Cannibal Corpse, Psycroptic, and Plague - October 8, 2006 - Back
Australia & New Zealand Tour
Sydney, AUS - Gaelic Club

For many years death metal fans across Australia have pondered the question, weather Cannibal Corpse would return to our shores or not. Earlier this year I interviewed legendary Corpse bassist Alex Webster who confirmed that the band would return after an eleven year absence which was music to s many ears, and a little over a week ago Cannibal Corpse touched down in Sydney. With the Wednesday night’s show selling out in record time I managed to get in to the all ages show the following Sunday at one of my favorite Sydney venues, the Gaelic Club. I knew early on that afternoon that I was going to be in for a night of brutal death metal at its best!

To kick off the entertainment for the night we were graced with Western Australia’s Plague, a band which I had never heard of until their support announcement for this show, but I am glad I got the chance to see these guys playing. Their onstage presence was quite remarkable and they had a very cool sound. These guys really impressed me and I have no doubt that they won many new fans over here on the east coast. It was also great to see the opening act getting a really good mix as well. That is something I find doesn’t really happen too often these days.

Next to hit the stage was Tasmania’s Psycroptic, I was really excited to finally see these guys playing live as I had heard so much about them! Psycroptic were definitely worth the wait! The pure intensity of there music was felt by many of the fans on the floor and up in the balcony, it was easy to see how these guys have become the world class death metal act that they are today. Jason Peppiatt impressed me vocally and I loved that he made good use of the stage, the rhythm section consisting of Cameron Grant on Bass and Dave Haley on Drums was nothing short of fantastic. Joe Haley on Guitars was probably getting into it the hardest with metal thrashing windmill after windmill to the right side of the stage. If you’re into the heavier side of metal then Psycroptic are a bad that you must go and check out. No doubt I will be attending more of their shows in the future!

Between sets I found it interesting that there was such a lack of death metal being played on the P.A. System instead we were graced with some of my favorite bands such as Anthrax, slayer and black label society. As the metal songs played through the seas of fans began to grow. With photo pass in hand I made my way down to the front to try and get the best spot possible to take some killer photos to share with you all and I have to say it wasn’t as hard as I thought that would be. I am 100% convinced that the death metal fan base is the nicest coolest crowds on earth. As the lights went down the roar of the crowd lifted as Cannibal Corpse walked out onstage!

I really loved the fact that these five guys didn’t need any fancy intro music to feed their egos as they walked onstage I had witnessed enough of that weeks earlier watching Sebastian Bach make an entrance! With Alex raising one hand and smiling he lent over picked up his bass and boom the band were into it. It was that fast and that intense, I loved it. From the moment Cannibal Corpse hit the stage I don’t think they could be faulted. The crowd were insane and within the first minute I had a stage diver aiming for my head!

It has been a very long time since I went to a concert that had such a loyal crowd that went as hard as the band did all night long. At one point during the show I remember seeing a girl walk past me holding a stuffed bunny. I remember saying to myself, why the fuck would you bring a stuffed toy to a Cannibal Corpse gig. This isn’t HIM or some shit like that, this is one of the greatest Death metal bands of our time! Not too long after the girl had brushed past me the bunny had been thrown onstage! Between songs George looked down with a smirk on his face and said “What the fuck is this”? “We kill animals”. Alex lifted his head up with huge grin saying “No we don’t” and waving his hand around! It was one of those great light hearted moments that the audience got to share. George kicked the bunny back out into the crowd and within the first 10 – 15 seconds of ‘Put Them To Death’ that bunny was history. I was standing back with friends pissing myself laughing watching balls of cotton spurting into the air, rabbits ears going one way the tail another. Proof positive no stuffed bunny will ever survive a Cannibal Corpse pit! George ended the song by letting people know that “Fluffy has no place here” which was matched by an enormous crowd roar!

The band provided us with a great overall set list which was a delight for fans of all eras! There were many standout tracks throughout the night. Some of my favorites were ‘Make Them Suffer’, ‘The Wretched Spawn’, ‘I Cum Blood’, ‘Put Them To Death’ and ‘I Will Kill You’. For me the best song of the evening was one introduced “For all the ladies in the crowd”… Fucked With A Knife. From where I was standing on the floor many fans had a chuckle at George’s intro for that but once the band started the song bang the crowd went hysterical.

All night long Cannibal Corpse was dead on their game. Hats off to George ‘Corpsegrinder’ Fisher who sounded fuckin' amazing all night long. It’s one thing to have the ability to sing that style of metal and not blow out your voice but to constantly headbang at the same time and never once sound like you’re outta breath or miss a lyric was sheer brilliance. I was a little disappointed that he didn’t make more use of the stage but in saying that George didn’t really need to move to make an impact on each and every person in the crowd. Musically these guys are one of the best bands I have ever witnessed live. At one point I was watching the finger work of Alex, Pat and Rob and I just couldn’t keep up. These guys were up and down the fret board like they were possessed by metal gods from hell. Providing the backbeat, Paul Mazurkiewicz was everything I expected live, fast, accurate and hard hitting. After witnessing Paul’s drumming live it’s easy to see why he is regarded as one of the best death metal drummers of our time! Any musicians in the audience would have walked away talking about the musicianship these guys have, the speed and intensity that they played with. The kick ass fuckin' show they had just provided!

Over the years I have seen many fantastic live bands in all sub genres of metal but last weeks Cannibal Corpse show would rate as one of the greatest shows I have ever witnessed. It was really enjoyable to see a stripped down intense metal show. A band who didn’t feel the need to have 200 amps behind them or 600 lights and yet still make just as much of an impact if not more! For the younger fans in attendance at the Sydney show I imagine that it will be hard for them to ever like another band live after witnessing one of the greatest ever! A huge thank you goes out to the guys at Soundworks who once again provided Australian audiences with a fantastic metal experience! For the American fans contemplating grabbing tickets for the end of year shows in November, don’t think about it just buy them! If you are into metal you MUST see Cannibal Corpse at least once before you die! I guarantee you will not be disappointed!


Reviewed By: Cameron Edney