Cryptopsy, Fuck...I’m Dead, and Enforce - May 4, 2006 - Back
Australian Tour
Sydney, AUS - The Gaelic Club

Arriving at the venue a little after 6 pm job number one was to organize some time to conduct an interview with Cryptopsy front man Lord Worm. Myself & buddy Shayne were introduced to Lord Worm almost immediately and had the pleasure of speaking with him for forty minutes following, covering many topics which will be featured in the interview that will be posted in a few days time! After the interview was over we both got a few shots with both Lord Worm and drummer Flo Mounier. Heading back downstairs in the venue we ran into other friends of ours and ended up staying inside chatting until the doors opened. The first band to take to the stage was Western Australia’s Enforce. Shit man who says the west coast has nothing good to offer the Australian music industry. These guys were fantastic. Musically these guys were tight and sounding amazing. I was really surprised that they were given such good sound considering most opening bands are normally slaughtered at the board but not tonight. The crowd really got into Enforce who treated the audience to killer tracks such as ‘Nuclear War’, ‘Sick’, ‘Brutal’ & my favorite of their set ‘Campfire Night’. I was also quite impressed with the shirts these guys had for sale.

Taking the stage not too long after Enforce was Melbourne trio Fuck I’m Dead. Now honestly I just wanted to see this band simply because I loved there name. While the guys were setting up I noticed that there was no drummer. Just a bass player, guitarist & shaved head maniac handling vocals. To find out that these guys use a drum machine I was a little taken back but once they started I had other things on my mind. These guys sounded great. I really felt they had equally great sound in the venue throughout there entire set which consisted on songs that lasted no more than two minutes in length. These guys are with no doubt The Ramones of death metal. I really loved that these guys came out in matching butcher aprons covered in blood. With song titles such as ‘Jeffery Dharma’s Cookbook’ and songs about enemas, this band just has to be seen to be believed. I highly enjoyed this band as did many members of the crowd who had swarmed in to check out these guys. Some songs were that brutal and fast that I didn’t know weather to head bang or just laugh! At one point I had turned to Shayne who was laughing saying “that song didn’t even last a minute”. Fuck I’m dead are one Australian bands that must be witnessed live before you die.

Canadian extreme metallers Cryptopsy took to the stage later then I expected but I didn’t mind at all. It gave me and others plenty of time over the night to check out all the amazing merchandise these guys had to offer. My personal favorites were the ‘None So Vile’ shirts I just loved the look of these more than the Australian tour shirts and the guitar straps were another hot item. The crowd waited with anticipation and adrenaline rushing through their veins. Live, Cryptopsy are sheer enjoyment. It is great to actually see a band playin' live where everyone on the stage has hair & is head banging. Something that has lacked at the last couple of shows I attended. The guys treated us to an amazing set list covering all eras of the band featuring tracks such as:

‘The Frantic Pace Of Dying’, ‘Slit Your Guts’, ‘Crown Of Horns’, ‘The Pestilence That Walketh In Darkness’, ‘Cold Hate, Warm Blood’ and ‘Back To The Worms’.

Alex Auburn, Christian Donaldson [the bands touring guitarist] and Eric Langlois all sounded phenomenal and extremely tight live. Flo is a drummer that everyone needs to experience live. If you are a drummer and you always want to see the best doin' it live, then honestly when it comes to extreme metal drumming it doesn’t get much better. Personally I’m not a massive fan of solos during concerts but I stood there mesmerized watching Flo bash the shit out of his Pearl kit. That was certainly a highlight for me.

Lord Worm was everything I expected live, he just has this presence when he walks on the stage that has you staring, just waiting for something insane & once he starts singing with such brutal force you can’t help but head bang along with L.W. and the boys as they deliver classic Cryptopsy tunes to a crowd of hungry metal heads who have waited too damn long to hear them. Unfortunately we didn’t get to witness what so many have in North America. As many fans know during one particular part of the show Lord Worm munches down on live worms then invites members of the audience onstage to indulge in the delicacy along side him. Talking with L.W before the show he told us that unfortunately the worms they had been supplied with just weren’t big enough to make an impact onstage. Lord actually handed us the two containers of worms and believe me if he was to hold em up for the audience to see, they would have seen nothing. Lord was hoping that by the end of the Australian tour they would have found reasonable sized worms so that the Australian audience to partake in the festivities. To the delight of fans a day later in Brisbane worms were found and all enjoyed!

All though many fans and critics focus on that one part of the show I guess many need to be reminded that these five guys are truly talented musicians who take to the stage and give it 110% each and every performance. Without seeing the worm eating I was still blown away with Cryptopsy as a live band. Yes gimmicks are cool and yes huge stage shows and pyro is great, but I was more than impressed with the power & energy these guys had onstage. It just proves that if a band is good enough live everything else is irrelevant. This was Cryptopsy’s first ever trip to Australia & hopefully it won’t be there last. Cryptopsy took to the stage for two encores something that Alex told me they very rarely do. There was no doubt the crowd loved their performance and hopefully we wont have to wait another ten years to see the guys showing Australian audiences how the Canadians do it.

I want to give a huge shout out to Betty @ MQM and Dyson @ Soundworks for making it all possible, you guys rock!


Reviewed By: Cameron Edney