DragonForce Dominates North America - May 3, 2006 - Back
2006 Inhuman Rampage US Tour
Philadelphia, PA - Trocadero

The anticipation couldn't be more over whelming with the first ever North American Tour of Britain's export DragonForce who, have consistently captivated fans and audiences on the shores of European soil with their amazing live shredding performances throughout timeless metal festivals with a single hand over fist type of attitude which, has built this outfit as being one of the most exciting band's to perform in small intimate type theater setting leaving fan's the greatest opportunity to soak up more then just a typical metal concert event. I myself have never even heard of their music other then through associates off the Internet who have said wait till this band comes to the states, you will be in a state of shock with their live show after hearing snips off of Inhuman Rampage. Indeed after actually getting a fresh copy of their newest release from Europe that will reach America on the Roadrunner Label later this year I was totally impressed with it already that being able to witness this band bring the Trocadero in Philadelphia down to a single fiery blaze with a ninety minute Grande performance. When you arrive at a typical concert venue in Philly, and you find fans already outside the doors as early as noon, you know its going to be something to talk how great this show is going to be even before it even starts.

If we all it our way, we could have had DragonForce play the entire Show by themselves. But we had to sit through two support Bands Sanctity and Protest The Hero before DragonForce headlined their show supporting Inhuman Rampage.

Opening the entire show was North Carolina's own Sanctity who warmed up the fans who already piled themselves as close to the stage as possible to get a great spot to rock out at the show. Funny how different bands have the up most opportunity to play in front of thousands for what a mere thirty minutes. I don't even think that's enough to get a fan warmed up but, it is what most bands get these days at the Broader before the main band tears it up. Sanctity alone is a great young band with serious potential musically speaking that is. This one individual who plays guitar and fronts the vocals reminded me of a young James Hetfield when Metallica first stumbled onto the metal scene in the late eighties. A well done warm up set from their debut roadrunner cd.

Even with a quick set change, the fans eagerly awaiting DragonForce to play, we had to sit through this next band who call themselves Protest The Hero straight out of Canada who reminds me of a pure emo screamo band that really didn't fit the bill. As they started to play the first three songs in their set, the band got the Philly " Get off the stage. you suck attitude", I wasn't impressed thus they cut their set short moving Dragonforce up earlier then expected to play which was around 10:15.

The anticipation of what was the most intense show ever to be performed in Philly by Dragonforce can surly stick out like a sore thumb. I have to admit being apart of countless concerts and festivals over the years, I can say this was the most brutal show ever in the history of the Trocadero Theater. I could list all the reasons but let's narrow it down to how great this band is live.
A full throttle set done by DragonForce who stormed the stage the minute they opened with the first Key track in their live set.
I admire guitar musicians for great guitar work but, this is more then your average guitar shredding between Herman Li and Sam Totman who continuously earned the words guitar Shredding to a " T " . It is quite hard to physically label this six piece outfit that combines great stage presence, superb harmonies, and sheer off the walls testosterone power anthems by front man ZP Theart. I definitely respect any band that stops and says " we want to thank you for selling out the Trocadero tonight " I don't really know any band that does that other then giving a big thanks for coming or whatever. As if ninety minutes ninety minutes wasn't enough to set the record straight in Philly on the second night of DragonForce's mini ultra rare club tour, the band performed key tracks spanning their catalog which remains to be three CD's including Inhuman Rampage to the present moment. I especially like the riser they used during the show where both guitarists could feature their solos on each and every song. I also like the fact that they really got the fans into the songs and you could feel the energy being drawn from both the fans and the band as DragonForce turned Philadelphia into a frenzy for the first time ever. When someone says they came, rocked, and conquered Philadelphia Pa that would be quite a true statement beyond a shadow of a doubt.


Reviewed By: Steve Trager