Hellfire, “this 52-minute disc goes right for the jugular. No ifs, ands, or buts — Hellfire is the sort of extreme metal that leaves nothing but bloody destruction in its path and absolutely delights in doing so.” Recorded at Studio Studio in Nyhagen, Norway, Hellfire is the band's fastest selling record in their still short history. Feature stories in Metal Maniacs, Revolver, Terrorizer, Decibel and more, plus their recent play on MT2/Headbangers Ball (their first video for album track "Sculptor of Flesh"), has sparked rapid growth in the band's already formidable stateside fanbase. Formed in 1997, 1349 currently features vocalist Ravn, guitarist Archaon, bassist Seidemann and drummer Frost (the US tour featuring former Nile drummer Tony Lauredo). The band's Candlelight debut, Liberation, was released in 2003; the follow-up Beyond the Apocalypse was released in 2004.

    Featuring key figures from the popular Norwegian metal scene (Gorgoroth, Manngard, Audrey Horne-2005 Norwegian Grammy Award Winner!), Sahg's self-titled debut was recorded in Bergen and mastered at The Cutting Room in Sweden (Opeth, Katatonia, In Flames, Soilwork). Already available in Europe the album is beginning to find a growing US buzz for its upcoming July 25 release. The band's video for album track “Godless Faith” has found steady play via YouTube, the band and Candlelight's official MySpace pages since its premiere launch. Sahg have already premiered live at numerous European festivals, including Piggtradfestivalen, and Hole in the Sky.

    Confirmed dates as of press time include:

    Sep 12 - Jaxx Nite Club/Springfield VA
    Sep 13 - Jaxx Nite Club/Springfield VA
    Sep 14 - BB Kings Blues Club/New York NY
    Sep 15 - BB Kings Blues Club/New York NY
    Sep 16 - Le Medley/Montreal QC
    Sep 18 - Opera House/Toronto ON
    Sep 19 - Rex Theatre/Pittsburgh PA
    Sep 20 - House of Blues/Cleveland OH
    Sep 22 - Harpos/Detroit MI
    Sep 23 - Vic Theatre/Chicago IL
    Sep 24 - First Avenue/Minneapolis MN
    Sep 25 - Royal Albert Hotel/Winnipeg MB
    Sep 27 - Warehouse/Calgary AB
    Sep 28 - Starlite Room/Edmonton AB
    Sep 30 - Sugar Nightclub/Victoria BC
    Oct 01 - El Corazon/Seattle WA
    Oct 02 - Roseland Theatre/Portland OR
  • LACUNA COIL - 2nd Single "Enjoy The Silence" VOTE ON VIVA PLUS! Rolling Stone Coverstory!

    "Enjoy The Silence", the video-clip for the new single from LACUNA COIL, can be voted on Germany’s VIVA Plus - so: Get it on air during VIVA Plus’ daytime programme! Fans and the ones to come already had a chance to check out their mesmerizing cover of the Depeche Mode classic during LACUNA COIL’s appearances on various high profile summer festivals this year.

    Send an SMS with 64 to 8888 (49c/SMS) or call 01378 - 4000 - 64 (49c/just from German landline) and vote the video on rotation. Find more infos: www.vivaplus.tv.

    Furthermore the band managed to get on the cover of the upcoming issue of Rolling Stone Italy! Congratulations!

    To view a collection of LACUNA COIL coverstories all across the world check this link

  • SWORN ENEMY: E-Card incl. full album stream online

    SWORN ENEMY launched an e-card for their new piece of hate called “Beginning Of The End”! This e-card features the entire (!) album as online stream, details on the record and the band alike, a regularly updated touring section as well as a media section with the online stream of the SWORN ENEMY video clip for the track “Scared Of The Unknown”!

    Just click the link and enjoy!

    "Killer tracks like 'Scared Of The Unknown', 'Absorb The Lies' or 'We Hate' aren't only catchy but also come along with massive, nasty riffs setting your neck muscles on fire!"
    Metal Hammer (D)

  • ECHOES OF ETERNITY Working on Nuclear Blast Debut

    After signing a worldwide record deal with Nuclear Blast Records, ECHOES OF ETERNITY are currently hard at work tracking their debut album with the assistance of L.A.-based engineer Eric Ryan.  Working song titles for the expected 2007 release include:  "Gardens Of The Gods," "Circles In Stone," "Lost Beneath A Silent Sky," "The Sacred Feminine," and "Expressions Of Flesh."
    Uniting the paths of former residents of Canada, Texas, South Carolina, and Japan here in Los Angeles, founding EOE member / guitarist / songwriter Brandon S. Patton is quite proud to have recruited the many talents of the various self-taught musicians who became his bandmates.  States Patton:
    "Kirk [Carrison, drummer] and I have been playing together off and on in various death metal projects since October 1993.  I proposed the idea of a female-fronted melodic band to him in September 2004.  We asked Francine [Boucher, vocalist] to join around the same time.  From the onset, my musical goal with ECHOES OF ETERNITY was to try to recreate the vibe of Death's Symbolic album with beautiful female vocals."
    Not surprisingly, Patton's goal is marked by an even deeper guiding philosophy:
    "Words have the power to create or destroy, and the name of a band or title of a song can influence the direction of the music.   I wanted a name that was progressive and spiritual.  In my interpretation it means that we, as human beings, are all extensions of all that was ever created from the very formation of time itself.  Therefore, we are all echoes of eternity."
    "To me," states Patton very matter-of-factly, "music is the frequency of life."
    Fans of melodic, progressive, and female-fronted metal can drop in on ECHOES OF ETERNITY at www.myspace.com/eoemetal
    The complete band line-up is as follows:
    Francine Boucher - Vocalist
    Brandon S. Patton - Guitarist
    James Urias - Guitarist (not pictured)
    Duane Cowan - Bassist
    Kirk Carrison - Drummer

    Metal Maniacs
  • MINSK Sign To Relapse Records

    Relapse Records is proud to announce the signing of Chicago / Peoria, IL quartet MINSK. 

    MINSK bassist / vocalist Sanford Parker (the band is rounded out by drummer Anthony Couri, guitarist / vocalist Chris Bennett and vocalist / synth player Tim Mead) comments on the signing; "Relapse's long standing commitment to signing great progressive and creative bands make it a perfect place for us to be, and we're very happy to be a part of [the label]."  MINSK's yet to be titled Relapse debut is scheduled for an early 2007 release and will be recorded by Parker and the band at his Volume Recording studio (PELICAN, UNEARTHLY TRANCE).

    MINSK has previously released two recordings; 2005's full-length Out of a Center Which is Neither Dead Nor Alive as well as the band's 2003 release Burning. MINSK will see the vinyl edition of Out of a Center& later this year. The band will also be contributing to the upcoming EYEHATEGOD tribute, For The Sick, with their rendition of "Ruptured Heart Theory."

    For more information on MINSK, please visit the band's official website: www.TheSoundofMinsk.com and MySpage page: www.myspace.com/MINSK.

    Stay tuned to www.RELAPSE.com for forthcoming MINSK news / album release / tour information.
    Metal Maniacs
  • BRAND NEW SIN Unveils New Album Release Date and Title
    New York quintet BRAND NEW SIN have returned with a voracious hard rock assault laden with soaring, captivating melodies and crushing anthems that are sure to get anyone's blood flowing and fists pumping. This highly anticipated new offering, Tequila, will also further establish them as one of rock's premiere tandems. The album is set for an October 3rd release.
    Soon after completing a six-week nationwide tour as direct support to Black Label Society last fall, BRAND NEW SIN entered Method of Groove studios in Brooklyn with producer Joey Z (Life of Agony, Stereomud) to begin tracking Tequila. They've emerged with an album sure to stand the test of time. The disc, mastered by the acclaimed George Marino (Metallica, AC/DC, Guns N' Roses) at Sterling Sound, also features a guest vocal appearance by Peter Steele (Type O Negative) on the track "Reaper Man and is the perfect representation of what this group is ultimately capable of creating.
    The group also recently recorded a new version of the entrance theme music for Big Show, the 7-foot, 500-pound ECW wrestler. The theme, "Crank It Up," was first heard on the compilation CD WWE: Wreckless Intent, which debuted at #8 on the Billboard charts.
    Joe Altier (vocals) checks in with the following report: "The album is now complete. We recorded this album live as a band, and we think it perfectly captures our raw energy. Hopefully, everyone finds the new tunes as "intoxicating" as we do. We feel that a lot of bands nowadays make things sound too polished, and we have been told for years that our albums are good but our live shows are much better, so that's what we went for. Stay tuned to our website (www.brandnewsin.org) and our MySpace page (www.myspace.com/brandnewsin) for all news and tour dates. See ya soon.
    BRAND NEW SIN's Tequila will prove authentic, meat-and-potatoes classic hard rock is chased with an undeniable raw fury that refuses to be denied.

    BRAND NEW SIN are one of America's most exciting and damn near perfect metal bands.
                -- Brave Words

    Deep-south sludge rock with a melodic tenderness that is surprisingly satisfying.
                -- Entertainment Weekly 

    Bludgeoning riffs and squealing leads are the stuff of which BRAND NEW SIN is made.
                -- Metal Edge

    BRAND NEW SIN delivers pure soul driven music created for the enjoyment of the rock enthusiast.
                -- Outburn
    Official Website - www.brandnewsin.com

    Metal Maniacs
  • VADER MP3 Posted

    Candlelight Records has premiered "Shadow Fear" from Vader's forthcoming album Impressions in Blood at the label's official My Space page. Bring your browser to www.myspace.com/candlelightrecordsusa to have your first listen.

    Following the success of The Art of War, the band’s masterful ep released earlier this year, Impressions in Blood showcases why the world has long praised this highly regarded band’s now signature sound and style. Realized at Hertz Studios with the production team of Wojtek and Slawek Wieslawscy, the album features artwork by rising artist Seth (Paradise Lost, Rotting Christ). Its blazing speed (faster than fan favorite Litany!) is a turbulent metal ride that fans have long asked for and now finally receive. It is a corrosive and addictive metal offering.

    Together since 1986, Vader have become one of metal’s most respected and prolific bands. Their extensive discography, now spanning eighteen individual recordings plus servearl videos and dvds, has sold nearly one million records worldwide. And till this day the band remain true road warriors, performing over 200 shows each year to a loyal and continually growing audience; the band most recently headlined the successful Metal Crusaders tour (also featuring Kataklysm, labelmates Destruction, Graveworm and more).

    Candlelight Records has premiered "From Here I Can See The Shore" from Dead Man in Reno's forthcoming self-titled debut at the label's official My Space page. Bring your browser to www.myspace.com/candlelightrecordsusa to have your first listen.

    Tuscaloosa-based Dead Man in Reno have played every show allowed them since their genesis three short years ago. Diehards to the core, they epitomize the blood, sweat and tears/DIY ethic. Teaming with producer Jamie King (Between the Buried and Me, Through the Eyes of the Dead) at Basement Recording Studios in Rural Hall, North Carolina, the band meticullously laid down their self-titled debut in a quick but intense 10-day session. The results showcase the quintet’s complex duel guitars, double bass drum fills, hardcore growls and screams with classic hardcore/metal breakdowns captured to perfection.
  • ENTRALLMENT - Smashed Brain Collection- CD


    Present:GRTP 004 ENTHRALLMENT "Smashed Brains Collection" CD

    Track list:
    1- Smashed Brain Collection
    2- Carnal Affection
    3- Experiment With You
    4- Disgruntled
    5- Total Zombie Domination
    6- Mutant
    7- Supporting The Chaos & Hate
    8- Graveyard
    9- Awaiting The Death

    Imagine a mixture between Deeds of Flesh, Inveracity y Disgorge (USA).A cocktail that we can find in this nine tracks of true brutality, technic and speed!! If you are one of this that look for complete albums, this is your!! A true jewel for the Brutal Death Metal lovers.

    Buy now for only 10 € / 12 Usd (Postpaid). We accept Paypal!!

    P.O BOX 388

    USA Tour Update

    08.11.2006 USA - Tempe, AZ / Marquee Theatre
    09.11.2006 USA - San Diego, CA / House of Blues
    10.11.2006 USA - Santa Ana, CA / Galaxy Theatre
    11.11.2006 USA - Los Angeles, CA / The Avalon
    12.11.2006 USA - San Francisco, CA / The Fillmore
    14.11.2006 CAN - Vancouver, BC / Commodere Ballroom
    15.11.2006 USA - Seattle, WA / El Corazon
    17.11.2006 USA - Salt Lake City, UT / Avalon Theatre
    18.11.2006 USA - Englewood, CO / Gothic Theatre
    19.11.2006 USA - Lawrence, KS / Granada
    22.11.2006 USA - Minneapolis, MN / The Quest
    23.11.2006 USA - Chicago, IL / House of Blues
    24.11.2006 USA - Cleveland, OH / Agora Theatre
    25.11.2006 USA - Detroit, MI / Harpo's Concert Theatre
    26.11.2006 CAN - Toronto, ON / Opera House
    28.11.2006 CAN - Sainte-Foy, QC / Salle Albert-Rousseau
    29.11.2006 CAN - Montreal, QC / Le Medley
    30.11.2006 USA - New York, NY / B.B. Kings Blues Club
    01.12.2006 USA - Worcester, MA / The Palladium
    02.12.2006 USA - Philadelphia, PA / Trocadero
    04.12.2006 USA - West Springfield, VA / Jaxx
    05.12.2006 USA - Charlotte, NC / Tremont Music Hall
    07.12.2006 USA - Lake Buena Vista, FL / House of Blues
    08.12.2006 USA - Atlanta, GA / Roxy Theatre
    09.12.2006 USA - New Orleans, LA / House of Blues
    10.12.2006 USA - Houston, TX / Meridian
    11.12.2006 USA - Austin, TX / Backroom

    Australia Tour

    LEAVES' EYES will tour together with ATROCITY Australia on the "NORWEGIAN BEAUTY versus GERMAN ATROCITY - UNDER THE SOUTHERN CROSS TOUR 2006" (proudly brought by MODERN INVASION MUSIC) for the first time:

    18.09.2006 AUS - Perth / Amplifier Bar
    19.09.2006 AUS - Adelaide / TBC
    21.09.2006 AUS - Brisbane / Her Majesty's Basement Bar
    22.09.2006 AUS - Sydney / Manning Bar
    23.09.2006 AUS - Melbourne / Corner Hotel
  • ATOMTRAKT - Schutt & Asche DIGI CD 2005

    Heroic monumental minutes of dark, martial, cold, industrialized, militant ambient and atmospheric terror

    1. Geißeln der Ruhe
    2. Schutt & Asche
    3. Gemäuer der Dunkelheit
    4. Im Schein des Untergangs
    5. Aschesturm

    -recorded in June 2005

    -incl. "Verwüstung" MCD'2003 as bonus

  • Open Grave Records is pleased to announce the latest addition to the Open Grave Records Family, TORN APART.

    Torn Apart was founded in early 2005 by David Eliasson (Guitar) Mikael Sandström (Guitar) and Alexander Wegebro (Drums). Torn Apart was determined to be a Death Metal band to be reckoned with, since there is not many death metal bands in Umeå, Sweden. The band played together from June to August before asking Petter Johansson (Bass) to join the band. Shortly after, Christoffer Långström (Vocals) joined and the line-up was complete. Before recording their first demo they played numerous shows including the Ume-Metal Open Air Fest. They have also played along side artists such as Dismember, Dröng, Lethal and many others.

    In June of 2006 Torn Apart entered Starfruit Studio and recording their first 4 song EP which will see it's release on Open Grave Records in September of 2006, which will be followed up with a full length album in 2007. For more information on Torn Apart, and to download the track, "The Impaler" off of their upcoming EP visit http://www.opengraverecords.com.
  • Open Grave Records to release MOURNBLADE's debut EP, "Mangled Lies".

    Mournblade was formed in the summer of 1987 as a trio. However a series of bad timing and events keep the band from playing live. Death, jailed band members, and military deployments took it's toll in the early years, however Mournblade moved on with it's surviving founding members as a on and off project for the next 15 years.

    After the death of drummer Jake Blood from a car accident in 1989 and bassist Tom Rubian commiting suicide in 1993 in South Korea as a member of the 2nd Infantry Division, the band went underground as the founding member took a bass slot in LA's first deathcore band (formed in 1983) Sacreligious Death.

    Mournblade was still a project band playing for only local house shows and friends parties. Jeff Blacky still pushed on with founding guitarist Rick Auschwitz, when Danny Leviathan joined in 2003 on bass. Jeff was later recalled to duty after 9-11 as a member of the California National Guard doing Operation Noble Eagle and later in 2004 Operation Enduring Freedom serving a 18 month deploying in combat theater of operations in the middle east.

    Upon returning, Danny bailed out of the band over an internet chick. The band picked up former drummer Todd Irish. After almost 20 years the band finally moved into NightinGale Studios to record a 5 song CD which is scheduled for a early September 2006 release on Open Grave Records.

    For more information on Mournblade and download the song, "Set" off of the upcoming EP visit: http://www.opengraverecords.com.
  • SUBWAY TO SALLY acoustic album + dvd to be released in november

    In April 2006, Medieval metallers SUBWAY TO SALLY embarked on their very first acoustic tour named "Nackt" (="Naked") through primary churches and smaller clubs with intimate atmosphere all over Germany. The unique project turned out to be a great success! Accompanied by cellist B.Deutung (ex-INCHTABOKATABLES) the band created magical, unforgettable evenings – both for the fans and themselves. Everyone who has missed the tour can cheer up now: SUBWAY TO SALLY recorded their "Nackt" concerts on April 30th (aural for the CD) and May 5th (visually for the DVD) at the Passionskirche in Berlin – the material will be released as high class CD/DVD package in November.

    Besides, SUBWAY TO SALLY are working on songs for a new studio CD, presumably to be released at the end of April/beginning of May 2007.

September 8th, 2006
  • SALEM new song on MySpace

    Salem is currently in the recording studio working on their follow up to "Strings Attached". The new release will be a double album. So far the band has recorded a 27 minutes long piece titled "Once Upon a Lifetime Parts I - V".

    Parts 1 is available now for your listening pleasure at M Y S P A C E.

    Part II will follow shortly.

  • Te latest news in the world of AXEMASTER........

    The band has been offered contracts by 4 different European record labels to re-release their debut album "Blessing in the Skies" on CD (it was originally released as an LP by Azra International Records); serious negotiations are currently going on with one of the companies in particular. The plan is to include the entire album with at least a couple bonus tracks, making at least 5 songs that have never been released on CD. It will also include a large booklet with photos and liner notes and possibly even video footage. I'll let you know more details as soon as a deal is finalized. As one of the owners of one of the companies said: "I think it is time "Blessing In The Skies" got the attention it always deserved….."

    Also, the band is going to be included on the upcoming multimedia CD-ROM "The Polishing of Metal" released by the Rock Record Collectors Association (Canada). This will be a documentary that includes text on the entire history & bands of heavy metal as well video and music; Axemaster will be included in all the categories! It's an honor to be a part of such a major project with the biggest bands in metal as well as some of the best underground artists. You can read more about the release at www.diskery.com/rrca/ in the "CD-ROM/Documentary projects" section.

    More major news to come.......

  • DOMINUS PRAELII will release new edition of Bastards & Killers in slipcase

    The brazilian traditional heavy metal band Dominus Praelii is working in a new edition of their second full length, Bastards & Killers and signed with Marquee Records to release it in slipcase cd since the first copies, released by Megahard Records, are sold out. The new edition should be released before the end of July.

    Actually Dominus Praelii is making an extensive tour which should pass through 50 cities of South American countries like Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and Chile. If the tour reaches such number it may be featured in Guinness Book of Records as the most extensive tour made by a rock band in South America.

    Recently the band put some mp3s of the new album for download in their MySpace page at www.myspace.com/dominuspraelii


    LOS ANGELES – California metal warriors Leatherwolf have returned with "World Asylum," their first studio album in over 15 years.

    "World Asylum" was recorded with the new lineup of original members Dean Roberts (drums) and Geoff Gayer (guitar) with new additions Wade Black (vocals), Eric Halpern (guitar), and Patric Guyton (bass).

    Leatherwolf, which had two major label releases, "Leatherwolf" and "Street Ready," in the late `80s regrouped several years ago for some live dates and re-ignited the Leatherwolf flame. A live album was released in 1999 but due to financial constraints, several of the group's original members were unable to continue on, so a new lineup was recruited.

    Since the original reunion, Roberts and Gayer have kept a low profile, working on new material and finding new members to join the fold. "World Asylum" shows a harder and meaner side of Leatherwolf than its `80s releases and when looking for a new voice to front the band, Black, known for his work with Crimson Glory and Seven Witches, had the pipes to fill the position.

    "Wade has a heavier side than our original singer, Mike Olivieri," said Roberts. "When it came to replacing singers, Geoff and I decided to go with more of a metal singer, and out of all of the singers that auditioned, Wade killed them all."

    Olivieri, however, still remains a part of the Leatherwolf family, adding backing vocals on "World Asylum."

    Initial response to "World Asylum" in Europe has blown the band away. "Geoff and I wanted to make a great record after we got back from Wacken concert," Roberts said. "We are #2, #4 and #6 in the top three metal magazines in Europe and people were surprised by how great the album is. But, more importantly, I love this record. I think it's the best record Leatherwolf has ever done."

    The band plans to tour as much as possible in support of "World Asylum," giving fans who never had the chance to see them an opportunity. Leatherwolf is currently scheduled to kick off ProgPower USA in Atlanta in September with a performance at the festival pre-party.

  • LUNA AD NOCTUM kindly announce that the 3rd Luna Ad Noctum album called "The Perfect evil In Mortal" is out now !

    The new album consists 9 track as crushing orgies in lunar madness with a power of black furious hardness, diabolical and sorrowful vocals, thundering hellish sulphur of guitars riffs! Astonishing melodies create the sensual atmosphere of darkness & eternal sadness. This album accumulates Luna Ad Noctum strengths! Brutality and Chaos straight out of deep dark forces, exalted melodies touched with passions of coldness, licentious erotic, loveliness & eccentricity! The album was released under the Metal Mind Records label worldwide

    We also would like to inform Luna Ad Noctum official web site www.lunaadnoctum.com at the "Discography" section & at My Space at Luna Ad Noctum profile You can download track fom the album "The Perfect Evil In Mortal" please feel free to download it's been available out now!

  • CELTIC FROST support acts for North American tour / Dave Grohl quote!

    CELTIC FROST are very proud to announce the following support billing for the group's fall 2006 North American tour:

    For the first leg of the tour, from September 12 (Springfield, Virginia) to October 2, 2006 (Portland, Oregon), CELTIC FROST will be joined by renowned Norwegian black metal shooting stars 1349 as well as Norwegian doom supergroup Sahg (featuring some of the most distinguished musicians of Norway's effervescent metal scene, namely members of Manngard and 2005 Norwegian Grammy award winners Audrey Horne as well as former Gorgoroth members King and Kvitrafn). These will be the first North American shows for both 1349 and Sahg.
    From October 3 (San Francisco, California) to the end of the tour, on November 11, 2006 (Johnson City, New York), Celtic Frost will be supported by eminent American black/death metal group Goatwhore.

    Moreover, Celtic Frost are very proud to be able to announce the addition of American drone/doom stars Sunn O))) to the billing for the shows from October 3 (San Francisco, California) to October 9 (Las Vegas, Nevada).

    Press has been reacting overwhelmingly on “Monotheist” seeing Classic Rock Magazine label it “the true definition for heavy this year. A triumph of agony, deliberation and passion”, Mojo says, “Monotheist” is “a dark rock masterpiece built on epic scale”. And Terrorizer describes it as “an art-metal odyssey as black as night, as potent as meths and as grim as your tax returns”.

    Rolling Stone (US) quoted Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl, with whom Tom Gabriel Fischer worked on the Probot project, saying the album is, “a masterpiece… the heaviest, gloomiest, darkest, scariest metal album you’re gonna hear for a long time.” Click here to read the complete article.

    CELTIC FROST have lately been captivating audiences at Sweden Rock, HellFest (France), Germany’s With Full Force and Finland’s Tuska Fest. Catch photos of their Sweden Rock performance here.

    Check http://www.centurymedia.com and/or http://www.celticfrost.com for the full list of tourdates.
  • CMR bands comment on participation!

    One of this year’s hottest live events presenting you the finest metal and hardcore acts is going to crush European clubs with the Hell On Earth Tour 2006. Featuring nothing less than three bands of the Century Media Records roster, namely GOD FORBID, HEAVEN SHALL BURN and MAROON, alongside other kick ass bands such as Cataract, Full Blown Chaos, Purified In Blood and special guest A Perfect Murder, this collaboration between Alveran Records, Metal Blade, Century Media Records and M.A.D. Tourbooking guarantees onstage intensity from start to finish!

    With the confirmation of this year’s billing, MAROON and HEAVEN SHALL BURN just sent in statements on being part of this high class package.

    “News from the touring front straight from the MAROON headquarter: We feel honoured and happy to be able to announce our participation in the Hell On Earth Tour during September/October 2006. Especially sharing a bus with our pals from HEAVEN SHALL BURN will be great fun! We have played with all the other bands taking part before as well and we know and respect them. Thus, we hope to see you on the best tour of the year… thanks!” (Andre Moraweck, MAROON)

    “We feel honoured as well and are looking forward to Hell On Earth 2006 after last year’s success. We had lots of fun back then and I have no doubts it will be the same this year. Fans and bands alike will go nuts during these shows! We can’t wait to present you our new songs live, but also some very classic stuff will be included in the set – be ready for some nice surprises! Finally, we will be on the road again with our brothers of MAROON, this will be really special and we will kick some real ass!” (Mike / HEAVEN SHALL BURN)

    To get a glimpse of what to expect of MAROON onstage, visit the band’s e-card and go to the “media” section where you will find a live-clip of “Wake Up In Hell“, a song taken off MAROON’s latest album “When Worlds Collide”. The whole album is streamed in its entirety on the ecard as well.

    The Hell On Earth Tour will kick off mid-September and will turn the following locations into boiling hot mosh pits:

    Hell On Earth Tour 2006
    with God Forbid, Maroon, Full Blown Chaos, Cataract, Purified In Blood & A Perfect Murder
    15.09.2006 Haarlem (NL) @ Patronat
    16.09.2006 London (UK) @ Mean Fiddler
    17.09.2006 Bournemouth (UK) @ Opera House
    18.09.2006 Manchester (UK) @ Rockworld
    20.09.2006 Milton Keynes (UK) @ Pitts
    21.09.2006 Trier (D) @ Ex Haus

    with God Forbid, Heaven Shall Burn, Maroon, Full Blown Chaos, Cataract, Purified In Blood & A Perfect Murder
    23.09.2006 Berlin (D) @ SO 36
    24.09.2006 Frankfurt (D) @ Batschkapp
    25.09.2006 Salzburg (D) @ Rockhaus
    26.09.2006 Pinarella Di Cervia (I) @ Rockplanet Club
    27.09.2006 Solothurn (CH) @ Kofmehl
    01.10.2006 Hasselt (B) @ Music O Drom
    02.10.2006 Dresden (D) @ Reithalle
    04.10.2006 Hamburg (D) @ Markthalle
    06.10.2006 Aalborg (DK) @ Studenterhus
    07.10.2006 Essen (D) @ Fun Box Amalie

    Presented by MAD Tour Booking: www.mad-tourbooking.de

    HELL ON EARTH TOUR Homepage: www.hellonearthtour.de
  • FIREWIND New video clip online!

    Greek melodic metal sensation FIREWIND whose latest single “Falling To Pieces” climbed to position #11 in the official Greek single charts, have posted the new clip for that particular song online at: www.centurymedia.com/eu
    The video was shot by Patric Ullaeus/Revolver Company (www.revolver.se) who is already known for his work on clips for Lacuna Coil, In Flames, Dimmu Borgir and many others. “Falling To Pieces” is taken off FIREWIND’s newest masterpiece “Allegiance” (European release date: July 24, 2006) and is already receiving stunning press feedback.

    "This is the most diversified and best FIREWIND album to date…"
    Metal Hammer Germany

    "The true revelation of nowadays’ power metal"
    Metal Hammer Italy

    "... catchy anthems of metal with classic rock elements that will inspire every banger."
    Rock Hard Germany

    "The best album of this Greek outfit… Power lovers, don’t miss it!"

  • STRAPPING YOUNG LAD - New album out & new video posted online!

    The highly anticipated new STRAPPING YOUNG LAD album, “The New Black”, is will be released July 17th 2006 and is already being hailed as the group’s most ambitious and dynamic offering yet. The group have been annihilating the masses on Ozzfest for the past two weeks, and due to the sheer abrasiveness and intensity of their live performances, they quickly became one of the most talked about, must see acts of the fest.

    In conjunction with Ozzfest, a new video for the track “Wrong Side” was recently shot by renowned director David Brodsky (God Forbid, The Red Chord). It can be streamed at the Century Media Records website www.centurymedia.com NOW!

    Jed Simon (guitars) checks in:
    “The new album is all yours, so be sure to get out there and show your love for The Lad. We are rocking the Ozzfest tour, and while the shows are great and the fan support is amazing, it’s kinda weird adjusting to ‘morning metal’. There are a lot of great bands on the tour. We are particularly fond of Lacuna Coil, The Red Chord, Bleeding Through, A Life Once Lost and Full Blown Chaos. They have been an absolute pleasure to watch! Yesterday we were in El Paso, Texas, as part of a day off/travel day doing some shopping, some of the guys went to a movie, eating...whatever, while our driver got some much-needed sleep. It was 119 degrees out there yesterday or in Canada, 49 degrees Celsius…that’s HOT!!! Holy crap Batman I have never been in heat like that, although with humidity in the Southeast, and similar regions, it’s more brutal sometimes and humidity is a killer. Well, I guess that’s about it for now so get out there and pick up “The New Black”. Hopefully we will see you all soon.”

    First press results:

    “Every song is a little symphony – infernal, triumphant, diverse, monstrous and close to sheer perfection. One of the most intelligent extreme bands at all!“ - HEAVY (D)

    “This is a feel-good-record, filled to the brim with rage, heaviness, aggressiveness. Instead of coldness there is heat, hatred is replaced by humour, instead of metaphors Devin and his comrades grinningly revel in clichés. Metal should be fun. This album is fun! You need it!“ ROCK HARD (D)

    With “The New Black” STRAPPING YOUNG LAD will leave their definitive mark on the genre, leaving their contemporaries wondering how they could ever possibly compete.

  • LACUNA COIL pass 100.000 in USA!

    Before embarking on this year’s Ozzfests LACUNA COIL has SoundScanned over 100.000 units of “Karmacode” in the USA. Congratulations!

    The Italian six-piece is currently playing the Ozzfests main-stage, during the Ozzfest-free days the band is performing high-profile shows with Avenged Sevenfold and Disturbed, among others.

  • MERCENARY: Unveil new album details; new song online!

    Mark your calendars! Century Media Records is proud to announce August 22, 2006 as the release date for Danish metal band MERCENARY’s new album The Hours That Remain. Following up the critically acclaimed and much-celebrated 11 Dreams (2005), MERCENARY once gain present an intense musical entity formed out of influences from death-prog masters Opeth to prog-power archetypes Nevermore to modern Swedish thrash bands like Soilwork.

    Like its predecessor, The Hours That Remain was recorded and mixed by Jacob Hansen (Communic, Hatesphere) and is visually refined by brilliant artwork created by Travis Smith (Katatonia, Opeth).

    The new album features guest vocals by Soilwork’s Björn “Speed” Strid and Heaven Shall Burn’s Marcus Bischoff.

    The Hours That Remain will be available in two different formats: Standard jewel case CD and limited edition CD+DVD containing an exclusive bonus DVD filled with 120 minutes “Making of” documentary and live footage.

    Catch MERCENARY’s new hymn “Soul Decision” streamed online here.

    MERCENARY live:
    15.09.2006 Atlanta (GA) Earthlink United States
    30.09.2006 Barlo JC Sjiwa Netherlands
  • BLINDED COLONY update from studio, touring plans revealed!

    Karlshamn Sweden’s BLINDED COLONY recently updated their WEBSITE and MYSPACE with the following Studio Update and Studio Video. BLINDED COLONY Guitarist Tobias Olsson reflects on the recording process of the band’s forthcoming album Bedtime Prayers, as well as on future touring plans,

    “Our new album will be called Bedtime Prayers and will be released on our new label Pivotal Rockordings this fall! The release dates of the album will be October 13 (13.10.06) for everyone in Europe. Bedtime Prayers will be released in North America and the rest of the world on October 17 (17.10.06).

    So far we have recorded all the drums, guitars, and bass. Schuster is still locked up with Johan B. in SoundPalace Studios working on the vocals. We also will be mixing and mastering Bedtime Prayers shortly after the vocal tracks are completed. There is a new studio video that we have uploaded onto the MYSPACE and onto our OFFICIAL WEBSITE that you view to see the craziness that is BLINDED COLONY in the studio!

    Bedtime Prayers will contain 10 neck rippin' tracks and I'm sure that fans of our Divine album as well as our demo tracks will be really content with the new material! Some of the song titles we will be using for Bedtime Prayers will include:

    "Bedtime Prayer," "Heart," "Once Bitten, Twice Shy," and new song, tentatively called "My Halo."

    We've done a lot of gigs these days and we want to thank everyone who has come out to support us! We played in Denmark at the Roskilde Festival Warm up show with our new friends The Psyke Project and By Night, who are from Sweden. We had a great time at the event, even though the sound didn't go well for us at all, we send a special thanks to everyone who stuck around! It was great to hear all the awesome feed back from everyone! We will be back in Denmark in July and will be having our release party in Gothenburg at the Belsepub with our good friends in Sonic Syndicate on October 13! I am really excited for that gig and it should be fun for all who come out! We know our label is planning a release party in Chicago on the US release date, so everyone please be on the lookout for that!

    Also, we are currently planning out European tour with some friends of ours and we look forward to seeing all our friends in the UK, Germany, BeneLux and France sometime this fall/winter!”

    BLINDED COLONY announced earlier this year that they signed to Florida based record label Pivotal Rockordings http://label.pivotalalliance.com for the release of Bedtime Prayers. BLINDED COLONY’s previous full length record, DIVINE, was recorded by the band at their own SoundPalace Studios in Karlshamn Sweden and released through Scarlet Records in Italy.

    BLINDED COLONY once again plan to work with video producer Thomas Tjäder on music videos for the songs, “Heart,” “Once Bitten, Twice Shy,” and the track still tentatively named, “My Halo.” A new name for the track “My Halo” and more details about Bedtime Prayers will be made public by Pivotal Rockordings in the near future.

    Complete Audio and Video Recordings of the Grand Finale of the Band's 20th Anniversary World Tour Performed Live With an Orchestra

    Includes the Two Previously Unreleased Tracks "Another Won" and "Raise The Knife"

    Three-CD and Double-DVD Sets
    Available August 29 from Rhino Records

    LOS ANGELES -- Dream Theater concluded its lengthy 20th Anniversary World Tour earlier this year with a triumphant sold-out concert at New York City's famed Radio City Music Hall. The emotional performance included songs representing two decades of music from the acclaimed progressive hard rock quintet and featured the band backed by a 30-piece orchestra during the show's second set. Rhino Records captures every note from that special evening with CD and DVD versions of SCORE: 20th ANNIVERSARY WORLD TOUR LIVE WITH THE OCTAVARIUM ORCHESTRA. Both are available from Rhino August 29 at all retail outlets and www.rhino.com for a suggested retail price of $24.98 for the three-CD collection and $24.99 for the double DVD. A digital version of the album will also be available for download at all digital outlets.

    The CD and DVD versions both feature the April 1, 2006 concert in its entirety and contain nearly three hours of virtuoso metal from guitarist John Petrucci; drummer Mike Portnoy; vocalist James LaBrie; bassist John Myung and keyboardist Jordan Rudess. As the culmination of two decades spent mostly on the road, Portnoy says the Radio City Music Hall performance was a defining moment in the band's legendary 20-year run that captures the group at the pinnacle of its prowess. "Never before have I been moved onstage as much as I was that night," he recalls. "There were several points where I was literally brought to tears by the power and emotion in the air."

    A treat for the legion of longtime Dream Theater fans devoted to the band's dynamic sound and marathon live shows, SCORE touches upon every era of the band's career. Ranging from "Another Won," the first song the band ever wrote when they formed in 1985 at the Berklee College Of Music in Boston, spanning all the way through the band's latest studio album, 2005's Octavarium.

    The first disc includes "Afterlife" from Dream Theater's 1989 debut, When Dream And Day Unite, along with "Under A Glass Moon," from 1992's breakthrough album Images And Words, "Innocence Faded" from 1994's Awake, "The Spirit Carries On" from 1999's Scenes From A Memory, and the rare outtake "Raise The Knife," an 11-minute workout from 1997's Falling Into Infinity sessions.

    The second and third discs of SCORE feature Dream Theater backed by a 30-piece orchestra. Led by conductor and arranger Jamshied Sharifi, the Octavarium Orchestra accompanied the band as they tackled one of DT's most complex pieces of music, the 40-minute epic "Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence." The inimitable New York-based band ended its anniversary concert with an intense, 30-minute version of "Octavarium" before returning for an encore to thank their rabid supporters with a performance of the fan favorite "Metropolis."

    Directed by Portnoy, the DVD version of SCORE is fueled by Dream Theater's inspired performance and highlights the concert's spectacular light show. The DVD also features video backdrops that projected sly references about the band's past throughout the evening. In addition to the complete concert, the DVD contains several extras, including the animated sequence played during the band's performance of "Octavarium," and a one-hour documentary -- The Score So Far... -- covering the band's career, unreleased footage, and interviews with current and previous band members. As another bonus, the DVD includes three live performances culled from Portnoy's archives: "Another Day," from a 1993 concert in Tokyo; a 2002 performance of "The Great Debate" in Bucharest; and a 2005 performance of "Honor Thy Father" in Chicago.

    A grassroots phenomenon for 20 years, Dream Theater continues to record studio albums acclaimed for award-winning musicianship as well as artistic vision. To meet the demands of a global fan base, the band also maintains an active touring schedule that regularly includes sold-out performances around the world. "The biggest reason we've been able to endure is our devoted fan base," says Portnoy. "Our fans are a big part of our story -- just as big as the members and the music."


    CD/DVD Track Listing

    "The Root Of All Evil"
    "I Walk Beside You"
    "Another Won"
    "Under A Glass Moon"
    "Innocence Faded"
    "Raise The Knife"
    "The Spirit Carries On"
    "Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence"
    "The Answer Lies Within"
    "Sacrificed Sons"

    DVD Bonus Material
    1. 20th Anniversary Documentary "The Score So Far..."
    2. Octavarium Animation
    3. "Another Day" (Tokyo -- 1993)
    4. "The Great Debate" (Bucharest, Romania -- 2002)
    5. "Honor Thy Father" (Chicago -- 2005)

    Michael Kiske, the former Helloween frontman and vocalist extraordinaire, has lent his astonishing voice to the debut from Place Vendome, a band also comprised of members of Pink Cream 69 and Vanden Plas.

    Originally intended as melodic rock record a la Journey and Foreigner, the final product turned out to be more rocking than planned.

    “The guitars are much heavier,” said Kiske. “It was fun to do, but it came out more hard rock than Journey/Foreigner-like. My own songwriting and producing is quite different.”

    The songs were mainly written by bassist and producer Dennis Ward (Pink Cream 69) then sent to Frontiers boss Serafino, who had conceived of the project and invited Kiske to be part of it. Following that, mp3s were forwarded to Kiske for his input.

    “If I liked it too, it was in,” Kiske said. “I never actually saw the other musicians myself. I did the vocals in my own little studio. Only afterwards did I meet the guitar player here in Hamburg.”

    That guitarist is Uwe Reitenauer of Pink Cream 69, who along with bandmates Ward and Kosta Zafiriou (drums), and Vanden Plas keyboardist Gunther Werno complete the band.

    “More than ever before, it’s necessary to get back to letting the music do the talking,” Kiske said. “True music has become an empty phrase and cheap promotion-trick, because today everything is totally market controlled! Today the industry is designing plastic music for their markets like it designs a hair shampoo, and that wipes out all music with real identity. And that goes through ALL musical styles these days. We must get rid of all shades, dogmas, boxes, clichés, and laws for music completely! Freedom is only atmosphere where a true song can be born.”

    Place Vendome’s self-title debut is available in the USA on Frontiers/Locomotive Records.

  • ABORTED Speak About Forthcoming DVD And Album

    Belgium’s ABORTED, whose last album The Archaic Abattoir was called “an epic in its own right” (Outburn), have begun working on a DVD and writing their next CD, tentatively titled Slaughter & Apparatus: A Methodical Overture.

    Founder and vocalist Sven De Caluwe had this to say, “Work is proceeding well on the 'The Auricular Chronicles' DVD which is set to be released by October through Listenable Records. Previews will be posted online by the end of the summer on both websites & One O One (www.oneOone.fr, who are doing an amazing job putting together the footage so far!). Artwork for this release will be in the hands of SPINA studios, who did the last Leng Tch'e record. As stated, the DVD will contain an hour-long live show shot in Paris with 13 cameras, sound remixed by Tue Madsen. The DVD features video clips, backstage shenanigans, other live shows, interviews with all the band members and more.

    “THE NEW ALBUM... We're right in the middle of the writing process, and middle is the right word since we have half of the record written so far and things are going pretty smoothly. The follow-up to The Archaic Abattoir has been baptized Slaughter & Apparatus: A Methodical Overture. This slab of gore will be recorded at Tue Madsen’s Antfarm Studios (Himsa, Kataklysm) & should see a worldwide release in spring 2007 on Century Media Records. Some song titles so far are: “The Chondrin Enigma,” “Prolific Murder Contrivance,” “Archetype: Malice and Scorn,” “Avenious,” “The Spaying Séance” and more. So far the material is a mixture of the last 2 records, adding a notch of brutality & diversity. Artwork will again be handled by Killustrations (Severe Torture, Nightingales) & should revolve around a concept to be revealed later. Besides all these exciting things, we are most honored & pleased to announce that the album will feature guest appearances by no less than Jeff Walker (Carcass), Barney Greenway (Napalm Death) and some other surprises, stay tuned!!”

    Last year ABORTED toured North America with Suffocation, Cryptopsy and Despised Icon. Look for more album details when the band enters the studio later this year.

    Aborted Official 2006 Lineup
    Sven de Caluwé: vocals
    Sebastien Tuvi: guitars & vocals
    Matty Dupont: guitars
    Olivia Scemama: bass
    Gilles Delecroix: drums
  • BLACKMASS' new song is available for download

    -The brazilian black metallers of Blackmass put a new song for download, called "Bleeding Heaven's Angels", which will be part of their next full length, to be released in 2007.

    Even being a raw unmixed mp3, it will give the fans an idea of how the next album will sound.

    The song is available for streaming and download in MySpace: www.myspace.com/blackmass

    Blackmass released their first full length, called Gloria Diaboli, worldwide through the canadian label Sinister Sounds and in Brazil through Blasphemy Productions. Recently the band was chosen as "Band of the Month" by Panzer Division, an extreme metal show of Solarfall Radio (www.solarfall.com), which will be playing Blackmass' songs every week untill the end of the month, a great chance for black metal fans to listen their blasphemous work.

  • IMMORTAL are back!

    This is the Black Metal sensation of the year: the organisators of the Wacken Open Air just announced IMMORTAL´S show for 2007. The trio which disbanded in 2003 will return in the classic lineup Abbath / Horgh / Demonaz. The band had the following to say about these more than excellent news: "IMMORTAL are proud to announce that we will headline Wacken in 2007. This will be part of a few selected exclusive shows next year, and Wacken will be the only show in Germany. Abbath, Horgh, Demonaz."
  • BELPHEGOR joins the nuclear blast family!

    Getting serious - BELPHEGOR sign with Nuclear Blast!

    Death and damnation! With the Austrian Death Metallers BELPHEGOR, Nuclear Blast signed one of the most extreme Metal bands of our time. Vocalist / guitarist Helmuth is more than happy:

    "BELPHEGOR are proud to have found a new partner with Nuclear Blast for our upcoming album. Over eleven months we`ve been working on "Pestapokalypse VI". We continued to develop and refine the songs over and over again. Never before have we spent so much time in the rehearsal room, and never before have we put so much energy in our new material. Andy Classen provided us with a massive wall of sound in the Stage One studios. And - yeah - it`s cool to see that Nuclear Blast boast distribution ways and potential we never got to experience in our past. "Pestapokalypse VI" is our masterpiece so far! Hell awaits!!!"

    The album will be released on October 27th, 2006.

    Tracklist - PESTAPOKALYPSE VI:

    I Belphegor - Hell´s Ambassador
    II Seyn Todt In Schwartz
    III Angel Of Retribution
    IV Chants For The Devil 1533
    V Pest Teufel Apokalypse
    VI The Ancient Enemy
    VII Bluhtsturm Erotika
    VIII Sanctus Perversum
    IX Das Pesthaus / Miasma Epilog
  • AGATHODAIMON spanish/portuguese tour etc.

    AGATHODAIMON are busy working on the new album which will be recorded late this year; currently a new bass player is being trained. A tour through Spain and Portugal is confirmed for November, and gigs in Romania and England are in the making. The website www.agathodaimon.de was shortly ago relaunched, and a new page on myspace is available as well www.myspace.com/agathodaimon. Here are the current tour dates:

    08-Sep-06 A Reinsberg Burgarena, Precursors… Festival
    09-Sep-06 D Avalon Waidhofen/Thaya
    06-Okt-06 D Lisberg Way Of Darkness Festival
    10-Nov-06 POR Porto Porto Rio
    11-Nov-06 POR Faro Ass. Musicos
    12-Nov-06 POR Cacilhas Culto Club
    14-Nov-06 SP Santiago de Compostela Sala Nasa
    15-Nov-06 SP Santander Sala D'Manu
    16-Nov-06 SP Tarragona Sala Zero
    17-Nov-06 SP Murcia Sala Gamma
    18-Nov-06 SP Madrid Ritmo & Compas
  • Swedish melodic metal masters LION'S SHARE have uploaded another batch of photos from last week's vocal recording sessions for their new album at www.myspace.com/lionsshare. This time the band went to a house in Falun, Sweden (to be able to work closer to singer Patrik Johansson's home), and set up a mobile studio there. Patrik (also in ASTRAL DOORS) sang on five new songs: "Toxication Rave", "Ring of Stupidity", "Trafficking", "Emotional Coma" and "Temple of Time". This means the vocals now have been recorded for 12 out of the planned 14 songs for the upcoming CD. The demo guitars, bass and drums will be replaced with the actual album takes later this fall/winter. 11 tracks are expected to appear on the CD, with three extra songs set aside to be used as bonus tracks. If everything goes according to plan, the band hope to have the album mixed and ready by January 2007 for a possible May/June release.

    As previously reported, former KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick has already recorded a guest solo for the song "The Edge of the Razor". The new album will be the group's fifth, with the first four having been released by Century Media and Massacre Records between 1995 and 2001. During this period, the band toured heavily with such acts as DIO, MANOWAR, MOTÖRHEAD, SAXON, NEVERMORE, ICED EARTH, U.D.O. etc.
  • SUBSONIC will once again team up with Vision 4 Video to shoot a video for the track Fix, from the No Such Soul release. The band's recent signing with U.K.-based Dragon Eye Promotions has renewed interest in the album which is unreleased in the U.K. The video's concept and casting are a joint effort between Ron Marks, Jason Meudt and Dragon Eye. Cameras will begin rolling on July 31st in Chicago.

  • Open Grave Records is pleased to announce the latest addition to the Open Grave Records Family, FEAST ETERNAL .

    Feast Eternal started out in the winter of 1992 with John Greenman (ex-Infested) and T.J. Humlinski (ex-Infested). Late in October of 1993 the lineup was completed by the addition of drummer, Matt Skrzypczak.

    In early 2000 Feast Eternal released upon the world their debut album, "Prisons of Flesh." "Prisons of Flesh" was met with critical acclaim and produced a loyal fan base, even leading them to receive attention from a major metal record label. However due to personal reasons John left the band before Feast was able to proceed with future endevours, putting the band on hold for a long period of time.

    Fast forward to June 2006. The remaining members of Feast Eternal (T.J. & Matt) make their presence known again within the scene and begin writing material for a new Feast Eternal album. In a short time Open Grave Records took interest in working with Feast Eternal and in mid-July 2006 the relationship was solitified.

    In late 2006 the original, "Prisons of Flesh" album will be reissued in it's original form and will include two new tracks as a bonus to tie fans over for the full length return of Feast Eternal in early 2007.


    HOLLYWOOD, CA (July 16, 2006) – Top selling 80’s metal legends, WARRANT, are back with their new release BORN AGAIN [Cleopatra Records], which was produced by famed producer Pat Regan (KISS, Deep Purple, Mr. Big). This is WARRANT’s first new material since 1997 and they are currently performing summer shows in support of the new CD. The first single ‘Bourbon County Line’ is gaining airplay across the states. “We wanted to make a record in the true Warrant fashion,” states Erik Turner, founding member and guitarist. “I think we accomplished that sound again. It sounds like what a Warrant record should sound like.”

    The band’s four founding members, Erik Turner (guitar), Jerry Dixon (bass), Joey Allen (lead guitar) and Steven Sweet (drummer) are together for the first time in over a decade. Joining the band is Jaime St. James, formerly of Black N’ Blue produced by Gene Simmons [KISS]. The reformation of these metal heroes has been overwhelmingly positive giving the band inspiration to write new material for the fans.


    Date - City, ST -Venue

    Thu 10/12/06 Baltimore, MD Club Mate
    Sat 10/14/06 Burgettstown, PA Pepsi Cola Roadhouse
    Fri 10/27/06 Walker, MN Northern Lights Casino
    Sat 10/28/06 Walker, MN Northern Lights Casino
    Sun 12/31/06 Burnsville, MN Primetime
    Legendary metal giants SUFFOCATION have recently completed work on their forthcoming new album, Suffocation.
    The self-titled new album was recorded at Full Force Studios in Long Island, NY and will feature artwork from tattoo artist JonZig which can be previewed here. Suffocation is set for a September 19th release in North America (September 25th internationally.)
    Updated SUFFOCATION news / tour information will be made available via the Relapse Records website: www.RELAPSE.com and the SUFFOCATION website: www.SUFFOCATION.us.

    Metal Maniacs
    Cult group remains intact, now actively seeking singer/guitarist
    Following a devastatingly killer performance in front of a packed audience at Detroit's Club 2500, members of Michigan's Satanic Beer Metal Cult SUMMON certainly lived up to their intense reputation as a fistfight broke out between founder and bassist Necromodeus and frontman Xaphan. The bloody brawl which ensued left Xaphan permanently scarred and the popular underground outfit in search of a new singer/guitarist.
    Contrary to rumors stemming from a post on Xaphan's official MySpace page, SUMMON has not disbanded and are actively seeking a replacement for the former frontman.
    In an official statement, band leader Necromodeus stated, "We're not going to quit because he did again. We're looking for a replacement singer."
    Most recently, the popular underground group issued "Fallen via Austria's NAPALM RECORDS. Featuring appropriately wicked cover art from legendary artist  JOE PETAGNO (MOTORHEAD, RITUAL CARNAGE) and being the first extreme metal album to be recorded in Dolby 5.1 sound, the record scored big with critics and fans alike, garnering rave reviews in the press and attracting a rabid audience to European concerts in support of GOD DETHRONED and US appearances alike.
    Currently, the group is preparing material for their next album and looking toward touring in October with Century Media recording artists INCANTATION.

    Metal Maniacs
  • ASUNDER Complete Work On New Album

    Bay Area doom metal masters ASUNDER have completed work on their highly anticipated full-length album. Entitled Works Will Come Undone, the new album will showcase why Asunder are one of the most important doom metal bands in the scene today. Dwelling within the realms of avant-garde experimental death/funeral doom, Works Will Come Undone was produced by legendary helmsman Billy Anderson and presents an epic and mournful sonic landscape of somber layered sounds where lush crawling melodies are weaved amongst ritualistic chants and monolithic rhythms of despair and triumph. Works Will Come Undone also features the cello expertise of AMBER ASYLUM'S Jackie Gratz, and features the artwork of respected artist David D'Andrea (www.sonofenoch.com). To be presented in a specially cased pocket-slip digipack, Works Will Come Undone shall penetrate the cracks of light early-to-mid October. Comprised of two track s, clocking in at a mammoth length of 50 minutes, tracklisting for Works Will Come Undone goes as follows:

    A Famine
    Rite Of Finality

    For more info, please visit www.profoundlorerecords.com

    Metal Maniacs
    13-track compilation of all-female tribute bands to be released Aug. 22

    On the heels of its third anniversary, Liquor and Poker Music – the “rock” arm of the Century Family, which over the course of its first 36 months released albums by international superstars The Hellacopters, Backyard Babies and Hanoi Rocks, as well as domestic upstarts such as Fireball Ministry and Nebula – commemorates the occasion with a celebration of its two favorite subjects: women and rock n’ roll.

    Specifically, the label has assembled its first compilation, a collection of female tribute bands paying homage to some of classic rock and metal’s biggest names. In stores Aug. 22, the 13-track Girls Got Rhythm – featuring cover art by Alan Forbes (AFI, Queens of the Stone Age, Black Crowes), the artist who designed the Liquor and Poker logo above – features such well-known groups as The Iron Maidens, Cheap Chick and Mistress of Reality, as well as three acts celebrating AC/DC.

    The complete track listing is as follows:

    1. Thundherstruck – Thunderstruck (AC/DC)
    2. The Iron Maidens – Run To The Hills (Iron Maiden)
    3. Mistress of Reality – Fairies Wear Boots (Black Sabbath)
    4. Cheap Chick – Surrender (Cheap Trick)
    5. Black Diamond – Love Gun (Kiss)
    6. Ms. Fits – Last Caress (The Misfits)
    7. Hell's Belles – Back In Black (AC/DC)
    8. The Little Dolls – I Don't Know (Ozzy Osbourne)
    9. Zepparella – The Lemon Song (Led Zeppelin)
    10. Kissexy – Lick It Up (Kiss)
    11. Whole Lotta Rosies – Dog Eat Dog (AC/DC)
    12. Ramonas – Sheena Is A Punk Rocker (The Ramones)
    13. Foxey Lady – Foxey Lady (Jimi Hendrix)

    Plans for a series of record release parties are currently underway, and a Girls Got Rhythm tour is also in the works.

    Launched in 2003, Liquor and Poker Music is the “rock” imprint of the Century Family’s flagship label, Century Media Records. Having recently signed Fu Manchu, and with a catalog of two dozen acclaimed releases, the label – part Cold Gin and part Ace of Spades – is actively seeking to develop the next generation of rock stars.

  • Paul Nelson and Halifax Billboard News

    Halifax's new album featuring guitarist Paul Nelson, The Inevitability of a Strange World, nabbed the #1 spot on Billboard's Heatseeker and debuted at #130 on the Top 200 this week.

    Visit: www.halifaxrock.com and www.paulnelsonguitar.com to see and hear more
  • INTO ETERNITY: New Album Title Revealed

    Regina, Saskatchewan-based progressive metallers INTO ETERNITY have set "The Scattering of Ashes" as the title of their new album, due this fall via Century Media Records. The follow-up to 2004's "Buried in Oblivion" was recorded at Touchwood Studios in Regina and was mixed by Andy Sneap (NEVERMORE, EXODUS, ARCH ENEMY).

    Regarding the direction of the new material, guitarist/vocalist Tim Roth had previously stated, "So far, I think it is a mix between 'Dead Or Dreaming' and 'Buried In Oblivion'. For this album we kept some things a bit more stripped down. Now we won't have five vocal harmonies going at once. The band decided that we want to sound more like we do live, so we stuck to two-part vocal harmonies. It still sounds killer though and I'm sure people will dig the new melodies. Stu [Block] did a great job singing on this album. He has five different voices that he can change back and forth from. Wait to you hear some of the notes he hits!"

    INTO ETERNITY's new CD will mark the group's first release with Block, who was previously a member of Vancouver's OMEGA CROM. The band's third album, "Buried in Oblivion", was released in February 2004 through Century Media Records.

    OPEN GRAVE RECORDS has released more details in regards to the limited edition DOWNLORD, “Grind Trials” EP to be released on August 15th, 2006. In addition to the previously announced limited edition release of 666 copies, each copy will be individually number with the first 100 pre-ordered copies being signed by each member of DOWNLORD. Additionally numbers 200, 300, 400, 500, 600 & 666 will be signed.

    DOWNLORD consists of Dave Ingram (ex-BENEDICTION, BOLT THROWER) on vocals, Donovan Spenceley (ex-SACRIFICIAL, EXCESSIVE PAYBACK) on guitar, Rene Falther (ex-EXCESSIVE PAYBACK, INIQUITY) on guitar, Thomas Fagerlind (ex-INIQUITY, DAEMON) on bass, and are utilizing the talents of original drummer Rasmus Schmidt, who recently stepped in to play with the band during their first live shows in Denmark and Sweden, supporting BOLT THROWER.

    The EP track listing is as follows:

    01. Loathe. Scorn. Detest.
    02. Groin of God +++ Amen & Out +++
    03. Hate Brace
    04. Full Scale Hatred (previously unreleased)
    05. Old World Chaos
    06. Turn On, Tune In, Drop Dead (previously unreleased)
    07. Nailing You In

    The “Grind Trials” EP is only available via the OPEN GRAVE RECORDS website (http://www.opengraverecords.com).

    DOWNLORD are continuing to work hard on their debut album tentatively titled "Random Dictionary of the Damned", due out late 2006 on OPEN GRAVE RECORDS.